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  1. I think I've been to that Happy Valley or Happy Kingdom. I remember riding that SLC and a haunted house. Can't wait for Ocean Park! I used to go there every year. I go to Hong Kong because I have a duel citizenship but I've only been to HKDL once. Does anyone know when that new coaster that their working on, in Ocean Park, will be completed?
  2. You must got to Islands of Adventure. 3 awesome coasters, great dark rides, and awesome themeing. But as for the other park I would probably be split between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom has more rides but Animal Kingdom has a lot of animal stuff to do.
  3. Front seat of Thunderhead with my dad at Dollywood two days ago.
  4. I love Dollywood's train back when the people robbed the train. I still remember when one of the robbers said "This is a stick up!" The other robber held up a stick above his head. I wish it was still there.
  5. Yea, I was there the 30th and 31st and Timber Tower just broke down on the 30th and was down all day the 31st. But it was fun. It was my first time going there since they started making Thunderhead.
  6. Aren't there a lot of in door rides in Hollywood Studios? You could have gone there.
  7. I've been on 4 coasters with 7 inversions and they are Kumba -Vertical loop -Zero-G Roll -Dive Loop -Cobra Roll -Corkscrew -Corkscrew Montu -Vertical loop -Immelman loop -Zero-G Roll -Batwing -Small vertical loop -Corkscrew Incredible Hulk Coaster -Zero-G Roll -Cobra roll -Vertical loop -Corkscrew -Smaller vertical loop -Corkscrew Kraken -Vertical loop -Dive loop -Zero-G roll -Cobra roll -Smaller vertical loop -Corkscrew
  8. Parks I have been to in 2008: -Busch Gardens Africa -Sea World Orlando -Six Flags over Georgia -Magic Kingdom -Epcot -Disney's Hollywood Studios -Animal Kingdom -Hong Kong Disneyland -Universal Studios Orlando -Islands of Adventure Water Parks I have been to in 2008: -Six Flags White Water in Atlanta (I work there) -Disney's Typhoon Lagoon -Disney's Blizzard Beach Parks I will visit in 2008: -Dollywood and their water park (I can't remember the name of)
  9. Dang! Well, just like everyone else, I missed number 5. Great game though.
  10. I just got back form seeing a sneak preview of Mummy Curse of the Dragon Emperor. It was actually better than I thought. After doing two movies in Egypt, I thought that having one in China would be too much. I was wrong. It was actually pretty good. It has many funny parts, lots of action, and great FX. Overall 9/10
  11. Man! Compared to the practice round, this duckie game was harder than I thought. I had to go through the pictures twice just to see if I missed any. It ended up that I missed one, so I was glad that I went over them twice. I'm going to go with 9 duckies.
  12. Ninja at SFOG. Just thinking about that coaster makes my head hurt.
  13. I agree with MiamiBoii4392 I can't stand the Jonas Bros. My sister is obsessed with them and it sucks listening to them all the time.
  14. I haven't seen any new movies recently but the latest movie I saw was 3:10 to Yuma and it was awesome. I also have tickets to see the screening for the movie Swing Vote on Wednesday when it comes on Friday. I also just got tickets to see the sneak preview screening of the new Mummy movie on Thursday.
  15. Hey I'm Jason and I'm a wave pool lifeguard at Six Flags White Water in Atlanta. The closest park to me is Six Flags over Ga. My favorite theme park is Epcot but I don't know why. It doesn't have a single coaster. I'm also a student and in a week I'll be at Sea World, BGA, and Blizzard Beach. I haven't been to Blizzard Beach at all and haven't been to Sea World since Journey to Atlantis was built.
  16. Awesome TR. That Steel Hawg coaster looks sick. I wish more parks had a coaster like that one.
  17. Holy crap I was working at White Water that year I wish I could have known you guys earlier because I could have given you my employee locker for free
  18. Goliath was one of my favorite rides there too but superman was just ok the first loop was awesome but after that it gets boring and I've never seen the park that empty it's kind of weird
  19. dude that's awesome I've always wanted to go to White Castle but there isn't any near where I live
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