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  1. Too many of the same letter. Can you consider Earth's closest star "close"?
  2. I have NO idea, but from what other people's brains look like, I'd say pink. Do you want to be a movie star someday?
  3. ^^Go HOUSE, love that show Can't forget Mythbusters! "When in doubt, C4!"
  4. NOTE: This is only a side-project, it WILL NOT be my main focus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1990 Hello all, I am Trevor Freeman, chief engineer at Chesterfield Theme Park. Phillip Chester, millionaire and owner of Chesterfield, has always loved theme parks. His childhood dream was to own a theme park, and now he has been able to accomplish that dream. This will be a family orientated theme park, and myself and Mr Chester will be excited to see you all at the park on Grand Opening day. Construction has begun on the entrance plaza, as well as the park's first area: Toddlerville. Hope you enjoy all the pictures... Official park logo. Entrance Entrance Plaza Entrance sign to Toddlerville Ticket booth, where parents buy tickets for 50c, allowing kids to go on all rides in the area. The park's first ride: Whirl-i-Bird. See you soon, hope you enjoyed the update!
  5. Sorry, I deleted the program for it, assuming that I wouldn't need it again. If you could post it, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. ^It will take too long. But I might slowly chip away at it. An awesome new hotel has been built, just in front of Carthage. Easily my best bit of themeing so far! See you soon... Comment and criticise! NOTE: I may be starting a side-project to this, but don't be too worried, I'm definitely not giving up on this project!
  7. ^I'm not sure. It's just that recently a tonne of people have been asking about merging stuff, and no-one seems to be able to find the old 8 cars. As for your problem, I have no idea, I haven't come across it before. Have you tried restarting your computer? Does anyone have a download of SHOP1? I think it's the skeeball ride/shop.
  8. Here is a download for the old 8 cars. Old 8 Cars.zip Merging 8 cars trainer
  9. Odd numbers are on the left and even on the right. Meaning that left-handed people are odd. Why is the legal driving age so high? They say that a lot of people crash because they drink too much, if the age was 13, they wouldn't have that problem!
  10. Do you have any of the FIFA games, made by EA Sports? Which one is your favourite? What do you like about it? I have 6 FIFA games. Ranging from 2004-2009, my personal favourite is FIFA 08, only because 09 doesn't work on my computer. FIFA 08: Good - Graphics - Controls (tricks, shooting etc.) - Transfers Bad - Commentating (too repetitive) - Player Details (celebrations, facial details on some) What about you?
  11. If I did, I'd probably be in jail. Unless you are talking about a stuffed animal, then I wouldn't be in jail, BUT, I don't have one. Have you ever seen snow? When?
  12. What an original name. Loved the pics BTW, it is amazing to see so many woodies in one park. There is usually only two or three, with my experiences that is.
  13. Sounds great, I'll make sure I download it later...
  14. At the moment I am playing FIFA 08, on pc. I'm playing manager mode on semi-pro difficulty. I know a lot of people will say that "semi-pro is too easy...blah, blah, blah" but, at least it's not amateur!
  15. Looks GREAT so far, I agree with BelgianGuy, cs gives a park that added oomphf that it needs, so it can be really good, instead of just good. Both woodies look awesome, excellent themeing. I hope you can finish this one...
  16. No, not really... Not too much work has been done on the park, however, you may like the teaser... I LOVE these supports! More of the layout... Huh?? Enjoy the update, and please comment!
  17. More from "the Ghost" Screamotorium Bat: Vengeance - Station Bat: Vengeance - Layout RACING MEGALITES!!!!!
  18. THIS WILL BE AWESOME!!!! Looks great so far, excellent buildings. Are you just going to have water rides? If so, are you going to make them functional?
  19. Not until now! I have never really thought about it to be honest. Do understand Pythagoras's Theorem?
  20. Stoksy's lowdown of Frontier Springs: Innovation/uniqueness: 8 (Was good, but could have added some more themeing around the rides) Clear Theme: 4.5 (Some of the buildings didn't really appeal to me as a western theme) All requirements met: 20 Park has at least 30 attractions: 4 (My mistake, I should have said, at least 30 rides, SORRY) Coaster is custom supported: 10 (excellent supports!) Total - 46.5/50 Bonuses Coaster is completely custom supported: 20 (well done!) Well over 7.70 excitement: 25 Hacking: 19.5 (Great hacks on Bronco, but would have liked to see it fullproof, e.g. trains look wierd when going through barrel roll) Unique Layout: 14.5 (Great layout, but not as "out-there" as it could be) Total - 79/80 GRAND TOTAL: 125.5/130 This is going to be hard to beat! CONGRATULATIONS thethrillseeker! NOTE: This is just my opinion, BelgianGuy is yet to post his. NOTE2: Does anyone else want to be a judge? I am yet to hear from Nitrofan confirming that he will be a judge.
  21. As much as this would make many people cringe, I actually HATE mustard, so no. Have you ever found a large amount of money laying on the ground (e.g. a wallet)? What did you do with it?
  22. Not as yet, I've thought about it, but luckily it is yet to happen to me. Have you ever seen a police chase first-hand (Not seen on TV)?
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