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  1. Thanks. How bad are the waits usually for flat rides since they seem to have a really impressive flat ride lineup? I'm most interested in Sledge Hammer, Drop Tower, Psyclone, and Shockwave.
  2. Thanks. Do the lines get worse/better on certain rides as the day progresses? What is the best way to tour the park if I get there at opening? I'm thinking of getting on Time Warp right away (I really liked Rye's Volare, so I want to try this one too). After, I was thinking of hitting Vortex. Then I would hit Sledge Hammer, Behemoth, Backlot Stunt Coaster, and then just go around in a loop.
  3. Sorry to "piggy-back" onto this topic, but how crowded is Canada's Wonderland on a typical weekday? I could be going there with my family on either a Monday or Tuesday in July, so I just want to know how bad lines will be.
  4. Here are some extra tracks for the ride. 128- Vertigo (U2) 129- Wheel in the Sky (Journey) 708- Let's Go (Ministry)
  5. Thanks for the info. Hopefully Six Flags sends it there, but I sadly think it's going to Illinois.
  6. I've only been on one SLC (SFNE's Mind Eraser) compared to 5 B&M inverts (no Batmans though), and Vekoma's SLC doesn't even come close to B&M in my opinion. Sure Mind Eraser actually isn't all that bad and has some really cool elements, but B&M is just so glass smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.
  7. I definitely feel for visitors of Kentucky Kingdom since Chang seemed like the only really good ride in the entire ride park. However, from a business perspective I can't fault them since this move not only helps Kentucky Kingdom's already stellar water park expand and become even bigger, but it also makes sense for another lucky Six Flags park who receives Chang. Now who will get Chang? Sadly, I think it will go to Great America, but I think other parks need it much more, especially a park lacking a good B&M looper. Some parks that deserve Chang include in my opinion... 1) Great Escape- After losing out on Astro World's Serial Thriller, they definitely deserve a thrilling new steel coaster to go with the Comet; however, I don't see Six Flags sending it here. Plus, would Great Escape even have enough room since I've heard that a good deal of their land is a swamp out beyond Ghost Town. 2) Six Flags America- This park really needs a new coaster since it has been so long since they have received one. Chang would fit in nicely since they have a ton of free land from what I've seen. Plus, with Kings Dominion getting their giga and Busch Gardens getting Griffon a few years ago, Six Flags America needs a new headliner. Chang would be that. 3) Six Flags St. Louis- This would be a perfect fit in my opinion since they already have an incredible wooden coaster lineup with Evel Knievel, the Boss, and the Screamin' Eagle. But do they have enough room? 4) Six Flags New England- Well, maybe not. I'm just being hopeful since it's my homepark. But now that I think about it, we could use another coaster after getting hosed with the Dark Knight situation. However, I'd rather get a good wooden coaster in the next 5 years rather than Chang. Plus, SFNE seems to have some space concerns right now from what I can tell.
  8. I live in New England and have been on both Superman and Bizarro at least 60-70 times in the past 3 years. Trust me, it deserves it's acclaim. While I think Apollo's Chariot is slightly better, Bizarro may be the most forceful and action-packed coaster I've ever been on. Bizarro's first drop is an absolute blast as it's very steep and tall. Not only that, but the copious air time offered by each of the ride's hills is excellent, especially on its famous 3rd and 4th hills that practically send you up to the heavens. Finally, the concluding helix is flat out intense!
  9. I voted for Arrow. Of the Arrow loopers I've been on (Canobie's Corkscrew, Steamin' Demon, & Anaconda), all had some headbanging. The Corkscrew and Steamin' Demon just had one or two rough transitions coming in and out of the corkscrews, while the Anaconda was just plain painful for that entire second half. The Vekomas I've been on actually haven't been that bad. Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is pretty darn smooth and 3/4 boomerangs I've been on (Flashback, Sidewinder, and Great Escape's Boomerang) have been on the smooth side. Heck, even SFNE's SLC wasn't all that bad in my opinion. Only Lake Compounce's Zoomerang was bad in my opinion during that cobra roll.
