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  1. I had one video pulled seconds after it was put up; it was a Dorney Park 2008 video that had Silver Rocket by Sonic Youth as the music. Instead I uploaded it to Vimeo and haven't had a problem yet...the quality is scores better as well! I haven't checked my videos lately to see if any music is missing however; after Silver Rocket deal I started using obscure music/artists.
  2. Here's some of my favorite amusement/non-amusement pictures that I've taken this past year:
  3. My homepark is SFGAdv (even though Dorney is easier to get to) so my pick, without a doubt, is El Toro.
  4. I have a few lists here... Random coasters X2 Joker's Jinx Big Bad Wolf Griffon Beast Viper (SFMM) Black Mamba I also have a list of Schwarzkopf coasters that I want to ride: Olympia Looping Mindbender (Galaxyland) Tsunami (used to be Zonga) Montaña Infinitum (a triple loop model) Knightmare And finally, I have a list of flatrides that I want to ride! Break Dance 2 (a larger 6 satellite model) Evolution (Bussink model) Flying Circus one of those old Zipper rides that ran nearly twice as fast as newer models! Although I don't think any exist anymore. EDIT: Actually, there does ...
  5. Wooden Out & Back- El Toro (I guess that's OnB) Wooden Twister- Coney Island Cyclone by a landslide Wooden Racing/Dueling- Rolling Thunder is the only one I've been on, so that. Mine Train- Runaway Mine Train @ GAdv Wild Mouse- Doo Wopper @ Morey's Piers ain't bad Floorless- Medusa @ GAdv by a slim margin over Hydra: the Revenge Mega-Looper- I guess I'll throw Hyrda here; it does 7 inversions! Flying- I've only been on Superman Ultimate Flight but it sucks so I'll go with NOTHING. Inverted/SLC- Talon @ Dorney Park hands down Hypercoaster- Nitro and Steel Force are so close that I cannot decide Strata Coaster- Kingda Ka, only one I've been on Boomerang- Sea Serpent @ Morey's Piers; first US boomerang and still the smoothest. LIM- The Chiller @ GAdv was the ultimate LIM coaster Arrow Multi Looper- Great American Scream Machine...the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be.
  6. Great TR! That looks like a damn fine fair! I've actually seen some of those rides make rounds at the State Fair Meadowlands in New Jersey throughout the years; Magnum, Tango, and Evolution namely. Today the Meadowlands Fair typically brings a KMG Fireball, Crazy Mouse, and the apparently well traveled Space Roller along with a load of lesser, but still nice rides.
  7. Haha, I remember going down in Wildwood while this trip was going on (before I became a member of TPR) and seeing a bunch of TPR members by the Great White huddled under an awning to some game. I remember my sister and I stopped by to ask what was going on after we were turned away from riding Great White. I made mention of it in a trip report I did on Morey's. I also remember being disappointed that Zoom Phloom wasn't open when it was hotter than hell out. It's too bad you didn't get on it, it's probably one of the best flumes around. Here's the TR if you want to check it out.
  8. Absolutely awful news... Luckily I got on the original version once when I was younger.
  9. I've thought of quite a few flatride ideas over the years. One was a Ring of Fire looking ride with two person cars lining the ring. I think I named it Black Hole. As noted, the ride would look like the ring of Ring of Fire only with about 20 or so open air cars lining the whole thing. The sides of the ring would be attatched to two towers on either side. The ring starts out flat, allowing all the riders to board at once. When the ride starts, the cars begin to spin around the ring and flip down sideways as they get up to speed. Right now the ride is like an Enterprise before it lifts. Next the ring rises up to a certain height, flips vertical and starts to flip continuously as the cars travel around the track. It would basically be a much faster version of the Larson 'Hi-Roller' ride. Here's the Hi-Roller. My ride would have open air cars all along the track with a large circular layout instead of an oval layout like this ride.
  10. This whole Coney Island situation is getting even more crazy now. From the NY Post: Astroland Hope. City Eyes Coney Land Buy.
  11. I know, one of the supports connecting the track is also missing. Edit: fixed! 11/20/08 Update Another one photo update. I'm slowly working on the supports; I'm up to the first loop so far.
  12. ^ Nice update. It's kind of hard to watch it being taken down though; it's like watching Shea Stadium being slowly taken down.
  13. F--- Starbucks! I like my Dunkin Doughnuts cofee just fine!
  14. ^ I guess that's what the 'tongue' inversion is as listed by RCDB; Vekoma's version of a cutback. Anyway I have a small update after I stopped working on it for about a week. I'm happy with the trackwork and are moving onto supports. I modified the lift supports to start off. I'll fix them up a bit, don't worry.
  15. Uh...I think you're overestimating the stuff that could be found at an urban flea market.
  16. Kingda Ka...it's the ony one I've been on and I'm completely utterly biased. So there ya' go! Although I'll take El Toro over both.
  17. So it looks like Astroland's site is going to become a flea market next season According to a flyer, "fleabythesea" will have rides, food and entertainment as well as broken goods and shady deals. www.coneyisland.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?num=1226521276 While it does say there will be rides, the same thing was said this past summer about the former go-kart track site that Sitt owns. The 'rides' consisted of just an inflatable waterslide.
  18. ^ Haha, that pic is great! One reason might be because these portable Schwarzkopf loopers are becoming pretty scarce in the US. The full sized Schwarzkopf’s like SooperDooperLooper or Revolution are great but they don't seem to have the power of the portable counterparts. Plus they just look great in all their portable awesomeness!
  19. ^ Well it was designed as a production model portable coaster, what do you expect?
  20. ^ It basically is a 'see what we can do' excersice; it was for a TV show after all. As far as capacity issued, it didn't seem that they were actually pitching it to waterparks anyway. It was being designed for someone's backyard...of course the backyard version would only be like 10 feet high instead of 40. But if it were to go to a waterpark, I do beleive it would be a waterpark 'upcharge' attraction! I don't really see it taking off though.
  21. Definately 'better' without the water. Would it kill them to at least move the tires out of there?
  22. I got my last ride in 2006 It was closed the on my last visit to Dorney in October.
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