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  1. Very cool TR. You seemed to have a similar experience to me when I visited Martin's Fantasy Island last month. Silver Comet was a really good ride as you described, but I too was hoping for a bit more air. I rememeber hearing that the ride heated up as the day went on, but unfortunately I couldn't stay until closing so I have no idea how much that the ride does in fact heat up. Overall, Silver Comet did make my personal top 10 for wooden coasters, and it reminded me so much of Funtown USA's Excalibur. Also, the Starship 2000 was really strong. I personally enjoy these Wisdom gravitron/starship rides more than the older Rotor rides. The cushioned pads are so much more comfortable than a rubbery wall that smells like puke. Also, did you have the op who continually yelled "Starship!" during the entire ride? I didn't expect to get soaked when I rode the flume, so I was totally caught off-guard. The ride just looked so innocent, but boy was it a soaker. Crazy Mouse also did spin for me, but compared to other spinning mice out there, this is one of the weakest in terms of spinning in my opinion. Disney's Primeval Whirl has far better spinning in my opinion. Lastly, as for the shows, I am assuming that you are talking about the Fantasy Island Theater where they had the really odd show that had Captain Skyhook and some princess. I wasn't watching the show, but I overheard the production while I was waiting for Flight. I hope to make it back to Martin's Fantasy Island someday, but I would only really visit if I were in the area since the park isn't overly large.
  2. After riding Kingda Ka at night in the front row, I would have to go with that. Prior to this, arguably the most intense ride I have been on would be SFNE's Bizarro (Summit Plummet and Canada's Wonderland's Drop Tower are scarier, but they aren't as wild of a ride). The sudden launch is incredibly forceful and I could just feel the ride pushing against the skin on my face. Then, the massive top hat gave a major burst of floater air going over the top and the twisted plunge is incredibly disorienting. Kingda Ka may be a blur, but the whole ride is incredibly intense in the front seat, especially at night when it is your first time on it (like it was for me). El Toro also deserves an honorable mention. That beast really is intense. Without a doubt, El Toro contains 4 of the most powerful moments of ejector air I have ever experienced. That alone makes the ride intense, but the twister section towards the end was really thrilling as well. The laterals and positive Gs during that section really caught me off-guard in a good way.
  3. I was at the park on Wednesday and Thursday. The Great American Scream Machine's first drop and first loop seemed to be standing, along with one other section of the track that appeared to be a turn. Also, the station is still standing. However, other that the entire ride has been completely taken down.
  4. Thanks. I haven't seen a forecast where there is going to be a thunderstorm tomorrow. It just looks like it is going to rain until about 6-7 PM. Also, would Skull Mountain stay open in a thunderstorm like the Dark Knight would since that one is indoors as well?
  5. I'm going to Six Flags Great Adventure for the first time and I know that it is supposed to rain. So what is Six Flags Great Adventure's rain policy. Will they keep most of the major rides open? I know that Kingda Ka will be down for obvious reasons, but would anything else like El Toro, Nitro, Batman, Superman, or Bizarro be closed? Also, would Ka reopen later in a day where it rained once the rain has stopped. I just figure that lines will be almost non-existant tomorrow due to the rain, but even if rides are closed, I'm also going on Thursday which looks to be beautiful.
  6. 2010 Revolution 360- Seabreeze 2009 Sasquatch- The Great Escape 2008 The Simpsons Ride- Universal Studios Florida Toy Story Mania!- Disney's Hollywood Studios 2006 Backlot Stunt Coaster (then Italian Job Turbo Coaster)- Kings Dominion Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge- Hersheypark 2005 Flying Tigers- Knoebels Hydra the Revenge- Dorney Park
  7. I have to go with standard wild mice. While I enjoy both types of mice, I find the standard mice to have better drops and more thrilling turns since you have a better visual of the upcoming turn. The spinning mice have a great two drops; however, some of the segments in the spinning portion can be kind of uncomfortable. If I were to include Mauer Sohne or Gerstlauer spinning coasters such as Seabreeze's Whirlwind or SFNE's Pandemonium, I would definitely go with spinning mice; however, they are not mice coasters in my opinion. Rather, they are just spinning coasters to me.
