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  1. Since I'm using the NE workbench, no peeps can get into the park. Making it pointless to build a queue path. Secondly, by building the queue, it would ruin the theme and feel to the area, having the line would mean building the path downwards, which I didn't want. THANK YOU VERY MUCH themeparkman. I felt that I always had this sort of stuff in me, but never really had the time or patience to produce the finished product. Any guesses on what the coaster is called?
  2. Thanks for the download Dan. I have one problem! I don't know how to rotate the picture, at the moment it's diagonal on the square. Any suggestions?
  3. Update Time... Easily some of the BEST themeing I've ever done! See you soon...
  4. ^Interested at how many people have passed kindergarten vDoesn't know if kindergarten is German or Dutch
  5. ^Thanks Does anyone know how to work photobucket, I get the link, post it, but no image shows up. Any suggestions? I might not be able to update this weekend due to a lot of homework, but with holidays coming up, I'll have plenty of time to work on the park.
  6. ^Understands japanese vLearns a language other than the ones mentioned
  7. No, I WISH! What car do you/do you want to, drive?
  8. Ghost has sent me the park, so I can now post some pics for him... I leave you all with an overview, I LOVED the island feel to the area. WELL DONE!!! The almighty Tukantra drop-tower. More of Razorback Razorback's twisted layout. The park's first coaster is a CRAZY GCI Welcome to Meditrana!
  9. No comments? I'll fix up the pics ASAP, for now, I'll just use photobucket.
  10. Is there any way of making a sign, say in paint, and copying that file into the game?
  11. ^How would someone use a swazzle?
  12. ^Has his suspicions about the world ending soon. vWill be involved in making the world end!
  13. ^My mum had to pick between the east coast, or the west coast, and she chose Monterey. So I guess it was either east or west, and we went with west.
  14. We need a new ride. That's all I want, whether it be a carousel or a coaster, I want to see the park install something new, PLEASE!!!
  15. Gargoyle: Station=AWESOME Make sure you try to finish themeing your coasters, at the moment it looks like you have put a great coaster together, but forgot to finish it.
  16. That's not too bad, my day finishes at 3:13, but starts at 9. I get short days on Monday
  17. ^Probably doesn't have a friend who's Indian vHas been to The Netherlands, but doesn't know it yet
  18. I'm not the best person to ask for this, but for the game's sake, I'll say no. Is your internet homepage Bigpond? Stupid Tottenham...*Groan-groan, mumble, mumble*
  19. ^Thank you, thank you, thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for.
  20. Well, my mum promised that we would go to a "big" theme park, namely one that was Six Flags owned. Which brings me to ask another question. Are there any hotels near SFMM? If so, which would be the best, not too expensive, but still reasonably nice rooms/value for money?
  21. Of course, I just finished an essay, and logged in to TPR. Is your favourite soccer team Manchester United?
  22. My last name is Stoks. And everyone at my school has been calling Stoksy as a nickname, so I guess, I would like everyone to call me Stoksy.
  23. Yes, I've had that before Is TPR the BEST website ever?!!!
  24. ^Thanks With "tinypic" not working, I'll just upload the pics on this website. Welcome back! It's not really an update today, just some teasers and things for you to ponder Support work has begun on the Intamin. The station. What could the ride be called????
  25. Hell No , and I hope I never do! Do you ever have a dream that feels sooo real, you think it is?
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