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  1. Park was very nice, although it did seem a lot like your other park, you have obviously tried to make it somewhat different. Especially with the Forest Flyer hack. Below I have posted a pic of the "flowing" barrel rolls, just to clarify what dmaxsba2408 is talking about. As you can see, it makes it look more natural when the train moves into the turn.
  2. What do you think? It's a zamperla spinning coaster, undercover, with a reverse inclined lauch!
  3. No comments? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 October 1991 BIG NEWS! Helios' station has been completed, as well as a finalised layout. The Intamin woodie features one large vertical loop, many helixes, and lots of twisted track. With Grand Opening day coming soon, Helios will be very popular with the majority of the guests. -Trevor Freeman The finished station, only trees have to be added. Vertical Loop! Here, people can buy their on-ride photo. That's all for now, hope to hear from soon...
  4. Because it didn't have the GUTS! Is life just a waste of time?
  5. Nothing. No-one can watch them any more. Who invented roller coasters?
  6. *Registers for season pass* I agree with you Eric, that's why I am not a huge fan of using any of the NE workbenches. You can use 8 cars and open the park if you have failed the objective, I often use this with "No. of guests without letting you park rating drop below 700." Hopefully everyone can finish their parks on time, good luck!
  7. It's been slow going, instead of building more stuff, I have begun editing things that I have already built. Just a little bit of themeing I've been working on...
  8. ^LOL, will change ASAP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 January 1991 Plenty has happened at the park since our last meeting. The new area has begun to take shape, and a new coaster has been built to celebrate our first anniversary of park building. Helios, is an Intamin woodie that will be themed to old spanish style buildings. -Trevor Freeman Helios station See you soon...
  9. I found that a really interesting book, great to find out how Narnia evolved. I would definitely recommend any novel written by Willard Price. It is a little out-of-date, but makes up for it with a lot of interesing facts, and great descriptions!
  10. It wouldn't fit in the rest of the smilies...? Why do we eat meat?
  11. With that many inversions, I wonder if they made it using some sort of nuclear waste!
  12. ^Will do. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 September 1990 Not much has happened since our last meeting, however, construction has begun on the park's next section. Everything is very hush, hush, but I can tell you that there are plans for a new coaster to be installed, the second, and last, before Grand Opening day in late December. -Trevor Freeman A small food court/boardwalk has been built. Bank left, seafood stall right. Updated pic of Deep Sea Adventure, with new layout and stats Entrance to the new area. As you can see, no-one is allowed in. First ride in the new area. A Kahlua17 Jump Around. Any comments/criticism is greatly appreciated.
  13. ^^How were the graphics? I have seen many pictures of games previous to FIFA 04, and I was very disappointed with them. I was one of the lucky ones, as I only got into them when FIFA 04 came out, EA Sports completely changed the graphics in that particular game, and have made them even better ever since. Check out the FIFA 10 trailer: http://fifa.easports.com/enAU/home.action
  14. THE BUTLER! What's the longest time you have ever held your breath for?
  15. Because all the big oil companies would go out of business. Why does everyone become a saint after they die?
  16. To be honest guys I have actually revamped the entire kiddie coaster. So now, it is a Mack water coaster. I was wondering if I should add block brakes or leave it as is, and have all four boats in the station at one time. Any thoughts would be very helpful!
  17. Really good start Eric, with some awesome hacks! Same with you Jordan, when posting pictures, just crop them a little, so they are within the size limit.
  18. ^I used to play FIFA 07 also, but found that there were a lot of glitches, especially with players such as Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, and Aiyegbeni Yakubu. This was really annoying as, although it didn't affect the gameplay, it felt as if at any second the game would crash. Best teams: FIFA 04 - Real Madrid UEFA Champions League 2004/05 - Real Madrid/Juventus World Cup 2006 - Brazil FIFA 07 - Manchester United/Barcelona FIFA 08 - Manchester United FIFA 09 - Manchester United/Barcelona
  19. Excellent details, as always! I'll be seeing more of your parks over at NE, now that I'm a member.
  20. Thanks for all the comments guys. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 May 1990 The park's first coaster has gone up. A small kiddie coaster, named Deep Sea Adventure, parts were two weeks overdue, forcing the workers into placing the scenery before building the ride, making it hard to fit everything in. Although the supports look thin and weak, they are made of very strong aluminum rods, painted teal to suite the theme. -Trevor Freeman Layout of the ride. This is the park's first coaster. Comments/criticism greatly appreciated. NOTE: Lift hill supports have been fixed.
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