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  1. Well we’ve happily moved into season 3 and put the loss of Enterprise (though it is sat in storage at an industrial estate outside Bristol) behind us. Actually after the ride had been removed completely we could easily see how much potential the rather large (for the park size) plot of land it was taking up. That combined with the increased family target market meant the loss was not that bad after all and so we let Michael and his design team loose again only this time with a tighter budget. Now Michael and his design team had already found one replacement for the area in the form of a set of electric go-karts which, with a small track installed would make a perfect addition to the park that would be enjoyable for the families that visited us but they wanted to use the space up well and so looked for another ride that would fill a hole in the park line up. The solution was a slightly shortened Herschell Little Dipper (yes it really is slightly shorter as you’ll see soon) which was being sold off cheap by a park up country. Now you may be asking why another coaster but there is a good reason behind it. You see with the family orientation the park needed a kiddie coaster as Fireball was too intense and frankly frightened most of the younger guests. That coupled with the fact that the lease for Fireball ended this season meant that the park would be without a coaster at all after this season. So with a light racing theme introduced in both the naming of the rides and beautifying the kart track Pole Position (Little Dipper) and Chequered Flag (electric Karts) completed the park’s additions and now enough talking lets see some photos. Firstly this was what the rush looked like when the gates opened. Definitely more than last season which is always good. This is the look of the new area with our Entertainer dressed as Podium Panda who was giving out lollipops to the racers and a certificate for each of the winners (provided they were under 12). He was rather popular all day but I can’t possibly think why. In the background you can see the new karts which I’ll show more of next update. For this update though I have a picture of Pole Position, the shortened Little Dipper. Not much of a rollercoaster but still a credit and the younger guests seem to love it so not a bad addition. Finally a rather feeble attempt at a overview of the two new rides from the Ferris Wheel. Hoped you liked the new coaster and next update I’ll concentrate on the karts. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  2. Well I’m back with some bad news. About midway through the second season Enterprise started experiencing problems with its drive and would frequently break down causing no end of problems. Now although the drive would probably be fixable we decided with the direction the park was taking we’d remove it and place it in storage. Of course being one of the two thrill rides in the park it did have a few fans and we have this picture of the day it closed down complete with our resident entertainer paying his respects. Fast forward a month or so and it’s nearly the end of the season but more importantly it would seem that the Enterprise had been replaced with a overly bright construction office, a crane, a bunch of workers and a load of fencing. As for what were doing with the area were not entirely sure yet (and I wouldn’t tell you what we were doing if I was) so we’ll have to wait till next season. Here’s a shot of the improvements to the land side of the Ferris wheel just so this photo report isn’t all doom and gloom. Looks much nicer than the plain old boring path. Well that’s all for the bad news. Hopefully next time I update you it’ll be on a more positive note. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  3. (OOC: Sorry for the long wait for the update I've been a bit busy.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well I’m back now with the rest of the back story behind the Hotel Horror. ‘As your hurrying to the door you hear the noises again and this time are sure you can see leering faces in the dark and even moving trees. Running up the front steps you reach the hotel and rush in without a second thought…’ ‘Big mistake, the hotel doors slam shut behind you and you see the same horrible leering faces again. Turning for the door you realise its locked and make your way towards the only other door in the room before the faces get you. This hotel needs better mannered receptionist’s that’s for sure.’ ‘Well with that rather frightening surprise over you head the only way you can and go up the old staircase in front of you. Upon reaching the top landing you notice something isn’t right and the walls begin to go red and… are they spinning?! Whatever their doing it’s a bit sickening and noticing the moonlight shining through the door at the end of the corridor you run towards it.’ ‘Only to find to your horror that it leads to a balcony high above the leering faces that you thought you saw outside. Looks likes it’s onwards and back into the frightening building.’ ‘Now by this time you well and truly wanted to leave and would like to find the owners (if there really are any) to complain and get your money back. Unfortunately when you finally do find the owners it becomes clear why the hotel is ran the way it is. The owners appear to be vampires and seem all too happy to see you when you awake them from their slumber inside their coffins. Quick out the window we’ll worry about getting the money back later. That was too close.’ ‘Dropping down you land in a soft hedge (finally a bit of luck) and run back around the side of the house towards where hopefully the car still is and right into a graveyard. Spooky noises can be heard as you realise spectral shapes can be seen behind the gravestones and realising the garden come graveyard is wall off you head back into the house through a side door. ‘It would appear that you’re in the groundkeeper’s store room but it would appear that somebody has taken he grounds keeping too seriously as sets of hands burst through the ground clawing at you. Luckily though there’s an unlocked door leading out onto the front lawn and safety and you burst through and quickly reach your car before leaving this dreaded place. This time your safe but will you be so lucky next time when you visit Hotel Horror?’ Well now you’ve survived Tamdem parks newest horrors nothing could faze you and so the rest of the park should be a breeze. Hope you enjoyed the back story and photos. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  4. You could always paint hat track black inside the tunnel to make it darker. Cheers 89James89
  5. Welcome back to our park blog. I can now finally reveal to you what the new additions to the park are. Obviously family based due to what I said earlier about the market being made up mostly of families. With this in mind Michael decided to go with one of several low budget plans we had which was part of the whole three year project we were going for. This project is named Horror Hotel. Pretty cheesy naming but it sums up the ride completely. This ‘in company’ designed dark ride will hopefully give further entertainment for our younger guests and together with our leased rollercoaster means there’s something for everyone here. There were also a few other changes to the park and additions but I’ll address these in a minute when I show you the photos of them but firstly the introductive back story for the Horror Hotel. ‘You’ve booked yourself into what seems to be a nice hotel for a peaceful beachside holiday. On arrival though you notice its slightly different to what the brochure stated and it would appear the pristine landscaped garden has seen better days with plants dying all over the place. Still you’ve paid good money already to stay here, you’ve been travelling all day and its getting dark so searching for another place to stay is out of the question. It’s as your walking up the drive you hear noises behind you. You turn to face them and think you see a face leering at you. Shaking your head in disbelief you ignore it until your friend says they’ve seen it. You both hurry to the door thinking the nightmare will be over once your inside. Truth is its just begun….’ There is more but as I only have an exterior photo to show you now if I tell you the rest of the story then it’ll ruin it for you when I take some interior photos. Talking of photos lets get onto them now. These are all from the first day of the second season. Firstly a shot taken after the park had been open for a couple of minutes showing the crowds pouring in. Now a photo of the actual new darkrides exterior. As you can see the area immediately around it was also themed slightly. Looks nice if you ask me though it wasn’t that busy during the day. Also new this season are these fair games which we’ve added to help generate some extra profit and provide more fun for our guests. They include a ladder climb as well as a hoop the frog and several ring toss games. Lastly for new things and changes for this season is the base around the Ferris Wheel. During the off season it became apparent that the mortar holding the bricks together had not stood up to the stresses and had leaked in places. Now rather than repairing the bricks and risking it happening again we replaced the walls with a themed concrete face which I reckon looks a lot nicer than the old bricks anyway. Well that’s all for now. Join me next time when I reveal the rest of Horror Hotels dark secrets. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  6. Well our initial year is now finished and a great success it was as well. This in itself was great news to everyone but no one was as excited as Michael and his team who after reviewing the statistics for the year and seeing that although the park was a hit with both teenagers and families it would appear that there were more visits by families than teenager groups, set about with one of their many plans in hand. Now what this new development is I’m not allowed to tell you (though of course I do know myself). I am however allowed to show you this teaser photo for it. Enjoy. Well that’s all I’m allowed to show till the next season officially starts. Hope you’ll visit us when it does to find out what the addition actually is. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  7. Also havent you done the helix the wrong way around? Cheers 89James89
