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  1. Not sure if I posted these or not, but here are some of my favorites. I took this picture while standing in troop hatch of a moving Armor Personnel Carrier. Only in Oregon do we get such dark clouds and such bright sunlight at the same time. Looks are decieving. My brother and his two kids are actually far enough away that they did not get wet. I love watching things blow up!!!
  2. It's funny that I never really heard of the Raptor family until I read "Jurassic Park" back in 1992. Since then, they are my favorite dinosaurs!!! Posted in the offices of Jurassic Park. Posted after the power outage.
  3. Honestly, I'm not surprised that Tron: Legacy was not nominated for Visual Effects. It can be argued that it's computer animation, not real visual effects (just like the first movie). Of course, these days, much of the visual effects are computer generated, especially since it can be cheaper to produce than constructing the real thing or using models and stop motion. (Part of Inception's high production cost was the rotating hallway set they constructed.) As for the Best Score category, I'm not happy with most of the nominations. Han Zimmer is the only one I like. I'm starting to warm up to A. R. Rahman, especially now that I'm recognizing his name in other movies that I liked. But if John Williams is not on the list, then it's bad year for the Best Score category--in my jaded narrow-minded opinion.
  4. That's pretty much what I was meaning by "too political".
  5. I'm not impressed that much with the Oscar Noms this year. It still feels too political and too subbish. Of course that could be said for every year. I'm rooting for Inception for best picture. I absoluletly loved that mindbending trip. And (excuse me while I get on my soapbox) I find it really stupid of the Academy to snub the actors and actresses in Sci-Fi, Fanstasy, Horror, and Action movies. While I'm not a Leonardio DiCapio fan, I felt that he did a way better acting job in Inception than that horrid Aviator crap and awful Titanic garbage. (Okay, enough of the soapbox) As for The Social Network, I found it to be silly and pointless, so I'm rather stumped as to why it's graced with so many nominations. Which means it's probably gonna clean house.
  6. Here's a two that I posted on the Random thread several years ago: Teddy’s Last Defiance Teddy was alone In a barren patch of land Between two gold-green hills. A hasty turban covered his round ears From the cool September sun. His glassy eyes reflected I-beams, logs, train rails, and lockers. Below his button nose, A cigarette butt burned. Teddy swayed in the breeze Hanging from a det cord noose. A C-4 belt, uneven and dirty, Encircled his fuzzy belly, As a stick wrapped in det cord Impaled his ass. Teddy died under the mushroom cloud. Tuffs of cottony innards Burned and floated on the breeze. His head, black and smoking, landed Somewhere in the golden field. He set fire to the grass And flared into a raging brush fire. EDIT: Okay mods, I understand the A$$ part, but how the heck does the word "lock" with "ers" at the end turn into "fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo"?!?! (I admit though I find it rather funny.) School Daze Refrained to his desk, the droning prolonged. Two plus two is four, eleven minus three is eight, The sun is a star, Milky Way is not candy. The young boy ignores plump teacher, Watching big and little hands spin to a stop. Beyond ironwood crisscrossed glass, A lonely playground calls to him: Untamed wilds of jungle gyms, Cavernous exploration of planted tires, Speedy heights of swing and slide. Jumping onto his desk, he exclaims, “Oh, wretched boy I am! I have but one life, And here I waste the splendors of day When in the world I should be discovering, Not this brain-draining drivel of school!” Crying in anguish, he bolts to the door. Desk, chair, papers, and pens settle in the aftermath. Nonchalantly stretching out her baggy arm, The teacher clamps the boy’s collar, And carries him back to his proper place. Chair, desk, and boy reassembled, the teacher says, “What more can be learned elsewhere? See refracting reflecting sky and shifting water vapor, Behold chloroplast swaying in pressure’s movement. The secrets of the world revealed in this classroom.” The droning returns, filling his mind. Cotton of Independence and the Declaration gin. Moscow in London, England in Russia. Beyond the windows, the playground remains, As the clock to the bell turns slower and slower.
  7. I've always enjoyed the Nightmare Factory since I first discovered it back in the early '90s. Now, it's absolutely fantastic!!! Still kicking myself that I found out the week after that Extreme Makeover was in Salem. I really wanted to help out!
  8. So you know, it's "Essayons". It's the motto of US Army Corp of Engineers, a French word/phrase meaning "Let us try." It's funny that I'm in an Engineer unit, but rarely hear or see this word since I left basic training almost nine years ago. I wish I could be there participating in the partaking of glorious cheese. I'm such a chedder head when it comes to cheese.
  9. For once, a break in the storm clouds is allowing me to attend. And it gives me a good excuse to hit up Busch Gardens as well. I am so looking forward to seeing some old friends!!! My ticket is bought, and my flight and hotel reservations are made--is it August yet? Strange. I've been on several TPR trips, but this will be my first TPR event in the United States.
  10. Some amusing pics I found. Um, I don't think THAT is a guitar . . . I think I spot some of my co-workers! I'd watch this one!!! Kitty Toaster.bmp Hello Kitty Toaster
  11. TPR is the only place where you can find pictures about the most bizarre, whacked out amusement parks around the world. You would not believe how many of Robb's pictures of Bonbonland have shown up on non-coaster websites. I spotted this pic on a random webcomic blog.
  12. Because everything is better with cheese. Want some cheese with that whine?
  13. Is there a way to stop the buffering/downloading of an embedded Coastertube video when you open a forum thread? When I'm reading through the forums, the embedded videos immediately start buffering and it takes a long time to leave the page (either clicking a new link or hitting the back button). This is even worse when there are more than one embedded video on a page. I got stuck on page 8 of this thread and after sitting for over five minutes trying to get pass the page, I had to close Internet Explore all together and restart it. Embedded Youtube videos don't start buffering/downloading until you hit the play button. Is there any way to mimic this? Also, what are the requirements and limits to uploading videos to Coastertube? I thought it was mentioned at one point, but I can't seem to find it. Or am I confusing it with the old uploading rules?
  14. I picked up an unbelieveably wacky movie "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising". A great, hiliarous flick poking fun at D&D players. 9/10 Best line: "She fights with a broadsword?!"
  15. Sorry, but all I kept thinking was that line from "Look Who's Talking?" "I bet you're thinking what I'm thinking." "Yeah. Lunch."
  16. Seriously people! The real question should be: Does it mix well with vodka?
  17. Because Americans can't convert meters to inches. Do vegans eat animal cookies?
  18. My favorite quote on this subject comes from the great comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes": "The surest sign of intelligent life in the universe is that they haven't contacted us."
  19. Looks like you have another winner! I'm curious, just what does a producer do? Is it anything like the enigmatic movie producer?
  20. I made it to First Class, before I started having problems. Long story. In short, high school and moving to a different troop killed any chances for me reaching Eagle. No regrets, though.
  21. Subject to change depending on mood, but this is fairly accurate for my Top Ten: 1. Tribute -- Yanni 2. Untitled -- Simple Plan 3. Neverending Story -- Limahl 4. Runaway Train -- Soul Asylum 5. Beethoven's 9th Symphony, 4th Movement 6. Jurassic Park Main Theme -- John Williams 7. Gentle -- Michael McLean 8. Unwell -- Matchbox 20 9. Freedom -- Michael W. Smith 10. Save You -- Simple Plan Yeah, I have some wide tastes in music.
  22. Bandit at Movie Park Germany. I sat in the back seat. One of the biggest mistakes I ever made.
  23. Title Fairy, Better late than never (and strangely fitting), thank you.
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