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  1. I was just wondering if anyone can download TLM's first Sunrise Point park, I downloaded it a couple of years ago, but still don't have the objdata required. If anyone can download it, can you please check the "export scenery plug-ins" box and send me the park via pm. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. OMG, your supports are to die for Loving the project so far, but I'm interested in what the themes are exactly, I see a kind of jungle/mexican theme in the last picture, but I can't place it. Good luck with this project, but just make sure you give us that download of Epic Adventures!!
  3. You know that I always love your work TLM To be honest, the tophat on that red coaster looks a little sloppy, it would have looked neater if you just used the floorless coaster all the way through. BTW, although this is a little premature, will there be a download??
  4. If you've got 8cars, use zero clearance and have the supports under the lift hill of the "flashback coaster" so the supports are actually supporting the ride, not just floating there. Looks good so far, but you should really get some custom supports and use them instead of the generic one. It'll just look more realistic from my personal opinion. Despite that, it looks really good so far.
  5. I don't mean to sound negative, but was I the only one who felt that the park was a little "empty." I mean the park was great, lots of little things to look at, but I felt that there was a lot of extra space that could've been filled up. Especially around the coasters, as TLM said, the hyper coaster was a little bare. Maybe some buildings would've been better instead of a large patch of dirt?! That being said, congratulations on the accolade, I know that you strive for perfection and I'm definitely not the only one who thinks that you're well on your way there.
  6. ^Theming is really hard with ncs, so kudos to you. The buildings look nice, but what really steals it for me is the warf/jetty that you made with the dirt paths. It would be really nice if you could show a coaster before making a thread for your park though. hehe
  7. ^^Me too Looks great so far BRT, has that BelgianGuy feel to it don't you think? The coaster looks as if it will have some close encounters with the surrounding buildings which I always love
  8. Is there any way that we can make a tutorial thread of some sort, and have any hacks or merging tricks in one place. Or was that what you were suggesting mcjaco? BTW, GREAT tutorial, hope you can put something like it in our park *hint, hint* Just a side note: Make sure you test these kinds of hacks out before putting them in a full scale park, get aquainted with the "how-to" of it, and remember to save often!
  9. That's the only way to do it! Looks nice, but it would be better if you could add some scenery.
  10. Rapids look AMAZING! Incredible architecture couple with a brilliant setting. Good job. Personally I'd get rid of the brick walls on either side of the path, but the roller coaster supports used as path supports is a real winner in my book.
  11. ^Next time, edit your posts. To change the format go into paint, and then "save as" click on the little drop down box, and click JPEG.
  12. ^Should I keep the same colour cliff faces, or change them to the wooden ones? ^^Could you please post a pic of which plants you mean, I think I know but I'm not entirely sure.
  13. Did anyone miss me?? After a long hiatus, I have finally begun playing RCT2! and worked on the park. Although not a big update, I have begun working on the foliage which I hope you will like. First view Second view
  14. ^ Just because Canada owned everyone, doesn't mean they took drugs! Besides, what's all the fuss about, Canada didn't end up winning anyway?
  15. Water coaster looks nice, I especially like the little "desert islands" that the ride passes through. To add to Dan's post, you should add walls to the sides of the pirate ship, that would look a bit better IMO.
  16. THANK GOD THIS PARK IS BACK!!! Looks great DBru, but I would have done the exact opposite to what ^ said, and would keep the track, but use mine trains rather than the hypercoaster ones. Nice work with the 1/4 tile land blocks and excellent choice of path! Hope there is another update within the next few weeks.
  17. ^ Sorry about the wait, been busy with school and all. Is there any way you could post a pic of the curved glass walls you are looking for, I'm pretty sure I have them but I don't think that what you posted is the correct name. This is the only Pirates of the Caribbean set that I know of: AE-POTC01.zip Pirates of the Caribbean Is it this one???
  18. I was hoping the coaster would be a bit bigger... Looks great anyway so I don't mind!
  19. ^I guess so Are you hoping that my post is the first on page 400??!
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