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  1. ^ Anything is possible. It's just not probible. I can't recall any park except the Six Flags parks adding two major coasters in one year. And we all know what happened to the finances of Six Flags now don't we??? Busch is too smart to go into debt up to their eyeballs like Six Flags did. Busch seems to be very conservitive when they invest and they usually wait and do something really good instead of just adding a crappy coaster every 2 years. I just don't understand why it's taken so long for BGW to get a coaster.
  2. ^ There were also rumors of a lawsuit. It's strange that they've kept the Drachenfire station and the houses for the trains!!! It makes me think we might see another coaster in the spot sometime soon. I've been wishing for a woody or a custom floorless for BGW for a long time now. They need a new coaster badly. 1999 was Apollo. Since then they have removed 2 coasters. One problem with that. Dukes of Hazzard has nothing to do with Europe. BGW is a European themed park.
  3. ^^ What I normally do as far as going around the park is park at the South Gate, I hit Top Gun first then go to your right around the park. You'll next come to Nick Central and our beloved flyers!!! Or if you go counterclockwise you can hit Thunder Road (racer woody) and then finish with the flyers!! It seems that more people use the North Gate. But it's hard to tell since I'm always there an hour earlier than the GP for Platinum ERT!!! 8) Oh by the way.... If you are a member of ACE you get HALF OFF at Carowinds!!! http://www.aceonline.org/discounts/
  4. ^^ NASHVILLE VALLEY has gone out of business. That's what a Nashville local told me. I don't know, maybe because I've been to a few really bad Six Flags I didn't think too badly of Beech Bend!!! LOL It's not somewhere I'd go all the time, but I enjoyed my time there. But the park was empty on a Sunday morning when I went in May so I could ride everything multiple times. Surprisingly the little looping star or whatever it's called wasn't too rough. It's a traveling model, so I wasn't expecting much. The loop is pretty intense since it's so small. The gravatron though felt like it was going to fly apart during my ride!!! Not the kind of scary I like on a thrill ride!!
  5. Lake Winnie has a tilt-a-whirl. I'm not sure about the other ride you mentioned. There's another park I went to this year that had one, I can't remember if it was Beech Bend or Holiday World. Lake Winnie had a great collection of old flats.
  6. Borg has the same layout except that it has corkscrews instead of inline rolls, and also it does not have a helix at the end like the other two do. Since we're talking about Borg and such, I also want to point out that the park put on MAGNETIC brakes for this season!!! It's such a smooth stop on the brake run now!!! Last year I had to push on the leg restraints to reduce the awful jerking motion it caused.
  7. Did they shorten the ride time on Tomb Raider??? It seemed so much shorter this time than it did in 2002 when I was last up there before this May. I still like it, it's just way too short.
  8. Awesome pics and TR!!! Wes "Wishes he had enough money to travel to Europe" Connell
  9. ^ I'd actually like to see a park built in Columbia. It's only like 1.5 hours from my house (now that I-485 is finally open to the South). It'd be awesome to have two parks within a short driving distance. I'm 25 minutes from Carowinds. I think we might see it within the next 10 years or so if the Hard Rock park gets off to a good start, maybe we'll see a park in Columbia. I'm so jealous of people that live in PA or CA and have like 7 parks to choose from.
  10. I've been on 3 suspended so far I think and by far Big Bad Wolf blew Iron Dragon and Top Gun out of the water. BBW is actually an intense coaster, without actually beating the crap out of you like Top Gun can do. Top Gun is like being put in a blender at spots. lol
  11. ^ I agree. I feel exactly the same way. I've been on S:UF, Batwing and Borg (of course).
