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  1. Yes, though my hands say otherwise. Do you watch chick flicks?
  2. Honestly, Big Mike, if you stop with all this flagrant self-promotion, you wouldn't have to worry about the shady individuals in your Road Show entourage. Now, if you just stop being such a credit whore and spent the holiday weekend out here in the great Northwest relaxing and enjoying the great scenery, you wouldn't have these kinds of problems. Oh, well. See you in a few weeks when we conquer Europe. (P.S. Bring that "Single" sign of yours. I want to use when we're there.)
  3. Ug, this is exactly why I scored low in debate. I was deliberately thinking of some of the tasteless jokes/comments about IEDs and suicide bombers as well as the political garbage, and that's what I intended "anything positive" to mean. Extremely poor choice of words did not reflect my intent or meaning.
  4. I just thought of this, but what's the fate of the water slides? They're not fancy, but besides Olinger Pool, they're one of the last water slides left in Salem. I remember the heyday when there was Hydrotube and Waterworks (neither of which lasted long).
  5. I recommend the anti-theft devices at www.stickdeath.com They rock. If roses are read and violets are blew, then daisies are what?
  6. ^ Duh. You have a house full of kids. < Duh. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. v Duh. Anybody can do that.
  7. This thread needs to die. Now. I am truly irked by some of the juvenile thoughtlessness of some of the posted comments. If you can't post anything positive about an amusement park in Iraq, then don't bother posting. And please confine your political comments to the appropriate threads.
  8. As I recall, Mike, you were the only one who got soaked on that rapids ride . . .
  9. Honestly, I'm not surprised, and in my opinion, no big loss. I've been wondering when it would finally kick the bucket. I liked the place as a kid/teen, but over the past few years, the placed looked more and more neglected. I sort of stopped going to Thrillville as that there never seemed to have anything new. The slide was a nice addition, but it came a little too late. Beside, Thrillville really didn't offer much in the way of thrilling rides. Hmm, maybe Enchanted Forest next door might buy some of the rides.
  10. Lou, I wasn't planning on bugging you this week about updating this, so needless to say I was thoroughly suprised that you did. I still love hearing the Godzilla story. And may Bluefall shutdown, never to re-open.
  11. I've done a little bit of homework on the subject of publishing. Many publishers require an agent before they will accept an submisssion, and quite a few agents require experience (aka, what have you published) before they will accept new writers. Yeah, it's that viscious cycle of you can't get hired for the job unless you have experience and you can't get experience unless you have the job. Oh, and according to one statistic that a found (albeit some fifteen years ago), only 1% to 2% of all manuscripts submitted gets published. That being said, my biggest hinderment I blame on depression (my lack of drive but constant dreaming) and the fact that I'm actually scared of my writing. I've discovered some years ago just how much of my feelings, thoughts, etc showed up in my writings, especially in a particular story when the character said pretty much what I sooo wanted to say in high school, I sort of got spooked. I'm very withdrawn, private, and very bottled up due to some horrible incidents that happened in high school. I don't say what I'm thinking, unless it's through writing, and even then, I don't want people to use and abuse, misintrepret, or even discover my closely guarded secrets. Anna Nalick's song "Breathe" says how the words of the song are like a page in her diary, and that exactly is how it feels. I will admit that I have used a lot of my fears, feelings, and thoughts for a story in attempt to unbottle myself, but it sometimes doesn't work (and can cause more problems). Most noteable is a story I wrote about a young man on Army infiltration course that was written during a time when I wasn't doing well in ROTC and was being influenced to enlist. All kinds of issues came up within the story, but I don't feel that it really helped me resolve some of the real issues that inspired the story. I keep sitting down at my computer to write, and instead I find myself playing games or surfing the net. I've been trying to push myself to writing, but I just can't seem to focus. I haunt the bookstores and wonder why I can't find the drive to see one of my stories published. It's even more frustrating to hear about your wife publishing or the success that DCody has had with screenwriting. I've got a lot of damn good stories that need finishing and a few ideas that need to get beyond my brain and onto the paper. I poke and prod Lou about her neglected "Year in Review" thread in the main coaster forum, but I honestly believe the reason why I do that is because I don't have anyone to poke and prod me about my writing. And that is truly sad. I really don't have anyone to help me keep my dreams in sight. (I don't even get support from my parents.) Blah, Blah, Blah -- thank you alcohol for inhibiting me a bit. I've got issues. A lot of them. But Guy, I'm not really jealous -- I'm just glad that you're reminding me of my true passions, and the disappointments I'm feeling right now. (Fourteen years ago, when I left high school, I thought I would have numerous novels published by now. That hurts. A lot.) "To thine ownself be true." No words are harder to follow.
