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  1. Yeah, I'd be a bit mad still about missing a credit. I guess it was just cheaper for the park to just rename an attraction instead of getting a whole new map. I mean, I can kind of see the resemblance. A Chance torture trap and a kids playground are one and the same in my book.
  2. I've heard about that incident. It reminds be about the one that happened at the Mall of America when someone climbed out of the Ripsaw Coaster because they were afraid of the coaster itself.
  3. I've sent in a vote almost everyday for this classic coaster. I'm glad to see it up in 16th place now. Hopefully it can reach the Top 10!
  4. Well, I know that several Arrow coasters have needed replacement parts over the years so maybe they could be sold to parks to help keep their Arrow coasters around a little longer.
  5. Almost no water slide is worth a 1-2 hour wait in my opinion. The only ones that could be worth it in my opinion are water coasters and that is it. Body slides, bowl slides, halfpipe slides, and funnel slides are really fun, but they are over too quickly. If I ever make it to the Dells, I'd definitely stop by at Noah's Ark. Also, do they still have that Noah's Incredible Adventure ride? What even was that attraction since I remember seeing a commercial for it and it didn't at all say what type of ride it was. Was it even a ride or was it just a maze type attraction?
  6. I've never heard a bad thing about Terminator. Just curious, how does it stack up to GCI's other woodies such as Prowler, Lightning Racer, Thunderhead, Roar, etc?
  7. I haven't been there since 2006, but I'd recommend skipping Comet Hollow and Minetown initially and heading right for Fahrenheit and Storm Runner since both of those coasters tend to get the longest waits of any at Hershey. Following that, I'd take a ride on Sidewinder, the park's boomerang, if you enjoy boomerangs or want the credit. It's not overly rough, but I've been on smoother boomerangs. Then, I'd hit the Roller Soaker and Boardwalk if you want to do those since people should be making their way towards the back of the park. Next, I would grab rides of Lightning Racer, the Wildcat, and the Wild Mouse. Additionally, I'd hit the Whip while you are in Midway America since it is a cool version of a classic flat. Then, I'd head back towards the front. On the way, jump on the park's mine train, Trailblazer, since it almost never has a line from what I remember. Afterwards, hook your way through Music Box Square and hit the Claw if you enjoy those types of flats. Next, I'd go on the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge. If it has a long line, I recommend using the single rider line since that usually got me on in 5 minutes or less. Then, grab a ride on the Comet. I recommend the back seat because the first 3-4 drops give some really strong air in the back. After the Comet, jump on Sooperdooperlooper and the Great Bear. As for lockers, I don't really remember them being there or not being there in 2006 since I didn't use them during my visit.
  8. Thanks for the photo update. I'm always amazed about how quickly these things are taken down considering how much time was spent to construct them.
  9. I think that the Roto-Drop towers like the one at Kings Dominion have a really high throughput. I forget how many that one sat, but I'd imagine it is at least 40-50 people.
  10. Day 3- Darien Lake Darien Lake turned out to be a 20 minute drive from our hotel for the day. Even with this, we unfortunately failed to get to the park promptly at opening. Turns out we were about 20 minutes late. Oh well. Instead of just opting for regular parking for $8, we decided to pay an extra $4 for preferred parking, which is a great deal. Instead of parking towards the end of the lot in a field, we were extremely close to the main entrance. I highly recommend preferred parking for anyone going to Darien Lake. My only issue with it was how it was fairly disorganized. Still, for $4 extra, we got a major benefit in my opinion. Afterwards, we entered the once Six Flags property. Instead of heading right towards Ride of Steel or SplashTown like many others were doing, we decided to hit the park counterclockwise. As a result the first ride of the day for me was Shipwreck Falls, a Hopkins shoot the chutes. A 5 minute wait, I was fortunate enough to get on that quickly since this is the first shoot the chutes ride I've seen other than SFNE's Shipwreck Falls to run only one boat. As a result, I could see this getting quite a sizeable line come the afternoon when the sun is really out. While I boarded the boat, I was wondering why their were seatbelts since none of the others that I've been on have had them. Well, after a quick ascent and a speedy turn, I found out why. Unlike many of the other shoot the chutes I've been on, this one had a decent moment of air-time going down the plunge. Following that was a major splash that completely soaked everyone on board from head to toe. Such a short, but very sweet ride which turned out to be one of the best shoot the chutes I've been on. 9 out of 10 Already wet, I decided I should hit the park's log flume, Thunder Rapids, since it was right next to Shipwreck Falls. A walk-on, I boarded the log and was immediately dispatched. While I had never really heard much about Darien's flume, I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it sport a really strong layout that even included a well-executed tunnel, but it also had two very good and tall drops. Shockingly, I actually enjoyed the first and smaller drop better as it was a good deal steeper. As a bonus, the flume got me even wetter than I already was. Overall, Thunder Rapids was definitely one of the better flumes I've been on, but I personally liked the one at Seabreeze better. 9 out of 10 After two consecutive water rides, I decided it was now time for the first roller coaster of the day, the Mind Eraser. Identical to the one at Six Flags New England, this Vekoma SLC had a really cool setting over a lake. Well, after a two train wait, I boarded the front row, which is my favorite row on the version at Six Flags New England. Unfortunately, Darien's Mind Eraser was worse. How much worse? Even while riding in the Vekoma-brace position (leaning my head to one side of the restraint), the ride still bashed my head around a lot. One ride was definitely enough for me. 2 out of 10 Wanting to give my head a brief rest, I decided to give the park's Sleighride a shot. A flying bobs type attraction, it was a walk-on. I really liked the look of the cars on this one as they really did look like sleighs thanks to a little additional theming on each car. Honestly, I can't remember if the ride ran backwards or not, but I do remember that the ride, while moderately enjoyable, never attained all that great of a top speed. In fact, it was one of the slower himalayas I've been on. It did have above-average swinging though to make up for it. Overall, it was an average flat that was a nice change of pace. One more thing, does anyone know which company manufactured this version since it didn't look like the Chance Thunder Bolts/Flying Bobs I've been on at other parks and at carnivals? 