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  1. Well here’s the first look at the season 9 additions to the park. Not the most exciting as these pictures show, but they’ll hopefully help improve income so we can plan something big for season 10. Or rather, implement one of many ideas we already have. These I can’t tell you of so here are the pictures of this season’s upgrades. (Please excuse the first pictures darkness we were having some issues with the lights in the new buildings.) As you can see the view as you walk into the park is a lot different now. In the previous season’s, the entrance led straight into some trees and a path with everything off to the right. This we felt made the park entrance look lacking and as it’s one of the first things in the park you see we decided to spruce it up a little. As you can see it now opens up into a plaza with shops to both sides and planters breaking up the concrete. A newly added coffee house and guest information building help improve the more permanent and professional look of the park. Also changed was the position of the Ferris Wheel. As reported in several updates, the ridership of one of our original rides has always been low. Now we’ve moved it to try and make it a focal point of the newly improved main square, which we hope, will increase the ridership. Well that’s all for now and again, sorry about the first picture. I’ll try and get some better ones of it in daylight for the next update.
  2. [MOD EDIT: SPLIT FROM ANOTHER THREAD, READ DOWN FOR THE FIRST POST!- R.D.] QueerRudie: Probably becasue he wanted to send it in to NE to get the points and try for a accolade. They have a policy where's its not allowed to be uploaded to another site or they won't review it I think. Or they used to.
  3. Now this update will be a bit different and longer than usual as it’s being taken by me as a guest. My son had is 9th birthday you see, so we thought the park would be a nice day out for him and a few of his friends. As such you’ll have annotations on all the photo’s and not only a little bit park news at the end. Firstly we arrive to see the new entrance and a…… huge construction fence? Fair enough. As you can see the landscaping team did a good job prettying parts of the park up throughout the season. Oh and I see you Fireball. A couple of rides on the vintage cars and Fireball and we head round the corner to reveal, more fences. This part of the park is currently akin to a walk through building site, only without hard hats. If you look closely you’ll notice something’s missing. Wow this area finally got busy for some reason. We stopped here for a while and had some food nice food at the Food Trough while the kid’s enjoyed the play park. Also note. Trampolines are really fun. Now, for an exclusive overview attempt from Wild Mouse seeing as I was allowed to bring my camera on-ride. Ohhhh everything looks prettier at night. Here’s Nemesis all lit up with its blue lighting. Here’s Magic Carpet with its small theme update for this season. Wait… Why does the sphinx look like it has glasses? Finally a behind the scene’s (or hedges you decide) shot of the kid’s enjoying the train at night. That’s all from the trip report. My son thoroughly enjoyed it which was the main thing and it allowed me to relax and take photos for myself rather than for the business. As to how the park is doing this season it’s fairly obvious that we’ve made enough money for some more expansion. As to what expansion we have planned, you’ll have to wait to find out.
  4. OOC: Opppps sorry. English is my first language so I have no idea or excuse for what happened. I'll be more careful with posting in the future. Well this a bit of a special update for you all. You see, as I was sorting through all the photos we have stored of the park I came across a few overviews which hadn’t been shown before. Now together with one I’ve had taken this year, hopefully they’ll give you some sort of idea as to how the park you’ve been following has grown. The first one I believe is from season 4 (I hadn’t annotated the picture so this was going by what we’d added and when) and shows the park with several of its now loved rides but no kid’s area yet. Main square however was present and the park shape was defined further compared to the season before. The next one shows last season and as you can see the park had grown a little bit by adding the kid’s area but largely, the main bulk has stayed the same. The last is this season’s most recent one (after Nemesis was re-themed, Trampolines added and the park paved). As you can see it looks a lot cleaner now and the new planters and entrance help give it a more permanent feel. Lastly this update is a new feature for this season in the form of the park map. We decided that seeing as we were looking towards permanence in the future that a park map and new logo’s would help give us a more professional and corporate look.
