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  1. Wen't yesterday and Rumba Rapids was still adult group or families only. Road Swarm and although amazingly comfortable (thanks to them rubber foam straps I'm assuming) it had next to no forces after ther first drop at all and even they weren't large. Pretty much the least forceful coasetr in the park in my opinion (apart from Flying Fish and X) but still very fun. Cheers 89James89
  2. Well given that M's (my girlfriend) brother and his girlfriend are down from Scotland for Easter we decided to hit Thorpe Park today. Hoping that crowds would be light due to it being the end of the holidays and a Sunday we left at the crack of dawn to enjoy a fun filled day. Fast forward 7 hours later it would seem that the whole crowds being light assumption wasn't at all misplaced. I think the longest wait we had all day was for Saw and that was only around 30 minutes. Anyway here are the pictures that I took while there as well as annotations and other such stuff. (Apologies for blurry photos and terrible shot's I hardly use my camera and am not used to taking decent photo's) Yay for a inviting sight I haven't seen a couple of years (I live in the South West of England for those wandering, on the south coast of Devon). Wait a minute that wasn't here last time I was here. That must be Swarm, honestly one of the ugliest placed coasters I've seen if you ask me. It sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't really improve the skyline still looks aren't everything. Come to think of it neither was this here last time I visited. Quite randomly places really (Can't remember what was here before hand but think it was some games and a small kiddie ride wasn't it?). Doesn't look like you get too wet is always a bad thought to have in your head when your queueing for a water ride. Turns out the splash at the bottom is a big wetter when your in the boat so came off of this one pretty wet. Plus the ride ops decided to empty the boats after we'd just boarded so we had a boat full of water which got our feet soaked. Thorpe Park is trolling me. Artistic shot of Nemisis's flaming cousin with Stormsurge frame (or oh look a train lets get a pic despite how its going to look). Another shot of Inferno. A cool ride if you ask me though not incredibly forecful. Still I'm sure it ran a lot faster than the last time I went on it. This was the scend ride we rode after expreincing X: I wish I'd Never Found A Way In. Still we had only spent about 5 minutes queuing up to this point so can't complain too much. This was next. Awesome forces on the launch and great airtime on the hill right before you hit the breaks. Coupled with another 5 minute queue equals big win for Stealth. Felt faster this than last time (which having just checked wiki is because the trains are lighter or something) but seriously does anyone know why its called Stealth? I'm probably being stupid but I'm not sure what the name has to do with the whole Amity Cove Raceway. Saw was the next planned ride but they had closed it to add another car and the ride attendant wasn't sure how long it would be till they opened again (Just out of wonder does anyone know how long it normally takes to add a train to a ride?). So, we decided to try and work our way around some flat rides starting with Vortex. Turned out to be a bad idea as we got as far as Zodiac before we all felt sick and needed to eat (yup that's all of two flat rides). Turns out queues are useful for settling stomach's. Old El'Paso goodness was decided for that althoguh I didn't get any pictures of it so heres a random picture of M's huge hotdog that apparently they don't do big buns for (pretty sure there's screwed up connotations in that sentence somewhere) which I thought was weird and stupid. After dinner we hit Rumba Rapids where I made sure I didn't try to jump out the boat and swim. Mainly becasuse it was cold and your not supposed to swim for a hour after eating food. Oh and also because I'm not completely stupid, I mean seriously who thinks that doing that is a good idea. Anyway rant aside, next we headed to try and make daisy chains and sing peace songs with these things called The Swarm. Turned out that they're not interested and decided to throw me around a bit instead. These following pictures show (or rather try) it doing just that to some fellow brave daisy picking peace people. Now despite it sticking out like a sore thumb (first picture kind of shows this), the apparently lethal dangerous bugs were amazingly gentle. God know's why all restraints can't be like this with the extra springy thing that keeps you held down without smashing your shoudlers