5 out of 10 Still very wet, I decided to complete the trifecta of water rides at Darien Lake by hitting their river rapids ride, Grizzly Run. Despite it being very hot out, Grizzly Run thankfully didn't have a line yet. Ultimately, I ended up waiting 5 minutes for this Intamin version. During my short wait, anticipation built up since the ride's entire layout is hidden from view. Once dispatched, I was treated to an incredibly fun and soaking experience. Scattered throughout the ride's stellar layout were an arsenal of splashing rapids, surprising geysers, and soaking waterfalls. Everyone in my raft came off drenched thanks to the waterfalls since there is one in particular that can't be avoided at all. Not only is the ride incredibly soaking, but it is quite long as well. While I still like the versions at Islands of Adventure and Story Land better, Grizzly Run is one of the best river rapids I've been on. 9 out of 10 After changing into dry clothes, I decided to hit the park's Ranger flat. A rare Huss flat, the Ranger was a walk-on. As a bonus, I was able to get an end! Once restrained by the very tight and secure restraint, the ride began. While the ride itself never really traveled all that fast, it allowed for some incredible hang-time to be experienced going over the top. I'm so very thankful for the head-pads above my head since they made the ride much more enjoyable. I could only imagine if there was a hard surface since my head would have hit it several times during the ride. Not only was the attraction quite thrilling, but it had a fairly long cycle as well. While I do like the versions that are outside of cages better, Ranger is still a very strong flat ride. 8 out of 10 Now it was time to hit the park's Arrow coaster, the Viper. Towering above the entire area, the Viper looks great in its sleek, black paint job. While finding the entrance took a little bit , I finally found it and Viper was a walk-on. For my first ride, I decided to grab the back since the front would have required me to wait an extra 2 cycles. Props to Viper's crew as they really loaded and dispatched these trains incredibly fast. In fact, it would have to be one of the most efficient crews I have seen at any park. As for the ride itself, it really shocked me how good it was as this Arrow isn't plagued by the typical Arrow venom (headbanging from rough transitions). The first drop provided some major ejector air and the following vertical loop provided some strong positive Gs. Following that was the ride's batwing. As the train approached this unique element, I was bracing myself for the worst, but to my amazement, it wasn't rough at all. In fact, it was incredibly intense as the back of the train was really whipped through the element. So far so good, so how were the corkscrews? Again, both corkscrews were actually smooth and following them was a really cool and dark underground tunnel that finished off one heck of a great looper. Immediately after my first ride, I hopped right back in line for another ride, this time in the front seat, and I received yet another great ride. 8 out of 10 Following Viper, I decided to try the park's Scrambler. A walk-on, this Eli Bridge scrambler was run quite fast and as a result I was treated to some great laterals. Not only was the ride really fast, but it was run for a decent amount of time as well. While scramblers lack the height and thrills of newer, modern-day marvels, I still find scramblers to be one of my favorite flats around. 7 out of 10 As I walked by the Fascination Pavilion, I decided to stop by and play a couple of games since I have never played this interesting looking game before. Like everyone on the East Coast Trip a couple of years found out, Fascination is an incredibly fun and addictive game. Ultimately, I played 5 rounds and won my final round. Instead of redeeming my tickets then and there, I decided to save them just in case I came back later in the day. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get back, but the experience is what matters in my book. Next, I decided to hit the park's UFO flat. A weird looking varient of the round-up ride, the UFO was a walk-on. After boarding one of the ride's intimidating looking cages, the ride began and I was blown away by the ride's sheer power. I assume it would be because of how large the diameter of the ride is, but the Gs seemed to be stronger than those I've ever experienced on any other round-up. Additionally, once the ride went vertical the ride became even more disorienting and thrilling. While the cycle wasn't overly long, the ride definitely crammed in plenty of thrills. 9 out of 10 As crowds seemed to be picking up, I wanted to get back to the OCC Motocoaster since I've heard that it isn't quite the fastest loader out there. On the way, I decided to ride Twister, the park's Huss Top Spin. Honestly, I wasn't expecting too much thanks to the terrible version at Six Flags New England, and as a result I was pleasantly surprised. Now I knew that these rides are very intense. It is just a matter of how crazy the ride's program is. Fortunately, Darien had a really good program as it had 6-7 inversions if I remember correctly. And as a bonus since no one was in line once our ride ended, they gave us a second cycle. Too bad Six Flags New England's Twister doesn't have a cycle like this! 9 out of 10 Now it was time to hit the park's Motocoaster. Unfortunately, the ride was having braking issues so it was down at the moment. Since the ride was testing, I figured it would open soon, so I joined in the short line hoping it would reopen quick. After about 10 minutes of testing, the Motocoaster reopened and I was on the third train riding in the back row. First off, I found that the restraints were not as uncomfortable as the ones on Seabreeze's Disko. After leaving the station, the train stopped momentarily. Then, the countdown began and then the launch occurred. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from such a small coaster, but that launch was surprisingly powerful. Following that were a series of twists and turns that had some brief pops of airtime going into them. While the ride was incredibly smooth and enjoyable, I just wish the layout wasn't quite as repetative. After my first ride, I hopped right back in line for a second ride and got the back row yet again. While the ride isn't overly big, it is just a really fun little coaster. 7 out of 10 Hungry, we decided to stop for lunch at the Beaver Brothers restaurant nearby. I really liked the restaurant's interior with the abundance of beaver figures hanging on the ceiling. Air-conditioned, the restaurant had really quick service and the prices weren't overly terrible for a theme park. I ordered simply pasta with sauce because several other parks don't offer it. The pasta was decent, but nothing special. Following lunch, I decided to hit the park's Boomerang. While boomerangs aren't my favorite type of coaster, I have always liked their appearance. This one was no different as it had just received a new coat of paint it seems. The ride just looked so fresh and it had a great setting along the lake. A 15 minute wait, I got the second-row from the back. As usual, my favorite part of the ride was the first drop. As for the rest of the ride, it was just the typical boomerang. There was a little headbanging during the cobra roll, but nothing unbearable. Still, it was an average coaster at best. 5 out of 10 I had gone long enough. It was time to ride the park's signature attraction, the Ride of Steel. Located in Steel City, the once Superman: Ride of Steel looked so much like the one at Six Flags New England until it received the Bizarro transformation. As I entered the queue, I encountered my longest wait of the day. A 45 minute wait, the Ride of Steel's queue gave some really unique views of the ride. Unfortunately, the main culprit for my wait is how the park had