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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I've been working on less blockly buildings for a while, but it's just a bad habit I just can't seem to break. I also added fences around the water. Last but not least, I've put up a download. I hope it works. SCR29.BMP Here's Wild Thing's stats. It's definitely intense, but it's not too brutal.
  2. Ravine Flyer looks incredible. I just love the layout through the woods and over the river, but I too am puzzled by the name. A different name definitely would be a better choice like Wild Thing, River Run, ect.
  3. I too like your CS parks better, but for a non CS park this looks like a good start. Like Steffen I think that the Skyloop's colors aren't the best. Maybe something a little duller like maroon and green would be better.
  4. ^ That's a cool idea. Does any other park do that? Good trip report. I especially liked your reviews for each of the attractions. And I know for a fact that Steamin' Demon isn't the first Fabbri spinning madness in the US, as Fiesta Shows (a New England carnival owner) has had one for two years now. I agree with you that the Fabbri spinning coasters are underwhelming and rough. Not surprised about the trouble this one had since the one Fiesta has usually breaks down once a day or so.
  5. Thanks for the positive comments so far! I got it from downloading Six Flags Epic Adventures at Brandon's Coasters. (http://www.brandonscoasters.com/rct2parkadventurepark1.htm) I hope to put one up soon.
  6. A new park has opened in Western Massachusetts so I decided to go and check it out. Let me know how you think because this may be my finest work. SCR15.BMP Two of the ride's three inversions. SCR14.BMP You can see Wildfire's nice-looking station and an air-time hill. SCR20.BMP Helix! SCR17.BMP Wildfire flies through the woods over airtime hills, helixes, and 3 inversions. SCR13.BMP Wildfire is the park's incredible Schwarzkopf looper, inspired by Revolution. SCR67.BMP Redbeard's Revenge and the Ye Old Grille. SCR74.BMP Another shot. SCR71.BMP Prowler is the park's junior coaster. Built by Vekoma, the ride meanders along the hillside. SCR61.BMP Here's Whirlwind, the park's Huss frisbee and the Food Court. SCR59.BMP Kraken is the park's very nice looking Spider flat. I just love how it looks. SCR57.BMP The airtime the ride provides truly is world-class and the ride is fast-paced with surprises around every corner. SCR55.BMP The ride twists its way through the woods. SCR53.BMP These two hills give incredible ejector air and are very picturesque. SCR50.BMP The lift. SCR49.BMP It's hard to get an overview of the ride because of the trees and landscaping, but this is the best I have. SCR47.BMP Here they go. SCR46.BMP Wild Thing is the park's star attraction and for good reason. It was designed by CCI and was inspired by the Raven. SCR43.BMP The Tilt-a-Whirl is an amusement park staple. SCR42.BMP The big drop! SCR37.BMP One can barely see the ride's layout. SCR36.BMP Here's the park's spiral slide with Timber Terror, the park's Hopkins flume in the background. SCR35.BMP Three of the park's flats: Tornado, Dizzy Dragons, and Jumbo. SCR33.BMP The Dodgem cars had a long line all day, but they were well worth it since they have Lusse cars! SCR30.BMP The Great Voyage is a nice little canoe ride through the zoo section. SCR29.BMP The park has a nice zoo section, as the park began as a zoo. Eventually it evolved into a huge ride-based park. SCR80.BMP It may only be 120ft tall, but what a punch it packs. SCR81.BMP I love Abyss, the park's Intamin drop tower. SCR72.BMP On top of the hill is the Wave Swinger, Balloon Race, and the Golden Tower. All three give great views! SCR70.BMP This is the center/entrance area of the park. SCR69.BMP I love the double decker carousel and the landscaping around it. SCR23.BMP The Riverfront Cafe was excellent. The view is incredible and the food was 5 stars. SCR21.BMP Here's the entrance area. Tickets are reasonably priced at $25.
  7. I just hate line jumpers and I have seen quite a bit of it. My favorite was at Disney's Hollywood Studios this summer when I was waiting for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster in the single rider line. The line was probably 15 minutes long by that point and I was 5 people from getting on when a middle-aged Mexican starts pushing through the entire line saying "single-rider, single-rider". Shockingly, everyone stepped aside and let him go! Eventually he made it just a few people behind me when the Cast Member told him to leave the line. Of course he gave the Cast Member a blank look that he didn't understand English. Thankfully he got thrown out. Many times I have seen kids jump in front of people (including me) while walking through a deserted queue. Because I am not running and they are, they feel entitled to pass me. If I refuse to move, they hop over the railings and just run way ahead of me.
  8. Great pics! Hopefully more will get to experience this unique park. I had never seen the Punk Pit before. It looks cool. What exactly is in there, just a bunch of inflatables?
