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  1. I was just at Quassy and really enjoyed Wooden Warrior. Despite looking like a rather tame junior wooden coaster, Wooden Warrior was surprisingly intense for its size. I got 6 rides (2 in the front, 1 in the 2nd row, and 3 in the back). First off, the Timberliners are incredibly comfortable. Not only were the seats themselves comfortable, but the lap bar fit riders extremely well and wasn't overly tight. As for the ride, I was blown away. In the front, each and every hill had some great floater air. But I liked the back more since there were 3-4 incredible drops that gave a major jolt of ejector air, and this was highlighted by the ride's outstanding first drop. Overall Quassy has a real winner and Wooden Warrior is definitely one or the best wooden coasters I've been on.
  2. ^ I agree with you since the stands really add some life to the park; however, I'm not a big fan of the hot dog stand simply because of my fond memories of the ride it replaced, the Matterhorn. This was the single most intense himalaya I have ever been on. It was a SDC model that Canobie ran at insane speeds.
  3. Here are three great comments I heard while at Canobie today. (Girl is about 3/4 of the way through Untamed's line and sees it at the bottom of the lift hill)- How fast do you think this is launched up the hill? It must be fast since I haven't seen one launch yet. (Boy is telling his friend his favorite rides)- Untamed is my favorite ride followed by the Corkscrew. After that the rest are all pretty even since they just do drops and spins. Loops make a ride stand out. (2 boys walk up to the Boston Tea Party) Boy 1- Will this get us wet? Boy 2- I don't know. Let's watch. (Boat goes down drop and makes a gigantic splash, soaking both boys)
  4. Excellent trip report. I was just at Canobie today (well technically yesterday now) and had a blast. It is still my favorite park in New England and one of my favorite parks anywhere (if you couldn't tell by my name). I basically had the same feelings about Untamed. The way I'd describe it is relentless. Untamed's first drop is incredible, especially in the back, and the inversions each are very thrilling. However, some the transitions did have some headbanging. I found that the headbanging was stronger on the edge seats, but with that being said, there isn't enough to ruin rerides. It is just a nuisance. Even still, Untamed is a very good steel coaster. Unfortunately, I also saw from the Yankee Cannonball's lift and the empty Rowdy Roosters ride that all of the ride's tubs were off. Does anyone have any idea if the Roosters will reopen this year?
  5. Thanks. We decided to do Kennywood in one day and then spend the second day at DelGrosso's and Lakemont since it's more convenient for us.
  6. I preferred Apollo's Chariot to Nitro, but I too have them very closely rated. Apollo's Chariot is 2nd on my steel coaster list and Nitro is 3rd. Both of them trail another B&M hyper in Behemoth. Both Apollo's Chariot and Nitro are great, but I prefer Apollo's setting and find that there is more airtime in the back seat on Apollo's drops.
  7. ^ When I was visiting colleges last year, we stayed at the Days Inn in East Windsor. It was pretty good. Nothing special, but what you would expect from a Days Inn. I can't really help with the airport unfortunately. In terms of lines, last summer I spent two days at Great Adventure. During my first day, it was extremely cloudy and the weathermen forecasted rain. Fortunately, the rain held off and the crowds weren't too heavy. Every roller coaster (including El Toro and Kingda Ka) was a 20-30 minute wait or less. The next day was completely clear and lines were atrocious. I ended up getting the Flash Pass and don't regret it since El Toro, Superman, Kingda Ka, Nitro, Bizarro, and Batman were all 60-90 minute waits. I would try to get Kingda Ka done as soon as possible since it seems to break down a lot.
  8. This summer, my parents are going on a Pennsylvania park trip where we hit Hersheypark, Kennywood, and Knoebels. We have been to Hersheypark and Knoebels before, but we have never been to Kennywood. Therefore, we are wondering how many days are necessary at Kennywood. We have two days currently alloted, but we are thinking about doing Kennywood in just one day and spending the second day at Waldameer and Conneaut Lake Park (it would be a Thursday, so both places would be open in July). What do you recommend? Two days at Kennywood or one day at Kennywood and then a day at Waldameer and Conneaut.
  9. This wasn't at a park, but at my local carnival the pair ahead of me entering the Zipper asked the operator where the zipper was to restrain them. The carny just slammed the cage shut and started the ride. That pair was by far the loudest on the entire ride.
  10. I've only been on three floorless coasters, so I would rate them in this order... 1) Hydra the Revenge 2) Batman the Dark Knight 3) Bizarro I know Hydra isn't often highly regarded, but I really loved it. I rode it during its inaugural year and I thought it was fantastic. The first drop was very intense and had some great air in the very back. Plus, I thought that the inversions were very fun. They were glass smooth and several such as the jojo roll and zero-G roll provided excellent hang time. Batman is my second favorite floorless. While it has a very small footprint, the ride is fairly intense and doesn't let up until it hits the brake run. I especially love its zero-G roll and the tight dive loop. Then my least favorite floorless would have to be the first one B&M made, Bizarro. While it definitely is a good ride, there was a good deal of headbanging throughout, something that isn't present on the other two floorless coasters I've been on. Plus, while the inversions were big and graceful, they didn't seem to be overly forceful in my opinion.
