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  1. Did you use rct2 triple thrill pack for this park or just the original rct2? If you used ttp where did you get the screenshots from?
  2. Would it be possible for you to give us a park overview. I remember downloading year ten, and there wasn't much room left. Did you demolish some parts of the park or are you just continuing on from where you left off.
  3. Nice Work. Jackribbit Slims looks a lot better now. Boomerang looks wierd but for some reason I really seem to like it, I don't know why, I just do. Thanks heaps for the download Is it the actual park so far or just the park map? I'm also really liking vintage cars, you should call them Country Express or something to do with the surrounding scenery. Looking forward to more big updates soon.
  4. Project X is looking awesome. Does it have a name yet? I noticed that there was giga coaster track as well as twister roller coaster track, I'm asuming that you used the 8cars cheat. How did you do that? Could you please tell me ASAP because I've got no clue how to do that this could help me a lot with some of my rides. Cheers.
  5. Nice work so far. Nymph is looking really cool with the flowers. I think the log flume ride looks a lot better in that area instead of the water boat ride. Fiercer looks heaps better than before with the trees and the mountain, I am really liking your landscaping so far. But the 'racing' themed burger bar looks a bit boring, you need some sort of railing around the roof, other than that the colour scheme of the roof is lookong good. Loving the park!
  6. Is Fiercer part of a particular area or is it just there? Hopefully the park will be finished soon, I can't wait for the download. I think you need to build a giga coaster next and call it: Camden Screamer or X-Scream Before I forget, how is Land of Enchantment coming along? Have you added anything else since the last post? Looking forward to more updates soon. Hopefully I'm not asking too much of you, it's just that I'm really excited about this park.
  7. The supports aren't that bad, they just need to be connected together by using the pole. I really like the colours on Fiercer as well as the lake. If it's not too much trouble could you please put up some screenshots of the stats for the roller coasters. Cheers.
  8. The entrance is looking really good, it really gives the place a 'kiddie' feel to it Excellent work with Nymph, the ride really fits in with the scenery around it. Will there be a download of the finished product?
  9. I'm really looking forward to the Land of Enchantment area. You should use a flying roller coaster and call it Flight of the Fairies, then have it 'fly' over the whole area as if the fairies are flying around the place greeting the peeps as they walk around. Also are you still building Hornet or have you finished it?
  10. Thanks for the park overview. Looking good so far. Excellent work with the hills around the woodie, Cannonball.
  11. Could you please give us an overview of what your park looks like so far? Cheers
  12. Does anyone know where the screenshots for rct2 triple thrill pack go to on Windows Vista? If so please notify me so I can show you my progress with this park
  13. Awesome park. I think the second Pioneer looks better simply because the colours match with the landscape. When I tryed to download though it said that I was missing objdata SEROULET with a bunch of numbers behind it. I was wondering if you could put that objdata along with the park download. Cheers.
  14. How long will it be until this park is finished? And will you fix up where the guests enter into the park? Can't wait to see the finished product.
  15. Nice work on Legendary but i'm not to sure on the tunnel after the first drop. Awesome park, keep up the good work.
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