  8. Replies: Coaster Cow: Lol thanks and it looks like the clone job went pretty well then. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well the years half gone and believe me it’s flown by. The park has also done as well as we’d predicted (with exception to the first month or so which went a lot better than we’d planned). Were hoping this good run holds out till the end of the year though as Michael has several (or so he says) crazy ideas to improve the park based on what our statistics say the largest market is. What these are though he won’t tell anyone (with exception to the design team but their all ordered to keep quiet about it) so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway I’ve got some night photos to show you now to keep you happy until next time (which may well be next year). This shows the entrance area all lit up. Looks like some guests are having some late night fun. Next we have Fireball! at night. Looking down at the Dodgems and food court from the top of the Ferris Wheel. Lastly here’s a rather picturesque shot looking at the Ferris Wheel and fountain from across the lake. Well that’s it for now. Hope you like these night shots and I’ll probably see you next season. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  9. Replies: DBru: Thanks and no there not. Its the splitting coaster supports as I used that combined with the looping rollercoaster for the car types to get the coaster looking like the real life track and trains. KPWoCkAxX: Thanks and see below fro more of the coaster. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Right this is the second part of the opening day trip. This will mostly showcase the parks biggest ride Fireball! and the services available in the park. We’ll get onto the photos in a minute but firstly a bit about the rollercoaster. Not actually ours, Fireball! is currently rented on a 3 year lease from the same local fair that sold us the Enterprise and Dodgems. The reasoning behind this is it was cheaper than buying our own rollercoaster and seeing as we didn’t know how popular the park would be and how much of a successful venture we would have renting the ride was the best value for money. This coupled with the main reason why the fair allowed us to rent the ride (the maintenance was too much for a travelling fair to cope with, though wouldn’t be such a problem if the ride was stationery) means that we saw this as the best option. The actual ride itself is a slightly smaller clone of the Soquet companies Quantum Loop model. The ride itself features 2 inversions and will hopefully provide the company with a large people magnet for the first few years of operations until we can afford to invest in our own rollercoaster or maybe extend the lease on this one depending on its popularity. Anyway enough of the rides background lets get onto some of the photos. Firstly a photo of the rides biggest feature, the loops, complete with a train. Secondly, a photo from the queue showing the second half of the ride (well trying). Now next on the list of things in the park are the amenities. Perhaps not the most thrilling things here, but still necessary for the successful running of the park. Entering the park you come upon a little square where you can find most of the services available in the park. These are shown in the two pictures below. The left side of the entrance area taken from the Merry Go Round end. This shows form the background to the foreground: entrance toilets (the brown building right at the back), the guest relations building and the entrance fast food outlet. The right side showing from background to foreground the first aid building and the lockers. Now that’s the entrance area covered the only other amenities in the park is a large foodcourt and the main place for food in the park and another toilet block. Shown here is the foodcourt. Now finally here’s a random photo of the large Pegasus statue which resides in the centre of Tarndem Lake and acts a focal point for the park. As why the council added a Pegasus statue to the centre of the lake I have no idea but oh well it looks quite nice and like I said acts as a focal point in the park. Right well that’s all the photos I have from opening day. Next time I hope to get some night photo’s for you all though so I hope you enjoy these till then. Till next time. Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD)
  10. (OOC: Hey guys and girls and welcome to my newest park. I havent played the game for ages so thoguht I'd just make a new start. Like my last few this one will be NO CS. Hope you like it.) Hi and welcome all to Handon Park Groups LTD premier park, Tarndem Park. This park is the hopefully successful initial park developed by the company and I’ll tell you more about it in a minute as well as show you some pictures but first here’s a bit about the company. Newly formed a year ago Handon Park Groups LTD consists of two business partners and myself. The idea to form the company came after one of the partners; Michael Sunders was made redundant by recent cuts to the Thorpe Park design team by the large entertainment company Merlin. Now having loved his job Michael got together with Harry Goodfrey partner number two and wealthy businessman as well as good friend to Michael and asked if he was interested in expanding his business to include amusement parks. Harry who was always a rather open minded bloke suggested that rather than have the parks bundled in with his already existing company that they’d start a new one funded by him and a large loan from the