  5. I'm pretty sure its meant to represnt how actual intamin switch tracks do work in real life, it just doesnt have the correct shaped pieces too in game. It is intamin right that use the track on either side, running in different directions and roll them over when needing to change isn't it? Looks nice either way. Cheers 89James89
  6. I think the new area looks pretty good and the woodie seems to have a nice layout from what we've seen. I'd say keep it but please change he cheqeuered ground texture underneath the tables and chairs. It is really jarring and distracting from everythign else in the screen. Cheers 89James89
  7. Well I’m back to thankfully report that after the abysmal start to the season, things have picked up hugely. From the pictures that I’ve taken, you can see that we have been making more money this season than we have in the last years. This has allowed us to continue with some of the plans and ideas we had last year but weren’t able to implement. I’ll show you the pictures now, then give a bit of insight into what we’ve done regarding them. First, you can see that we’ve revamped the Twirler ride, which is now called "Nemesis." The popular ride which has experienced frequent downtime, was either to be renovated or replaced. Now given both the opinions of our mechanics and the money we were making we choose to replace it. Giving it a new name, some on ride music and a light re-theme (Atlantis/adventure style) Nemesis has made an even bigger impact on the park than the old Twirler did. The next big thing is the new Trampoline. We introduced this to again try and help with the problems on the kid’s side of the park. This was picked up cheaply from a nearby closing petting zoo. The new attraction has helped improve traffic together with the enlarged seating area for the eatery and a new souvenir shop. The other problem over here was the kiddie coaster, which wasn’t very popular at all and the only ride in the park that was losing money consistently. To try and solve this we went through a range of scenarios from giving it another season or two to removing it entirely. In the end though we opted to increase the speed a little, add a small tunnel, and endure the higher running costs. This appeared to be a good move as ridership improved immediately and slowly it is earning money back. This last picture shows us the latest area planned for development. As you’ve probably not noticed new planters are present throughout the park and we have similar ideas - but these you’ll have to wait for. MOD EDIT: Please use better punctuation and grammar: I spent 20 minutes correcting this passage- and that's not acceptable. If English is not your first language, please let me know- and I will review things before you post them! -R.D. Games Forum Moderating Team.
  8. Replies: funkeymon: Thanks and I'm glad it looks cute as its supposed to be a family park rather than the big thrills. Well sorry for the lack of the last update last season but it’s been incredibly hectic here at the park lately. Firstly some of you may remember we said it helps to budget things properly when working on improving the park. It would turn out that maybe we should listen more to our own advice in the future. £8,000 saved from last season and were ready to put our plans and ideas into action. Part way into the closed for refurbishment season 8 and were out of money, one of the mechanic’s quit due to the fund shortage and a cleaner is considering it. With this occurring and with no money we panic and open the park a third of the way through the season to try and get funds back on track. Now considering we’d finished the major upgrades you would be forgiven for thinking that this would only be a minor setback. You’d be wrong. I’ll explain all this however after a few pictures of the opening day. Yep you’ve probably seen where things went even more wrong for the season. Admittedly all looks well with the picture of the guests streaming into the park. Then we get to the second picture where you can see that both fireball (our most popular ride since the park opened) and vintage cars broke down soon after opening and remained so for most of that week. Then while they were being fixed Wild Mouse’s restraints got stuck closed and what with two of our mechanics working on the other rides and the third one having quit early in the season it had to wait a while to be repaired. All this was then topped off by the fact that the newish area is still not as popular as we hoped but we do have some plans to hopefully remedy that in the coming seasons (because of course everything goes to plan). On a more positive note however the newly paved park has made guests much happier especially when it rains and makes the park look a lot more permanent. Also ridership of the train has improved dramatically which is a bonus as it helps spread guests out and as a nice finish to this not so positive update I’ve taken this picture with the trains and (a working) Wild Mouse.
  9. Plookoon? Looks awesome as I've said before. I love the fact that soemone has actually used that plane ride lol. Cheers 89James89
  10. Splitting Coaster Multidimensional coaster Strata coaster Alpine coaster Inverted Wild Mouse Lay Down coaster etc Loads of flats like the Looping Plane and nearly all the animal show houses (like the reptile house). So yer I havent really used up many of the rides int he game to be honest. Cheers 89James89
  11. Well I spent another day in the park today taking photos for you all. Nothing new to report as of yet this season as were saving money for a big project at the moment so spending is tight. We did however spend £2,100 on a newspaper advertisement to help draw in people with the plan of raising more money for the project. What happened however was that it was a compete flop with the campaign in the local paper not brining in near enough people to make a return on the money invested in it. Still with numbers reaching 700 a day at the weekends and a nice income during the weeks it shouldn’t be a big problem. Money wise so far we have £4,000 plus saved up but were budgeting much more for the project so were hoping the rest of the year is going to continue this way. Anyway, enough of my talking and onto the photos. Firstly the boring one of last years car park expansion. It used to be four times as small as this and hopefully this new size will work to accommodate the increased guest’s numbers that next year will hopefully bring. (OOC: I know its not got any cars or vehicles in it but that’s because they cost to much to add at the moment so just imagine their there or its early in the day) This is a attempted overview of the new area from the Ferris Wheel. I did try and get one from Wild Mouse’s lift but it has too much vegetation in the way. A small shot of the Vintage Cars at night from riding Wild Mouse. Despite the ride being 7 seasons old it still looks quite nice at night. Finally a shot of the Train at night taken from the outside the train sheds. That’s all for now. Maybe next time I’ll be able to divulge more about the project. Till then.
