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  1. I'm very sorry, the site I was looking at gave the figures as 4 and 84, I apologise! Despite my research being horribly innaccurate what I was saying still made sense; you are more likely to kill yourself than die on a themepark ride and most people would think the chances of them deliberately killing themselves are very slim so why are they worried about themeparks?!
  2. Notice how something like 84 deaths a year in the USA are Suicide and only 4 are because of Theme Park accidents, do these people not realise they are more of a danger to themselves than any themepark ride?!
  3. We are really unpatriotic, aren't we?! All the British people on here seem to be saying how bad our parks are, but the thing to remember is that a lot of our parks are a lot older and have a lot more history tha some of their American counter parts! Just look at Blackpool, it may be a bit shabby and rough around the edges but remember that a lot of those rides have been there for a very long time, and personally I think they've done a fantastic job slipping in 'Infusion'. Ok, Ok, it is nothing new and exciting, it came from another park, but they've given it a bit of TLC and made it fit in really well with the park and they've done a good job! But the park itself and the rides have been on that sea front for a long time and so they've taken a lot of punishment! A lot of American parks won't have been around as long and will have more modern rides because they are more modern parks! I personally think that is where we fall down, our parks don't tend to be on the cutting edge or as modern as those in the US and so in comparison they don't seem as exciting and thats a real shame because we have some good rides over here we just don't have the space or the money to be as cutting edge as our friends in US! Unfortunately many of the parks in the US have more money, more theming, more rides and more space but that doesn't mean we don't have some good parks over here! Personally, I do prefer the American theme parks I've been too, but I also think maybe we're being a bit harsh on the parks in the UK, they are trying and some of them are pretty good! But then thats just my opinion! [/rant] Matt
  4. It is such a shame to have lost a really historic coaster but if it was in a bad way then it may not have been worth saving, if you do too much renovation on a coaster and replace too much of it then it wouldn't be the same coaster and so maybe it was best to demolish it?! In England I am supporting the Save Dreamland Campaign which is similar to your Save Jack Rabbit campaign, luckily for us though our Scenic Railway is Grade 2 Listed which basically means it can't be demolished, and it still runs (in season) which is great! I know there's not much else there but maybe you should consider visiting Dreamland on route next time you are coming through Kent, England? It may not have any other credits but it must be worth it for the 'Britains Oldest Rollercoaster' Credit!!! Shame Jack Rabbits gone but ultimately it could lead to a much better coaster in its place! Matt Oops - having spent a bit more time looking through the site I see you've already got your 'Britains Oldest Rollercoaster' Credits in 2002 - My mistake! Sorry!
  5. Thanks for the Advice! At the moment I think I will stick to using rcdb as the benchmark as using that I have 25 coasters and if I didn't include powered etc then that would be less and even more embaressing! Maybe once I have ridden a few more coasters I will start being stricter on powered coasters etc but for now I think I'll keep counting the way I am! I like the idea of counting every 10th coaster twice, that would boast numbers a bit, but seriously - Thank you for all your input, sorry for starting another credit topic! It's been helpful, now all I need to do is get out and ride some more coasters! Matt
  6. I love this site and I think those rules are the exact reason why; by not filling the forums up with crap and instead posting informative and interesting threads you've created one of the best coaster sites ever, I am so sorry if any of my post fall into any of those catagories and I really hope I haven't made too many spelling mistakes in the few posts I have made, I would hate to be kicked out, your site is brilliant so well done and thank you very much for giving me something to read and enjoy in my spare time! Matt
  7. Yes! Of course he is, why would you suggest anything otherwise?! Actually, I do take that back, it was raining when I got to work this morning but having looked out the window since the weathers not too bad in Kent either! Is Vekoma's tilting coaster a really really bad idea?
  8. I didn't introduce myself before so now I will, I am Matt form England, lover of RollerCoasters, fearer of hieghts/dark/confined spaces and generally a bit of a coaster wimp! I can only apologise, being a bit of a wimp as far as coasters etc is concerned probably doesn't make me seem like the ideal candidate for a member of TPR but I really really love RolllerCoasters and ThemeParks and I spend so much time looking on here when I am bored that it seemed like a good idea to join! It'd be great to meet up with you all at one of my more local theme parks (Chessington, Legoland, Thorpe Park, Dreamland etc) when you're over here next so I will try and keep an eye out and see when that is! I play drums, I have a band (Left Of The Right Side) and I work for a living : ( That's really all there is to know about me! Hi everyone! Matt
  9. That is a good point, so really I could have two counts - RollerCoaster Credits and just general CoasterCredits! For now I will probably include Water Coasters, Powered Coaster etc etc and then I can always work out how many proper RollerCoasters I have been on from that! Thanks for your reply! Matt
  10. Sorry to start another topic on Credits but I wanted to ask a question and all the other credit topics are from 2005 so I didnt know if I'd get an answer if I posted on there!!! I've only just got into the whole credit thing and I know it is a personal choice as to what you post but I'd feel bad if I was counting things most of you don't count and so effectively lying to you all about my coaster credits. I decided to use RCDC.com as my benchmark for what is and isn't a coaster but I've suddenly realised a flaw in my plan, RCDB also includes powered coasters!!! So my question is this: is using RCDB as a benchmark a good way of counting my credits or will I be shunned for including powered coasters?! If you could give me an answer then great, I am very sorry to have posted another credit topic (and also kinda embaressed!) Thanks Matt
  11. Yes! (or atleast I hope so!) Will it ever stop raining over here in Merry Old England??
  12. Losing My Mind - Left Of The Right Side (I'm not supposed to promote my band or include links on here so I'll leave it at that! If you want to know more - google it!)
  13. Looping Star (Or do I need to be more specific? there's hundreds of coasters called Looping Star!)
  14. This is me! I guess this is my introduction to all you TPR people, I am Matt from England, I don't know how much input I am going to have but seeing as I am on here pretty much everyday I thought I might aswell sign up and join the fun! My Sexy Drumyness!
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