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  1. No the monkeys who make the place smell badly after throwing all that poo at n00bies donkeys are much safer
  2. ...I think Robb had a jelly bean *or what ever them are* fetish that day.
  3. ok can mine be "not a monkey im a squrill"
  4. Doh I forgot to post mine when I made this thread *Dont blame me I got A.D.D.* 1.Canyon Blaster C.C. casino adventuredome 2.Manhatan Espress New york New york casino 3.Viper SFMM
  5. What is the roughest rollercoaster you have the (un)pleasure to ride on? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  6. pssst Robb think about this for a birthday or ect. present
  7. A picture from theme park review's Silver Doller City trip hope this aint illegal
  8. Hey I was just wondering how do yall upload you videos onto the computer?
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