one-train operations on their signature attraction. I mean, the ops were really quick loading and unloading the trains, but having only one train on a major attraction like this is really frustrating to watch. Eventually I boarded the second row (I didn't want to wait an extra half hour to an hour for the front row) and we were off. The lift hill provided some incredible views of the park. Soon enough though, the ride itself began with an incrediblely steep and thrilling first drop. After Apollo's Chariot this was the best first drop I had experienced on a steel coaster to date. Following the drop was a really intense turn followed by a sensational parabolic hill that gave some incredible ejector air. Then came an intense straightaway where I was really able to appreciate the ride's speed and following that was a powerful downward helix. I thought that Bizarro's helix was powerful, but this one was even stronger. Immediately after the helix is an even better straightaway and that is followed by another tall hill that provides the strongest moment of air-time during the ride as I was completely ejected from my seat for a good 2-3 seconds. Wow! Following that was a forceful upward helix that was almost as good as the first helix. Without letting up, then came a well-executed S-hill that provided some incredible ejector air and laterals. Then like all hyper coasters, the Ride of Steel finishes up with a couple more bunny hills that provide even more great air. Overall, I like SFNE's Bizarro just slightly more, but it is really close as Darien's Ride of Steel simply is a relentless ride from start to finish packed with powerful airtime and Gs. Immediately after, I got back in line and waited 45 minutes for the backseat. Again I was treated to another fantastic ride. Personally, I enjoyed the back seat more thanks to the major ejector air that can be experienced going down the first drop. Needless to say, Ride of Steel was my favorite ride in the entire park and immediately made my personal top 5. 10 out of 10 Now it was time to experience the park's much maligned wooden coaster, the Predator. One thing is for sure though, the ride itself sure is a sight to behold. I just love the ride's setting and it certainly is one of the nicest looking wooden coasters I've seen. Unfortunately, the ride doesn't ride quite as well as it looks like many of you know. After a 15 minute wait caused by one-train operations, I boarded the second row. As expected, the Predator was incredibly bumpy and jerky throughout. While there were a couple decent moments of air scattered throughout, they were ruined by the perpetual bumpiness that simply did not stop. Predator has such a strong layout and I can see one heck of a great coaster waiting to come out, but unfortunately the ride is just too darn rough right now and it was one of the most unpleasant experiences I've had on a wooden coaster. I definitely didn't want a reride on this rough coaster. 2 out of 10 After the beating I took on the park's wooden coaster, I decided to hit the park's Raging Seas flat. A unique looking flat, it was a one cycle wait. Once I boarded, I was treated to a really cool ride that was unlike any other himalaya I've been on. Unlike other himalayas, the cars on this one randomly would change directions at various points during the ride. As a result, this was a fairly disorienting ride. Unfortunately though, the cycle wasn't overly long. Still, this was simply a really fun flat well worth experiencing since I don't think there are many models like this out there. 7 out of 10 Next, I wanted to give the park's mammoth Ferris Wheel a shot. Like the Motocoaster, it was temporarily down, but since it was testing I waited about 10 minutes and sure enough it reopened. As expected, the wheel gave sensational views of the entire park and area. Plus, the cycle was fairly long for a Ferris Wheel. For sure, Darien's Giant Wheel was one of the best Ferris Wheels I've been on anywhere. 9 out of 10 With SplashTown closing in an hour, I decided to change back into my bathing suit and hit a couple of the park's water slides. Immediately, I went towards the park's new Swirl City complex. Wanting to try the Mister Twister slide, I grabbed a green tube and waited 15 minutes for this really unique water slide. A Proslide Topsy Turvy, Mister Twister has three mini-funnels scattered throughout its course. While the funnels are really cool and thrilling, the slide never gets all that fast due to several bumps scattered throughout slowing the tube down to a dead crawl before entering the funnels. I mean, I know why the bumps are there, but still they did dampen the experience a bit since there was so much potential there. Still, Mister Twister was one of the better water slides I've been on. 8 out of 10 Next, I wanted to try the bowl slide, Cannonball Run. After grabbing a yellow tube, I waited 15 minutes for this slide. Unfortunately though, this was the weakest of the bowl slides I've been on. While still a fun slide that turned out to be my favorite in the water park, Cannonball Run was slightly disappointing. The drop on this one seemed wasn't overly steep just like the one at Seabreeze; however, Darien's lacked the forceful turn following the plunge. As a result, this was just a rather tame bowl slide in my opinion. 6 out of 10 To finish up the Swirl City complex, I waited 10 minutes for one of the Turbo Twins. While definitely the worst slides on the Swirl City complex, they are still quite fun as they build up some decent speed towards the end of the slide. 6 out 10 Before the water park closed, I wanted to get a ride on the park's Big Kahuna slide. A 20 minute wait, I ended up riding with two other teenage boys. Unfortunately, the Big Kahuna wasn't too great of a slide in my opinion. While there were a couple of waterfalls that soaked everyone in our raft, there ride never really built up too much speed so the turns on this one weren't quite as thrilling as they were on the versions at Six Flags New England and Blizzard Beach. 5 out of 10 After drying off, I decided to run back and get another ride on the Ride of Steel. Again I waited 45 minutes for the back seat and received another incredible ride teeming with powerful ejector air and forceful positive Gs. It was almost time to go since we had to drive to Canada, but I still had time to finish up with two flats towards the front of the park- the Silver Bullet and the Haymaker. First off, I boarded the Silver Bullet, the park's enterprise. A one cycle wait, I was treated to a really fun flat. The Gs were really powerful on this version; however, the cycle seemed a tad short. 7 out of 10 Finally, I decided to give the park's Paratrooper-style flat a shot, the Haymaker. A one-cycle wait, unfortunately it turned out to be my least favorite ride of the day. While the cycle was of decent length, the ride itself was just really tame and lacked any real forces. Still, it is a great ride for kids and it was just a relaxing way to end the day. 5 out of 10 Darien Lake was certainly a really nice park. They have a truly sensational attraction in the Ride of Steel, a pretty intense Arrow in Viper, a cool family coaster in the OCC Motocoaster, a strong lineup of flats, excellent water rides, and a good water park. However, the park does have some pretty terrible coasters in the Mind Eraser and the Predator so be prepared to take a beating if you give those two a ride. Overall, I personally enjoyed Seabreeze more, but that isn't at all an insult since I loved Seabreeze so much. Our next stop was Marineland.