into he restraints. Seriously though amazingly comfortable. Force wise I would rank all of the other coasters ahead of this (accept from Flying Fish obviously and X:God this hurts which just hurts) but the different ride on each side (right hand sides more forecful) and the amazing comfort of it made this a awesome addition in my opinion. Having no queues helped as well. Random theming for Swarm which judging by the building they should put next to X:Running out of names. Nice new area anyways and it looks like they have a largish plot sat there ready to be expanded on so fingers crossed for that. Next was this. Always have loved this ride though this year, it would seem my new found love for Swarm had annoyed it somewhat and it decided to bash me around a bit. Still not enough to make me dislike the ride. Intamin should replace the restraints with non ratchet ones though as they would improve the ride comfort. Last photo and ride of the day was on this (I mean Saw even though this is a failed attempt at getting two cars and Samurai in the same photo). Now I've been on it before and knew what to expect in the inside but listening to my girlfriend muttering what the hell as we headed towards the trap then screaming as we dropped was hilarious. Easily the most intense coaster in the park for me, due not to the drop, but the speed at which you take the airtime hills and change direction this was great fun and unlike last time Jigsaw failed to give me a headache. He did follow me with a pig for a bit of the Saw Alive maze though which was funny. Realising that you were the last one in the group after you've just spent a while walking along with someones hands on your shoulders is always reassuring. They don't like it when you stare at them before they can jump out at you though. Kind of ruins their vibe So yer a grat day out at Thorpe Park with maximum queue times of around 30 minutes for Saw (take that random lady trying to sell fasttrack tickets at the entrance), 20 for Colossus and 10 for a kebab (despite there only being three of us at the stand) meant it was well worth the travelling (about a 5 and a half hour round trip) and fun for everyone. Now all I need to do is convince M to go to Alton Towers. Hope it isn't to unbearable a trip report. Cheers 89James89
  3. Replies: paradisecoaster: Thanks I'm glad the layout looks good and I was a bit wary of it being so wide to but it looks much better themed (as you'll hopefully agree with when you see it in a minute). I'm glad you like what I'm producing scenery wise its fun using different sets to see what you can come up with. Update on Realms Of Excitment UK. Been working on the theme around the two Wild Mouse coasters and althoguh oringinally planned to be Eqyptian our Theme Team got a bit carried away and we've apparently ended up with a Ruined jungle style theme. Still when they presented me with this concept art I let there enthusiasm off as it looks quite nice and although the same layout (just mirrored) the different theme elements mean different rides on each side. So anyway heres the concept art the team left on my desk for Digsite. Other than this a new monster has emerged alongisde the Chimera, Hydra and apparently its eggs are extremly valuable. WIll you brave its wrath for the riches risk could bring Thats all for now though I'm sure well be back soon with soem more images from the building of Realms Of Excitment UK. Cheers 89James89
  4. Havent ridden Nemisis but have Inferno several times. Gonna say although I've come off feeling dizzy several times I wouldn't say it was a intesne coaster at all. I personally feel that the Pinfari looper, Shockwave at Brean feels a hell of a lot more intense than Nemisis Inferno. Still need to ride Nemisis though. Cheers 89James89
  5. Random update is random. Now having decided that having a absolute square park wasn't very nice looking so decided to make the park smaller and more like Thorpe Park in theming style than Disney (such as the big ride and area around it is themed to something rather than an entire quarter of the park). Anyway this means work has commenced on a earlier save file of the Minetrain above so unfortunately Turbine is gone form this particular bench at the moment but will probably be back. Anyway what I do have is these two shots of new coasters for the park. The first one is Chimera our custom Vekoma SLC (I want to use cheaper rides to make the park seem more like its not owned by a huge chain but rather is a smaller theme park). Themed to a ancient monster once held in check by a wizard who had summoned the beast to keep away intruders. With the wizard long gone will you brave the ruins to face this fearsome monster? The second is concept art for the layout of the parks two mirrored wild mouse coaster's. These will run with a Eqyptian theme under the name of Mirage. So will come back when I've sorted out the layout of the park and got a bit more theming done. NOTE: Don't worry Fred's Funfair is still very much alive and kicking this is just a random project so I don't overwhelm you with updates to the fair. Cheers 89James89
