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  1. After finishing Fun Forest, I began building this massive holiday themed park. Right now I am working on the Halloween section first, but later plan on adding Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Independence Day areas. I will be updating as I go. SCR8.BMP Here's an overview of what I've done so far. So far I personally like my work. SCR41.BMP Here's the final helix around a small fountain. The ride still has considerable speed at this point. SCR40.BMP You guessed it, more air! SCR39.BMP Here's an air-time filled helix. SCR38.BMP It's not uncommon to get a little wet going through here. SCR37.BMP Here's the insane turnaround surrounded by a waterfall! The train just flies through this turn. SCR36.BMP Yeah! More air! SCR35.BMP Another pretty big drop. SCR34.BMP Don't be deceived, this is the most air-time filled air throughout the ride. It rivals the air on the drop into El Toro's helix! SCR33.BMP Out she comes. SCR32.BMP Woohoo! Back into the tunnel to the rider's delight! SCR31.BMP Yeah! Air Time! SCR30.BMP The train flying out of the tunnel for the first time. SCR29.BMP Here's the steep 85ft drop. While not the biggest coaster out there, the whole ride is non-stop thrills. SCR28.BMP Going up the lift. SCR27.BMP The whole ride is about 3600ft long and packed with air. SCR26.BMP Ever since opening, the Werewolf has been very highly ranked and has won numerous awards, including the #1 wooden coaster according to Amusement Today. SCR25.BMP Custom Coasters International constructed this incredible wooden coaster. The design was inspired by the Raven. SCR24.BMP Here's the park's star attraction, the Werewolf. This is a basic overview of the woodie. SCR15.BMP The 4-D theater has a great flick entitled Ghostbusters 4-D. Not as good as the first film, but it certainly beats the second. SCR14.BMP Here's an overview of Black Cat-astrophe, the park's dark ride. On the inside are some "haunted" ghost scenes. SCR22.BMP About to drop. SCR13.BMP This essentially is the entire layout of Fright Flight. Not very big, but it's a family coaster and quite popular among families and kids. Fright Flight circles around Demon Drop, the park's Intamin gyro drop. SCR12.BMP Here's a little area known as Witch's Castle. In it are the Witch's Wheel, an Eli Bridge Ferris wheel and the Fright Flight, a Setpoint suspended coaster. Personally, I like the broom cars. SCR10.BMP The Chance Trabant is aptly named the Pumpkin Patch. Next to it is the Magic Cauldron, the park's Mack Calypso. SCR9.BMP The spider ride is called Arachnophobia. Eyerly built it and it was the park's first ride. SCR7.BMP Like Fun Forest, Holiday World has flowers surrounding a small fountain. SCR6.BMP Here's an overview of the entrance area. SCR5.BMP Welcome to Holiday World, "the kingdom of holidays".
  2. Thanks for all the comments. Yeah now that I look at it all those trees did look odd. Anyway, I am about to post a new park that so far is coming along much better.
  3. Welcome to Fun Forest, New England's premier family theme park. Inside are 20 rides and attractions, beautiful scenery, and delicious food. Care to take a look? This is my first RCT2 park that I have posted and arguably it is my best yet. It took me yesterday and today to do this so I was very pleased with how quickly I created this beauty. Comments and suggestions are appreciated. EDIT: Whoops! I just noticed I posted my images in reverse. The first one is at the bottom of this post. SCR24.BMP Here's an aerial view of Fun Forest. Well, it's in a forest and it looks fun. It's not as big as many other parks, but it certainly has plenty of rides for a park of its size. SCR25.BMP Here's the main entrance. Not as elaborate as others out there, but it does its job. SCR23.BMP In the center of the park is this beautiful garden. Behind it is the Carousel Pavilion. SCR26.BMP Here's the southwest corner of the park. It's dominated by Wild Thing (B&M dive machine) and the Wildcat. With those air-time hills, no wonder why it's a fan favorite. SCR27.BMP Here's the northwest corner. The Wildcat and Tree-Topper (junior coaster) stand out. SCR28.BMP Here's the northeast corner of the park, or should I say Beast Territory. SCR29.BMP Here's the southeast corner of the park. It's clearly dominated by the park's log flume, Adventure River. SCR2.BMP You know you like Wildcat's lift. SCR16.BMP Wildcat's air-time filled first drop. SCR13.BMP Here's the park's GCI, the Beast (does it look better than King Island's?). SCR17.BMP The Beast is the favorite coaster according to the guests. The line certainly shows! SCR4.BMP The Beast's first drop and tons of twisty goodness. SCR14.BMP This drop gives some serious ejector air! SCR5.BMP Some flats and more of the Beast's layout. SCR3.BMP Here's Wild Thing, my very compact B&M dive machine. SCR10.BMP Now that would be scary! Wild Thing probably is the most daring ride in the park. SCR12.BMP Here's the Buzzsaw (Huss Rainbow) and Tree Topper (Vekoma Roller Skater) in all their glory. SCR11.BMP Not only is this a picture of the Wildcat's turnaround, but the Chance Sky Diver and Sea Dragon can be seen, along with the Crazy Cups. SCR15.BMP More rides. SCR19.BMP I just think that the center of the park is so picturesque. SCR18.BMP From this corner of the park, the Tree Topper, Wildcat, and Wave Swinger can be seen. SCR20.BMP He, he, he, he, haaa WIPEOUT. Okay, I couldn't resist. I love the water effects. The Tilt-a-Whirl looks cool too, I guess. SCR21.BMP Sweet, I see Wild Thing! It just overshadows the Moonwalk, Sky Diver, and Crazy Cups. SCR22.BMP Here's a shot primarily of the Antique Cars. Personally, I like the layout. SCR32.BMP I love the Ferris Wheel's location. SCR33.BMP The Bumper Cars and Paratrooper look fun. SCR6.BMP Here's Adventure River. There are 3 drops on this flume and the whole layout is pretty much hidden! SCR9.BMP Another photo of Adventure River. They're almost about to experience the big drop! SCR7.BMP Do you think it's worth it? They do!