  12. Tiger is the new ride. A very small rollercoaster built with the little ones (and credit whores) in mind this Alan Herschell little dipper themed to the feline friend of its namesake will hopefully boost our crowds in preparation for the parks biggest spending spree yet. However if not then we’ve also added another new ride and game stall in preparation just in case. Below are several pictures from the opening weekend of the park’s new kiddie additions which I got for you. The new flat ride Magic Carpet and also the new eatery from last season that I forgot to show you. A picture of the new rollercoaster Tiger (or rather and attempt at it). A overall attempt at the whole new area form the last two seasons.
  13. If I've read the info on this right then I think they plan on making it pretty much like RCT but under a different name due to Chris Sawyer's owning the rights to it or something. I may however have read all the rumours and info completely wrong. Cheers 89James89
  14. Firstly I made a mistake saying that the new eatery was the only sit down place to eat in the park as there is one right inside the entrance to the park. This however seems to have not put a dampener on the plan for the new eatery as that and the ice-cream stalls have indeed pulled guests past he Ferris Wheel and into the new area. Obviously the combination of food and being able to see your children playing safely is a big draw. As such we’ve decided to go ahead with our expansion of the area and although were keeping it under wraps as to what it is I have this photo to show you. In other news the summer was extremely good for us and our busiest yet as this next photo of the path next to the vintage cars shows. Also a first is this chart which shows our finances and expenditure over the last few months. Nothing very interesting just gives you a brief idea of how we spend money and what were making. (OOC: yes I know this is done yearly in the game and a month in game is 3 in my park log terms but oh well I though it’d still be interesting to a few to include it.) So that’s all for now. I’ll be back with one more update before next season which will show the other big change this year to the park. Till then.
  15. Replies: AlmereStars: Cheers and the hedges and walls will hopefully come but at the moment we only have dirt paths so arnt to inclined to make them marked until we replace them with permanent paths. (OOC: Sorry guys I kind of abandoned the park for a while but have recently been looking at the parks on the forums again and have decided to start it up again.) Right guys well this year we’ve managed too implement stage one of our children’s area expansion. Situated along a path extension past the widely disused Ferris Wheel this new area will hopefully serve several purposes. Firstly it’s been placed so as to draw traffic past the Ferris Wheel hopefully improving its ridership as along with the small playpark this new area contains a small eatery (still the largest in the park and only one with proper sit down facilities) and a ice cream stand. This means that most families will head there to eat rather than the sandwich bar as there they can eat and watch their children playing in safety across the path Anyway enough talking here’s a couple of photos for you all. Entertainer entertaining the first guests to enjoy the new area. New Icecream stand and playpark As for this year we hope the new area to bring in more money as we have further plans for it for next season.
  16. Well basically this is a park i was messing around with and just generally having fun. I'm trying for a old school theme park look with fantasy elelments (Of course liek all my parks NO CS) and unlike most of my other parks this wont be a seasonal one but a rather once finished its finsihed. The idea is five islands with different themes. So far two of these have been decided and here are a couple of WIP screens of the first two. Entrance Area: Catastrope Cove (Waterpark) showing the parks two speedslides Pumice Plunge (though I may make these red and rename them): Right well hope you enjoy them and will update when I have stuff. Cheers TheJakal
  17. Replies: funkeymon: Cheers and it makes it funner in my opinion. Plus any mistakes you make are more costly becasue you have moeny to worry abotu and I dont liek goign back to a previous save. (The only time I do this is to test rollercoaster desgins so I can roughly budget for it and allow space for it as woudl happen in real life). CorkscrewFoley: Cheers and lets hope it keeps gettign better. Update 8 Season 5 mid season. Train Special. This update is all about the new train as we have taken some of the money we’ve been making since opening this season (thankfully we didn’t go into debt) and spruced up the rather boring train ride. Costing us around £2,000 this landscaping project has been a large success with the new ride being much more enjoyable and hiding many of the structures and bits of the park you could see from the train which ruined the tranquil feel of it. Below are a few on ride pictures of the new train ride with a before one first so you can tell the difference. Hope you think they’ve made a big difference like us. Old photo for comparison Same photo after improvements Nearing the train sheds not nearly as ugly as it used to be and you can see Wild Mouse poking in at the corner And finally the smaller more basic station not looking as bad as it used to In other news the park has seemed to benefit largely form the new train with money continuing to flow into the park meaning we should hopefully be able to move on with the kid’s area improvements towards the end of the season. These photos however will have to tie you over until then.
