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  1. I went to Hershey back in 2005-06 and had very little issues with lines on weekdays. Storm Runner: 30-45 minutes Sidewinder: Walk On Wildcat: 5 minutes Lightning Racer: Walk On Roller Soaker: Many Breakdowns & Slow Moving Line (AVOID) Wild Mouse: 10 minutes Trailblazer: Walk On Sooperdooperlooper: Walk On (if both trains are running) Great Bear: 15-20 minutes Comet: 20-40 minutes Fahrenheit: ?? When I went to Dorney on a weekend in 2005, there were almost no lines at all. All of the major coasters were 5-10 minute waits. The park itself was almost completely deserted, while the water park was swamped.
  2. ^ Nice! I'll try my best. So far there are only 2 teams. Wasn't there 3 teams last time if I remember correctly?
  3. ^^ DBru, I'll definitely work with you if you want to. Plus, we seem to be the only two others right now without a team mate.
  4. Excellent trip report as usual! Glad to hear that the park is doing well. Do you know where the swinger is supposed to go? I haven't heard anything about that yet, and I figure you would know. I really need to go visit them again since I don't think I've been there since 2003 or 2004.
  5. I'm willing to give this a shot. I don't care who I'm paired with.
  6. Easton Gardens has finally opened for its first year and this update shows the additions they've made since the last update. As suggested by park guests, the landscaping will be improved for year two and also the Blue Streak may receive a new paint job. SCR8.BMP It's not as popular as the Blue Streak, but it's still a great family coaster. SCR7.BMP This is easily one of the best mouses out there thanks to its gigantic drop and great landscaping. SCR6.BMP Last but not least, the park added its third roller coaster, a custom Mack Wild Mouse called the Wild Mouse (yes I know, it's creative). SCR11.BMP You can never have too many bathrooms! SCR10.BMP Also, the park added a small snack shop called the Snack Shack known for its popcorn and cotton candy. SCR9.BMP A new garden resembling an American flag has been added in a once vacant plot of land.
  7. Here's a picture of the park's newest attraction, the Garden Maze. Second, does anyone know where I can get a good Arrow Corkscrew recreation? I've tried building one but it just doesn't come out right. SCR3.BMP The Garden Maze has been added. This is the adult version of the one featured in Kiddie Kingdom, which has been renamed the Dungeon.
  8. ^ So do you suggest I repaint the woodie? How about brown to have a more natural feeling. Also, what do you suggest I do with flowers? Should I go back and plant different colors or put some more bushes where they are?
  9. I've been working on a concept called African Adventure this past week along with Easton Gardens as want to know what you think so far. Should I continue this project or scrap it? SCR7.BMP SCR6.BMP SCR5.BMP SCR4.BMP SCR3.BMP SCR2.BMP
  10. Wow! It's been so long without an update. School is a killer! Anyway, Easton Gardens is continuing to add new attractions and have debuted two new ones since I last updated- the Galleon and the Water Wheel. Onto the pictures. Please leave any comments and advice. SCR7.BMP It just may be the most beautiful Ferris Wheel I've ever come across! SCR6.BMP Also, here's the park's Eli Bridge Ferris Wheel, the Water Wheel. SCR5.BMP Only fitting, a quaint little pirate town was added where you can buy food, drinks, and souvenirs. Personally, something just doesn't look right in this area. Any ideas to improve it or should I just keep it? SCR4.BMP The park really made this standard flat look amazing with all of the theming around it. SCR3.BMP Ships ahoy! Here's the park's Chance swinging ship, the Galleon.
  11. I've already been to Six Flags New England this season. Bizarro is easily one of the best coasters I've been on thanks to the absolutely incredible air and powerful Gs. I like Apollo more, but it's the most intense coaster I've ever been on. Batman is fun and fast-paced with some great elements (Zero-G roll especially), but be prepared for a tad bit of the B&M rattle. Pandemonium is incredible. Definitely use the single rider line to avoid an hour plus wait, but the spinning, Gs, and sudden drops make it the park's hidden gem and after Batman and Superman, the park's best attraction. Cyclone is good for a ride towards the front since its fairly smooth up there, but rides in the back are flat out painful. The Thunderbolt is a nice, little coaster, but the new ratcheting lap bars allow the ops to really staple riders in and take away some of the air it used to provide. It still provides some decent pops and one huge moment of ejector air, but it's just not as strong. Flashback is a very good boomerang and not all that rough at all, while Mind Eraser is one of the roughest coasters I've ever been on, so beware. If you're the credit type, Catwoman's Whip is comfortable, and adults are allowed on the Great Chase, but that one is quite painful and jerky. For flats, I definitely recommend Scream since when it's holding you and dropping you, it's the best non-Tower of Terror drop tower I've been on. If it's only in space shot mode though, it's not worth the wait at all. Catapult is a very unique and really fun flat, but it does have extremely tight restraints and is down for maintenance frequently. Joker's Wildcard is an average Chance wipeout, but you need a partner to ride. Houdini's Great Escape is a really well executed Vekoma Mad House and the effect of going upside down is simply amazing. If you're willing to get wet, definitely hit Splash Water Falls if it doesn't have a line since it's a pretty unique ride and the spinning on the way down is great. Also, Blizzard River's worth a ride if it doesn't have a wait, but it is a somewhat mediocre rapids ride since not all of the effects are typically working. While big, I honestly don't like the water park all that much. Typhoon is fun for sure, but it's honestly nothing special and definitely not worth the 60-90 minute wait it usually has since the conveyor belts really hamper the experience and the drops just aren't that thrilling. Tornado is the water park's best attraction and the best of the type I've been on. Shark Attack's line moves incredibly fast as well and it really is one heck of a thrilling, but short, slide. Lastly, the Swiss Family Toboggan is fun if you have time. Food and drinks are incredibly expensive so I recommend going to Nicky's down the street from Six Flags after you leave. They have some of the best pizza I've ever had and it's colossal. Lastly, Flash Passes aren't typically necessary as the worst lines I've seen on weekends when I've gone were 45 minutes for Bizarro, which isn't bad at all.
