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  1. Here's the ja GigaLooper if anyone wants it. Does anyone have any "custom-created" coaster cars that they would like to share? JAGIGLT.DAT Updated JAGIGLUP.DAT Original
  2. ^Well, other people probably have the ride, but it could only have been downloaded (new) off RCTRevalutions, which is now dead. You can also find it in the "RCT2 Lost Objdata Help Thread."
  3. ^Phineas+Ferb=AWESOME Mmmmm...Pasta
  4. Looks really good so far. If I were you, I'd shorten that queue line a little, and make all the lights red. Theming looks promising, but I'll wait until you've done a little more before making a comment.
  5. ^Looks good so far, just make sure you custom support that coaster! 13 DAYS UNTIL PARKS ARE DUE!!
  6. ^Understands the meaning of Peanut Brittle vUnderstands the understanding of the meaning of understanding
  7. ^Nice title DBru... Any chance of posting a download for us?
  8. ^^I've got them to, so if can't find them give me a buzz and I'll post a download. ^Thanks!
  9. W...O...W Impressive work, I am intrigued to see how you make the toilet bowl ride with the limitations of RCT2.
  10. ^Likes queens vLikes the person next in line for the throne
  11. ^Yes...yes we are. They were made by ja227 aka Parkitect. Anyone got a copy of MG-RCT19?
  12. Have you ever downloaded a great park, but seem to missing a ride or scenery item to open it "in game"? More than likely, someone on these forums will have it! So ask away... e.g. Does anyone have a download of the WingRider trains? Yeah, sure... jaskyrdr_660.dat
  13. ^Should be on "Fail-Blog" vA constant failer...
  14. ^Has his "down" days vWill make me happy because you will be responding to my post
  15. Bumping this for a time warning! LESS THAN ONE MONTH UNTIL DUE DATE!!!
  16. As I'm taking a long break from RCT2, I'll probably be pulling out of this contest. So I'll leave you all with a pic of the entire park.
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