  18. OOC: Well I know its been ages since I updated this but I was inspired to play the game and decided this park as it was the one I had had most fun with. Anyway heres goes welcome to a not so successful season 5 start. Well basically this year’s additions didn’t go to plan at all. Basically a big piece of advice I’d give to any budding park manager is hire someone to budget your plans so that you don’t run out of money half way through. Actually I’m pretty sure that sort of person is vital in any sort of business so I’ve got no idea why we haven’t got one but oh well. Anyway back to what actually happened. You see this year we had big plans to completely revamp the park with new paving throughout and a more functional entrance to rid us of the fair look we have at the moment. As well as this we had plans for a small kid’s area and train ride and a staff area. What actually happened were the train ride and the staff area. Yup that’s it, just two out of five things. You see the train ride took all but a small part of the 10,000 we had saved and with the small staff area added that was the lot. It looks like the paving will have to wait a couple of years (maybe even till season 10). Still the train seems to be a hit with the guests and with one station on each side of the park it should help spread guests out a bit more. Anyway here’s a couple pictures of the nice main street station and the budget other one near the wild mouse (we tried to make the station fit in with the wild mouse one as it was pretty cheap). Apart from that we have this small staff room and sheds for storage and the extra trains (it runs four with space for two in the stations) and that’s your lot for the time being. Now let’s hope we can make some money in this season before we run into debt. Will be back later in the season with news on how it goes.
  19. The update this time will be a small but still important one. Basically I have the new ride data that I said I’d get for you last time I updated the blog and also a special give away tickets for next season. Basically were looking for 3 people to come to the preview of next season as were planning on revamping the park at the end of this season. Apply here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Please however be aware that you need to be able to try and provide a trip report for us. Anyway until then here are the stats and a few more random photos. Roller Coaster: Wild Mouse Amusement Park: Oakridge Family Park (Brockley, Avon, UK) Classification: Roller Coaster Type: Wood - Sit Down Status: Operating, opened season 4 Make / Model: Wooden Wild Mouse Categories: Family Length: 1378’67 Height: 43’47 Inversions: 0 Speed: 28.2 mph Duration: 1:15 Trains: 4 trains with 1 car. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 row’s for a total of 4 riders.
  20. Here’s a tip to all you budding park managers out there. If your going to build a big ride take into account its cost then treble it at least before you start building. We made the mistake of not doing so and as such, when the big day came to open up for our fourth season with our brand new flagship ride the guests streamed in large numbers (ok so 500 odd guests aren’t exactly large numbers but they are for us) all excited and ready, only to be told that due to management stupidity the ride was not as ready as they were. You see while we’d budgeted easily enough for the ride. We had forgotten to budget for the station and we found out that the surveyor wanted us to install extra supports that we’d have to pay for due to soft ground or something. Now the station was paid for out of the surplus we’d acquired in our third season but for the supports we had to open and pay for most of them out of our first third of the fourth season’s profits. Still anyway with all that out of the way and the ride finally done we were able to reschedule our grand ride opening day (to which a lot less people turned out than the season opening day unfortunately) and the first riders were able to come in and enjoy themselves on our new ride. Speaking of which I haven’t actually told you what it is yet so without further ado I’d like to announce Wild Mouse, our brand new wooden coaster open for all to enjoy. Anyway I’m now going to leave you with a few pictures we’ve taken on the rides opening day as apparently people are asking for me regarding a certain managerial screw up. Enjoy these and I’ll have the stats for it next time.
