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  1. MattyD is not liking all the third person talking! Seriously, I was enjoying this topic but it seems to have gone to 'Weird RollerCoaster Enthusiasts' rather than 'Weird Rollercoasters'!!! The site I saw this one on said it was fully functioning and built in a school gym! I honestly can't see how this is fully functioning (you'd come off on the corners surely?!) but if it is then it must fit into the wierd rollercoasters catagory! Hope to see some more in actual parks soon, this topic is really interesting! Matt Back on topic, How about this then?
  2. Thanks for posting these, having only been to Disney World (and Driving The Liberty Belle - oh yeah! I was about 8, I thought I was actually controlling it ok?!) it is nice to see the comparisons! Also nice to see a different kind of TR, it's generally the TR's with something a bit different in them that I find most interesting, good work! Matt
  3. ^^ Well Said! It is not fair to judge him completely based on his myspace, his mistakes and what his parents have said, you have to take all of those with a pinch of salt! If you combine the 'parents think he's an angel' with the view given by myspace and then the fact he was stupid enough to be in a restricted area under a fast moving rollercoaster he sounds like a fairly normal teenage boy to me! I've really grown up the last few years but I know as a teenage boy you are constantly thinking about sex, socializing, drinking and your image, so it wouldn't suprise me if this lad was trying to brag on his myspace to make him feel big and impressive but was still a little angel at home with his family. We shouldn't judge - we don't know him and never will so it's not our place to judge him! It was a very stupid decision though! Matt
  4. ^ Thank you! That makes sense, I can see it now! I knew I was probably missing something but I kept reading two fences and only noticed the perimeter fence! Much appreciated! Matt
  5. Just a quick question but could anyone point out the second fence on that photograph? I keep looking and can only see one so i am confused as to how he could have entered over two fences from the parking lot?! Other than that, I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said, condolences to the family etc, will be interesting to see this all pan out and the effect it has on the Six Flags image. Matt
  6. Ah Man that sucks! I wasn't on the Midwest Trip so I don't necessarily get any inside jokes but I still found your midwest comics hilarious! It's a real shame your not going to do anymore for a while, I'm always excited to read the new ones, however, I know it must take ages to produce these and sometimes there are other (more important) things that take up your time, so I hope any other projects you have on the go are going well and hopefully we will see some new Lil' Robby Robb comics in the future! Please don't stop completely, I'm going to miss your comics! Matt
  7. Thanks for keeping us up to date on a day to day basis Mike, it's nice to see what you guys are up to and all the fun you're having whilst I'm stuck at work! But seriously, that's real dedication and I am really enjoying the trip reports, but please make sure you have plenty of time left after writing these reports, you need to get the bar credits as well!!! Matt
  8. Artist/Band Name: Barry Cunliffe Album Name: Send Him To His Grave (Sorry, I used the last 5words!) - I can't get to the pictures because of filtering at work but I thought the band/album names were worth posting anyway!!!
  9. My coaster count is far too low but I suppose I reached a Semi-Milestone last year - #25 Jungle Coaster - Legoland Windsor! Atleast it was before they installed those weird sneeze-guard roof things! Matt 'My Coaster Count Is Frankly Embarrassing' Downes
  10. Hey Mike! I got quoted - I am truly honoured! Looking forward to the Europe updates, it's a shame I couldn't go on the trip and won't be able to hop the channel and pay you a visit during it, but if not this year there's always next year (When you will no doubt have collected every credit on the planet and will have started again!!!) - let me know if you're ever in jolly old England! Have fun in Europe! Matt
  11. That billboard is brilliant - now if only we could find a way to really get it put up!!! I haven't posted in your thread for quite a while now because I have been so busy enjoying your adventures I haven't got around to commenting on anything! It's great to see the self-promotion's going well (onpoint and a billboard - bravo!) and you're still enjoying the roadshow! Keep up the good work Mike! Matt
  12. I only had paint to work with but hope this will do! Space Mountain - RCT Style!
  13. Bench The Ride? ^I'm also going to be upset now if this isn't a Hannah Montana themed ride, not that it really affects me over here in England... but it could pave the way for some Hannah Montana Rides all over the world!!! On a more serious note, I still think Robb raised a fair point that we could be getting excited over nothing, it could still turn out to be a new water main or something! Matt
  14. I agree with both sides of this argument, I don't think there is any reason why we shouldn't be trying to make rides as safe as possible, safer rides is a good thing for all of us, however, rides are already safer than many other things in this world so i think people getting sue-happy could cause a lot of problems for the industry and spoil the ride experience for all of us! So I can see both sides of the argument, but really this was just a very unfortunate accident, just like a plane crash or car crash or falling down the stairs, could it have been prevented? probably, but it's much easier to criticize in hindsight! Oh, and I know baiting mods is bad, but I just thought it was amusing that you didn't use the spellchecker on that response! No offence meant! Matt
  15. Not a problem, I am only saying it because I honestly do enjoy your comics (and your trip reports for that matter!) and you really do have a talent! Also I think it's important to praise people when you think they're doing something really good, I am a musician and I know that when even one person says they really enjoyed the gig or they think I am good at what I do it makes it all worth while so just thought I'd pass on some encouragement! Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next installment! Matt
  16. Loving the new theming on X Tomi! I really enjoy your comics and they are so well done, you have a good sense of humour and a real talent - keep up the good work dude! Matt
  17. ^ But this is a Photoshop Competition - that looks like Joey went to the trouble of actually building a scale replica! Some brilliant (and hilarious) entries appearing in here, I'd hate to be judging this competition! Matt
  18. I've always taken your trip reports as tongue in cheek and full of humour but well done for being such a good sport and not taking offence when some of your humour hasn't come across as intended! Your reports are always good fun and I have always enjoyed them, it's a shame other people don't always see the funny side but I can understand how those pictures might not have been seen as appropriate! But don't be disheartened Big Mike, keep up the good work! I am looking forward to the continuation of the Roadshow and the next hilarious installment! Nice Kingda Ka picture by the way! Matt
  19. ^Nope, it is very much a real park! And it is definitely a major rip-off! Everything requires you to have a certain amount of tokens to ride and these tokens are ridiculously expensive - so I only went on about two things while I was there! I went because it looked like fun and I liked the idea but tbh it's probably not worth it if you haven't got money to burn! Matt
  20. That's brilliant, good work!!! That's what it looked like in my head, but not when I put it in MS Paint! I wish you the best of luck in the competition, my vote goes to that one! ^ Matt
  21. Before I start, this is not an entry - this is just an idea! I don't have the time or the software or the skills at the moment to put anything proper together so if anyone has photoshop and wants to take this idea and run with it please do!!! I just wondered if anyone had thought of X To The Future yet? Sorry for the poor quality MS Paint rendition, it's just an idea, not an entry!!! Matt ...and this one actually runs!
  22. Did you know that in the queue for Star Tours at Disney's Hollywood Studios the Tannoy Anouncer asks for 'Egroeg Sacul' which is George Lucas spelt backwards!
  23. I think I read that wrong! Nice trip report, good fun as always! Matt
  24. ^ Yeah, I was thinking more of a smoke-like effect maybe, like an actual cloud, but as I said I still think it looks pretty cool, and better for the environment than balloons so it's all good in my opinion! I couldn't get the Wired article to load so that video was the first time I saw what it actually was! Matt
  25. If you're Big Mike approved then that is pretty much the highest praise you can get (in my opinion - other than Robb, Elissa and Wes of course!) and you're Matt approved as well (which means far less I'm afraid!) so keep up the good work on the TR's! And an Efteling TR coming soon too? Sweet! Matt
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