  11. It depends on the coaster for me. On mega coasters (both loopers and hyper coasters) I'm a WHOOper. On painful coasters such as SLCs I usually will exclaim ouch, grunt to myself, or simply just wish to myself that I never got on board. On wooden coasters, I usually will laugh or just exclaim "wow" if an element completely catches me off-guard.
  12. ^ I agree strongly that a drop tower is what Magic Mountain could use most just from viewing the park's ride lineup. However, I think that whatever the park does to Superman and Mr. Six's Dance Coaster will be all that you guys get next year.
  13. They have been rumored to get a B&M Floorless or Invert for several years now so I think that the park has been trying to get a mega-looper; however, the plans just haven't come into fruition yet. But as others have said, Valleyfair's coaster lineup looks pretty solid right now anyway.
  14. Just looking at Magic Mountain, what I think that you guys need most is a drop tower since you haven't had one since the Freefall left. Just going off the top of my head, but Six Flags Magic Mountain has to be one of the only Six Flags parks lacking a drop tower (I know Great Adventure is missing one too).
  15. I hope that I can go on the Road to Cedar Point Trip. I have the money saved in my bank account from past birthdays/holidays and my job this summer. While I'd be 18 come November, my parents though still would have to OK the trip, but they aren't too thrilled about the trip for two reasons. 1) They are concerned how I would not know anyone that is on the trip. 2) They are concerned about me sharing a room with someone that I do not know. Ultimately I have a feeling that I won't be able to go this year, but I hope to get on a TPR Trip someday!
  16. Cool trip report of a little visited park. I've always heard that the Legend is a really thrilling ride in the backseat due to the ejector air that it gives. If I remember correctly from an old review on Theme Park Critic, doesn't one of the air-time hills come darn close to a tree branch overhead? As for that carnival, it looks better than several of the ones that come around my way. I'd dream of having a carnival with a Rock-O-Plane or a Monster. Instead we have two carnivals. One has a bunch of kiddie rides (a giant slide is the biggest attraction) and the other has a Chance Zipper and almost nothing else.
  17. Thanks. I ended up going on a light day! Lines were no longer than 10-15 minutes for everything all day. In fact, several rides were a walk-on all day! My longest wait was about 15 minutes for Flight Deck and Vortex. Behemoth was 5-10 minutes each time which was amazing. The forecast originally said it was going to downpour so that kept all of the locals away I think. Amazingly, it was a clear day, which was a bonus!
  18. Great to see the progress on this once incredible wooden coaster. I'm glad that Six Flags is giving new life to this giant. I too could care less about what a ride is classified as. Sure wooden coasters are classics and a treat to ride, but they are only an enjoyable experience if they do not rattle you around too much. And from what I had read about the Texas Giant in recent years, it wasn't the smoothest experience. Converting a coaster from wood to steel may annoy some traditionalists out there; however, if the Texas Giant rides as well as it is looking right now when it reopens next year, I think that this argument could be put down. I can't wait to see how this turns out because I have a feeling that several other parks may be considering this transformation if it is successful. I could only dream of something like this happening on SFNE's Cyclone. Such a great layout, but Six Flags has sucked the life out of that ride with all of the modifications they have made.
  19. My favorite flats usually are drop towers, frisbee-style flats, and crazy spinning rides. With that, here are some of my favorite flats that I have experienced. Dragon's Descent (Funtown U.S.A.)- The tallest thrill ride in New England (yes, it is taller than SFNE's Bizarro) at 220ft, Dragon's Descent is a rush. At the apex of the tower, there are amazing views to be had of the Maine wilderness and the Atlantic Ocean. However, quickly enough the ride launches riders downwards, providing a nice burst of air-time. Of all the turbo drops I've been on, Funtown's is my favorite since it is the most intense. Even better, the park really themed this S&S tower well. They dedicated an entire section of the park for just this one ride. Astrosphere (Funtown U.S.A.)- I've always loved scramblers and this one is my favorite by far. Housed within a festive-looking dome, this Eli Bridge scrambler runs just as fast as almost every other model I've been on. So, what makes it so special? The light/music show. This light/music show could honestly be an attraction on its own. It is really that well done! Not only is the ride incredibly entertaining and disorienting, but the park also gives an incredibly long cycle that is unrivaled by any other scrambler that I have been on. Adrenalin (Palace Playland)- While the park itself pales in comparison to Funtown, Palace Playland has a winner in Adrenalin. Imported directly in from the European fair circuit, Adrenalin is a Technical Park Street Fighter and easily the best frisbee-style flat I've been on. While it isn't overly tall, Adrenalin is one of the most intense flats out there. Once the ride kicks it into high gear, it begins treating riders to an amazing experience that alternates between powerful ejector air and insane positive Gs that make me feel like the ride could rip my legs off. While the cycle is short, Adrenalin is a flat not to be missed! Star Blaster (Canobie Lake Park)- Diminutive in size, Star Blaster definitely isn't lacking in the thrills department as this 85ft tall S&S Double Shot provides two powerful launches followed by two of the craziest moments of air-time I've experienced on any attraction. Needless to say, this is my favorite Double Shot out there at the moment. Catapult (Six Flags New England)- While the restraints are very tight and even moderately uncomfortable, the ride itself is a very disorienting thrill from start to finish. Imposing to just look at, the Catapult is one of the few flats that still scares me to this very day. The Gs and hang-time that this ride provides are matched by very few flats. Screamin' Eagle (Seabreeze)- As I detailed in my TR the other day, Seabreeze has a real winner with this Zamperla Hawk. The park's only inverting flat, the Screamin' Eagle not only boasts a very long cycle, but it also gives amazing hang-time going over the top and powerful Gs on the downswings. Don't miss this in a visit to Seabreeze. Music Express (Seabreeze)- I never thought that I would find a himalaya more intense than