  21. Well it would appear that adding that second thrill ride and the burger bar was a smart move. In half a year we have taken nearly double what we took last year already. Obviously the new ride has given our older guests (probably parents of the families that frequent the park rather than the teens and young adults) a new reason to stay longer and spend more at the park and the fact you now don’t have to wait ages to buy a sandwich also helps this. As such we decided to continue with trying to exploit this shopping trend the guests seem to be experiencing and built a souvenir shop next door. Now although being a small un-establish and not even permanent park means we don’t have anything really to sell regarding he park the random stuff we do have still seems to be selling pretty well and helping add to our profit margins. All this is brilliant news for several reasons. Firstly with a park increasing in size we have to be able to pay for maintenance for the rides and also an increase (In fact, by next month double) in park staff with a new mechanic, handyman and interviews currently underway for a security guard. Secondly and more excitingly though, the rumour that I mentioned last blog was indeed founded in fact and now with much larger funds it can become a reality rather than just talks. I’m not going to tell you what the new ride is going to be just yet but hopefully it should help truly establish the park for next season. Now while you think about that bit of news here’s a few more pictures of both the new shop and the queues showing just how popular the two thrill rides are, especially Twister which has been here since the park opened and still has the longest lines and is by far the parks biggest earner.
  22. Right it’s the start of season 3 and last year showed us a few things that the park was missing and as such we acted on them at the end of season 2. Firstly we had the food problem where although we’d added a sandwich bar it didn’t have a large enough capacity to cope with the large amount of guests the small park was experiencing. As such we decided to add a more permanent and larger eatery to the park and so we have had another larger food outlet built right at the front of the park effectively making the small park look like it has a very basic entry square with the small buildings we have in place. This place will sell chips and burgers and even has a couple of tables inside to sit and eat at if your quick and several more toilets. It seems this has met with good reports as visitors tend to now spend longer in the park which is good news for us. Also added this year is new lighting for most for the paths for the nighttimes where visitors (such as the one above) were commenting on how dark and unlit and to help entice more visitors to the park a new Twirler ride situated behind the carrousel brings another much needed thrill ride to the rather tame line up the park had. Perhaps the biggest news though this year is rumours that we have been in contact with a certain person to produce ride for the park. Whether this is true or not I’m not going to say at the moment but we do need a little something else at the park I will admit to help us stay ahead of competition from any other local parks. Still all this needs money of which we don’t seem to have a lot spare after last seasons upgrades so well have to see. Anyway to finish off below are some pictures of the new additions and another trying to cram as many rides into one picture as possible and failing.
  23. Replies: Thanks. Blog Entry 2 (Mid Season 2) This years been pretty good really so far. Firstly we tried to remedy the whole no food outlets in the park situation by constructing this small sandwich and soft drink bar across from the carrousel in the hope that it’ll increase the visitor flow around the area. It did kind of work but as this interview with a guest shows is still far from perfect. Douglas S, 34, Brockley, Avon, UK ‘I’ve come here today with my family who seem to have disappeared on me. We live in nearby Brockley, less than 5 minutes drive from the park and this is the third time we’ve visited since its opening. We feel that although the park has a nice atmosphere and the setting in the wood is nice and scenic there isn’t much here for us adults to do and the same rides are getting a bit stale for the kids. We appreciate the new sandwich bar here in the park as well but it’s still not big enough for the amount of people that seem to visit. I reckon the park would benefit from more thrilling and new rides and bigger food outlets. Also useful would be lighting for the evenings and maybe think about replacing the muddy paths that can make quite a mess when wet.’ Other than that we added some more themeing to Vintage Cars making the ride more enjoyable for the guests and different visually from last year as this photo shows. I’ve also realised I haven’t told you where the park is in case your thinking of visiting. It’s actually located a little outside of Bristol by a village called Brockley and is built along the roads that runs through it. This means that we have both of Bristol and Baths customer base without any other real competition around. Below is a modified google map to better show you where I mean. Other than that not much has happened this year really as were saving to try and remedy some of the earlier mentioned problems. Still, visitor number have increased this year over the last one as I assume the word has got around about our little park but still we have one issue to deal with in the form of paying back the loan. That may have to wait however till we’ve made some improvements that were hopefully planning to implement.
