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  1. Just got an email from the Southeast Rep of ACE with the same press release, so it pretty much looks like a done-deal. Sell it to Lake Winnie!!!
  2. ^ That or Carowinds. Carowinds: Land of the used rides. lol I hope someone buys it. I'd hate to see it trashed. I'm soooooooooo glad I rode it in April when I was down there.
  3. Thanks Robb!!! Those things that test the "hand-choppers" are hillarious looking. Wes "can't wait to ride this next November" Connell
  4. Amen to that sister! And as far as the brakes on Hypersonic's front side, yeah they engage you can hear them release after the train goes over every time. It seems like just barely tap the train though. And no I'm not thinking of the huge air release from the compressor you hear after it launches either
  5. Good to see it at this park and not at the other park. I'm planning a Disney/Orlando/Tampa trip next year and plan to hit this park.
  6. ^ I knew about the brakes on the face of the side you go up. Thank goodness for those things. Otherwise I'd have PURPLE legs. lol :shock:
  7. Ok to not ask a dumb question (there are no dumb questions after all, or at least that's what trainers always say)... What stops Hypersonic on a rollback from flying backwards? Are there some type of brakes on the launch section? Hypersonice is painful for me and I really only ride once per visit. My first ride was very painful, I didn't hear the announcement about not raising my hands. I had blue legs the next day!
  8. I don't think they've ever had a rollback. It's not as big a hill. And that thing has no problem getting over. It's got brakes on the vertical section going up to slow it down! The invertigo at SFA valleyed in the boomerang 2 years ago right after I had ridden it (about a week after I was there). There were people on it too!
  9. What the!!??!! I'm a tram. :? The Parking Lot Tram: The uncredited workhorse of the Disneyland resort. You take visitors from the largest parking lot on earth to the front door of Disneyland and back again. You aren't the picture of glamour and most wouldn't even think you provide any sort of excitment, but without you no fun could be had at all. You don't mean to, but you seem often sour. You get little respect and sometimes get losts of scorn, but yet you are faithful and eager to please. People need you and you need them. Your simpleness is the perfect backdrop to showcase the eager smiles of children riding you for their first time to the Happiest Place on Earth.
  10. Yesterday the whole site was not working when I tried to click on forums.
  11. Well considering that the average age of most boards seems to be 12, then 33 seems old to them you know. An 8-bit computer cost $1000!!!! Wow. I bet it took 20 minutes to boot up!!! I remember how slow the old monster Apples used to be. My first home model was a SNES I think. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, so I always had to play Atari at someone else's house. lol
  12. Ok, so the Smurfs thread I started got started into video games and I was thinking how many old games can you guys remember... BTW I was a total arcade junkie back in the 80's all the way through high school (graduated in 1990). Yikes! :shock: Let's do arcade first, then the meriad of Atari's etc is probably endless. Pac-Man Ms. Pac-Man (why was it Ms. anyway) Baby Pac-Man (had a pinball machine in it didn't it) Joust! Donkey Kong ( I heard it was supposed to be called Monkey Kong, but they misspelled all of them!!!) Altered Beast Golden Axe Dig Dug! Tetris (what an annoying game, that's why I played it) lol Hmmmm... That's all I can think of right now... Alright all us old farts see what you can come up with.
  13. Colecovision!!! I haven't thought about Colecovision in ages!! Those graphics were horrible! lol If that was HIGH RESOLUTION, I'd hate to see what crap LOW RESOLUTION looked like back then. lol The TV versions were always horrible, not that the arcade ever was that good back then. I bought two plug-n-plays recently, the Ms. (why was it Ms when she was married?) PacMan one and then Genesis set with Altered Beast and others. I wasted so many $$$ in Altered Beast machines!!! Now if only I had a pinball machine my 80's flashback would be complete.
  14. What do they do if you don't want to scan your finger? I personally do not like this at all. They can say all they want that they aren't scanning your finger print but I don't believe them.
  15. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/topnews.php?id=10444 Apparantley our blue friends are coming back, but not to the Paramount Parks. This time they are headed to the big screen in honor of their 50 anniversary. Wow I can't believe Smurfs are that old!
  16. ^ Dude every coaster accelerates. That doesn't make it a launch coaster. They were simply saying that the coaster would accelerate when it went down the first hill. That's all. You're reading WAY too much into that.
  17. Apollo's Chariot (very dark!), Beast, Thunder Road, Carolina Goldrusher (lights off in the tunnel), IJST.
  18. How do we change the title from "current donkey enthusiast" or whatever to a custom one? I've looked all over profile and such and can't find it.
  19. Near as I can tell it was Little Rock N' Rollercoaster at Opryland Opryland R.I.P. If not that one it was Space Mountain (WDW) scared the crap out of me!!!
  20. I'd love to have a rollback. I'd also love to ride it period. lol Cedar Point = 10 hour drive. We'll get back one of these days.
  21. I laughed so hard I about got myself in trouble at work. lol That was hillarious. I'm just glad you weren't hurt.
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