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  1. ...Vekoma SLC train from Hell that had a custom set of...
  2. My avatar is of an alien artifact sent from Beteguise that is the blueprint to make a time traveling machine that will send us two seconds into the future to see if our take-out order at McDonalds is correct before opening the bag to check it. No wait...that's the Parachute Jump in Coney Island.
  3. Last concert was Van Halen back in May. Eruption is awesome live...
  4. ^^ I know, that's really cheap for a Breakdance, especially one that's in good condition. If I had the means I'd so buy it and travel around to fairs and festivals.
  5. Personally I think Boomerangs with the Vekoma trains (with older harnesses) are pretty smooth. The ones with really old Arrow trains are the real headbanging culprits. If this is like the Nor'Easter's restraints, then this will have no headbanging at all since there is nothing to hit your head against. For anyone who doesn't know, the harness is more like an overhead lapbar with a rubber vest looking device, kind of like what's on the B&M flying coasters. I don't know if the Vekoma sit-down train restraints will be just like the ones on new SLC trains however.
  6. We're getting the storm today into tomorrow morning. It should be over before the park opens tomorrow.
  7. Here's a funny photo I came across on the Coney Island Message Board. It's the proposed park under Thor's and the cities (CIDC) revised plans: lol Anyway, I just got back from Astroland for my final jaunt at the park. The Top Spin was working when I got there but closed down for most of the night after that. I got the obligatory Cyclone ride and took two spins on the Breakdance. The first time around I actually shot a POV video on it, so you'll get to see that soon. The ride op was awesome, at one point he said "I wanna see this on YouTube!" over the mic. After I gave a thumbs up, he decided to put us through the spin cycle some more. It was about a 5-5:30 minute ride in total. Now that's what I'm talking about!
  8. Ah! You suck! They ran their rides on insane cycles, that's why I liked the park so much. I think you have to be from the area to appreciate the park. But to answer your question, it's a landmark. That doesn't mean that Joe Sitt won't burn it down or something and build a condo on its spot. UPDATE: I saw this over at the Coney Island Message Board... STATEMENT BY CAROL HILL ALBERT, CO-OWNER OF ASTROLAND AMUSEMENT PARK I am making this statement today to set the record straight. I have not “given up on Coney Island” as Thor Equities has stated. I have given up on trying to get Thor to negotiate which I have attempted to do every month since June, and numerous times in August. Each time their response was, “We have no answer.” The safety of our customers and our commitment to employees means our time has run out. Ride parts must be ordered a minimum of eight to 10 months in advance. My employees cannot live in a state of limbo any longer. It takes six months to pack up a three-acre amusement park that has been in operation for 46 years, so a January 31st deadline means start packing yesterday. We are out of time. Today I notified Astroland’s employees that the amusement park will cease operations permanently at the end of the day on Sunday, September 7th. Many in the community had hoped along with us that Astroland could remain open to keep the lights on in Coney Island until the rezoning issue had been resolved, because carnival rides, as the “Summer of Hope” sadly proved, are no substitute for a permanent amusement park. However, when even our good friend, Councilman Domenic Recchia could do nothing to persuade Thor to negotiate, it became clear we had no choice but to close the business permanently on Sunday night, September 7th. Coney Island's future as a tourism and amusement destination is clearly in peril. Thor equities, which now owns most of Coney Island, came onto the development scene showing beautiful renderings of this great 21st century amusement park they were promising to build. All indications however, are that their real priority is retail and high end housing. There is a real question as to whether Coney Island will ever have amusements, other than the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel in its future. Instead it appears to be that a series of shopping malls and condos will replace amusement parks as the centerpiece of the Coney Island that has been here for over 100 years. This is a tragic loss for the City of New York and visitors around the world. Astroland Kiddie Park and the Cyclone Roller Coaster will open for the last weekend on Friday, Sept 5 at 12:00 noon. Major thrill rides will open at 4 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, all attractions will open at 12:00 noon. We invite all New Yorkers to come to Astroland this weekend to bid farewell to this historic icon. And we look forward to seeing many of our loyal patrons on opening day for the Cyclone roller coaster, Sunday April 5, 2009.