  24. Well after a visit to Thorpe Park with my girlfriend a while back I was once more inspired to play RCT3 and try and get a park running where I get further than year 5 (my record so far). However no matter what I tried I couldn’t find something that I liked the look of when I built. About to give up I decided to try a method seen rarely (Fatha’ did one for RCT2 being the only one I can think of) if not at all and one I’ve tried once before but failed. I decided to actually play the game. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you guys are wrong in using it as a design tool because your not and it’s probably a far more successful and enjoyable way of doing so but I wanted to try something different. Deciding to play it as the designers meant (only exception being with the inclusion of some of the cheats) I deleted all my custom scenery and filled a map with trees planning on using it to build a small family park and expand with money it makes as I actually play the game. Now for those of you who have seen my last attempt at this I will be using the same rules: *3 years in game = 1 year for update purposes so year 4 in game will be year 2, year 7 in game will be year 3 and so on confusing I know but you’ll get it eventually. *£1,000 in game = £250,000 for real life money purpose so if your really interested in making it real times all the numbers shown by 250 to find out their costs. This may also help if I want to interact with other parks. NOTE: This idea doesn’t work well for the tickets prices as there coming out at like £500 so beware of that. These are for any in character updates I do that are related to attempting to make out the park in a real situation. These will also help people just interested in the actual game mechanics to relate to what’s going on. Of course being that I’m just playing the game and am using money any mistakes I make are permanent and will take time to correct. As such any criticism I decide to act upon will also take time to do so, so please bear that in mind when commenting. So anyway here is the start of Oakridge Amusement Park. A park ran by the Hawthorn family through their newly formed Hawthorn Parks Ltd. Also please note although not a timeline park its supposed to start some time like the sixties. Pre-opening. Well it’s been several weeks since we’ve finally come up with the decision to turn this large area of forest in the south west of England into a family park on a budget. 10k to be precise. Well with so many trees around it turns out clearing a dirt and sand carpark, which isn’t even a large size isn’t exactly cheap coming in at £1,520 but never fear because for all the wood we provided the local lord with he gifted us these lovely scenic gates. He could have paid us for it instead. Stupid gates. Anyway, enough complaining, we choose to build in a forest after all. To have a park that peeps would want to visit we had to have rides which would cost us. Dreading the actual cost after seeing how much clearing trees cost we bought some cheap fairground rides of a few local companies which came in at around £2000. Hmm not bad so we bought a Vintage car ride to allow our peeps a scenic tour of a small part of the forest. For a fee of course. This left with £5720 left in the bank. Looks like a rollercoaster will have to wait. We haven’t even put any paths in yet which were also pretty darn expensive considering the fact that they were just pathways cleared though the trees without any concrete or anything leading to the rides. The basic idea is to have a circular pathing structure with so to guide the guests to each ride rather than many branches. This should hopefully mean each ride is visited more as people circle the park. Basic idea worked until we screwed up a bit with the Ferris Wheel but oh well that’ll be looked at later when we have more money as that lot took us down to £2,392 and that’s without any buildings or services in the park. We then decided to start with the buildings beginning with the stations and control huts as well as theming for the rides starting with the car ride. A station several bridges and some landscaping later and were in trouble again with only £800 left. Unless we want to take a loan out finishing off the ride is going to have to wait and so we decided to actually start with the infrastructure of the park. Ride control huts done for the ones that needed them and were feeling happy with the outlook and then half way through the ticket building we run out of money. Now where we can probably be ok without any food outlets for a bit of the season were probably going to need some toilets and somebody to actually sell tickets so we took out a £2000 loan from a rather greedy looking bank manager. One new toilet block and several ticket counters and were back at £304. Oh well seeing as it’s a third of the way through the year anyway time to hire a mechanic and cleaner and try and get some of the money back by opening this place I suppose. Park Overview Opening day. Well having missed most of the year spending all my money on the damn park we decided it was probably time to open up and get some money back for it. So after hiring a mechanic in case of the inevitable breakdowns and a cleaner due to the fact that we cant afford bins yet we were set. This was the site we were greeted by when the gates opened. Pretty hefty crowds considering what we were expecting. Still with rides tickets at £2.50 a go we were hoping for some of the money we’d spent to come back into the coffers. It did as well and over the next few weeks we slowly built our bank balance back up to £671. Not amazing but over double what we opened the park on. Now here’s some pictures to look at while we try and figure out how were going to use this money to make a food outlet. Where’d that bank manager go again? Final Money Total = £671 (-£2000 loan) £671. = 167750 EDIT: No idea why the middel picture is small out of the three in a row but I cant seem to change it so it'll have to do. ALso I know the park may seem really empty but I'm showing you this so you know what it looks like at the start and so I have a complete account of the park. Cheers 89James89
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