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  1. Okay I just started, but does a queue line need to be added inside the blue fence, or can that extend out of it?
  2. ^ I tried adding them, but they just didn't seem to fit in from my view. Sorry it's been a while, but the park added another new coaster this year, the Merling Mining Co. It's an Arrow mine train and a great one. SCR8.BMP Here's the last helix. SCR5.BMP Here's the third lift. SCR7.BMP More of the ride. SCR6.BMP Here's the second lift. Soon after there's a surprise drop. Can you see it? SCR4.BMP That drop gives incredible laterals. SCR3.BMP This shows the first lift and great turnaround. SCR2.BMP Here's the entrance plaza. SCR1.BMP An aerial view of part of the ride.
  3. DBru: I shortened the straight track section and just made the tunnel longer. Reon: I know the park is lacking terraining, but this is really my first major park so I don't want to try terraining next. I'll try that in my next one. Hopefully I'll have an update tonight.
  4. Glad you had a great trip. I'm so mad I missed Go Karts Plus while in Williamsburg two years ago. Apollo alone though made up for it.
  5. Great pictures! I hadn't seen the new Western Playland site since it moved. So far it looks great. How tall was that drop tower because it looks quite small from the picture?
  6. Hollow ones just aren't as supportive, and from what I've heard, the New Mexico Rattler really sends you into the divider!
  7. ^ Some parks are doing it to improve the overall experience of their guests. Therefore I'm not surprised at all by Six Flags. I think that the vests will reduce headbanging for sure and that's one problem with SLCs, but as others have said they're jerky too and that has nothing to do with the restraints.
  8. My home park is Canobie Lake Park. It's about an hour away.
  9. I haven't had too much bad luck. I got stuck in the station after riding Hershey's Roller Soaker for 10 minutes. My restraint wouldn't come up, and neither would the restraints of others. Oddly enough the ride broke down before I rode as well. A year later I got stuck on Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge for 5 minutes or so. All of the targets still worked so everyone in my car got record scores.
  10. SFNE's Superman last Thursday. It was a nightride in the back row on my favorite coaster!
  11. ^ I haven't been on the one at Canada's Wonderland, but I went on the one at Rye Playland. Yes the cage trains are different and a tad uncomfortable, but the ride was actually pretty fun.
  12. ^ That's horrible. I wouldn't expect it from Busch Gardens. A similar thing has happened to me at Six Flags New England's Batman various times. You can't really wait for a certain seat unless you ask the attendant for one. I've seen people wait for the front, only to have to wait even longer if Flash Pass people show up, since Flash Pass people get to always choose their seat with no wait.
  13. It's a shame that this ride couldn't open. It really looked like it could have been a unique and fun little ride. That s-curve looked sweet.
  14. I've only been on 80 coasters so I can't give it by the hundreds. 1: Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster (Santa's Village) 25: Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce) 50: Dragon Coaster (Rye Playland) 75: Flashback (Six Flags New England)
  15. Another great TR Big Mike! I've always wanted to visit Parc Asterix. It really looks like a nice park and I have heard that Zeus is capable of being a top ten coaster!
  16. For me it's good ole Nessie. Those two drops at the beginning and the uncharacteristically smooth ride for an Arrow won me over. Big Bad Wolf is the close second.
  17. Definitely those PAX coasters from TRP's Europe Trip, especially Wild Train. http://www.themeparkreview.com/parks/photo.php?pageid=374&linkid=3344&pageno=2
  18. http://rcdb.com/pd4.htm ^^RCDB may be a bit better, but the park's site is fine. Well, I've only been on one stand-up coaster and it was Kings Dominion's Togo. Despite the opinions of others, I really liked it and found it relatively smooth and it had some great air!
  19. ^ Thats a relief since I'll be at Disney Studios in August and fastpasses certainly are my friend. I'm pretty excited about Toy Story Mania and hope it's as good for me as it was for all of you. I'm just hoping it gets added to those extra magic hours mornings and evenings when I'm there.
  20. Can't agree more about those PAX coasters. Formule 1 looked really good from what I saw and Wild Train, well it looked wild. How did they compare to more common compact coasters like wild mice or galaxies?
  21. I was at Six Flags New England on Thursday and a teenage girl in front of me (who looked petrified of the ride getting into line) saw Superman's transfer track and screamed as loud as she could, "(Expletive), Superman's going to fly off the tracks! Run for your lives!" I laughed so hard, and so did some other people in the line, including the girl's friends. Also, last year at Lake Compounce I was in line for Rainbow Riders (their new balloon ride) and some kid who looked no older than 5 started bragging about how adventurous he was. He said how he went on Down Time and Boulder Dash and didn't hold on, and a bunch of other comments. When it came time to get on Rainbow Riders, he was too short to ride without an adult.
  22. Honestly I'd take Busch Gardens and Six Flags America. Six Flags New England has Superman (my second favorite coaster), Batman (a pretty fun coaster), some other fun coasters (Pandemonium, Cyclone, Thunderbolt), a great water park, and some really good flats. Busch Gardens has my favorite coaster (Apollo), a dive machine that I've heard is really good, and three other pretty good coasters. Also, while not in the same class as SFNE's Superman from what I've heard, getting that Superman as a bonus along with Apollo is really a treat.
  23. Can't wait for updates as I have loved your other trip reports. As a side note, when are you getting out to Six Flags New England? Maybe I could meet up with you there.
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