  8. I went to the Great Escape last year and had a great time. Flash Pass will not be necessary as lines are no longer than 15-20 minutes even for the major attractions. First thing I'd hit would be the Alpine Bobsled. Why? First, it has a really low capacity. Also, it closes for the day if there is any rain. If you ride this unique Intamin bobsled coaster immediately, it should be a walk-on. I recommend riding in the 2nd and 3rd rows since they are the smoothest rows in my opinion. Then, hit the park's Ferris Wheel. It gives great views of the area and shouldn't be missed. Next, hop on the park's Raging River river rapids ride. Later in the day, it will have a 30-45 minute wait. Right now, it should be a walk-on. While not the best river rapids ride out there, it is still an enjoyable ride. Afterwards, I recommend doing the water park immediately before it gets busy. While it won't get packed later in the day, the lines could be about 30-40 minutes for the Mega Wedgie bowl slide and Tornado funnel slide. However, in the morning Mega Wedgie had a 10-20 minute wait last year, Tornado was a 15 minute wait, and the raft slides were 10 minutes each. I recommend passing on the Black Cobra since it is really slow and uneventful. Don't miss the Banshee Plunge! While only about 5-10 seconds in length, it may be one of the most thrilling water slides I've ever been on. Make sure you really hold onto your tube! Following the water park I'd head right for the park's star attraction, the Comet. It should ultimately be about a 5 minute wait each time thanks to speedy two train operations. No seat is a bad seat on this amazing wooden coaster. It is currently my 4th favorite wooden coaster, so I recommend that you get several rides on this wooden coaster since it is far and away the best attraction at the park. Then I would move back towards the front of the park hitting some of the park's flat rides. I'd hit the Cannonball Express (himalaya), Blizzard (scrambler), and the Flying Trapeze (swings). Make sure you hit the unique Alice in Wonderland walkthrough on the way by. It is a really cool little walkthrough. Also, skip the park's Sky Ride since it is a really long and boring ride. Now I'd go for a ride on the park's Boomerang. It should be a 15-20 minute wait. Don't worry, this is the smoothest boomerang I've been on so it is actually a really fun ride. Next go for a ride on the park's S&S Tower, Sasquatch. The down side is the better of the two sides, but sadly this is one of the weakest S&S Towers I've been on. Regardless, it is still arguably the park's most thrilling attraction and shouldn't be more than a 15 minute wait. Now head into Ghost Town and ride the park's Canyon Blaster mine train if you want the credit. It will either be a walk-on or have a slow-moving half hour wait. This thing loads incredibly slowly and isn't even all that great of a coaster. The downward helix is cool, but it is quite bumpy and the overall ride is way too short. Then, I'd go for a ride on the park's flume, Desperado Plunge. It should be a 10-15 minute wait. While not a really big or special flume, it is a nice relaxing ride. Finally, go on Screamin' Demon, the park's Arrow Loop & Corkscrew. It should be a 5-10 minute wait. I hope you have a great time at The Great Escape!
  9. I can't wait for the park to open their new signature attraction. Not only will it probably be the park's best attraction, but it also will fill an empty patch of land quite well. Finally, the train won't seem so empty. Until the coaster is built, the park's Train will continue to simply navigate it's rectangular couse around an empty field. Once the coaster is finished, I should like their Train so much better since it will probably provide some amazing views of the coaster. The Monster Mouse has definitely served the park well, but when I've visited the park the last couple of times, the Mouse has had some downtime. While the park definitely takes good care of the coaster, unfortunately the age of the coaster itself makes it incredibly difficult to find replacement parts.