  9. NY Post Link: Astroland is Closing For Good on Sunday Article: Astroland is dead. The longtime operator of the fabled Coney Island amusement park confirmed today that the 46-year-old Coney Island icon will close its doors for good Sunday because a new lease deal couldn't timely be reached. As The Post first reported on its Web site Friday, Carol Albert threatened to shut down the park if she didn't get a two-year lease extension by 1 p.m. today at the same rate from Astroland's landlord, controversial developer Joe Sitt. The deadline passed with both sides not even talking and Sitt waiting to see if Albert was bluffing. Sitt spokesman Stefan Friedman told the Post the developer won't negotiate "through the media or with a gun held to his head." Rather, he'll wait and see whether Albert really pulls out after the deadline. He pointed out that the current lease doesn't expire until the end of the year, although Albert has said she needs the extra months to sell off her rides before the lease expires or face hefty penalties from Sitt for failing to vacate the land on time. The landmarked Cyclone rollercoaster at Astroland is not affected and will remain where it is. Sitt plans to replace Astroland with new amusements next season. But critics point out that the developer failed miserably this summer when he arranged to have temporary rides and attractions come to vacant boardwalk land he owns off Stillwell Avenue as they were a huge flop. Many expected Astroland to return in 2009 since the city is at least a year away from implementing an area rezoning plan that, in part, would replace the park and other attractions with new amusements. Astroland's potential closing comes while many other boardwalk business owners who rent from Sitt are also sweating it out over whether they'll be back next summer. Like Astroland, they had to wait out a lease extension a year ago also. "I don't know why they wouldn't bring us back – especially when they don't have anything to replace us with?" said a concerned Dianna Carlin, owner of the Lola Staar Souvenir Boutique. She also questioned whether Coney Island's economy would take a serious hit without a major anchor, such as Astroland. It was unclear just how far apart both sides are in dollars, but Albert's lawyer told Sitt's lawyer in a letter dated Friday that the park has seen expenses increase since last year, particularly a $700,000 surge in insurance costs. Astroland was seeking a multiple year lease, in part, to give its workers some stability. The Albert family sold the 3.1-acre Astroland property to Sitt's firm Thor Equities in 2006 for $30 million, but negotiated last year's deal to squeeze in at least one final go-round for Astroland and its employees, many of whom are neighborhood residents with years of service. It's too bad, they had some great rides (Breakdance, Top Spin 2, AstroTower.) The Cyclone is of course staying but next to it will be a vacant lot of some sort.
  10. What a weird looking Orbiter ride...I mean beside the fact that three cars are missing.
  11. Nice TR! You know, this looks like an OK fair; it's nothing like this one fair I went to back in June. They had a Yo-Yo that spun at like 2 RPM, a Round-Up with no lights save for two giant flood lights in the center, and a ferris wheel with no lights at all; not even any pointing at it. Good lord, it was the epitome of ghetto. Here's the TR if you want to check it out.
  12. Was is the 'Bomb Bay' slide at Wet n' Wild Orlando? www.wetnwildorlando.com/Files/Press/BombBay.jpg
  13. Ok, you need some Dillinger Escape Plan; preferably Milk Lizard. There's a lot of screaming but it's not a metal type of screaming. The song is very catchy and up-tempo though, and would go great with a coaster. Theres some singing vocals starting about halfway through; the part from 2:44 to the end is really good with singing vocals...especially with the double bass rolls!
  14. Yep, I'm going to fix that later on. However, I don't have any CS rock sets. There was one that I wanted to use but couldn't find it again. It was all these rock pillars that could be used to make rock faces, caves and other stuff. I don't know what happened but after letting the dummies crash for awhile, they started making those "oh no!" sounds that the peeps make when they hit something. lol I assure you that the flying dummies now land in a pool...maybe.
  15. Thanks for the compliments! Since the last update, I've axed the lazy river and may rebuild it around a wave pool that I'll be placing in somewhere. In its place I added 3 sets of slides (6 new in total.) First version of an un-named speed slide. The slide ended too high above the water and went too fast resulting in flying dummies. That's better! They even finish at roughly the same time, yay! I still need to fix the rocks around it and theme it. One of those speed slides that go under and over one another. I still need to connect stairs to it; I need to do that to all of the slides in this section actually. Finally, we have a tube/body slide combo. It's all turns basically. Still need to support it, and theme it a bit. To be continued....
  16. Zoom Phloom at Morey's Piers in Wildwood, NJ hand down. I like it even more than Splash Mountain at WDW. It's pretty long, has two steep drops and a portion that runs under the pier. The old log flume that used to be at Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ was pretty good as well. The worst is probably any of those Niagara Falls portable log flumes.
  17. Thanks for the input everyone! Here's some updates: Working on a new river ride. The first version of this ride nearly tossed the raft from the slide. However, I think I'm going to change the ending of this ride since it doesn't carry the speed all the way through. The trees and shrubs grew pretty quickly around the Glissade and Avalanche slides. I added in some snow as well since these three slides are snow themed. The lavender doesn't look too bad against the rock. I added bushes and trees to the cliff as well as four waterfalls...all of which pour over the slides in different areas. The park as it is now. There's a new mountain to the bottom left that holds the new river ride and a lazy river. I plan on adding a few more slides to it as well. This park is getting pretty big! For a waterpark at least. To be continued...
  18. I think it's kind of funny that at first I was using light green slides, and then was like "eh' I don't want them all green. Let's make a few light blue." I guess I lost track somehow. lol
  19. Imogen's Puzzle - PsyOpus The guitarist fingertaps the entire song.
  20. I'll try some other colors but I want to keep a natural look to the park. I don't want to add in a blaring red or bright purple slide that sticks out. lol
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