Canobie's old Matterhorn, but I finally did find one. Replacing the park's old Gyrosphere flat, the Music Express had big shoes to fill and it certainly did not let me down. First off, the ride traveled backwards. That alone is great since it is a rarity for most himalayas today. However, what makes this special is how it begins by going backwards. Later, the ride begins traveling forwards and at the very end of the ride, this himalaya kicks it into overdrive and provides the most intense laterals I've experienced on a himalaya. Heck, I even got a little air-time going over the bumps on the ride. Then when you throw in a long cycle, this flat was able to dethrone Canobie's now defunct Matterhorn. Rainbow (The Great Escape)- Unfortunately, this classic Huss flat has since been replaced by Sasquatch, the park's new S&S drop tower; however, while it operated it was simply amazing. A beauty to look at, Rainbow overlooked the parking lot beckoning for riders to come right over. Once I boarded, I was treated to a very long cycle teeming with nice floater air going over the top combined with some powerful laterals. I really wish that the park didn't have to remove this flat, but apparently it was having mechanical issues so I do understand. Bumper Cars (Hoffman's Playland)- To date, these are the only bumper cars I've been on that can even rival the Scooters at Knoebels in terms of sheer power. While housed in a smaller arena at a little-known park nearby Albany, New York, the Bumper Cars at Hoffman's Playland are a real treat. Not only do they hit just as hard as the ones at Knoebels, but the park gives an even longer cycle that clocks in at about 4-5 minutes. Drop Tower (Canada's Wonderland)- Until I experienced Canada's Wonderland's Drop Tower, I unfortunately never had the pleasure of experiencing an Intamin drop tower. Well, after riding this a couple of times this past week, I can say that I now prefer Intamin drop towers over S&S versions. The suspense before the drop was much better on this Intamin tower since the sounds of compressed air did not give away the drop here. Additonally, the drop itself was just so much more thrilling. I completely lost my stomach and was floating the whole way down. Wow! Sledge Hammer (Canada's Wonderland)- Prior to riding, I wasn't expecting to be blown away since several reviews of this unique flat had said that it looked a lot more fun than it actually was. Fortunately for me, it was the opposite, which is quite a statement since the ride itself looks quite imposing and thrilling. Once I boarded, I was treated to a ride packed with some disorienting spinning, air-time enducing lifts, and sudden drops that were actually better than those on several drop towers I've been on. Downdraft (Knoebels)- I definitely wasn't expecting this to be my favorite flat at Knoebels, but this Dartron spinning contraption actually turned out to be my favorite! Located towards the front of the park, this spinning ride is a very disorienting experience. Not only is it a very dizzying ride, but it gives amazing moments of air-time and laterals when the ride swings outwards. As icing on the cake, Knoebels gives an incredibly long cycle as well. Scooters (Knoebels)- Considered the pinnacle of bumper cars by many theme park enthusiasts, Knoebels's Knoebels did not let me down. Not only did they have an incredibly long cycle, but the Lusse cars were just as good as advertised as I was able to create some incredibly awesome and violent collisions. Grand Carousel (Knoebels)- Carousels typically are one of the most beautiful attractions at an amusement park. Well, Knoebels has the most beautiful looking carousel I have ever seen. With its hand-crafted horses, classic organ, and fancy pavilion, the Grand Carousel alone is a winner based upon looks. But what really makes this ride stand out is how riders have a chance to try and grab the brass ring. While I never did grab that elusive brass ring, I still had a blast trying! Flyer (Knoebels)- To finish up, I just have to mention Knoebels's illustrious Flyer. Very well shaded, the Flyer is one of the most intense flats I've experienced as the tubs on this simply move like crazy. Manipulating the tubs are a piece of cake and the maneuvers that the Flyer can execute are unrivaled by any other Flying Scooters I've been on thanks to how quickly Knoebels runs this thing at. Plus, it has a really long cycle like many of their flats.
  20. With me, the roughness on some Arrows and Vekomas is really a mixed bag. SLCs- SFNE's Mind Eraser is actually quite smooth for me. However, the ride itself isn't overly exciting still because the ride seems to navigate all of the inversions way too slowly. Darien Lake's Mind Eraser had a lot of headbanging and was definitely worse than SFNE's version. Then I experienced Canada's Wonderland's Flight Deck. That hunk of junk may be the single worst roller coaster I have ever experienced. The headbanging simply did not let up! I mean, I know that a majority of SLCs are rough because I've seen that the wheels don't always hug the track like they do on B&M inverts; however, the restraints just seem a bit bulky to me. With the success of the restraints on Morey's version, I don't see why more parks don't want to outfit their SLCs with those vests to cut down on headbanging. Boomerangs- Outside of Lake Compounce's Zoomerang, I haven't really found any boomerang to be excessively painful. I mean all of them have some head-banging, but the ones at The Great Escape, Darien Lake, Canada's Wonderland, Hersheypark, and Six Flags New England aren't all that bad. They are really intense coasters, but just not my cup of tea. Arrows- I've learned how to ride these; however, some of them can still be quite rough on the ears. The worst ones for me have been Anaconda, Dragon Mountain (after several rerides in a row the coat-hanger turns and headbanging finally caught up to me), and the Steamin' Demon. Togo Stand-Ups- Lastly, these coasters just flat out stink. First off, the restraints are not very comfortable at all and they find a way to both crush my man region, bash my skull, and crush my rib cage. If these Togo Stand-Ups had better restraints, they would be really good coasters since they Shockwave and Skyrider were two of the more intense coasters I've experienced. Too bad that they rattled my head a lot and ruined the experience. I definitely prefer lap-bars like almost any other enthusiast, but it really is a GP thing in my opinion. While I was queueing for Behemoth, several GP remarked about how the ride must be dangerous since there is only a lap-bar. Honestly, I think that parks could switch any OSTRs to lap-bars and appease the GP as long as they install seat-belts as well. However, one has to consider if it would be cost-effective for parks to do this.