bank. This they agreed on and after a month or so I joined the team as an advertising manager. Now things went downhill at first and with the first six months seeing no development at all as we were unable to buy a plot of land with the small starting capital we had and Harry’s other company wasn’t doing brilliant and so couldn’t spare anymore for us. It was as we were about to disband the company that I noticed a small plot of land for sale that would be affordable. Only problem was that it was a large park area in a development area on the outskirts of Bristol which the city council had decided it had had enough of paying the upkeep for. We discussed the idea and after many meetings with the council and outbidding of our rivals (wanting to build everything from a swimming pool to storage sheds) we settled on a sum for this land. (Taken from on top of the local multi-storey carpark overlooking the park.) Now we were overjoyed that the company may finally get somewhere and we had the perfect area, not to small but small enough to be manageable for our new company and the cities population for the visitor count. The only small downside was the height limit of 70ft due to being in a built up area and the promise that we’d mask the park with trees and but they were small prices to pay for our venture to become reality and so Tarndem Park was born. Fast forward six months and it’s the opening day for the park. For the time we had we reckon we did well and have a small selection of rides to entertain both the young and the adult age groups. We also had the needed amenities as well and the opening day was more of a success and surprise to us than we’d expected but anyway onto some photos of the park. This shows the entrance form across the road. The park is a once pay off despite its small size with only an upcharge for hiring the tennis courts (see below). Into the entry plaza and you can see the parks first ride the classic Merry Go Round. It was very popular with the younger audience on the opening day. These are the Tennis Courts that were left intact from the original park grounds and are available to hire at as an upcharge attraction. This Enterprise (simply named that as well) was purchased from a local fair and seems to be in good condition. A very popular ride amongst the thrill seekers it would seem. Now for the rather strangely coloured blue and yellow Dodgems. These were also bought form the same fair as the Enterprise (you would think it was going out of business but apparently not) and were a favourite with the kids and adults alike. And lastly for now, the parks Ferris Wheel which overlooks the small Tarndem Park Lake. A nice and relaxing ride for everyone to enjoy. Well that is all I have time to show you now of opening day. Hope it wets your appetite as I have a few more pictures to show you next time form opening day. Cheers Craig Henly (Marketing Director of Handon Parks Group LTD) (OOC: hope you all like this new park form me. Comments and Criticism’s appreciated.)
  11. About 3 weeks ago and X No Way Out (it was a wlak on lol at like 5:55 (park clsoed at 6) so that's the reasoning for that and god did I feel rough after it lol). Cheers 89James89
  12. Thorpe Park has a display board outside the entrance to Nemisis Inferno that gives you ride times for all the rides int he park and lets you know if any are down which was handy when we were choosing which rides to reride last time I was there. Talking about wait times though the time before that I was at Thorpe Park I waited 3 and a half horus to ride Stealth only for it to close down. We were given fast passes for another ride though (which we used on Collosuss) so it wasnt too bad. I just found it funny that people who had left the line 5 or 10 minutes before the ride closed weren't allowed the fast passes and were getting all annoyed. Bet customer services had a lot to handle that day. Still if your willing and stupid enough to wait that long for a ride that it was pretty obvious wasn't going to open (it was the last coaster for us in the park which was our reasoning) and the announcer had told you it probable wouldnt open then you have no right to complain. Cheers (and sorry if I got a little off topic) 89James89
  13. Hey I was there that day as well lol but havent got round to putting my TR up yet. You didnt find a phone case for a Nokia 5800 Music Xpress by any chance did you lol as I lost mine. I didnt think the operations were that bad (but then again last time I visited I waited 4 hours in the queue for Stealth and then they closed it lol). The longest I waited all day was an hour for Saw as well. Im gonna agree with you about X No Way Out. I went on it at liek 5: 40 so it was a walk on but it did seem really jerky and not as smooth as it was last time I went on it plus I hit my head quite hard on a couple of the break runs. I also noticed the effects werent working at all lol but oh well I didnt queue for it so didnt really care. Collosuss being down apperently according to customer relations wasn't anything to do with the ride but the fact that guests kept jumping the queue fences to retrieve objects they could see lying around (we were in the customer services place and a couple were complaining about the wait and thats the story the guy gave them). Cheers 89James89