  6. Replies: molemaster43: Nope none of them though you can find out below what it is (remember though althoguh I havent included a year, its in the 60's at the moment so I'm pretty sure the Tilt-a-whirl was the only one of the rides you listed around back then). I can't wait for it to gerow either so many ideas in my head just need to get there. I like the ideaof it growing bit by bit though hence the low ride prices. Season 2 First Report Well let me be the first to welcome you all back to another, hopefully successful season here at Fred's Funfair. Here I have some of the photos taken at the opening day of season two. First one shows that despite it being opening day for season two Spin Outs! trailer still hasn't moved. Let's hope that's not a bad sign. First thing that you notice is we finally had enough to get the basketball game up and running. Only took us a year to do so. Next the big new thing for this year. This is Spin Out! a Eli Bridge Scrambler. This thrilling ride will certainly spin you around so make sure you get down to the fair to experience it first hand (interestingly enough this is a new model and the only ride in the fair not pre owned). Finally some shots of our Fireball throwing its riders around and The Cage rising menacingly above the small midway. Opening day was a success with more here than last year. Let's hope this continues as I've been looking into them new transportable rollercoaster's to really get this fair going. Anyway I'll be back later in the season to see if the new thrills continue to deliver. Till then F Hanton
  7. I really like this. Its wellthemed but not over the top. I really like the interior of Indiana Jones that looks awesome. Cheers 89JMAES89
  8. Replies: molemaster43: Thanks and I'm gld you like the sound of the concept and I hope I can keep it interesting for you. mcjaco: Cheers and I just looked up the park you mentioned and thats pretty much the idea I'm going for. End Of Season 1 Report Not much in the way of pictures today just really a recap of how the fair did in its first year. Despite running on only four rides for a third of the season we still seem to have taken enough to justify the purchase of the new ride (despite how the unused basketball stall feels about it). Anyway here's some ride stats for season one. Season 1: Most Popular ride: The Cage (1425) Highest Earner: The Cage (£1,345.45 at £1 per ticket) Most Popular: Rotor (favourite of 155 guests) Lowest Earner: Spiral Slide (£42.95 at £0.50 per ticket) Least Popular: Spiral Slide (favourite of 0 guests) This shows that the parks crowds seem to be mainly looking for a thrill rather than family relaxing rides. This should be good news given what we've got for next season. Still you'll have to wait till then to find out what Spin Out! is. Finally I'll leave you with this fair shot. That's all for this season and the fair has been a great success with my father happy with increased customers too. Lets hope next season is just as good. Till next time F Hanton
  9. Late Season 1 Report: Well I've just got a few pictures for you all at the moment including these couple of night ones which is when the fair and rides really look nice. These two above show both Fireball (the Roll O Plane incase I haven't mentioned its name) and The Cage. The others are these. Now the Burger Bar was moved a few weeks ago to make this walkway (instead of blocking the path like it used to). Then a week later this trailer arrived with Spin Out on the side. Now despite the basketball stall not opening all season we've still made some money and we decided that rather than getting the basketball show up and running for our second season a new ride would be much more crowd pleasing. Now although I obviously know what the new ride is I'm afraid you'll have to wait till next season to find out. This one shows my fathers farm shop at night which although not much to do with the fair he wanted me to post it here for advertising sakes. Dam man and his free advertising. So that's all for now. I may do one more report before the end of the season and will try to get the earnings and ridership stats for the rides in case your interested in that sort of thing. Till then. F Hanton