  12. SFNE's Cyclone definitely comes to mind for me since the first two times I rode, I was blown away by its ejector air. Every subsequent ride, I have come off in some minor pain due to the jerkiness and abruptness of the ride. Vekoma Boomerangs also come to mind. One ride typically isn't too bad in terms of roughness, but two consecutively are too much for my tastes. Kings Dominion's Shockwave is another that comes to mind. The first time I rode it, I was in awe at the ejector air and raw G-forces the ride provided and it was simply an intense experience. I rerode it immediately after and was beat up pretty bad. Ouch! Lastly, the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster comes to mind. The first time I enjoyed the launch and the inversions since it was my first ever inverting coaster, but every following ride has been pretty average. Simply it's not worth the long wait it typically has. I'll take Tower of Terror any day over this.
  13. Kalepi_Konei wrote: Yeah, Walt Disney World's Big Thunder is pretty darn loud during the lifts, but probably the loudest coaster I've been on is Hershey's Great Bear. It just has the iconic B&M roar, and while I like it, I do admit that it is quite loud.
  14. I've missed quite a few over the years for various reasons. To think, I would be at 100 credits right now! York's Wild Kingdom Flitzer- 1st visit was in 2002 after the old Flitzer was removed. Before then I had no idea that the park was only an hour and a half from my house. Palace Playland Go Gator- Same reason as above, except it was 2 hours from my house. Whalom Park Flyer Comet- My mom had a bad experience way back when she was litte and prevented us from ever going there. Fun World (NH) Orient Express- I chose to go to Joker's instead. Oops! Riverside (a.k.a. Six Flags New England) Black Widow- I was too short. The Great Escape Boomerang: Coast to Coaster- Afraid of going backwards on a coaster at the time. Rye Playland Kiddie Coaster- I think you know why. Dorney Park Wild Mouse- Too long of a line. Dragon Coaster- I just chose to relax after my rough rides on Laser. Hersheypark Storm Runner- Too long of a line, rain, and fear prevented this one. Kings Dominion HyperSonic XLC- It kept breaking down and had a really long line while everything else was a walk-on. Taxi Jam- I just didn't really feel like it. Go Karts Plus Python Pit- It was 105 degrees out! Islands of Adventure Flying Unicorn- It was down for its conversion. Pteranodon Flyers- No way was I going to wait over an hour for this!
  15. ^ Thanks DBru. Now it should work. Magic Mountain.SV6 Download with all objects!
  16. Pretty good work so far. Skyloop's colors look much better now and at first I thought the drop tower was an ARM/Larson one because of the sphere at the top like on Waldameer's (http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3289/2780964357_50858067c6.jpg). Also, the buildings near the Firepole just don't look right in my opinion. I don't know if it's the colors or them being too compact or what, but I personally just don't like them much.
  17. Don't just quit this park. I think 8 cars has an option where you can change the guest entry point to fix this problem. I've used it before and it worked.
  18. ^ Once you build the ride, you have to use 8 cars and use the gyro drop track. How do you export scenery files so people can download this?
  19. Well I finally decided to take this project on again after completing my Magic Mountain park. I've reworked the park a ton to improve the disasterous flower situation by replacing many of them with bushes, trees, and such. Please leave feedback, comments, and improvements. SCR1.BMP New entrance area. SCR25.BMP Overview of the park so far. Any comments on what I should add? I'm thinking of a log flume, rapids ride, and Arrow corkscrew coaster. SCR24.BMP Overview of the Blue Streak. SCR23.BMP Final hill and the brake run. SCR22.BMP I just love this tunnel. SCR21.BMP This double down gives major ejector air. SCR20.BMP Not surprisingly, the two rides begin similarly with 3 major drops followed by a turnaround. SCR19.BMP This Edward Vettel coaster stands 80ft tall and was inspired by Conneaut's Blue Streak. SCR18.BMP Last but not least is the park's classic wooden coaster, the Blue Streak. SCR4.BMP Skyscraper observation tower. It's 200ft tall and gives great views of the entire park. SCR15.BMP Improved car ride. SCR14.BMP Kids will love eating at the Kings Quarters restaurant. SCR13.BMP Dizzy Dragons is a popular flat. SCR11.BMP Pictured is the Garden Maze, Frog Hopper, and Castle walkthrough. SCR9.BMP The park's Zamperla coaster, the Dragon, is the most popular ride in Kiddie Kingdom. The fire and cave really make this kiddie coaster memorable. SCR8.BMP Here's the Town Fair, a marketplace where guests can buy food or gifts. SCR6.BMP Entrance to Kiddie Kingdom. SCR26.BMP Here's one of the park's kiddie areas, Kiddie Kingdom. SCR27.BMP The Grand Carousel and a slightly improved pond. SCR2.BMP Still kept the Riverfront Cafe, but I've changed some of the shrubs and flowers around it.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. I've been working on less blockly buildings for a while, but it's just a bad habit I just can't seem to break. I also added fences around the water. Last but not least, I've put up a download. I hope it works. SCR29.BMP Here's Wild Thing's stats. It's definitely intense, but it's not too brutal.
  21. Ravine Flyer looks incredible. I just love the layout through the woods and over the river, but I too am puzzled by the name. A different name definitely would be a better choice like Wild Thing, River Run, ect.
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