  12. He started his company with $40, not Disneyland. I work for Bank of America and basically Bank of America is responsible for Disneyland. Nobody wanted to give him the money, at the time a "theme park" was a radical idea and costed far too much money in their eyes. Well of course Mr. Disney proved everyone wrong when it was a huge success. Basically you need to have some capital (money) of your own, maybe have some rich investors and then get loans as well. Much like everyone else said. It also helps if you're in a region where you wouldn't have too much competition (like you wouldn't open up across the street from SFMM). It's not impossible to do, it's just kind of difficult today with the way the economy has been. But the past year and this year have turned into good years for the amusement industry, so I can see us staying out of the slump if this keeps up. I think the "sting" of 9/11 is over, and most people aren't afraid of terrorists enough to not go on vacation anymore.
  13. B&M all the way!!! I was looking at my Top 10 list (readjusting some things) and like 5 or 6 of my Top 10 are B&Ms!!!
  14. This comes from the Paramount's Carowinds newsletter sent yesterday. They had an article stating the following: Here's the direct link to the AOL list. http://aolsvc.digitalcity.com/newyork/cityattractions/?page=toptenthemeparkthrills&photo=9 I'm sorry, but this is the 2nd time in recent history that Carowinds has been called "best in the country" for something (there's a list that was done by msnbc.com I believe that said Carowinds was one of the Top 10 parks in the country). I'm not here to berate (sp?) the park and put it down, but I would hardly call Borg a top 10 attraction in the country. Unfortuantley like the ads for the coaster last year, it's a little deceptive saying that the coaster has 8 inversions when it really only has about 5 if you count each flipover as a half inversion like you should. Oh well, I'm glad that the park is getting recognized, it just seems like it's always something for the CP fanboys to make fun of when it does happen. lol And don't take this the wrong way, I love Borg and I'm glad we got it. I just wouldn't rank it up there with Kingda Ka and TTD.
  15. I don't think these have been mentioned yet.. Oaken Bucket from Carowinds ( a rotter ) I loved that ride! Little Rock-N-Roller Coaster from Opryland (hey the kids got to have something to ride) plus it was my first coaster. Chaos - Opryland http://www.rcdb.com/ig164.htm?picture=1 The special effects were cheesy, but it was way ahead of it's time.
  16. Let the Road Trip planning begin!!!! If this turns out to be true I'm already planning on renewing my Six Flags pass next year.
  17. Wow again. Wow. I can't believe all the self-operated rides!!! I guess that's how they can afford to run these smaller parks. No having to pay minimum wage to a teen that has a nasty attitude like at certain US parks. lol Have fun and be safe.
  18. Wow Tivoli looks gorgeous. Makes BGW look like a Six Flags, ok maybe not but you catch my drift. Hope you have a good trip. Looks fun! Wes "Wishes he was there" Connell
  19. Carowinds - 25 minutes Jeepers Concord Mills - 15 minutes (does that mean it's my home park?)
  20. This might have already been said but one of the biggest problems is that Vekoma has a gap between the rails and the wheels on the coaster train. As a result you get a lot more bumping around (especially on the SLCs (Supsended looping coaster). T2 is without a doubt the worst coaster ride I've ever had and it's a SLC. Also, it seems that Vekoma has designed all their restraints for maximum headbanging results.
  21. Cool. The gravitron at Beech Bend felt like it was going to fall apart mid-ride. lol :shock: Wes "Misses the old Rotor at Carowinds" Connell
  22. As always, Thunder Road at PC. I usually start my loop at Top Gun and work my way around the park that way and end at TR. http://www.rcdb.com/ig84.htm?picture=2 Sunday is bring a friend day. Yeah crowds!!!
  23. Interestign article. Confirms what I've been hearing about Intamin not have that hot of a safety record. I still think changing the restraints on the hypers was rediculous when the death was caused by the rider and operater, not the design of the coaster or train.
  24. Carowinds isn't the only park that doesn't allow "childless-adults" on the kiddie coasters. I know that PKI and IOA do too. I don't know how but I got lucky one day and got my credit on Taxi Jam, the op looked at me kind of funny but she let me ride. I heard from someone that they started doing it because teenagers were getting on there and scaring the little kids. I tried to ride the PKI version the other week and they wouldn't let me on, no biggie.
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