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  1. I don't recommend going tomorrow as the park will be closed. Thanks to Elissa for the heads up!
  2. ^If you did actually mean to reply to my post about the lift looking like a high dive, I still think it looks tall! Don't get me wrong. It's just the way the structure looks.
  3. I get this...Looking at that image, if I hadn't been to the park before in my life, I'd think, "WOW, that looks like a really cool setting, I'd love to go see it tomorrow!" Boy would I be let down. (On another note, I think it's really dumb you see all the cars in the parking lot...kinda ruins it.) But then, I'm sure the commercial showed some footage of Main Street. I'd also be let down that the picture I was looking forward to take of myself on Main Street would actually have a huge wall in it. So, I raise the question, should they not advertise the parks in the off season? Or when there's a large construction project going on? In any case, they shouldn't have a flyover of Paradise Pier in their commercials right now, as it will be in its current state for a majority of this year. They could easily just have footage of any of the other areas of the park that won't be ripped to shreds any time soon. Tower, Grizzly, Condor Flats, Soarin', Muppets, Monsters, or Flik's...
  4. Just to warn everyone, it is supposed to rain on Saturday in Atlanta. Hopefully it won't cause any closures!
  5. ^I wish it was possible for World of Color to be done in 3-4 months! I'd be in heaven!
  6. I'd love to see the numbers for how many people actually pay for the full-price single-day ticket for DCA. I'm almost positive its very small.
  7. Yeah, I did miss where I said that...I'll give ya that. I was kidding myself when I acted as if I remembered what I said 30 seconds after the fact. Paradise Bay in shambles is noticeable. I must have been temporarily out of it when I typed that statement. PS...these stupid text windows have been acting weird! It doesn't actually display what I had just typed. I have to highlight everything to get it to show what is actually being typed. So, excuse all my editing. LOL.
  8. Matt, I'm thinking that might be why I think the park still looks good! LOL. Cause the wall for Mermaid still hasn't gone up, and the wall around the whole entrance plaza, and the wall around the Red Car system. I think I just have that in my head as my view of the whole park being in shambles...this just doesn't compare to that!
  9. This coaster looks like a lot of fun, but I can't help but think part of this ride is going to slide into the water on either side some day. I also noticed how much more clear the China air looked in these pictures compared to the rest. The past pictures made it look like such a depressing place.
  10. I think its kind of funny that the most visually striking part of this coaster will be the last thing to go up. Definitely has kept me on the edge of my seat for this coaster. It's looking great. I'm quite surprised by how massive this station building is, though!
  11. I never said it was "hardly noticeable"... I know were not going to agree on this...and nothing is wrong with that. And I don't think that last part was necessary. No need to write me off as someone who needs recovery cause I have a different opinion, right? I may need help for other things, but not for my view of the State of DCA.
  12. Just so you know, there are actually more narrow pathways in Disneyland right now due to construction. Most of the right side of Main Street is blocked off, and pretty much all of the walkway along the side and back of Big Thunder Mountain towards Fantasyland. Right now, the only narrow pathway in DCA is the one section of about, eh, 40 feet or so, at one of the two entrances to Paradise Pier.
  13. I'll also point out...The pictures you posted above Robb, aren't really how I'd say an average park Guest would view it if they were walking through the park. A big majority of people focus on whats in the area around them. And if you were to snap pictures in the direction you were walking in around Paradise Bay, they would tell a different story. There's random objects/buildings/trees/attractions in between you and the construction project that grab your attention first. While the pictures do show that there's this huge ugly pit in the middle of everything, I think it's very different from how someone would view things if they were actually in the park.
  14. The park is HARDLY in shambles. Also, I have to say, the pictures seem to have shown one of the cleanest construction projects I've seen. All of the work is focused in Paradise Pier. When I visited the park in January, I hardly noticed the empty Paradise Bay. Everything looks good around it. From Screamin, to Mania, to the Route 66 attractions. The only thing that is touched is the Sun Wheel. The only attraction that is closed in the park is the Sun Wheel. (The Mania extended queue walls should only there for a short time, they were around the other shade structure for about a week's time about a month ago.) In a park who's main attendance is made up of local Annual Passholder's and other locals who generally have had a bad opinion of the park since day 1, isn't it obviously a good idea to keep the park open, allowing them to experience what they've already paid for, and allow them to see the huge changes that are taking place? If you ask me, Disney isn't Lotte World, and isn't Cypress Gardens. They're a Resort destination that includes Guests who have paid for a vacation that includes two parks. The Guests still get to experience a pristine park during this construction project. It just wasn't reasonable to put a wall around the entire Paradise Bay when it's so big, and a majority of the attractions sit on the bay's edge. With the way DCA is laid out, there's really no way they could cover up this huge construction project like you can with Rivers of America and Tomorrowland. Just think about Carsland, it's going to be a bigger construction project than this, but will take place in an area of the park that's easily blocked off and bypassed. I'm happy Disney still is going forward with this project even though it can be considered bad-show...Due to the circumstances, it's simply unavoidable. But I'll point out the pictures are focused at the items under construction. Even with how observant I am, it was very easy to ignore the big cement pit when I was there in January. World of Color and the surrounding area upgrades should prove to be AMAZING additions to DCA. And I can't wait!
  15. ^ I know right...lol. It is what they do best!
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