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  1. How is the landing from the sky jump, Do you hit with much force? I would love to do it when I am out in vegas but I broke my hip a few years ago and I am concerned about the force of the landing. Great trip report, We are arriving in vegas on September 18th and we can't wait.
  2. My wife and I are planning a trip out to California and I have a few questions. We are planning on going to Magic Mountain Saturday Sept. 25th and Oct. 2nd, any ideas on what the lines will be like? Would it benefit me to buy a gold flash pass? I also see they have a flash pass with 2 rides in a row, Is this for selected seats or can you pick what seat you want to sit in? They also mention about buying a space on x2, Any clues on that? Also, my wife would like to attend a taping of the price is right, I have read numerous articles that say to get there early but that was when Bob Barker was hosting, does anyone know if this still holds true with Drew? We are planning on going to legoland Sunday the 26th, Will one day be enough at this park? Does this park get crowded on Sept. weekends? Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Does anyone know if they sell any of the Statix models at Busch Gardens Tampa or Seaworld, I happen to be down in the area but I dont want to go to the park if I cannot pick them up at this time. I did see they are making some for Busch, but I dont know if they received them yet. Thanks in advance
  4. I will be in Daytona the week of Sept. 21st thru the 28th, We were not planning on going to disney but then I have been reading great things about Mnsshp and I am wondering is it worth the 1 1/2 hour drive? Also, Is there a difference between the premium dates vs. the regular ones (Besides the price?) Are they premiun dates because they are on weekends? I understand that it starts at 7:00 PM, but they leave people in early, Does anyone know what time you can get in? Thanks in advance for the info
  5. I live in PA. and I would like to plan a trip flying in to Wisconsin (Dells) and then maybe driving to Holiday World, stopping at any other parks along the way that might be worthwhile, also driving back to PA (I have done cedarpoint, sfkk, Kings Island and Kennywood). I checked out some sites that have amusement parks listed but they do not have them all listed. Any ideas on how I can find out which parks are along the route (In the area) and are worthwhile stopping at? I plan on doing this in a one week period at the beginning of June so it can't get too crazy but I would like to hit a few parks at least. Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide.
  6. We are planning a trip to Six Flags New England for the first time and I had a few questions. 1. We are only able to go on a weekend in August, Is the park very crowded this time of year? Is it worth getting a Qbot? Can you pick what seats you want on the coasters with a Qbot? 2. Are two days on a weekend enough to see the whole park? 3. I saw on the web site they have quite a few hotels listed, Any recommendations? 4. Any other parks or sights nearby, That are worth checking out? Thainks in advance for all the info
  7. We are planning on stopping at Carowinds March 26th on own way down to Florida. Any idea on how crowded the park will be due to Easter weekend and if we will need more than one day to cover the park? Also, we are planning a trip out to Kings Island this summer. If we purchase a season pass at Carowinds are we able to use it at Kings Island? (I did not see this mentioned on either web site) Any idea on the opening day of Italian Job: Stunt Track at PKI? Thanks in advance.
  8. We will be leaving Florida on the 7th of April. so I guess the crowds will be busier than usual for that time of year (Due to Easter & Spring Break). Thanks for the info on the travel time between parks, I forgot to ask about that.
  9. My wife and I are planning a trip to Florida and on the way back we are thinking of stopping at Wild Adventures and then Six Flags over Georgia. My question is how much time should we plan for Wild Aventures and Sfog. We noticied that Wild Adventures has a zoo that my wife would like to check out. Is a day enough for both parks? Would it be possible to squeeze Wild Adventures in a 1/2 day and still do most everything? Any help would be appreciated
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