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  1. (OOC: Right Ive edited this thread to present it more as in a year by year progress park and get this I finally have a name so anyway lets get on with it). CEO Karny here and Id like to welcome you all to a exclusive construction and back stage report on our companies first park Blackdown Amusments. We have located it in off the A303 in the south of England near Salisbury. Anyway enough of the location this is the photos of construction so far. We can also reveal we are aiming for 1990 as our opening season and should easily make it. Please also bear in mind that all these pictures are going to be work in progress (and will probaly continue to be until we are ready to open). Anyway here are the pics. Entrance:(small at the moment as we are not sure on the visitor numbers to expect) Resturant: Pirate ship: Merry Go Round: Shops: Overview: So now you've seen what we've done so far we'd love to hear some feedback on the park form you all. Also night shots will be up when Ive sorted the lighting out and completed more of the park. Thanks CEO Karny
  2. Hey guys and girls 89James89 here. Just thought Id introduce myself properly instead of just starting to post randomly. Anyway I'm 18 (hence the username), called James (username again see what I've done there creative aren't I ) and form England. Anyway I've only just started getting into the whole Theme Park and Amusement park thing and love reading all your reviews and such. I also play RCT 2 and 3 a lot and love trying to create realistic parks so your reviews really help me out. Hopefully in return for the inspiration Ill be able to share some of my parks with you which Ill hope you all enjoy. Anyway thats me summed up and I hope to have a nice time here. Cheers 89James89
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