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  1. That's exactly what happened to me. Before this site turned me into a coaster nerd, I thought that the Mind Eraser (SLC) in Six Flags America was awesome. Also now that this site became part of my life, I never really realized that Goliath, at SFOG, had so much airtime.
  2. I've used Skoosh.com once during my spring break of 08 for a trip to Orlando. The room we got was at the Quality Inn near the world's most unique Mcdonalds on International Drive. Overall the room kind of sucked, even though everything worked in the room, but then again my mom works for Hyatt so I'm kind of spoiled by those 5 star hotels. But as for the price, we paid around 20-30 bucks so it wasn't too bad.
  3. Yea, I'm thinking about either going Thanksgiving week or on my winter break.
  4. That tilt-shift thing is awesome I didn't even know about it until now. Oh, and those are awesome tilt-shift CP photos.
  5. I just sent you a friend request. My profile picture is of Michael Jackson molesting me.
  6. I myself, had never blacked out on a roller coaster. I get dizzy sometimes, but that only if I ride it multiple times. But my sister on the other hand, blacks out a lot. Pretty much every inverted coaster she'd been on, she'd blacked out on. And she had also blacked out on Kumba.
  7. Hey Big Mike one of the commercials just aired. I just caught the end of it.
  8. Jason: Marietta Ga- SFOG (about 30-45 minutes away)
  9. Undeniable proof that you guys weren't looking hard enough. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyAhzOmH3ks Go to minute 7:27 It's there. I also want to see you fight through all the kids to get to it.
  10. Dude, we had Electric Company. But even that was not as crazy as this. You know that they are bringing Electric Company back right? Here is their website. http://pbskids.org/electriccompany/ Man I have no life.
  11. About a year and a half ago my family and I went on the Navigator of the Seas. It was awesome, but there was a storm at Labadee so we could not dock with the other small boats that brought you to shore. And because of that we spent two days at sea rather than one to get to Jamaica.
  12. Did you know that on Test Track, in EPCOT, in the hot room, if you look to the left, you can see two eggs cooking on aluminum foil. Also on Test Track, in the cold room, if you look to the left again, you can see Popsicles freezing. Did you know that, in Islands of Adventure, in Doom Alley ( the alley you walk through to get to the main entrance of Doctor Doom's Fear Fall), if you look to the left, you can see a Venom (villain in the Spider Man series) bust. Did you know that, in Disney's Hollywood Studios, to the left of the main entrance to the Indiana Jones' show, there is a rope that runs into a hole in the ground. And to the left of that rope there is a sign that says "Do not pull rope", and if you do, a voice from inside the hole will say something.
  13. That's what they are doing right now, blue lights and mist. I went through earlier today to see it but it was very disappointing.
  14. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/files/imgp0672_135.jpg Whoa! I was at USF earlier today and I did not notice that hole in the building. They had a tent blocking it so it would be hard to see.
  15. Looks like I will be the first to demand something. At the Magic Kingdom go to Cinderella's Carousel and take a picture of your self riding Cinderella's horse. (Hint: Cinderella's horse has a gold ribbon tied to it's tail)
  16. Since I have three email addresses, you have three more votes. Good luck on getting to Disney.
  17. Firefox version 3.0.3 I can only see the first video even after I just updated my flash player.
  18. So far I have only been on two floorless coasters: Kraken and Floorless Sheikra I like Kraken because of all of the inversions. And I like sitting in the front of Sheikra at night. Overall my favorite would have to be Kraken.
  19. I am in love with Dive loops. After I rode Kumba at BGA, I was hooked. Then I rode Kraken for the first time this year and thought that dive loop was orgasmic.
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