  12. Okay, maybe it's the alcohol in me right now keeping me from thinking straight (or the lack of sleep), but I don't really get it. What's the joke?
  13. So, Guy. Tell us the truth. Just how many rejection letters did your wife get? All joking aside, major congrats for your wife. I'll look for it the next time I'm at the bookstore. I'm exceedingly jealous and am vowing (again) to complete those damned unfinished novels of mine.
  14. Out of all the stories I've heard from the different branches, Navy has the best, most outrageous stories, none of which can be posted here (sooo not PG-13).
  15. Come up from behind and scare it. Works everytime. Is Hell freezing over, or is Hell breaking loose?
  16. Little green men. Or are they gray? You know, the ones that supposedly kidnap people and perform outlandish experiments on them. Yeah, your family. What is the plot of the new X-Files movie coming out this summer?
  17. ^ Posted while I was at work. < Don't get off work until way after midnight. v Mooches off parents and siblings.
  18. No. I have so many songs on my ipod, it's almost like listening to the radio. Do you put peanut butter on your french toast?
  19. I liked it because I was thinking the same thing. However, my vote (so far) is for the Death Star trench.
  20. During high school, I typically did my homework sitting on my bed. One day I feel asleep while doing my homework. I woke up and saw that my clock said 5:30. My first thought was that it was morning, and that I woke up before my alarm clock went off (that happens a lot). Yet, when I looked out the window, I couldn't understand why the sun was up so early. Of course, looking around, there was my homework on my bed and I was still fully clothed. It still took me a while before I finally realized that it was the same day and I had fallen asleep while doing my homework.
  21. ^ Pirate wannabe < Not Batman. I want to be Hercules. v Dreams of sour cream and yogurt
  22. I plead the fifth. Do you project yourself?
  23. ^ No, that's how it ends. Only the end credits were cut off. I do agree that the ending is pretty weak and somewhat confusing. There is no clear reason why it ended where it did.
  24. I had a hard time deciding between a "D" and a "F". First of all, it was a complete mess. There was no direction or focus. What is you're paper about? The history of amusment parks? What kind of rides at parks? There is just too much randomness to follow what you are writing about. Secondly, you absolutely failed at the "research" part. Statements about Oktoberfest were clearly guesses. You incorrectly state that Disneyland opened prior to 1950. One horrible sentence claims that Walt Disney created the first ferris wheel. (See what bad typos can cause.) Never, never, never assume the reader of your research paper does not know the subject your writing about. Research papers are not bull sh!t papers. Show that you did your homework by including quotes and references. Actually look for lesser know bits of history and information. Thirdly, Grammar. I don't know what is worse: punctuation or wording. Many problems can be cleaned up by proofreading and correcting the typos with punctuation, but the strangely worded sentences are confusing at best. Have someone read it out loud, and you'll hear just how poorly written some of your sentences are. After all said and done, I decided on a "D". As much as I want to outright fail it for the lack of research, a bit of TLC on proofreading and editing will certainly get it better marks. In high school, I did a research paper on the history of Disneyland. Even though I was very knowledgeable about the subject, I was surprised at some of the things I discovered during the research (like the minor Vietnam war riot). Despite all the praise I got from my teacher, I still only got an "A-" because of grammar errors--yeah I suck at that too.
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