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  1. ^ yes! But I'll admit, some places are creepy as hell. Like the Gates of Hell in NJ which are these old dranage tunnels in northern NJ. People tell some crazy stories about that place. For instance it's supposedly has 4 floors and at the bottom is a door to Hell. Or that people get a few feet in and hear a train horn blast from inside the tunnel or year people screaming from inside.
  2. Worst theme park, or in this case least best, is any Six Flags park. SF attempts to theme but it pales in comparison to real theme parks like Disney or Busch Gardens. Really when I think of a 'theme park', I think of Disney, Busch, Universal, and any other park that envelops the guests into an environment. Maybe the park even focuses on themeing more than the rides! So places like Keansburg, Morey's Piers, Cedar Point, etc, shouldn't even be listed since they're 'amusement parks' with little to no themeing. Just my 2 cents! However, if the thread is asking "which park is the worst you've been to" then I guess I'd go with Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ. I heard that they were going to tear the place down, stopped there for a visit, and found that the place was crap with a Disk-O being their best ride. I'd rather see another amusement park than a hotel, but I'm not too sad seeing that place go. Semantics, I know. lol
  3. I just hope Medusa doesn't get a cheesy makeover like X2. I mean, X2 wasn't really themed, more like gimmicked with fire and fog and other out of place stuff. I hope they at least try to theme the new Medusa instead of simply adding fog machines and fire towers and stuff.
  4. Definately a Jet Star type model like DBru suggested. It won't take up much space (especially if you use a spiral lift), they are thrilling as heck but good for families as well.
  5. CAVE CRICKETS!! I hate those f'n things...
  6. My favorites are: House MD Kenny vs Spenny Almost anything on the Discovery Channel
  7. At one point, back in my metal kid days, I wanted to get my ears pierced and wanted to open them up to put in gauges. I never did and now I'm glad that I didn't. I also wanted a Slipknot tattoo back then as well...I'm damn glad I didn't do THAT.
  8. I really want to see the Rays win after being a joke since 1998. And I really want to see the Phillies lose because I'm a Mets fan! So...LETS GO RAYS!
  9. Great American Scream Machine at Six flags Great Adventure on Friday night. Gotta love the old school looping action!
  10. When Fright Fest at GAdv rolls around, a pet peeve of mine are the people who tell off or harass the costumed employees. Sure maybe they didn't actually scare you but that doesn't mean you have to call them lame or make some stupid comment to show off to your friends.
  11. I love flatrides! I like some even more than coasters beleive it or not. I'd say that my top 3 are: 1: Breakdance 2: Zipper 3: Top Scan
  12. ^ They already have somrthing like that. It's not much, but the Coney Island History Project resides in a building under the Cyclone. But why just have a museum dedicated to Coney's past? Why not have a park like the ones of yesteryear? While a park like that might not contain something like Astroland's insane Top Spin or Breakdance, it'll beat the hell out of condos, shopping malls or vacant lots.
  13. It doesn't have to look look nice to be fun; that's what I always said about Astroland.
  14. Hmm...I think you should increase the shade and add more concessions. If I was in a park with the sun beating down on me, I'd want shade and a drink before a water ride or nice scenery!
  15. I was standing in line for a river ride at Mountain Creek one time and this group of kids in back of me were talking about their coaster exploits; trying to top one anothers bravery and acheivements. Of course, as those conversations go amongst kids, the stats they gave for each coaster were insanely overblown. My favorite part was when one kid started talking about the Sea Serpent, a Vekoma Boomerang at Morey's Piers: Kid 1: "I was on this one ride in Wildwood, called the Sea Serpent. It was like 300 feet high and went 150mph!" Kid 2: "Whoa! Are you serious?!" Kid 1: "Okay, I'm lying a bit; it was only about 200 feet high and went 100mph." Being the jerk that I am, I chimed in after that saying that it was indeed 300 feet high and 150mph.
  16. Saw the Ride? Does that mean half of the riders won't make it out alive?! Will you have to cut off your leg to get out of the car? lol
  17. YES! I remember the Canyon Trip at Moreys as well! I never rode it as I was about 5 or 6 at the time, but its image, and horrible noise that it made, are something I never forgot. There was a ride down at Busch Gardens Europe (back when it was Williamsburg) called Gladiators Gauntlet. That was also a Vekoma Canyon Trip. This thread is awesome Shane; keep it up!
  18. The Cubbies got swept...ha, ha, HA! Now the Phillies and Brewers need to get knocked out so my Mets can be avenged! lol
  19. NO!!! That makes it worse!!! I loved Shea Stadium! It may have been a dump, but it was OUR dump!
  20. (makes some sort of unidentafiable sound) Mets...lost...arg...
  21. Aw dammit! I was in Vegas for two days back in July and I only managed to get on Manhattan Express between somes shows, some gambling, and drinking. lol
  22. Ah man, I went on the Storm at the NJ State Fair. That thing spins way too much...
  23. Batman & Robin: the Chiller easily. I found it to be powerful and LOUD (like many Premier coasters.)
  24. Heh, my favorite inversion is actually Togo's version of the 'dive loop' where you do a half heartline roll and hang upsidedown for a couple of seconds before dropping down a half loop. Viper and Manhattan Express are the only rides I've been on that have it. They were rough but provided some excellent hangtime!
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