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  1. So do I, but you don't see me begging parks to let me climb lift hills. I'll be at PKI's Italian Job Media Day this week http://www.johnnyupsidedown.com/files/events/2002/sup9.jpg?SSImageQuality=Full I found a pic of him. I thought he was much younger that that. lol He sounds like one of those persons that you feel ashamed to be grouped in the same category with (an enthusiast). Like those enthusiasts that go around spouting facts at you while in the que lines. I'm like shut up!!! I know where rcdb.com is!!! If I was 70 years old too (lol) I guess I could have easily ridden 600 coasters. I'm already at 101 and I'm only 33. lol I guess at this rate I'll pass him before I reach his age. lol
  2. I think it was Thunder Road at PC. Grit your teeth, bear the load, enjoy your ride on Thunder Road!
  3. I was terrified of coasters as a kid. Weird thing is that I got really upset that I couldn't go on the Great Gasp at SFOG when I was like 5 or 6. I guess it wasn't height that scared me about them. lol Mindbender at SFOG was what I credit as getting me hooked on coasters. After that trip I really started to love them.
  4. What you have to remember is that this article would be written for the General public, not enthusiasts. To the GP the world's tallest wooden coaster sounds impressive. Although I think it's funny they mentioned Borg Assimilator (at my home park) as the loopiest coaster in the south (which is not true) and fail to mention that it was the first flying coaster in the world.
  5. I joined in April 2004. As far as our "ecentric members", it's like anything you join. There are always weirdos. I go to a lot of Christian concerts and festivals, and there are even weirdos in the Christian community so anytime you get a bunch of people together, there's always going to be weird ones. I like ACE so far, I like the publications, although the magazine could be a bit bigger.
  6. I just passed the century mark. 101 for me. I'll be adding about 20 to that count in less than 2 weeks KY and OH here I come!
  7. http://www.thegravitygroup.com/hades/pages/47.htm ^^ How is that possible on a woody?
  8. I know who that probably was with the Cowboy hat. That's "Cowboy Bill" as the local ACErs call him. He's at all the ACE events and lives in Gastonia (just west of Charlotte). Glad you guys had a good time. The flyers rock! 8)
  9. My trip was a lot of fun. In regard to Georgia Cyclone they've done a good job retracking since my last ride on it a few years ago. Last time it beat you to death, this time was much better. If they'd take that *explitive* seat divider out of the trains then the ride would be about perfect. It still stands as my #3 Woody. Insane coaster. It goes on forever.
  10. I was just there Sunday. First off. Deja Vu is still down don't get your hopes up. They didn't even bother putting an attendant there at the entrance. lol I heard from one of the local ACErs that if SFOG can't get it running this year, it will be gone for good. That's a rumor of course, but probably somewhat reliable. Too bad, the one ride I got on it was awesome! Acrophobia is back running great, it's an awesome ride! My favorite rides there and well worth the wait: Deja Vu (if by some miracle it's open) Mindbender (classic Schwarzkopf) Georgia Scorcher (my favorite standup) Georgia Cyclone (Great Cyclone..er..Clone) Superman (yeah it's a bit boring layout-wise, but I still loved it) GASM (Oldie but goodie) Expect big crowds on a Saturday, my advice get in the park before 9:30. They start running Georgia Scorcher at 9:30!!!
  11. Well part of that might be due to the fact that the two times I've been have been on busy Saturdays. This summer I'll be up there on a Friday, so I'm expecting better things from PKI. I'm looking forward to riding IJ on media day
  12. Next Sunday I'll be at SFOG and hope it is up and running. It was my first coaster that had inversions and still is a kickin ride even after all these years. Even though SFOG still doesn't know how to count. It only has 2 inversions people!!!