  10. Mid Season 1 Report: Well I'm back again with a quick update. Firstly the generator for Fireball finally turned up and we got it up and running, which was useful as its turned out to be our most popular ride with queues extending out onto the path. We also managed to get the ticket booth up and running which meant that ride waiting times were shortened as they could buy their tickets here rather than having to pay at the ride. This pictures shows that the basketball game is still not running yet, mainly due to us forgetting about it but also due to funds not being there to hire anyone still. This also highlights the fairs main problem at the moment in the form of the litter everywhere. The one cleaner we have obviously isn't enough for the hundreds of guests we receive each week. Dad can also be seen in this photo in front of the dart board gamestall in chatting to a guest (bald bloke in brown). Finally a attempt at a overview of the fair from the top level of Rotor. Shows how busy we really are and also that we got lights installed so night time operations are very viable. All in all the fair is doing pretty well at the moment and we hope to be able to introduce a new ride next season to keep the visitor numbers up. I'll be able to report whether this will be possible later in the season though as at the moment funds are once again a bit tight. Till next time. F Hanton
  11. That actualkly looks really nice. I would agree about the flowers too. You don't have too many just change the colours of them up a bit. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers 89James89
  12. No I can see that lol I just meant break what you have up a bit as at the moment its still a bit of a large chunk. Maybe expand the planter a little bit. Cheers 89James89
  13. I really like that second to last picture. I'm not to sure on the other two stations trackitecture to be honest they seem a bit to samey. Maybe have on flat trackitecture instead of in a wave like you have them both. You have the basics down (that screen shows pretty nice composition with exception ot he huge peice of gray pathing) just need to refine your style. Cheers 89James89
  14. Fred's Funfair Rules and notes Right now I know I said I wouldn't start hp another thread but just keep everything in my 'Slow descent to madness' one but I was looking through some of the downloads on ShyGuysWorld and came across my old Oakridge family park and really wanted to try another park in that style. Now if you don't remember the park and what style it was in, basically I built while playing the game. This meant that I had to earn the money to build new stuff and any mistakes (several of which I did make) were permanent until I could fix them. Now to try and keep it realistic I've come up with these set of guidelines. *One year in updates terms is 3 in game years (this is due to how fast the game goes meaning that I would never make enough to change things and keep it fresh each year until the park had grown quite a bit) *Charge per ride but under these guidelines: Gentle Rides/Transport Rides: £0.50 - £1 Small Thrill Rides: £1.00 - £1.50 Large Thrill Rides/Small Rollercoaster's: £1.50 - £2.50 Large Rollercoaster's: £2.50 - £4.00 Food and Drink/Gifts: Varies (these may seem a bit cheap but I want to steadily advance not zoom ahead by charging the maximum price) *No building above 80ft (THIS PARK ONLY NOT GENERAL RULE) *Can't alter local woodland (THIS PARK ONLY NOT GERNERAL RULE) Now hopefully that made sense. Not related to the game mechanics I will introduce my own story problems from time to time to hopefully keep it a bit fresher but nothing to major (like rides being closed for story based reasons rather than in game breakdowns). As for the park itself basically it's built on the premise of a combination of my favourite and most popular realistic parks that I've worked on in the past (as always it'll be NCS). In it you'll hopefully see Uncle Fred's Fun Park, Oakridge Family Park and the fairground park I was doing a few months ago. The park itself in located in Devon, UK in amongst some fields (as you'll see) on a small 100x100 map not all of which will be open for me to build upon. Also to made it more difficult I started with £0 cash and a £10,000 loan already taken out so will have to be £20,000 in debt from the start. Should make things more interesting hopefully. The timeline, although not dated is meant to start some where around the 60's. Anyway enough blathering here's the actual park update. Hope you enjoy. -------------------------------------- Fred's Funfair Well this is Frederick Hanton here setting up this blog for a new park I've had the pleasure of being able to start up. Well