  21. Excellent trip report of two smaller parks that don't really get that much attention. A couple of years ago, my family and I almost made a trip that would have hit these two parks on the way to Kennywood, but we opted to drive towards Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion instead. Last I remember the park was having problems finding a location for the ride. Also, they need to weld the pieces together again when they do construct the ride since I remember seeing that the Revolution wasn't bolted together when it was constructed at Libertyland.
  22. Day 2- Seabreeze After waking up fairly early, we left to make it to Seabreeze for park opening on a beautiful Saturday. Now I'm not going to lie, but I was a bit apprehensive to visit on a Saturday, as I am with any park, due to possible crowds. However, Seabreeze was not overly crowded and turned out to be one of the best days of the trip for me! Not only that, but it became one of my favorite amusement parks anywhere thanks to its great selection of rides and incredible atmosphere! Entering through the water park entrance, we decided to skip the water park for now and immediately head for the rides section. Here, I learned that Seabreeze opens the park in two phases as half of the rides open at 11:00, while the other half of the rides open at noon. This was not a problem at all since there were plenty of options to ride until everything opened. First I began my day with Seabreeze's Bobsleds. Once a junior wooden coaster, it was converted to a unique steel coaster that seemed like a Galaxi/Wild Mouse hybrid. Ultimately, this turned out to be one of my longest waits of the day- 15 minutes. Understandably though, this was due to the ride's low capacity. However, once I boarded the small, comfortable cars, I embarked on a very unique journey teeming of sudden plunges and quick turns. I especially loved the helix at the end since it really caught me by surprise. Overall, the Bobsleds are a perfect fit for Seabreeze and an excellent family coaster. 6 out of 10 Immediately after, I was hoping to ride the park's Mauer Sohne spinning coaster, Whirlwind; however, it wasn't going to open until noon. Instead, I rode the park's newest ride, Revolution 360. A Zamperla Disko, it was a walk-on. Never before had I been on a Disko so I was pretty intrigued by the restraints. Ultimately though, they were a bit painful on my man region if you know what I mean. Moving past that, the ride was very cool. The spinning was quite disorienting and forceful and the park gave a really long cycle. Overall, the Revolution 360 was a really unique flat. 8 out of 10 Still needing to pass time before Whirlwind opened, I decided to board the park's drop tower, the Spring, which was a walk-on. A Moser Rides tower, the Spring lacked height but still gave an enjoyable ride. Each of the bounces gave a nice stomach-dropping sensation and a brief pop of air. My only complaint would be how short the cycle was as the car only ascended the tower in full three times, a number far less than the other family sized drop towers I've been on. After my ride, I hopped back on for two more since it still had no line. 7 out of 10 Almost noon, I decided to ride the park's classic PTC Crazy Daisy, the Crazy Cups. A walk-on, this model unfortunately had no shade or tarp covering it so the ride was quite hot as it just baked in the sun. Moving past that, the Crazy Cups just seemed weaker than the other models I've been on at Story Land, Canobie Lake Park, and Knoebels. Still, there was some decent spinning and it was an enjoyable ride to hit until Whirlwind opened. 5 out of 10 Finally, it was time to hit Whirlwind. After watching it test for 5-10 minutes, I boarded the fourth train of the day and was very impressed by this compact coaster. First, the restraints were both secure and comfortable- a major plus for any ride. Second, while the ascent was very quick, the views of the Lake were fantastic! Third, the ride is simply a rush! Despite its size, the first drop packs a mean punch, especially when traveling down it backwards, as the drop is very steep. Following a large hill, the ride begins spinning non-stop and the ride becomes a very disorienting joyride packed with sudden drops, twists, and helixes. Most importantly, even with the abrupt and sudden drops and transitions the ride manages to be glass-smooth. Following my first ride, I got three more rides in a row with a 5-10 minute wait as Seabreeze really loads these cars quickly to keep the line moving. This is a real winner for the park and turned out to be my favorite attraction there! 9 out of 10 Next, it was time to hit the park's himalaya, the Music Express. Sitting in the spot of the park's old Gyrosphere ride, the Music Express turned out to be a 5 minute wait. Once boarding, I was blown away by this himalaya and it turned out to be my favorite himalaya ride. First, the Music Express was a really odd himalaya as it went backwards. Now going backwards alone is unfortunately a rarity nowadays, but what really makes this himalaya unique is how it begins by going backwards. Going backwards, the ride gains some nice speed which produces some strong laterals. Then, the rides slows down and begins traveling forwards, and sure enough it begins traveling just as quickly as it did backwards. Soon the ride began to slow down; however, then the ride completely caught me off-guard and kicked it into high gear. With the blink of an eye it reached its max speed which created some intense laterals and even generated some pops of air going over the tops of the hills on this himalaya. Never did I imagine that a himalaya could surpass Canobie's now defunct Matterhorn as that thing was one of the most intense flats around. While this trails the Matterhorn just slightly in the thrills department, it crushes it in the cycle department. 10 out of 10 Now it was time to make the trek across the park to hit the park's classic wooden coaster, the Jack Rabbit. Opened in 1920, this classic Miller coaster is ultimately the park's most iconic attraction and the most popular attraction amongst locals. Housed in a beautiful classic station, the Jack Rabbit was a real treat to watch as it still employs skid breaks. After a one train wait, I boarded this classic coaster in the front seat and was treated to one heck of a fun ride. Going up the lift hill, the anticipation built as the ride's layout is shielded from view from the rest of the park. Once cresting the lift, I was treated to a delightful out-and-back coaster. While not overly thrilling, the ride was very smooth and had several nice moments of floater air scattered about. But the highlight of the coaster for me was the ride's amazing tunnel, as I was totally caught off-guard by the surprise drop hidden within. Afterwards, I decided to give the coaster another whirl, this time in the back seat. Again, I got another solid ride. While it trailed Whirlwind for my favorite ride in the park, the Jack Rabbit was still a very solid ride despite its age.7 out of 10 Now it was time to hit the park's Tilt-a-Whirl. A walk-on, Seabreeze's Tilt-a-Whirl had some solid spinning, but the headrest on this one seemed harder than those found on other models. The others I've been on usually have a soft cushion while this one had a harder material that wasn't the most comfortable for my head when the centripetal forces forced my head back against it. Still, the ride's solid spinning and long cycle made it a decent version of this timeless classic. 