  11. I remember going to Knoebels back in 2006 and being bummed out that I would miss this coaster by a year. Turns out I may make a return trip to Knoebels this year and it may not be open yet. Like everyone else, I really hope that Knoebels can get this open soon, but I have to applaud the park for taking on such a unique and difficult coaster concept.
  12. For me, it would have to be Canada's Wonderland's Flight Deck. I know SLCs are notorious for roughness, but this one was way worse than the others that I have been on. At least it was just a 5 minute wait for me.
  13. I've never lost my glasses on roller coasters, but I am kind of weird when it comes to wearing them. Some days I wear them, while other days I decide not to. I've never come close to the entire pair of glasses coming out, but Behemoth last summer almost knocked one of my lenses out after my front seat ride. Needless to say I didn't take my glasses on Behemoth again. One thing that I always avoid is wearing glasses on launched coasters. I just can't see them holding up on something like Kingda Ka or Storm Runner.
  14. Off the top of my head, here are the worst lines I have waited in purely based off of length... 120 minutes- Ripsaw Falls- I rode it the first summer that lapbars were installed. The ride kept breaking down. 90 minutes- Bizarro at Six Flags New England- There were 2 trains, but stacking was very bad and it was during Fright Fest. 90 minutes- Volcano the Blast Coaster- 100+ degree heat and slow dispatches caused this. But the hands down worst line that I have ever waited in was Great Escape's old Nightmare coaster. There were probably 40-50 people ahead of me in line and it was an hour wait. With dispatches over a minute apart and just 2 riders per car, this ride literally was a nightmare.
  15. My 3rd favorite wooden roller coaster is Hershey's Wildcat. I haven't ridden it since they replaced the old PTCs with Millennium Flyers, but I found there to be a ton of ejector air time. Plus I found the entire ride very wild and intense without being too aggressive. I know others found it to be quite rough. Also, I am a fan of Kings Dominion's Hurler. I think I rode it the year after it got retracked so that could explain why. I found the entire ride to be very smooth. Some of the steel coasters that I love that others hate would be Zamperla Volares and Kings Dominion's Shockwave.
  16. For me, the roller coasters that I have ridden most would be a lot of the New England ones such as Excalibur, Bizarro, Pandemonium, Batman- the Dark Knight, Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster (for 10 years I went to Santa's Village, so I may have gone of this about 15-20 times per visit), Yankee Cannonball, and Boulder Dash. The most that I have ridden a roller coaster consecutively would be Excalibur in 2006-2007. I went the weekend before Labor Day and the park was deserted since the Maine schools had already gone back. I literally rode it for 2-3 hours straight and got 35 or so rides in a row.
  17. Wow! It has been a very long time since I have posted an update on this park. With that being said, in now way was this project dead. For the past two years, I have slowly but surely been making many improvements to the park. It was just that until now, I had not gotten around to posting an update. With that being said, here is the current progress of Easton Gardens. Keep in mind, I have not finished adding scenery, so there will be several areas that just seem kind of empty. First off, the park decided to paint the Blue Streak a natural brown color so that the ride blends in with its surroundings better. The ride still kept its distinctive blue trains though and rides just as well! Schwarzkopf was contacted to build the Comet, the park's family coaster. Following the spiral lift, riders are treated to a very steep and thrilling plunge. Despite being more of a family ride, this oddly-shaped hill provides some top notch air time. The rest of the Comet's layout consists of two helixes (one upward and one downward) and a few twists. Wanting to increase its flat ride quota, Easton Gardens decided to add this well landscaped section of spinning rides. Tucked in the corner of the park is the Balloon Race. While not particularly popular, the attraction is still great for families. Next door is Easton Creek Falls, the park's log flume. Off-ride, it is extremely tough to get a good picture of the ride's layout since it meanders through a dense forest. The final plunge is fairly tall for a log flume, and the subsequent splash is an excellent refresher on a hot summer day. Here is the park's Arrow coaster, which is appropriately called the Corkscrew. With Canobie Lake Park being my home park, I had to give it the exact same colors as my local park's Corkscrew. Lines are non-existent for the Corkscrew due to a two train operation...and it may be a bit rough considering it is an Arrow. B&M was contacted to design this delightful, little dive machine. Called the Wild Thing, this coaster may not have any inversions, but it makes up for it with two vertical plunges. If you remember the first park that I ever posted here on TPR, this exact ride was also in my Fun Forest park. The park's signature attraction, Goliath was constructed by Intamin AG. As Goliath begins its rapid ascent via a cable lift, riders can see two of the park's other