I say park its pretty much a fairground at the moment but we'll see more of that soon anyway. Anyway first some background and such so you can actually see what's going on. Well you see I've always been interested in the amusement industry since I was a kid, never really feeling that I'd like to follow my father with his farming career. Luckily this didn't bother my dad and he has supported me with whatever I wanted to do. Unfortunately lately my father has been finding the farm harder and harder to run what with having opened a farm shop several years earlier, and his work force slowly dwindling as factory jobs seem to be more favourable these days. This meant that he was left with too much land to work with his farm hands he had left. (father's farmshop) Now this is where his support was shown the most. A local fairground was selling up. The owner, too old to carry on with the business and a good friend of my father agreed to sell several of the rides to me so with first pick of the rather large selection of rides he had available me and my father headed down to the bank to see what kind of financial help I could get. Several thousand owed to the bank later (£20,000 in total) and we have a few of the rides my fathers friend was selling (the rest went to local travelling fairs) and thanks to my father generosity a small strip of land next to his farm shop to build on. (this photo shows the land I have to use (the strip in the same field as the farm shop) initially, as well as the field behind it which is owned by my father and up for negotiation if things go well) Clearing the field and enlarging the carpark left us with £10,000 left which we piled into as many of the rides as we could afford and some stalls to get us up and running. So with no money left (barely enough to hire the ride operators, mechanics and cleaners.) we opened up and hoped for the best. Also of note while I remember. We have a building height limit of 80ft and the trees you see on the overview are protected woodland and aren't to be touched. Both of these are a bit restricting but not the end of the world. Anyway here's how the first day went. First Day Report: Arriving early in the morning you can already see several guests inside the small fair and the rides starting their testing for their debut. Hey look its just like Disney's Mainstreet. No seriously this little lined avenue leading up one of the fair's thrill ride's, The Cage, is our small little mainstreet where you can find several small stalls with various fairground games (darts, coconuts shy's and the such). Interestingly the first bit of bad news is the basketball game you can see to the side isn't open as we couldn't find the staff to man it which was a shame but oh well. Still you can buy a cookie to cheer you up. This side of the fair houses both of our rides for our smaller guests as well as well as a burger bar. Both the slide and the Carousel did rather well on the opening day which was nice. The Carousel especially was getting good reviews, which was a bonus considering we'd spent some extra money replacing some of the horses and painting the rest. Now for something that's not such good news. This is our ticket hut and Fireball our Roll-O-Plane, both of which failed to make their debut on the first day. Fireball was a real shame as were waiting on its engine which had been accidently loaded onto the wrong trailer, ending up at some other park. It should hopefully be here soon but we were told that several weeks ago so were not holding our breaths. The ticket hut however is waiting for a new ticket machine and although a pain it just meant that tickets had to be bought at the rides so queues were a little longer. As it started getting dark another problem was highlighted (no pun intended). A lack of lights meant it was impossible to see as soon as darkness descended so we had to close the fair up early. Will have to get this sorted as you cant have a fair that doesn't open at night. Still I managed to get this photo of Rotor before the light disappeared. (The thing in the background is Rotor's trailer in case your wondering. It seemed as good a place as any to leave it if you ask me.) Anyway that's all for now. Opening day had mixed successes with the rides that were open doing well but still only having four of them there and longer queues due to the tickets hut being closed meant that the crowd wasn't visiting just for the fair, most were just popping in after doing some shopping to keep their kid's quiet. Still I'll hopefully be able to return with another update soon where hopefully everything is working fine and money and excitement is rolling in. Till then. F Hanton.