6 out of 10 After the Tilt-a-Whirl, I decided to hit the park's Flying Scooters flat ride. Sporting a pastel green and yellow paint job, it was a walk-on. My ride was delayed a bit though as a young boy slipped underneath his tub while boarding and his mesh shirt got caught on a wire underneath the tub. Immediately, the ride op called for help and began calming the boy down as he was panicking quite a bit. After about 5 minutes, they were able to get him out from underneath the tub and the park was very apologetic to the kid. A+ for Seabreeze as that is how a park should treat their guests in a situation like that. Onto the ride itself. Unfortunately, it was just okay. While the tubs did move, the ride never reached all that fast of a top speed and it seemed to have a shorter cycle than several of the park's other flats. 5 out of 10 Then I decided to hit the park's only inverting ride, the Screamin' Eagle. A Zamperla Hawk, I love how Seabreeze gives guests the option to wait for an end seat or just get on. Instead of waiting 2-3 cycles for an end seat, I decided to just hop on immediately in one of the ride's other seats. After a quick check, the ride began rocking back and forth and soon enough it began fully inverting. Compared to other models I've been on, this one seemed to provide more hang-time and was had stronger Gs on the downswings. As a result, I really enjoyed the Screamin' Eagle, especially since it had a rather long cycle for this type of ride. 9 out of 10 Since everyone in my family was hungry by this point, we decided to grab lunch at the park's Fresh Cut Fries stand across from the Log Flume. I got chicken and fries for ~$8-9 and was impressed. Not only were the chicken tenders quite tasty, but the fries were some of the best I've had anywhere. Hot outside, I decided to hit the park's Log Flume immediately after. A 15-20 minute wait, I boarded this Hopkins flume with rather low expectations, and boy did it blow me away! While the layout was fairly simple, I just loved how it navigated around the perimeter of a pond teeming with geese. Additionally, the ride had a cool tunnel as well. Then it was time for the final plunge. Little did I know until later that day that Seabreeze's Log Flume has the steepest drop of any log flume in the US. Well, needless to say that the plunge was fantastic. Not only was the drop fairly tall, but it also had a scary moment of air-time that I have never experienced on any flume outside of the Orlando flumes. Following the breath-taking plunge is a soaking splash that left me really wet, but not completely soaked. 10 out of 10 Already wet, I decided to then hit the park's water park, Raging Rivers. After changing into my bathing suit in the park's very clean changing rooms, I immediately decided to hit the park's Helix bowl slide. Arguably the water park's most popular attraction, I had to wait about 20-25 minutes for it, and it was definitely worth it. While the drop didn't appear all that steep (and in all honesty it wasn't), the drop was still quite thrilling. Why? Well, the tube built up some considerable speed by the time it reaches the bottom of the drop and immediately after the drop is a really abrupt and powerful turn into the bowl that really blew me away. Mega Wedgie at The Great Escape didn't have this turn (it had a steeper drop instead). Needless to say, this was a really fun water slide, but unfortunately the line grew even longer while I was riding so I couldn't hit it again. 8 out of 10 Now it was time to ride the park's two other tube slides, Riptide Run and Vortex. Each slide was a 10 minute wait. Unfortunately neither slide was particularly thrilling. Riptide Run was the better of the two in my opinion since it seemed to reach a higher top speed. Meanwhile, while Vortex was completely enclosed, it just seemed really tame. Riptide Run- 5 out of 10, Vortex- 3 out of 10 Next, I decided to hit the park's two traditional body slides, the Bermuda Triangle. Each slide was a 10 minute wait and I was solidly impressed by this slide. Not only was the slide quite comfortable, but it also was fairly zippy and thrilling. Overall, the Bermuda Triangle was one of the stronger body slides I've been on at any water park, but I thought the ones at Lake Compounce and Banana Village beat it. 7 out of 10 Finally it was time to hit the water park's most thrilling slide, the Banzai Pipeline. One of those freefall speed slides, the Banzai Pipeline is a completely enclosed version. After a 10 minute wait, I was at the top of the tower. Just before my ride, there was a father and daughter at the top of the slide. Unfortunately, the girl was pretty worried about riding so she wanted her father to ride first. Assuring her that the ride is "no problem" he eagerly went down the slide. However, once he began his plunge he exclaimed "holy (expletive)" and screamed like crazy! Well, it at least made my wait shorter since the girl decided to avoid riding after her father's "courageous" display. As for my ride, I definitely enjoyed it. The drop was quite sudden (it had one of those little pre-drop sections) and was a quick rush. Most importantly, this one wasn't rough on the back like some other ones such as Typhoon Lagoon's Humunga Kowabunga. 9 out of 10 After drying off and changing back into my regular clothes, I decided to give the Screamin' Eagle another ride. A one cycle wait this time, I again opted to just get on. Again I was treated to another great ride; however, this time I had three screaming teenage girls across from me. While they were definitely an ear-sore, they weren't able to ruin my enjoyment one bit. Next, I decided to ride the Jack Rabbit two more times. My first wait was 10 minutes for the front seat and my second wait was 5 minutes for the back seat. Again, the Jack Rabbit gave another enjoyable ride. It is simply a blast from beginning to end. I wasn't expecting too much from this woodie since I hadn't heard much about it (other than its age) prior to my visit so it was a fun surprise. Then I walked right onto the park's classic Carousel. Well, it was definitely a true gem as the Carousel is simply beautiful and the park definitely has a right to be proud about it. Sporting many intricately crafted houses and a classic band organ, this carousel is also housed in a gorgeous pavilion. And not only is it a beauty, but it rides well too since the park gave an incredibly long cycle. 