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  1. ^^I did the program in Spring 2010 and I worked at Animal Kingdom and our costuming is very far away from the park so I got to check out 5 pairs of costumes. The Washers and Dryers are card operated and the cards cost $1. I can't remember how much each wash or dry cycle cost though. I hope this helps and I also hope you get in the CP.
  2. Tower for me. It's thrilling and has awesome themeing.
  3. This year I participated in the Disney College Program so I went to the Orlando area parks countless times. So this year, the parks I've been to are: Universal Studios Florida" Islands of Adventure" SeaWorld Orlando(3X) Magic Kingdom" EPCOT" Disney's Hollywood Studios" Animal Kingdom"(Work there) Old Town* Fun Spot* Six Flags Great Adventure* Hershey Park* Canada's Wonderland* *=First visit "=Visited to many times to count
  4. Aww come on, the back stage of Expedition Everest is sooo much cooler.
  5. I really felt like I was going to get stabbed there. But at least we got the credits at those parks though. Man that lady did a very bad job filming us. That video was not worth the $15 we spent on it.
  6. Watching POV's on YouTube brought me here in early 2008
  7. Since I'm doing the WDW College Program next semester, it'll probably be be one of those 4 parks after January 6th.
  8. Wow, I stayed in that exact hotel the last time I was at Amsterdam. It did suck that it was a 30 min. train ride to the city center but we got a discount because my mom works for that hotel's company's corporate office. Did you go to the Red Light District?
  9. It's a shame that you did not ride Saw the ride. To me it was an awesome ride. The dark ride portion did not have anything that jumped out at you. Man, you should have rode it.
  10. Yea, you can cut across the carousel hill to get to Superman. I do that all the time.
  11. Yes, that happened about 30 minutes from where I live at Waterworld Concord. As you said, the kids did a chain, one stopped partway down the slide, and the rest in line bombarded past the lifeguard to make their 'longest chain' in the history of their high school, which resulted in collapsing. It happened the same day my school did their 6th grade trip to what was then PGA. But yea...where are the lifeguards? Epic fail on their part. If you were the lifeguard/ride-attendant at the top of the slide and 60 kids run past you, there's nothing you can do. Supposedly you shouldn't leave the area you are at, and the only way you can stop them is by physically blocking them from getting on. But seriously would you put yourself in front of 60+ kids running at you to get on the slide? I wouldn't. You would get run over.
  12. You know if it is cool enough, I may ride the Dueling Dumbos just for the line. I really have no memory of ever riding the Dumbo ride when I was a kid, but I probably have and don't remember it. I think I'll ride the next time I go.
  13. To tell you the truth, I never noticed that the drop got modified until now, and I have been going about every year since it first opened. Doesn't matter, I still get that OMFG moment at the top of that drop every time.
  14. When I was last there in late May, they didn't have a net under the lift hill. So when I filmed the train going up the lift hill, I was afraid that someone would drop something at me or spit on me. Luckily that didn't happen.
  15. Here's a video update from Magic City Mayhem showing the progress since July.
  16. ^ Thank you so much. I was wondering how to access the other songs on that ride.
  17. You know, out of all the times that I've been to BGT, I've never seen that Sheikra statue.
  18. Ya when I was working for White Water at Atlanta last year, we had a person form Ellis as the manager for all aquatics operations. That guy made us point and look at the edges of our water every 10 seconds. It got pretty annoying when doing that all day and having guests ask why are you pointing at the water so much.
  19. I've been to Dollywood so many times but I've never tried the skillet food (always ate the buffet) or the cinnamon bread. I didn't even know that the cinnamon bread even existed. I must try it next time I go.
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