  10. Bizarro can get up to an hour wait towards the end of the day so you definitely will have to get a Flash Pass if you want multiple rides. Batman and Mind Eraser should each have about a 30 minute wait. Cyclone and Thunderbolt should be walk ons. Use the single rider line for Pandemonium or else you will have to wait 90 minutes or so due to its low capacity. Catwoman's Whip and the Great Chase shouldn't be a problem. Flashback at worst is a 20 minute wait. Also, Scream is worth riding if you have time. Just use the single rider line.
  11. I've been to Quassy plenty of times and have learned to avoid it on rainy days. They are probably one of the quickest parks to shut down their rides in the rain. However, on a nice, sunny day, Quassy is a decent, little park. While it doesn't have any major thrill rides, the Mad Mouse and Big Flush are good for a few rides. Plus, Quassy never really has any major lines except on Friday night.
  12. There are three parks nearby in Como Town (small), Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America (really cool looking indoor park), and Valleyfair (a pretty big park). Here's RCDB's (Roller Coaster DataBase) listing for each park. http://rcdb.com/qs.htm?quicksearch=Minneapolis
  13. The ride is exactly the same in terms of elements. There are a few new tunnels and things to look at, but there really isn't much of a difference. The restraints don't have the ankle guards, but the ops really staple you in, so be prepared. Bizarro still is a top 10 coaster and easily the park's best attraction. Just a tip, ride it first since it can easily get hour long waits towards the end of the day, while the park's other rides are 30 minutes or less.
  14. Looks great so far. My only suggestion is to make the water around the carousel slighly below ground level to look more realistic, but other than that it's very good. The buildings are great as well!
  15. I am 16 and my first coaster was Santa's Village's Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster. My first wooden coaster was the Yankee Cannonball.
  16. I've never actually chickened out of a water slide, but I am always anxious before riding any open vertical speed slide. The ones that make me feel somewhat uneasy prior to riding are... Summit Plummet Cannonball Falls- Green (SFNE) Stealth (when I ride backwards) at Aquaboggan
  17. I used to not mind SFNE's Cyclone, but my ride this past Tuesday showed me how poorly the park has cared for it. Every moment of air time in the back was very painful and abrupt, and almost simultaneously I was treated to plenty of jackhammering. However, I still think Rebel Yell when it used to operate backwards is the roughest coaster I've been on.
  18. I don't really remember much from my visit to the park back in 2000 other than how awesome the Comet was, how much I loved the Rainbow (now removed ), how quirky the park was, and how horrible my wait for Nightmare was. So I have a few questions. How bad are the lines typically on a Sunday and Monday? How good is their rapids ride (I skipped it last time)? Is the Comet still a world class ride like I remember? Where should I eat? What exactly is the park's Flash Pass policy? It seems weird after reading the description on the site with the tickets. I've never seen this version before. Lastly, are there any other good parks or credit runs in the area worth hitting? I've already got plans to hit Hoffman's Playland and possibly Jeepers.
  19. I've never actually had an incredibly rough ride in the back, but it's definitely much less enjoyable. Zoomerang just doesn't do it for me. Sidewinder and Flashback are much better in my opinion for whatever reasons (granted, I rode the latter two when I was older so maybe I could tolerate the pain more).