  10. I wear my glasses on almost every ride since mine stay on very well. However, there are a few rides that I take them off for. Potential Headbangers (I don't think it is very good for the frame of my glasses to smack the OTSR.) such as Arrows and Vekomas. If I know that one is smooth, I will wear my glasses the second time. Examples of this would be Canobie's Corkscrew, Dragon Mountain, and Darien's Viper. Hyper Coasters- I used to always wear my glasses on any roller coaster without restraints until I almost lost my lenses on Behemoth two weeks ago. During the ride, I was amazed by the wind in my face feeling that the front seat provided. After the ride, my vision was a tad blurry so I looked at my glasses and saw that my lenses were very close to completely popping out. Needless to say my glasses weren't on for the rest of my Behemoth rides. Inverting Flat Rides With Hang-Time- While my glasses are fairly secure, prolonged hang-time on rides such as Huss Rangers or Zamperla Hawks make me a bit nervous. Some parks like Martin's Fantasy Island make my life easier and just ban me from wearing glasses.
  11. I've only visited Six Flags New England once on a Saturday before and lines were incredibly long for the park's major attractions. Bizarro was a 2 hour wait. Batman was a 1 1/2 hour wait. Cyclone was a 1 1/2 hour wait. Mind Eraser was a 1 1/2 hour wait. Pandemonium was a 2 hour wait. Scream was a 1 1/2 hour wait. Thunderbolt was a 1 hour wait. Water Park was crowded. So for SFNE on a weekend, I suggest that you immediately head for Bizarro once the park opens to hopefully get a ride on that before lines get really long. Afterwards, hit the Joker's Wildcard and Catwoman's Whip if you wish to ride either of those two rides. Then, hit Thunderbolt if it still doesn't have a long line. Next, use the single-rider line on Scream (at the exit) and it should be a walk-on. Since very few people know about this, you can ride Scream almost all day without a wait. Following Scream, I'd head over to Tomahawk and Houdini and ride those two if you want to because they should still have minimal waits. Then, try Shipwreck Falls if you want to cool off. Plus, it rarely has a line I've found. Now it's time to hit the North End. Flashback would probably have a half hour wait by now, so unless you really want the credit I'd skip it. Pandemonium should have a really long regular line, so I'd use the single-rider line to get on very quickly. Following that, I'd try Cyclone. By now it could have an hour wait, so this may be your first major wait of the day. Also, I'd skip Blizzard River since it will probably have a pretty long wait. Afterwards, take the Skyway back to the center of the park. Then, I'd ride Twister, Buzzsaw, and the Tea Cups since all three usually have minimal waits. As for Batman, Mind Eraser, and Splash Water Falls, all three of those attractions should have really bad waits by now. If you want to, I'd ride Batman. I would skip the other two because they are slow-loaders and simply not worth it. With Lake Compounce, I've found that lines aren't overly bad on any day of the week. Well, except for the water park. Lines at the water park are really bad on hot days, so I advise you to skip Splash Harbor. Boulder Dash typically has a 20-40 minute wait. Make sure you get tons of night rides since it gets way better at night! Other rides worth hitting would be their amazing Thunder River Raft Ride (20 minute wait), Saw Mill Plunge (30 minute wait), Wildcat (20-30 minute wait), Zoomerang (30 minute wait), Down Time (20 minute wait), and Thunder n Lightning (15 minute wait).
  12. I've never been on a B&M invert yet (only Togos), but would have to say that Riddler's Revenge looks like the best one out there.
  13. I consider small parks to be the family owned parks that don't have loads of roller coasters, so my list goes like this... 1) Knoebels 2) Canobie Lake Park 3) Seabreeze 4) Rye Playland 5) Funtown U.S.A.
  14. 1) Tower of Terror (Disney's Hollywood Studios) 2) Drop Tower (Canada's Wonderland) 3) Sky Screamer (Marineland) 4) Dragon's Descent (Funtown U.S.A.) 5) Star Blaster (Canobie Lake Park) 6) Scream! (SFNE) 7) Dr. Doom's Fear Fall (Islands of Adventure) 8) Pile Driver (Niagara) 9) Sasquatch (The Great Escape) 10) Double Shot (Rye Playland)
  15. Steel Coasters 1) Behemoth 2) Apollo's Chariot 3) Bizarro (SFNE) 4) Ride of Steel 5) Steel Force Wooden Coasters 1) Phoenix 2) Boulder Dash 3) Comet (The Great Escape) 4) Yankee Cannonball 5) Hurler (Kings Dominion)
  16. I've only been on two- Shockwave and Skyrider- and I found them both about even. If I were to rank them, I'd give them each 7/10s. Both coasters are incredibly forceful; however, there were a couple of rough moments due to the horrid restraints.