  14. Corkscrew at Alton Towers was a bit painful as the restraints came down exactly where my ears were. I also managed to somehow hurt my groin hitting the brakes on Stealth at Thorpe Park lol. Cheers 89James89
  15. That looks really nice jamor. Another random RCT3 screen from a park that I'm working on (Not the same one as the wooden coaster). This is planned to be a season by season park and this is just a teaser of what its like. Taken from the carpark looking at the parks first season main attraction. Oh yeah its also at night lol. Hope you enjoy. Cheers 89James89
  16. Just some more RCT3 work. This time a custom supported family woody. This is my first time using custom supports for a wooden coaster in RCT3 and they are based very closely as far as I can tell on a actual company. I'm not gonna say what company as I wan't to see if anyone can guess but the station and transfer building is heavily based off of the station and transfer building of another wooden coaster produced by this company. Also not the screens are unfinished. Cheers TwistedHelix
  17. Random RCT3 park I'm messing around with. Entrance gates and resturant. Small pond near the resturant. Cheers 89James89
  18. Replies: Six Flags Enthuseast: Thanks and I'm glad I've managed to achieve the 1950's look. triggernel: Umm well I don't have a set amount of updates for each year depends what I want to take photos of. At the moment this is the last update of this year. ------------------ Well that was a nice suprise for my younger sister. The new building was completed when we visited this time but first I got a photo of the circus tent in the day time. I hear they may be adding some things to the act for next years performances. Right now onto what you all really want to see. What the new construction actually was. Well heres a photo in case you want to guess before I tell you below. Well its a santa grotto. Basically you go in and pay a small amount for the young kids to visit santa and at the end receive a small bag of sweets. My younger sister really enjoyed it and now cant stop talking about christmas but oh well as long as shes happy. That was it for this year so I'll see you all early next year to see what changes if any the fair has made.
  19. Replies: megamatt: Thanks and I hope I can keep it up! ----------------------- Well I was told last time that their would be a few things planned for next year as I had said in the last article but I wasn't expecting what I saw yesterday evening when I visited the park. There was indeed construction and a few new things as the following photos show. This shows a new small stall that was selling mulled wine which I take it is due to it being early November and for christmas. The fencing surrounds a couple of portable toilets that the fair has been needing for a while now. I'm not to sure on the placing but oh well. Below is the real construction though. Despite my protests however John wasn't letting up and allowing me to see what was behind the fences but I got he best photo I could for you all. And lastly heres a picture I took of the Circus tent as it would appear they have raised it a little bit. I'm not sure what for though and it appeared to be not running any shows so I couldn't get any photos of the inside so this will have to do. This is it for this article and I'll be returning around christmas to see if I can get anything more on the construction for you. (OOC: Firstly sorry for how dark the pictures have come out and I realise it may be a bit hard to see some details so I apologise for that. Secondly the tent was changed after a comment on another website saying how it looked wierd on the ground and I kind of agreed so changed it to this which I reckon looks a lot better despite the colours not matching up completly Cheers 89James89)
  20. Replies: AlmereStars: Thanks and I'm glad I've managed to get a 50's look to it. ------------------ Well just retutned and this time managed to view the circus show. I got a couple of pictures but mostly it'll be a written review. Well as we all entered the tent I could see the centre ring was a bit small so I wasn't expecting much but despite the performane being a bit strange in the theme behind it it was still pleasant to watch and a little entertaining. Much more entertaining for the younger crowds it would appear as my younger sister loved it and it wasn't long enough to bore them so all in all it was pretty good. As the below picture shows you can see why I said the theming was a bit weird. John had told me before the show had started that they were going for a apparent American West theme rather than a traditional clown theme and so this would explain the cowgirl entertainers. The circus animals included the monkey you can see on the left which spent most of the time stealing the entertainers hats and a parrot that copied what one of the entertainers was saying. About half way throguh one of the entertainers disappeared and was replaced by this tiger. It was obvious that the tiger was a dressed up entertainer but the kids found it funny espically when it started doing tricks so it was all good. All in all it was nice but aimed more to the younger audiences. The rest of the photos are just area of the park at night. I actually preferred it at night as the colours made the place really glow and look nice and inviting. Below is a photo of Skywheel which looks really imposing at night and was a much funner ride at night than the day. This hasn't been photoed before but it is the main place for food in the fair and will serve you american style burgers which are pretty tasty actually. More of the american influence that John has put into the park. These are the games stalls at ngiht which again look pretty nice. Thats all for this trip and as were quite the way into the year and John has already told me he plans to add a few things for the next year I'll keep a close eye on it and let you know if anything develops. (OOC: this shows the problem with using a terrain pathcover in that it dosent light up like the normal path would but I don't think it looks that bad to be honest. Cheers 89James89)