10 out of 10 Immediately after, I decided to reride the Spring once, Music Express once, Bobsleds once, and Revolution 360 once. Bobsleds turned out to be a 10 minute wait this time and again was just an enjoyable coaster suitable for all ages. Additionally, Revolution 360 wasn't quite as fun the second time around as the back restraint really forced me forwards, which caused a rather painful ride for me. Still, it is a very solid flat ride well worth riding it you are a fan of spinning rides. Next, I rerode Whirlwind four more times. Each time I had a 5-10 minute wait. During one of my waits, two girls tried to cut the entire line because they had "friends" at the front of the line that they wanted to ride with. Too bad for them that these friends were invisible and that the park caught them because they were not allowed to ride. Great job again Seabreeze for stopping line jumping! I really wish that more parks had these Mauer Sohne spinning coasters because they cram a ton of thrills into a really small footprint. Then, I needed to try the park's Bumper Cars. After a one-cycle wait, I hopped on and was treated to one of the best sets of Bumper Cars anywhere. The cars were both very fast and easy to steer. Because of this and the multitude of cars that the park had active, my ride was pure chaos teeming with strong collisions. Additionally, the park ran a very long cycle that only enhanced an already great ride. Unfortunately, I only gave the Bumper Cars one ride, but needless to say I was impressed. 9 out of 10 Afterwards, I walked onto the park's Chance Yo-Yo. Sadly, this version doesn't bob up and down like some of the other versions I've been on, but the park compensates for that by offering a longer cycle. While not an overly thrilling attraction, it provided a great breeze on a hot day. 6 out of 10 Before leaving, I hopped aboard the park's Log Flume for three more rides since it was a walk-on. Because of the amazing final drop and the ride's relaxing setting, Seabreeze's Log Flume is my favorite flume outside of Orlando after the stellar one located at Knoebels. Overall, Seabreeze was an amazing park that I definitely recommend to anyone in the area. While it isn't as large as Darien Lake or Canada's Wonderland, it just has an amazing atmosphere and is really well cared for. Seabreeze reminded me so much of Canobie Lake Park and Rye Playland in terms of its atmosphere and ride offerings. My next stop was Darien Lake and I hope to post that when I get a chance!
  23. Last Friday, my family and I embarked on our major vacation for the year. While we were planning, it was going to be solely a college trip to visit both Cornell and RPI since I am very interested in engineering; however, it then turned into a major trip for us. Day 1- Catamount Adventure Park Our trip began with a three hour drive to this newly constructed ropes course nestled deep within the Berkshires. Located on the New York/Massachusetts border, my family and I hoped that this course would be just as entertaining as the Adirondak Extreme Course we did last summer in Lake George. After donning our climbing gear, we saw a rather brief demonstration that seemed rushed. Fortunately, the equipment was almost identical to that of Lake George's course so the poor demonstration didn't hurt me too much. However, those who are coming here for their first ropes course could have a few troubles initially due to this. Following the demonstration was a long, arduous walk up a very well shaded hill to reach the course. Upon seeing the course, I was amazed by the tangled mess of obstacles suspended high above my head. There are 5 levels (yellow, green, blue, black diamond, double black diamond). Each level gets progressively harder. Instead of starting with the yellow courses, I decided to begin with one of the green courses because Catamount only allows individuals three hours and I had hoped to get an opportunity to do the Double Black Diamond (Commando) course. The green course was fairly easy as it contained several tightropes, climbs, logs, etc. However, it was the blue course where the difficulty level really ramped up. Not only were the ropes and bridges looser (therefore causing them to sway more), but the types of bridges were far more difficult. One such obstacle consisted of four swinging logs with pegs. While the obstacle didn't appear overly difficult, it required a lot of upper body strength for me to go from log to log since they always seemed to sway out of reach with each leap I made. After a quick water break (water was complimentary and very cold ), I decided to try the black course. While I made it about 75% of the way through, I was unable to complete the course entirely because I completely drained myself on a very high rope ladder. Along each of the courses are several escape routes for individuals to escape on. Sadly, I had to use the escape zipline to get down. Wanting to continue to our first hotel, my family decided to move onwards after my sister finished the black course. Overall, I personally enjoyed the Adirondak Extreme Course I did last year more. First, that course allowed me to take as much time as I wanted to in order to complete all courses. Meanwhile at Catamount, I felt rushed to complete as many courses as possible in a three hour window. Unfortunately, rushing caused me to not enjoy the course as much and probably contributed to me fatiguing a lot more quickly than I did last year. Second, the guides seemed much more attentive and able to help patrons at the other course. At Catamount, it seemed difficult for guides to reach several of the platforms quickly to offer assistance and when they did provide assistance, several of the guides seemed annoyed. If you are in the area, I'd give Catamount a try, but I wouldn't go out of the way for it, especially since it is rather pricey and the one in Lake George is three hours away and a more enjoyable experience.
  24. Thanks. I figured Skyrider would have slow loading much like its cousin at Kings Dominion. Fortunately, Shockwave was only a 15 minute wait while I was there. However, I don't mind waiting 45 minutes or so if necessary for this coaster since I actually enjoyed Shockwave. While it had weird restraints, I actually found it to be a really powerful coaster with some fun air-time.
  25. Thanks. OK. I think I will go in and hit Thunder Run, Bat, Fly, Vortex and then go through the Action Zone starting with Flight Deck. That way I get on Behemoth in the morning as well as the afternoon! I'm not shocked about Time Warp's capacity. I've been on Rye Playland's Volare. I actually really enjoyed it, but I saw that if it were at a busier park, it could have a long wait.
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