  17. I have to go with Universal. Not only is Universal the only park I've been to that can match Disney's theming, but Universal can compete with major thrill parks as well. Therefore, Universal takes the crown in my opinion. As a sidenote, Islands of Adventure is my favorite park I have ever visited by a wide margin. From the incredible theming of each land to the many thrilling and unique attractions, I'd be amazed if I ever found a park I liked more.
  18. I've only been on two Arrow Suspended Coasters (Big Bad Wolf and Vortex) and I have to say that I liked Vortex more than the Big Bad Wolf. While the Big Bad Wolf had arguably one of the best drops I've ever experienced, I thought that the second lift-hill kind of ruined the ride's pacing. Meanwhile, Vortex is relentless from beginning to end and in my opinion was way more forceful and thrilling. The only weakness of Vortex was how short it was. I'm sure that Eagle's Fortress would have been my favorite had I gotten the chance to ride it; however, unfortunately I never will be able to.
  19. For me, I have to go with B&M. I've simply never ridden a bad B&M and have always had a very smooth and enjoyable experience. Intamin coasters are more intense in my opinion, but B&Ms are just pure fun. In fact, three of my top 5 steel coasters are B&Ms (1- Behemoth, 2- Apollo's Chariot, 5- Dueling Dragons). The other two are Intamins (3- Bizarro, 4- Ride of Steel).
  20. While Alpengeist is the worst B&M invert I've been on, it does have the best wheel cover art in my opinion.
  21. Wooden Coasters 1) Comet (Hersheypark 2) Excalibur 3) Wildcat (Hersheypark) 4) Yankee Cannonball 5) Cyclone (SFNE) Steel Coasters 1) Behemoth 2) Apollo's Chariot 3) Ride of Steel 4) Bizarro (SFNE) 5) Hydra the Revenge Drop Towers 1) Tower of Terror (WDW) 2) Drop Tower (Canada's Wonderland) 3) Dragon's Descent (Funtown) 4) Scream! (SFNE) 5) Sasquatch (The Great Escape) Water Rides 1) Jurassic Park River Adventure (Orlando) 2) Ripsaw Falls 3) Log Flume (Seabreeze) 4) Tidal Force (Hershey) 5) Shipwreck Falls (Darien Lake) Water Slides 1) Summit Plummet 2) Stealth (Aquaboggan)
  22. I love the looks/color schemes of... Excalibur (Funtown U.S.A.) Corkscrew (Canobie Lake Park) Yankee Cannonball (Canobie Lake Park) Polar Coaster (Story Land) Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce) Canyon Blaster (The Great Escape) Jack Rabbit (Seabreeze) Ride of Steel (Darien Lake) Viper (Darien Lake) Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland) Vortex (Canada's Wonderland) Hydra the Revenge (Dorney Park) Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Europe) Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Europe) Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens Europe) Dueling Dragons (Islands of Adventure) Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
  23. Volcano has the most forecful LIM Launch for me. In fact, it is the strongest launch of any kind that I have ever experienced.
  24. I've never liked Zoomerang's paint job at Lake Compounce. Even when they repainted it, I've never liked it. Additionally, I didn't really like the look of the Bat at Canada's Wonderland, SFNE's Flashback, and The Great Escape's Boomerang. I guess I just don't like the looks of several boomerangs. Thunderbolt (SFNE) and Rebel Yell are two of the ugliest wooden coasters that I have ever seen. They badly need a new coat of paint. Really? I actually like the colors as they are. It desperately needs a new coat or two, but I think the two shades of blue-grey work really well together. I agree as I thought that Flight Deck was the nicest looking SLC I've seen so far. Granted, the ride itself is garbage but at least it has one thing going for it.
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