  15. Agreed with the torches. I also think you'd benefit from some terrain painting. Not everything is going to be the same colour green espicially with such dense woodland. Maybe try the mottles green and mud under the trees and save the greens for where the light can get to the ground. Also you need to shrubbery in the way of ground level foliage which would help make it seem more like a actual forest. The Station could probably be with being a bit smaller so it doesnt seem so blocky. Either that or add a a few lower level partson the outside so its not just one cube. I think that made sense. Cheers 89James89
  16. ^ You dont need a options txt I think. Just lower the path and build the ride over it then raise the path back up. As I said on shyguysworld looks really nice. Cheers 89James89
  17. Replies: Coupon: Cheers and I'm glad you like Turbines towers I was worried they'd stick out a bit but there's not really much else I can come up with to do with them at the moment. Right just a quick update for now showing some more of Steam Mountian Steam Road (SMSR) (really should probably get a new name for the rollercoaster). I would currently say the ride is at 75% completiion and will mark the first milestone for the park after which I plan on doing some work on another area before coming back to finish off more bits of Steam Mountian. Anyway you came here for pictures so here they are. Firstly the coaster path flyby on the town side of the ride. Theres a resturant to sit in and eat burgers and steaks while watching the coaster zoom by behind where the photograph was taken. Should provide some fun photo ops when the park is finished. I tried dileberatly to keep the foliage down in this area so you can view the coaster. Next a overview of the current state of SMSR. Not much to go till its complete. Finally a architecture shot non realted to SMSR but in Steam Mountain. Well that's all for the moment. Hope you enjoy! Cheers 89James89
  18. Replies: paradisecoaster: Yup I would agree completely about the mess it does look rather jumbled (mostly I would imagine due to me building whatever comes to mind) but I'm glad you are liking it as well. Right update time. Not got a lot to show you I'm afraid as my rather easily distracted mind had me working on another part of the park (as you'll see from the map overview at the end of the update). Now rather than show you that one just yet I've got some more of the Steampunk/Western area to show you. Now the coaster is coming along nicely but I wanted to try and sort a first draft layout out but as usual I got distracted as soon as I placed the first filler ride. This has now turned into Turbine. A large S&S Skyswat ride which will give this area some intensity ride wise and provide a large backdrop. Now its not finished yet (as we should probably assume nothing is in the park till I release it) but I wanted to show you what I'd done on it so far. Just one thing to note is that the area does look rather messy from the photo's (it looks better in game) but this is mainly due to the monorail (which will circle the park in the end) running through the foreground. Still I think it looks quite nice and imtimidating. Here's the view just before your about to get in the queue. The foliage was purposefully kept low to provide unobstructed views to your impending doom. Now from one of the squares in the area with the ride exit in front of you. Pretty big ride and it dominates the area well, themed around a steambot production facility. FInally picture wise is this data view of the park to show you what I've done so far. The steampunk area in the bottom left. Right hope you enjoyed the progress I'm making with all this and I'm still enjoying it immensely which is a good thing. Building a theme park for me is a lot easier than building a amusement park and not having to worry to much about realism means that I can cut corners and switch areas when I'm bored working on one while still finishing off a whole park. A much encouraged playstlye if you like me find yourself running out of steam on parks quickly. Anyway till next time. Cheers 89James89
  19. Welcome all and one to my thread. Tired of continually starting new threads every few weeks with ideas that went no where I've taken to building whatever is in my head at that time and documenting it in this thread. Now I will try and complete whole parks with these ideas despite how crazy and contrasting they are so even if the finished product isn't perfect or particulary nice I'll hopefully learn something from it and find some part of the designing in the game that I enjoy enough to go full bore on a park with instead of continual stop start threads. EDIT: Park list of whats being done where and such. Hopefully it'll be pretty self explanatory: DTC's Tropico Palm's Resort: (Released Download Tropico Island Resort) DTC's Realm's Of Excitement: (WIP updates start pg 1) DTC's Nuclear Blast: (WIP updates start pg 2) DTC's Castaway Cove: (WIP updates start pg 2) DTC's Mythical Island Theme Park! (WIP updates start pg 1 MAIN PROJECT) Realm's Of Confusion: (Abandoned/intergrated into Realm's Of Confusion. Updates start and end pg 1) Anyway this park has basically started with Steampunk meets Wild West ideas currently being converted into a mine train. Also like everything I do it'll be NCS so hopefully at the end everyone can either enjoy it or try to avoid reviewing their lunch via their computer screen. Not sure how everyone will receive it but I'm enjoying it and growing fond of it. Anyway here's some pictures of what i have so far for you all. Basically this is the rollercoaster as it has progressed so far. Admittedly not very far but I'm having far more fun with this than many of my other parks so thought I'd start the thread and if all fails it'll become a dump for random screens I like while I play the game. So anyway theres what I have so far. Comment aappreciatedapporeciated but equally so if you wish to just pop in and remind yourself just how sane you are please feel free. Anyway must dash more ideas to put build upon. Cheers 89James89 EDIT: Oppps fixed pics