  4. I know that you hit F10, but does a message come up after it's taken? I just hit the button and there's no notification at all. Also, if the screenshot was taken, I can't find it. I really want to get some shots of an amazing park I built and upload them here.
  5. I'd have to say El Toro. Even though I've never been on it, just all of the things I've heard about it have been positive and it sounds like my type of ride.
  6. Earlier this week two friends asked if I was interested in going to Six Flags New England with them and how could I say no. After a 2 hour ride to the park, I arrived and reluctantly forked over $15 to park. Anyway, after walking to the main gate I went right in and headed towards the Cyclone with one of my friends (the other one was processing his season pass and is scared to death by the Cyclone). Surprisingly it was a walk-on and my friend and I took the back seat. The air wasn't as strong as I remember last year, but it still was quite strong on the large drops. Afterwards we went on again, this time in the 2nd car, 1st row. The ride wasn't as thrilling, but it still was pretty smooth and there was decent air during the ride. After Superman and Batman this is my favorite coaster in the park. 8 out of 10 Then we all went on Time Warp. It too was a walk-on and I luckily got a front seat. Loading took quite a bit, but once the ride began I remembered why it is my second favorite flat in the park. The swinging gave more sensations this year in my opinion and the hang-time during the inversions was incredible. 9 out of 10 Next we all went on Pandemonium. The regular line was near the 1 hour mark so we all did the single rider line and got on in about 5-10 minutes. My ride had tons of spinning thanks to my car being unbalanced with me sitting on the side with a mother and then two 5 year olds on the other. Still a very fun ride despite its size that is way better than many coasters that are much larger than it. 8 out of 10 Afterwards we went on Flashback, which was a walk-on. I got a seat towards the back (don't remember exactly where) and got a ride that was rougher than I remember it being. The first drop was excellent as usual, but after that was some painful headbanging mixed in with strong Gs. 5 out of 10 Next we all got in the single riders line for Scream, whose regular wait was about 40 minutes long. It was running combo mode so we were psyched. Unfortunately, one of the towers broke down so we left and headed towards Superman. The car had successfully performed the space shot half, but when it tried to ascend for the turbo drop half, the ride just paused in the middle of the tower and didn't move. Eventually the ride slowly descended to the bottom and it reopened later. On the way to Superman, I noticed that all of the Dark Knight's facework has been torn down. Superman had about a 30 minute wait, most likely due to an earlier break down (I witnessed 4 separate break downs on Superman alone yesterday). One of my friends had never been on Superman before and was getting freaked out, but we calmed him down and talked him into riding. He rode in the second to back and my other friend and I rode in the very back. It reminded me why it is my second favorite coaster behind Apollo's Chariot. The air during the ride was very good and the Gs were stronger this year than I remember last year. All of us ended up liking it and it's our favorite ride in the park. Afterwards we rode again in the same seats after a 10-15 minute wait and then we rode in the second to back car after a 5-10 minute breakdown. Two side notes, a young adult watching the ride after it began testing with nobody in it from off the ride didn't realize that it was supposed to be completely empty. Everyone in line heard him yell, "Holy (expletive)! Everyone fell of Superman! Call an ambulance!" My friends and I started cracking up from it. Also, a teenager snuck a hat by the employees at the mandatory lockers and was forced to ride with the hat stuffed down his shirt. 10 out of 10 Then we had lunch from Johnny Rocket's. I had a burger and it was decent and the fries were good as well, but it still wasn't worth the $11 price. Now that Scream was back up and running, we got in the single riders line again (the normal wait was about a half hour long). We had no wait because the employee let all three of us ride together right away, which was an absolute shock. Well, Scream reminded me why it's my favorite drop tower. The space shot mode gave good floater air at the top and the turbo drop mode had an excellent drop with a great stomach dropping sensation mixed in with good air. 10 out of 10 Next came Twister. It too was a walk-on and I can say that the program this year is better than the one being run last year. The program began with one huge slow loop, and then 5 consecutive flips. Following that were some teases and then one final hang at the end. I know that these rides can be run better, but it's the best cycle I've ever experienced. 9 out of 10 Afterwards we rode Buzzsaw, which was a one cycle wait. We got the second row to the end and had a thrilling ride. Unlike last year, the ride made full rotations and therefore was much better. The positive Gs were incredibly strong and the negative Gs were pretty good as well. The cycle was still short, but the ride was certainly intense. 