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  1. ^I'm pretty sure I've got the curved glass items, I've just got to check my objdata folder for them. Are you sure that is the correct name for the scenery tab, I always thought that the one on the website was the entire scenery pack that made up the tab.
  2. ^Monk Fan < the new forums vAlso uses emotes instead of words
  3. Dmaxsba - It took me ages to successfully make a vertical lift as well, so don't feel too bad if it doesn't work first off. This is how I did it: -Open 8 cars before starting RCT2 (I used one of the later versions) -Next, build the coaster with vertical lift, make sure you put in the lift chain wherever possible -Highlight the entire lift hill, including where you put the lift chain -Go back to 8 cars and select "Edit Rides" -Select the ride -Change the colour scheme to "Alternative Colour Scheme 1" -Check "Toggle Vertical Lift" -Click "apply" and then "okay" -Go back in game, it should work Bob! - Another way to do this is: -Drop land down one space where the original supports are -Place a scenery block where you dropped the land down -Increase the land to where it was before It should have deleted the supports and you will be able to build your custom supports
  4. W.O.W!!! Impressive work CD5, looked great! Especially the transition between the game and real life. How long did this take you to film?
  5. ^Hot (What!? she knew how old I was) vCold
  6. ^Takin' you on! vIs about to complain about how I ruined the pattern.
  7. For the sake of this thread could everyone PLEASE cool down a little. BelgianGuy - I appreciate your comments because you are very good at the game, but to save you further hurt, I think it may be best if you stop posting in this thread for a while. Fat-G - Do you mean the vertical drop? If so, it may be a little hard because it is a vertical drop, and if I angle the land downwards there would just be ground surrounding the drop that would be sticking out like a sore thumb. dmaxsba - Thankyou KPWoCkAxX - Thanks, however it would be hard to show an underground view because a lot of the ride is underneath paths.
  8. updated overview Tropical River Adventure overview (no trees)
  9. With this park, I'm more looking to try out new hacks and tricks. So I'm not looking to build realistically. I'm hoping for comments about how to improve supports and themeing. Any of which would be much appreciated! Pic is a little out-dated, but you get the gist of things.
  10. A little more work on the park has been done, the Entrance Plaza now has a Chinese Noodle House, selling bowser's castle aptly named "knoodle house" (purposely spelt incorrectly) NOTE: Have decided to keep the layout of the speed racer, but will theme it similar to that of real-life ones.
  11. ^I was planning that lol, but I was posting to see what you all thought of the supports, if I should add more or get-rid of some. Thanks for your suggestion though. ^^Would you mind showing me a pic of your coaster, you can pm me if you like.
  12. Well, after a three week hiatus I have FINALLY begun working on the park, although not much progress has been made, I have done the supports on Bowser's Great Escape. supports Any thoughts/suggestions on how to imporve the support work would be much appreciated.
  13. Looks impressive so far, however, I think that you should change to orange to yellow in the last pic. IMO the orange is a little too overpowering compared to the theming in other places in this area.
  14. ^Soon to become "Batgirl" vUnknown to no-one but Batman
  15. ^I wasn't taking it personally at all, it was just a shame that we had only two entries.
  16. I hate to say this but the winner is... thethrillseeker...by default. Here I was thinking that I planned this contest out in a way that there would be a lot of entries, but...I was wrong
  17. You HAVE to change the first drop on "Red Eye" have one straight piece after the lift hill, and then use the holding brake. It'd look a heap better IMO!! Nice stats though.
  18. Thanks both of you. TLM - The shops in the second last picture are supposed to be part of a kiddie area, so I wanted them to be bright and vibrant to attract their attention. Mastersax68 - I'm aiming for a silver, but I would rather not win anything and enjoy building, than winning and having a huge struggle to make all the areas perfect. The station on the second coaster is unfinished at the moment, but it is supposed to look like a prison so I'm not planning on having roofs as such. The entrance plaza building was more of a filler than something to look at, so I'm not overly worried about the look of it at the moment. Lastly, it was really hard to make the station for the woodie because of the footpaths that I've built, so I'm thinking of redoing the station and building the footpaths around that. Any more comments/criticism would be greatly appreciated!
  19. It's been a while since I advertised my latest park "Chesterfield Amusement Park." However, with some much needed experience (from posting over at NE) I have been able to start yet another park. This time, I was "lucky" to get an error trapper which forced me to restart. Which helped me to plan out my park better. Hope you all like the park! Park Status: -Entrance Plaza 27% -First Coaster (Intamin Woodie) 15% -Carousel finished -First Area (Loony Land) 7% -Second Coaster (Spiral Coaster w/ straight lift) 45% entrance plaza (a little outdated) souvenir stalls first coaster (ignore the sign) carousel shops in loony land second coaster And remember, if there is anything you think I should change (however small) PLEASE post your opinion. I'm hoping for a lot of criticism as I want this park to be my best. -Stoksy
  20. ^Impressive! However, I'm not a huge fan of the railway, maybe some theming would look better.
  21. Any soccer fans on the website??? Post your speculations, winners, surprise packets of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. the draw I'm hoping that it will be a Portugal vs Spain final. Spain coming out on top with a 3-2 victory. Scorers: Top Scorer - David Villa/Cristiano Ronaldo 7
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