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  1. Robb, I know you guys all love Morimoto's. Can you give a first timer any recommendations and/or items you didn't like so much as well? Thanks In advance for the help!
  2. I have not heard anything. But if you've ridden any Intamin coaster like this, I think you may see the same thing. thanks for the response - the thing is, I have done the "two seatbelt" B&M seats (but can't do the regular seats), but never been on an intamin coaster like CH so don't know if there are any special seats for us big guys!
  3. Maybe I missed this, but has there been any discussion in terms of the restraints - specifically, if some of the restraints will be "modified" in any way to accomadate larger guests like they do with the B&M coasters? (Going down in May and hope to get some rides in) thanks for the help!
  4. Going down to tampa at the end of april and I can go to BGT either on sunday may 1st or monday the 2nd. This will be my first time there and need some advice from all you experts on how to approach which day to go. On sunday the park is open 9:30-7 and monday 10-6. Basically, is there extra 1.5 hours worth the bigger crowds I would assume come w. going during the weekend? (also, I don't know if BGT has single rider lines, but I will be going by myself if that helps w. the advice at all) thanks in advance for the help!
  5. Given the recent Kings Island announcement, I was just curious if anyone could explain why a park would want B&M's new hyper-coaster trains which reduce capacity by half - am I missing something here? thanks for the help!
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