flat rides, the Sky Diver and the Caterpillar. Goliath has a maximum height of 240ft. Following the mammoth first drop are three outstanding air-time hills. The 3rd hill seen dives underground. Here's a closer picture of Goliath storming underground. After re-emerging, Goliath has yet another air-time hill. After this hill, it dives directly underneath the Water Wheel. After this hill, Goliath zips around a quick turn and then enters its return leg. Here is an overview of a majority of the return leg. Goliath's final element is a tight, downward helix that is very intense. Adjacent to this helix is the park's terrifying top spin, the Twister. Two more flat rides can be seen here in the Whip and the Round-Up. Also, Easton Gardens has a few more thrilling flats next door in the Giant Drop, Crazy Bus, and the Sky Master. Riders are anxiously anticipating the Giant Drop's sudden plunge. Near Wild Thing is this cluster of flat rides. Like I said earlier, I am not done landscaping this park. Surrounding the lake is Surf Glider. Built by B&M, the Surf Glider is a one-of-a-kind attraction, a launched B&M flyer. Riders await the launch. Following the relatively gentle launch is a barrel roll. Most of Surf Glider's layout can be seen here. It consists of several small dips, many barrel rolls, and a few helixes. Surf Glider really brings riders close to the water! Surf Glider's first helix is an upward one, and it is followed by the ride's largest drop, which is 25ft tall. Shortly after, Surf Glider takes riders through its second helix. Here is Surf Glider's final turn. Nearby are several flat rides. A better view of some of the flat rides can be seen here. Finally, I leave you with an overview of the park. Basically all I have left is landscaping the park and adding several food stands. Hopefully, the next update comes much sooner!
  18. While I thought that I finished this park last summer, I decided to open it back up recently just for fun. When I did, I realized that the bottom right-hand corner of the park seemed a bit empty. As a result, I decided to build one final addition to the park, the Forest Flyer. Constructed by Vekoma, the Forest Flyer is a custom SLC. Fortunately, it actually provides a very smooth ride just like Kumali. Inspired by Dorney Park's Hydra, the Forest Flyer has an inversion right away. This barrel roll provides incredible hang time. But the Forest Flyer outdoes Hydra as it has two additional inversions. Seen here, the short train travels through a corkscrew. Then, it is followed by yet another barrel roll. Finally, the train reaches the top of the lift hill. Following the twisting first drop, the Forest Flyer charges underneath one of Excalibur's wicked air-time hills. After this inversion comes the ride's largest drop. Riders towards the back are treated to some fantastic ejector air. Then comes the heart loop, a varient of the standard cobra roll. Before reaching the brake run, the Forest Flyer has two more fantastic inversions. After the brake run, the Forest Flyer treats guests to one final surprise, a 50ft drop that returns them to the station. While realistically I know that this element probably would never happen in real life, it was the only way to complete this coaster. Plus, I really thought it looked cool.
  19. Currently the best coaster at my home park is the Yankee Cannonball. However, there is a chance that this could change after I ride Untamed this year. I've never been on a Euro Fighter before, so I am really looking forward to it.
  20. I just read that it was a 2 alarm fire. Hopefully this attraction isn't in too bad of shape since it was one of my favorite rides there and the best log flume I've been on anywhere except for Splash Mountain.
  21. Glad you had a great birthday at a very nice looking park. Worlds of Fun seems to have a pretty strong coaster collection led by Mamba, Patriot, and Prowler. You didn't have Spinning Dragons at all in your TR. Was it closed for the day or did you just not get any photos of it?
  22. Excellent trip report. I play the Walibi World scenario often in Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, so I really like to see pictures of the park in real life. Goliath looks absolutely sick and I hope I get a chance to ride it someday.
  23. While I personally wish that a mouse coaster was not added, I actually feel that it is a good addition for the park AS LONG as they market it as a family attraction. Sure we have Pandemonium, but the general public will notice a difference between that and Pandemonium. One spins and the other doesn't. As a result, it is a better coaster for kids to ride after they have been on The Great Chase and Catwoman's Whip. Honestly, Six Flags was going to send this to one Six Flags Park, and while I wish that the Six Flags closest to me got something different, I am not at all shocked since we essentially we supposed to get this ride 2 years ago.
  24. I've had a great year thus far. Every park I've visited except Canobie Lake Park (my home park) has been a new park for me. Going on college road trips definitely have their advantages! June Canobie Lake Park- June 25 July Seabreeze- July 17 Darien Lake- July 18 Marineland- July 19 Canada's Wonderland- July 20 Martin's Fantasy Island- July 22 August Six Flags Great Adventure- August 25 and August 26
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