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  1. ^ Old enough to be mentioned in the Book of Genesis < Young enough to know better v Will make a sarcastic remark about me
  2. The Limes are on strike because they were insulted by being called Zeros. BTW, I really liked your answer. When will we get Strawberry Coke or Fruit Punch Pepsi?
  3. Only if the Alveys acquire a nuclear bomb. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?
  4. Yes. Something along the lines of taking care of an annoying problem. (And I mean it in the worse way possible.) Do I have to spell it out for you?
  5. I loved your "I'm Single" sign. May I use that when we're in Europe? And when are you going to make a trip to Oregon? Do you have any of the credits here?
  6. That he was posting for posting sake, just to drive up his post counts so he could dominate the world of . . .
  7. Seriously, would you pull over for a car with flashing purple and green lights? No, neither would I. Are there coasters in heaven?
  8. Still live in the same damned apartment for the last seven and a half years. Roommates have come and go, but I still have one of my original roommates. I gotta get out of this hole . . . Oh really now? I don't think that the apartment in you're parents' attic constitutes you living on your own. (Oh, it's been quite awhile since I've given you a bad time . . . )
  9. Wrong Thread. Why can't I have my cake and eat it too?
  10. ^ Makes people have rashes < Makes inanimate objects blow up v Makes doodie in his/her underwear
  11. Cute, sugar-sicking critters meeting horribly, graphic, gruesome, violent deaths . . . HELL YES!!! My favorite is Flippy, the war vet. (You don't know how bad the urge to go that ballistic can be . . . ) Do you post too much in this thread?
  12. What song did you use? It so made the video awesome!!! I loved how you matched people/antics to the lyrics.
  13. Because Mathematicians are dyslexic. Who's afriad of the Big Bad Wolf?
  14. I voted plastic as that what I tend to use, though I am not really limited to that. Usually when I'm getting a handful of things from the store (like groceries) I use plastic so I don't have to push the cart or carry the basket out to my car. Sometimes when I am buying a lot of groceries, I'll use paper except for meats, refrigerated, and frozen items--they go in plastic. If it's one or two items, or my backpack is nearby, then I will forgo bags all together. Plastic bags usually get reused as a trash bag or small waste can liner. Paper bags sit around piling up until someone gets around to do a run to the recycle center. When I worked at WinCo Foods, we had a 6 cent refund on each bag reusued. Not very many people used that.
  15. Hell, no!!! (Not even the military could cure me of that!) Do you believe that somebody is out to get you?
  16. Yeah, I had that problem with my last laptop and a former roommate. He got so much crap on my computer that I couldn't even connect to update my spyware and anti-virus programs to clean it up. I was forced to reformat my hard drive. I use Webroot Spy Sweeper along with Avira AntiVir. Both work well together for me.
  17. Uranus. Unbeknowst to everyone else, but knowst to the writers of this story, Pluto was mad for its removal from "Planet" status and plotted revenge on all those stupid Earth scientist by forcing them to ride . . .
  18. Lame duck. Why won't Britney Spears and Paris Hilton go away?
  19. Yes, especially with strawberry jam. If I told you that you had a good body, would you hold it against me?
  20. Just when you're getting to the good stuff, you stop posting updates. I greatly enjoyed Disney Sea, including the rain. Any place that can get me to believe I'm in another place or world (or get me to forget the real world beyond the park's boundries) gets rave reviews from me. I so want to go back again!!! I know somebody's got a better picture of you soaked than what you got, but I can't remember who.
  21. Should be more like "If you're a glutton for pain--come ride the coaster at New York New York Casino."
  22. 1. What do you find most useful about the front page? Forum Updates, News, and other stuff. Great for whenever I don't visit the forums for a while or something good comes along. 2. What do you find least useful about the front page? Probably the Special Features section -- most of it is outdated. Official Updates section above it is more useful. 3. Is anything on the front page confusing? No. The front page is very straightforward and there are no distracting background images (one of my biggest complaints about people's MySpace personal pages). 4. How far do you scroll down the front page looking for updates? Depends on how long I've been gone from the forms. 5. How often do you look at the front page? Whenever I visit the site. It's the first page I look at. 6. How often do you click on the "whatsnew" link? Never use it. Often keep forgetting its there. 7. What would you like to see added to the front page to make your visits to TPR better? You might want to keep some of your trip announcements up longer. I know your still "shopping" for more people for the some of the TPR trips. 8. Anything else you would like to mention? Like any thing else you would like to see us add/change/leave alone/etc? Nothing I can think of at the moment.
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