  9. KPWoCkAxX: Thanks! Thelengendarymatthew: Yeah now that you mention it the flower thing was repetative and the buildings are a tad blocky. Hopefully I'll be able to fix those in future updates. SCR8.BMP The whole area around the emporium looks very nice in my opinion (though I've heard that some more flowers and bushes may be planted). SCR7.BMP The park's main gift shop, the Easton Gardens Emporium has been built just beyond the carousel. SCR6.BMP Traffic Jam! SCR5.BMP I really like the two bridges myself. SCR4.BMP This Arrow Dynamics car ride allows families to drive around a beautiful garden and a woodsy setting. SCR3.BMP Also, another new ride has been built, the Ole County Backroads. SCR2.BMP Actually, two have been added. SCR1.BMP A new restroom has been added.
  10. Seeing that I quickly headed on over to check out if construction had begun and it certainly has. So far the great-looking entrance plaza, a five-star restaurant, and a carousel have been added and Royce assures me more is sure to follow! SCR6.BMP To date the Grand Carousel is the park's only attraction. It's a beautiful PTC double-decker carousel relocated from an unknown park. SCR12.BMP Look at that view! SCR11.BMP The park's famous Riverfront Cafe, a 5-star restaurant that has already been highly rated by top-rated food critics such as the Phantom Gourmet. SCR8.BMP Once inside the park, the park lives up to its name and is filled with gardens. Here's two info buildings where you can get park maps and such. SCR1.BMP The entrance plaza looks great and so far the entrance tickets have yet to be set.
  11. Orient Express (Palace Playland) is the roughest coaster I've been on, period! As for adult coasters, Rebel Yell was the worst on the backwards side while it operated that way.
  12. For me it's Comet and the Great Escape. Such a great classic wooden coaster, but the rest of the park is just so lackluster.
  13. For me it was WDW's Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. http://rcdb.com/ig560.htm?picture=2
  14. ^ Sorry, I can't find any of those on my C drive. Are you sure that's their exact names.
  15. I haven't been since 06, but from what I remember waits were like this on weekdays. Comet- 20-30 minutes Great Bear- 15-20 minutes Lightning Racer- 10 minutes Roller Soaker- 60 minutes & a ton of breakdowns! Sidewinder- 5-10 minutes Sooperdooperlooper- 10 minutes Storm Runner- 45 minutes Trailblazer- 5 minutes Wildcat- 10 minutes Wild Mouse- 15 minutes
  16. Well the new trains are new and people who have ridden it like them. I personally don't like how they look from off the ride, but while on it I'm sure they give far better views.
  17. Sorry it's been so long without an update. I finished the park and it is by far my best and favorite I've ever made. I've never put anything up for download before, so I hope this will work. SCR17.BMP Last but not least is an aerial view of the whole park. SCR62.BMP Here's the park's haunted house. SCR60.BMP There are no loops, but there's plenty of air. SCR58.BMP The Shooting Star is the park's Intamin rocket coaster. SCR55.BMP Calamity Canyon was just voted the best river rapids ride in the world! That's quite an honor! SCR54.BMP Dark ride fans love the Cave of Lost Souls. SCR52.BMP It's themed to an abandoned electrical company. SCR50.BMP The park added Rodeo, a top scan and Power Surge, an Intamin impulse. SCR48.BMP Shipwreck Falls is a Hopkins shoot the chute. Ready to walk the plank? SCR47.BMP Trailblazer is very popular among seniors and children. SCR46.BMP Two new flats. SCR42.BMP Check out the first half. SCR39.BMP Phoenix is an intense B&M invert. SCR38.BMP Here's Patriot's shortened pre-drop with Poltergeist in the background. SCR36.BMP The park's classic woodie gives great air, the Jolly Green Giant. SCR35.BMP Ready to blast off on Eruption? SCR32.BMP Here's the park's Schwarzkopf, Wild Thing. SCR29.BMP Nightwing is a B&M "junior" dive machine. It's only 150ft tall and it has 3 vertical drops and an intense vertical loop! SCR28.BMP More of the ride's layout. SCR24.BMP There's Nitro, the park's B&M floorless. It has 7 inversions! SCR23.BMP Another view with the monster truck ride in the picture. SCR21.BMP Talon is the park's B&M flyer. I love how it works around this mountain and that pretzel loop is easily the most intense element I've ever experienced. SCR20.BMP An Intamin pre-fab! So far it has gotten rave reviews and is considered to be very similar to Heide Park's Colossus. SCR16.BMP What could Goliath be? SCR5.BMP No park is complete without a flume in my opinion. The Ye Old Mill is just that. SCR1.BMP Here's the park's Intamin gyro drop, Timber. It may not be tall, but it has a great footchopper. Adventure Gardens.SV6
  18. ^ I was about to point that out. Anyway, great park so far. I love the 3 coasters, especially Storm Mountain, or Storm Mountion.
  19. Too bad I can't make it to Hershey. What day are you guys heading up to Six Flags New England? I might be able to meet up with all you for a day.
  20. I was shocked when I read this. I doubt the company will be making any more coasters after this. This definitely can't be good for the park. As for the fate of the ride, I honestly think that it will remain closed for the rest of the year and reopen next year. The park should give it a new name so the GP forgets about Cobra's accident. Hey, the new name might trick some people.
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