  20. Six Flags New England Bizarro- This is easily the park's best coaster and one of the best around. Make sure you ride this in both the front and back at least once! Batman- This is a very smooth and intense B&M. Make sure you hit Pandemonium and Thunderbolt, as both are really nice treats that pack a nice punch. Ride the Cyclone in the front. It's very smooth up there, but it's brutal in the back. Trust me on this. Avoid the Great Chase and Mind Eraser since you hate rough coasters. Catwoman's Whip and Flashback (one of the few boomerangs without headbanging) are good if you like credits. For flats definitely ride Catapult (painful restraints, but fun), Scream, Buzzsaw (just hold on because it's really wild), and the Tea Cups if you like spinning rides. Joker's Wildcard is also good if you have a partner (you need one). Lastly, hit Tomahawk if it's open, but it hasn't been open yet all season. For the park's water rides, Blizzard River is sub-par as is Shipwreck Falls. Splash Water Falls is well worth trying since it's rather unique. Definitely hit the water park, as it's one of the best I've been to. Tornado and Typhoon are the water park's best slides, but they also get waits around 45-60 minutes even on less crowded days. If you don't want to wait, the Big Kahuna, Shark Attack, and Cannonball Falls are all fun. Avoid Geronimo Falls and Zooma Falls because both have long waits and are dull. Lake Compounce I've been to Lake Compounce many times and never had any problems with the crowds for the most part. Their water slides get extremely crowded on busy and hot days, but the amusement park isn't bad at all. The only ride with bad waits is the dark ride, Ghost Hunt. Definitely hit Boulder Dash because it truly is a world-class ride. Wildcat is mediocre and arguably the worst woodie I've been on; however, it's not all that rough if you ride in the middle of a car. Lastly, Zoomerang is very rough (roughest of the boomerangs I've been on) and their kiddie coaster isn't worth doing unless you really are into credits. Make sure you get their River Rapids ride because it is definitely one of the best of its type. Their log flume is also a nice, relaxing ride with a good drop. For flats, definitely hit Thunder 'n' Lightning, Down Time, the Rotor, and their Enterprise. Avoid the American Flyers. They are just awful. Also, make sure you hit the Compounce Mountain Sky Ride. It's a 30 minute skyride all the way up the mountain and it's easily the best skyride I've been on anywhere. It's definitely relaxing. Finally, hit Ghost Hunt if you have time since it does have bad waits. I hope this helps and have a great trip!
  21. Flight Deck looks great. I can't wait to see it after you're done adding the trees!
  22. Excellent TR! By the way, Canobie Lake Park also has a Caterpillar with a working canopy.
  23. Here is a list of mine: Expedition Everest Space Mountain Volcano Hurler Apollo's Chariot (my favorite coaster) Great Bear Dueling Dragons (either side) Revenge of the Mummy Phoenix Boulder Dash Bizarro (SFNE's) Hershey's Wildcat Steel Force Talon Hydra
  24. Of SFNE's flats I recommend: Scream!- This is the best S&S tower I've been on. It runs combo mode (launch & drop) and is very intense. Lines can be around 30-45 minutes, so if you don't want to wait, use the single rider line for a walk on. Tomahawk- It's kind of off in its own little area, but if you have time this is a very intense Huss Frisbee. Catapult- This is the only one of its kind in the US. It's somewhat painful due to the tight restraints, but the ride is so thrilling and unique that it just must be experienced. Joker's Wildcard- This is a subpar Chance Wipeout, but it's still a fun ride. You need a partner though. Buzzsaw- It may look innocent, but this little flat packs a mean punch. It gives some really powerful Gs on the downswing and some incredible air. SFNE's water park will definitely be crowded. In fact, it's usually more crowded than the park itself. Typhoon is a very nice water coaster slide; however, it usually has lines of at least an hour. It's fun, but if limited on time, skip it. Tornado- It's the best of the funnel slides I've been on (30 min wait). Shark Attack- Definitely hit these. These are some incredibly fast tube slides that usually have waits of less than 5 minutes. Big Kahuna- These are tamer than Shark Attack, but still very fun and they have short waits. Swiss Family Toboggan- This is a decent family raft slide. It does have one of the longer waits of the water park's slides though (25-30 min). I recommend avoiding Zooma and Geronimo Falls unless they have a very short wait since I find them to be pretty poor.
  25. I've been to SFNE twice so far this year (once on a Saturday and once on a Monday) and lines haven't been bad at all. Bizarro: 20-25 minutes Batman: 20 minutes Mind Eraser: I didn't dare look, but this looked to be the only bad one Pandemonium: 45-70 minutes (use the single rider line for no wait) Cyclone: Walk On Thunderbolt: 15 minutes Flashback: 5 minutes Great Chase: Walk On Catwoman: Walk On
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