  21. Replies: DBru: Yer I know your right. I aim to stay with this one though. jps294: Thanks and see above for the comment abotu starting laods of parks. --------------------------------- Well here are few more pictures that I've managed to get for you all today after another visit to the small fair. John Harrington was there as well and told me that the park had been makign quite a lot of money considering it was so small and was quite happy with its success so far. Anyway these are the pictures I took today while at the fair. Daytime ones again as I had go see relatives in the evenings. I will get some night times photo's for you all though so dont worry. The first thing that i took a look at today was the large tent you may have noticed in the background of first photo I took last time. It appears to be a circus though not really a very large one and is apparently owned by the park as well. Unfourtunately I didn't have time to watch a show and the owner assured me it was better viewed at night anyway. The next photo is of the first ride you see as you come into the park the old Merry Go Round. Apparently this was travelling with a struggling fair somewhere up country and so John decided to have ti live on here instead of scrapped. Its believed that it was built in 1939 making it 11 years old but it still runs in very good condition. Then there's the helter skelter. A small ride for the younger ones tucked away at the side of the park behind The Whip. Speaking of which I took another photo of The Whip just beacause its my favourtie ride here. There you go that's all for now. Like I said above I promise to get some photo's of the fair at night and also the circus show for you. So till then I hope these keep you happy.
  22. (Well this is my new park. Now I knwo it looks a bit liek my old ones but his time I plan on having a actual timeline with real years and such. It'll start out as a fairground in the 1950's and hopefully grow. So anyways I hope you enjoy what's here. The park is set in England outside the city of Bristol) Well I just returned from a visit to a small time local fairground and have been asked to produce this small article (no internet then so I'm going pretendign this is a small leaflet type thing) of the park by a man there with a few of the photos he saw me taking. This man it would appear is the propertier of the park, one John Harrington. The park he told me was started due to his recent visits to the US and his love of the small fairs there. The rides cost rather a lot he told me as he had to get most shipped in and so the fair was only small but he was hoping success woudl allow him to expand and provide more fun for the local residents. I enjoyed my day and the rides provided quite a lto of amusemnt to me and my family and a welcoem break from the normally dull daily routine. This was the first photo I took as we arrived and as you can see the park is quite popular with the locals . This shows my favourite ride the Whip (OOC: Yer it dosent have as many cars as the actual real life ones do but it was the best I could come up with). Manufactured by Sellner Manufacturing I was told that the ride had been bought off of a fair in Europe but was only 2 years old. Now these were fun. A row of game stalls including spinning a wheel and throwing coconuts. Great fun and prizes to be won as well including ride tickets. Finally the fairs biggesr attraction the Chance Skywheel and whata great ride it was too. A bit scary at the top as the car swings around but very fun. Well thast it for now. Theres more stuff there that I will get photos of for you next time but for now I hope you enjoy the little piece abotu the fair and I hope you'll be abel to visit it and enjoy the day as much as I did. (OOC: So this is my newest park and although small I hope you like it so far. Cheers 89James89)
  23. Lol yay go donkey sanctuary! I live about 15 miles away from this place lol. Only think I've been there once when I was like 7 though so yer, but still go donkey sanctuary. Cheers 89James89
  24. Hmmm paulie it looks like all you've done is place down a load of rides. The layouts arnt bad but you need to spread it out and add station buildings, widen your paths and add more buildings around. Anyway from the same project as my last screen heres a new one showing the Giovanola mini hyper (I suppose thats what it'd be called only being 150ft high) Wipe Out. Its on the boardwalk area off the park that even in its unfinished state I'm quite happy with. Cheers TwistedHelix
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