7 out of 10 Then we went on the Mind Eraser, the park's SLC. I actually remember liking the ride a lot last year, even giving it a 9 after my first ride, but each of my following rides got worse and worse. That stayed true yesterday. It was a walk-on and I rode in the front. Unfortunately, the trend stayed true as it was even rougher than before, especially during the double inline twist and the first two inversions. One ride was enough for all of us. 5 out of 10 Next we got in line for Batman, which was broken down. After 10 minutes, they got it back up and running and then we waited about 10 more minutes to get on. We got the second to back row. While not as good as Hydra, it still is a very good coaster and my second favorite in the park after Superman. As usual the inversions were quite intense and the zero-G roll was the highlight as usual, as its hang-time was incredible. The line was pretty far back now thanks to the ride's slow loading and the previous breakdown, so we decided to go ride other things. 9 out of 10 Then we decided to go on Scream again. This time we waited in the regular line since it was only about 20 minutes long. Unfortunately, the same tower that broke down earlier broke down yet again in the same way, leading to Scream only running Space Shot mode for the rest of the day. Eventually we got on and while it was fun, it wasn't nearly as good as combo mode. 7 out of 10 Afterwards we went on Superman two more times, with a 15 minute wait both times. The first time I rode in the 2nd to back car and for my final ride of the day I rode in the very back. Next, we went over to Crackaxle Canyon to ride Tomahawk. It had about a 15-20 minute wait thanks to very slow loading. Anyway, the ride was very fun as usual with great spinning and decent swinging. It's better than Canobie's Xtreme Frisbee thanks to its intensity. 8 out of 10 Afterwards my friends wanted to ride Time Warp again, and while they did that I rode Blizzard River since I've never been on it. The wait was probably around 15 minutes or so, but since I was riding alone I got on right away when there was an extra seat. For what it was it was decent. The waterfalls were potential soakers (it almost completely soaked me, but missed by a few inches and only skimmed my back), the geyser got everyone wet, and the tunnel at the end was cool, but the rapids themselves were weak. 5 out of 10 We only had about a half hour left before the 7 P.M. closing so we had enough time for about 2 more rides. They wanted to go on Flashback so I went on with them. They took the back, so I chose the front. However, two girls asked if I would switch with them and eventually I just said yes because it's a boomerang and it's a pretty mediocre ride unless towards the back. It was just as rough again and it's probably my least favorite of the 3 boomerangs I've been on. With only time for one ride left, we booked it over to the Thunderbolt to finish the day with a classic. After about a 15 minute wait, we got on. I ended up getting the front. While not nearly as big as many of their other coasters, Thunderbolt is still a fun, old classic. Quite a bit of the hills gave decent air and the final bunny hill gave incredible ejector air as usual. It is in need of some TLC soon though. 6 out of 10 Well then it was closing, and overall I would say that it was a great day. Lines were pretty short for the most part and the only real negatives were the many breakdowns and then Catapult and Nightwing, two of their best flats, being closed for the day. As a side note, I stopped at Nicky's Pizzaria down the road on the way home and their pizza was incredible. I highly recommend them.
  7. ^ I think you're talking about Bomb Bay. I've never been on it, but it looks really scary from what I've seen on the travel channel. I've never actually been scared of a water slide in person, but Summit Plummet looks really intense and intimidating.
  8. For me the most thrilling coaster drop would be Apollo's Chariot's. That first drop gave incredible air in the back and lasted a long time. An honorable mention for me are those Moser spring towers, as they pack quite a punch despite their size.
  9. I didn't know about the shuttle and that may actually convince them to go there and also they thought it was two hours away, not one.
  10. This summer my family and I are planning on heading to Orlando mainly for Disney and Universal, but also are considering hitting some of the other nearby parks (Busch Gardens is too far away for my family's likes). Are there any nearby one's worth visiting? Also, any tips for touring the Orlando parks (which rides to go on and crowds)?
  11. Pony Express looks great and thanks for the photos. I didn't think that it was going to interact that much with paths and Bigfoot, and I agree 100% that it will make the ride more interesting.
  12. http://www.themeparkbrochures.net/maps/198x/rs198x_1.html Well, here's an old map of the park from the 1980s from ThemeParkBrochures.net. It's amazing how much the park has changed in about 20 years. http://www.angelfire.com/nh/scubanrollercoasters/oldriverside.html I also found some decent Riverside photos on Anglefire. I remember going to Riverside once as a child. I really didn't get to go on much because I was too small to go on any of the major coasters or thrill rides. My main memory of that day is being absolutely furious about being too small to ride the Cyclone, Mind Eraser, Thunderbolt, and Hellevator. I did ride the now removed Red River Rapids and remember the park being much different than it is today.
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