  13. To call PKI a crappy park is a little overboard to me. The Beast alone is still a huge draw for me and is my favorite wooden coaster. Don't ask me why, it just has that "X Factor" to it for me. PKI however could do with some improvements in general but I wont' get into all that. The thing I found hillarious was reading on a certain site *Cough*PKICentral*Cough* how Carowinds was going to ruin the flyers by slowing them down and by the paint job, etc, etc, etc. Now one of their faithful has ridden the flyers in their new home and said they actually run better at Carowinds and he actually called Carowinds the "jewel of the Paramount chain" which in some ways I have to agree with. PKD and PKI have become too ghetto and I don't always feel safe in either park especially on a busy Saturday when all the "hood" comes out to "play". lol :shock:
  14. Ubber Coolness. They have not aged well at all :o I wrote up a little story myself on ThrillNetwork if you want to check it out. http://www.thrillnetwork.com/stories_view.php/958 Happy Days was one of my favorite shows growing up. I'm glad to see that Tom and Marion are not stuck up to the point that they won't do appearances. Ok, so Carowinds had Merdith Baxter an 80's star for Media day, these two for this (70's)...who will be next? The 60's??? lol Maybe they'll roll out the ghost of Ron Serling.
  15. Thanks for the info! I have something in common with you. My company I work for *cough*Bank of America*cough* actually bought the right to use Disney's "magic" or "spirit" (can't remember what you guys call it at Disney) phylosophy about customer service. I'll have to check up on you guys "spirit" next fall. lol
  16. BGW is my favorite. Especially when they had Drachenfire and you rode inbetween one of the supports. R.I.P. Drachenfire.
  17. Am I right in my understanding that if you stay at one of the "Discount Disney" hotels, you still have access to the shuttles/trams? We're thinking of going down to Orlando next year (in part due to Everest).
  18. SFOG without a doubt is the worst I've seen so far. I had a slight problem with line jumpers on Acro the year it opened and no one gave a flip about it and actually made the situation worse.
  19. http://www.thrillnetwork.com/stories_view.php/937 There's a link to my story I posted on thrillnetwork. Enjoy. Here's a link to my album for opening day at the park http://community.webshots.com/album/307905852KWEVUM
  20. Media Day is May 19th and I'll be there Hopefully they'll do it like Carowinds and let you ride it for a couple hours. I'm looking forward to this one. I'll be there the next day as well, got to ride Beast!!!!
  21. I haven't gotten around to uploading my pics from Wednesday (too busy riding the flyers Friday night and Saturday) 8) Meredith walked right past me TWICE!!! Aren't I special? Anyway, I hope to be doing a write-up for Thrillnetwork soon and will post a link if you're nice to me I got some good pics too but you've probably already seen the same stuff. I'm a newbie to snapping and I got it down by about my 4th or 5th ride on Saturday. Then it's like a bike, once you know it it's pretty easy. I'm so glad we got the flyers (not happy for you PKIers) but hey they're here, I'm glad they are too. It could have been worse. PKI could have trashed them. And I didn't know till this weekend that they originally operated at Coney Island NY. 8)
  22. ^^ I agree. Paramount honestly didn't do much at all with the parks. At first they had the Star Trek guys walking around and such, but they really didn't start doing tie-ins with Viacom companies/products until the past 5 years. I just hope they can keep all the parks together as a "package" I'd hate to have to buy a one-day pass to PKD lol!!! With the exception of PKI, I think Cedar Fair buying the parks would be a good move. I don't think Cedar Fair would jack up the prices or anything if they bought PKI. Look at GL, they are still only charging like $27 for admission!
  23. I've been up there on holidays and haven't experienced any problems. Honestly since the year Apollo (1999) opened, it hasn't been crowded one time that I've been back. And we always are there on weekends too because of my friends schedules we can't go during the week. And BTW, if you go to Carowinds during the week, honestly you can do everything within one day. It's never crowded at PC but on Saturdays.
  24. Sounds like you guys could do a money mangement DVD too!!! LOL! That woud be funny...alright in order to go to Japan you've got to save X number of dollars. Let's watch as Joe tries to save his money. Should he: A) Blow his whole paycheck on Coaster DVDs? X B) Waste all his money on games at his local amusement park? X C) Squander his pay away on the video game Donkey Hunter 3000? X D) Actually put some of his money in the bank so that he can go to Japan? Ding ding ding!!!
  25. Well I just got a huge kink (and a good one) thrown in to my plans. I'm planning on going on a mission trip to Mexico in July, so I'm going to shorten my June trip to the following I think... SFKK, PKI, GL and maybe Kennywood. I'm planning on being at CP for my FIRST Coastermania!!! w00t!! :shock:
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