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  1. Penn & Tellers bulls hit My name is earl ...the list goes on and on and on
  2. Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors for Sega CD. Its awesome I dont know why they didn't release it though.
  3. Loved the movie ...still YOU KILLED ROBB ...huh it was only a picture... uhh I need to pound it OVER THERE>>>
  4. Iv just screwed up my sleeping cycle ill try to fix it soon...ish.
  5. I rember seeing that years ago but darn that 200 pound limit
  6. Weird Al is awsome,I wish the album came out when they first wanted to release it *June 27*
  7. ^Stole all my Erasers Vis dancing the holky polky
  8. monkeys stole my money DAMN YOU ROBB...I mean monkeys
  9. I was stupid and I put mentos in a can of soda I was drinking and it started to explode and I was in side so I said "oh sh!t" and tryed to drink it as it was going fooosh and I manged not droping a drop...
  10. Paris Hilton is a fart in a mitten.
  11. I had to use my real name heres some of the good ones banjo suck ask jun cob an suck job a nubs jock jo suck nab yeah these suck. i meanlike who the hell is Jo and why they suck nab?
  12. Southwest is the only one Iv flown but I want to try Hooters air but the whole "discontued" thing is sort of a problem.
  13. Some song called "I like cars that go boom" OMG my ears are bleeding just thinking about it.
  14. I have a veiwsonic vb50 I have it set up on my second monitor
  15. I dont have to read this summer, but I am reading the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy for the hell of it.
  16. Bad Squrill, Bad Squrill he is a jail bird...squrill.
  17. I was just going to say that.
  18. How many of you watch zomboo's house of horror movies? and if you arnt from anywhere near Reno Nevada od Davenport Iowa *the quad cities* why are you in this thread?
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