  20. Hmmm not entirley youy can see what I was going for in the preview thread. Much much smaller scale than that and with more of a emphasis towards western than steampunk to be honest. I mean I wouldn't nessacarily put what you've built as steampunk I would have just said sci fi as. Its good don't get me wrong but just doesnt scream steampunk (though being honest mine doesnt exactly scream it from the angle I've taken the picture). Cheers 89James89
  21. Whatever the hell I want is what I'm building at the moment it seems (that sounded a bit harsher than it was meant to but it explained what I meant in the best way). You see I've been trying for ages to get a decent ultra realistic park going which I enjoyed and wanted to continue working with and it wasn't working at all. i'd do a bit to it and then get bored and want to try something else. So I stopped for a little bit and took a step back and looked at what I was building and decided to make a big change. I've decided now to leave the ultra realistic parks behind to dive into fantasy and just building whatever I want. I've also decided (as you can see) to use the Preview thread instead of making new ones to show my stuff as I have a habit of not following everything through. Don't get me wrong I mean if I get far enough with stuff I'll make a thread for it but at the moment the preview thread will suffice. Anyway, the image I've been building to this evening (and where the picture of Steam Mountian Steam Road came from) was based off of this Wild West meets Steampunk approach and the intention of trying sets I've never used before (should probably point out that I don't use CS. Nothing against the sets as most are amazing and I'm very much able and aware of how to dl and install them it's just my preference). This led to the combination of the space set (the brown metal one not the one with the satellites) to produce seem crazy looking buildings that actually didn't seem to clash too badly. Throw in some lasers and alien flora and I'm pretty sure its so crazy it worked (or at least in my opinion it did) and was fun to build and watch as I build it. Now I know no cs and fantasy won't be to everyones taste but that doesn't bother me either. The worst thing you can do is build to what others expect or want. You see; you can have the best laid plan when you start out but if your building to the whims of others and for the recognition eventually your going to find something that is getting better comments and you'll try to 'force' ideas that weren't originally planned into the park your building and mostly (for me anyway) this is where I've found the park is too far down a direction to change and I feel forced to start over or it'll not fit in and will ruin the atmosphere that you did have. Now I'm not saying don't get inspiration I'm just saying make sure your building for yourself (unless you have a reason not to such as a competition, wokring in group where you'll have to be flexible to a extent or your doing a choices timeline park) and although its a good idea to take in some critiscms dont feel the need to implement them if they'll stray your original idea and image you had going to far away from what you'd planned otherwise you'll have something in the end that you built, but you won't like that much as it wont have your stamp and personality on it. (A great example is RCTER2 on NE who seems to build whatever he wants, focusing on tiny buildings and rides with gaudy colours which shouldn't work, but because he has his stamp on them he seems to be enjoying them and against all odds and sensibility they have a endearing feel to them thats actually fairly enjoyable). Anyway I'll finish writing my novel now and let all of you that actually read it all have a rest. Cheers 89James89 NOTE: For those not in to reading big walls of text. Basically I'm building whatever the hell I want to and enjoying it immensely.
  22. Hey guys just something I've been working on for a few hours. Probably wont go anywhere knowing me but hey I liked it. Theme wise I was building whatever came into my head really going off a slightly loose Steampunk theme (hence the random laser and spike things, no shark with lasers on there heads though which is a shame). Anyway heres a shot of Steam Mountain Steam Road (see what I failed to do there). NOTE: Everything may be changed (pretty sure that covers any mistakes and hideousness) Enjoy (Hopefully) Cheers 89James89
  23. ^ He has posted it there and RctLounge as well. Looks amazing and all the themes are very well done. Love that last pic with the safari in it. The only thing I'm a tiny bit dubious on is the Medieval buildings and how some of them look a little bit cluttered but overall its really nice. Cheers 89James89
  24. Replies: molemaster43: No. The inspiration didn't come from any real life parks but rather one of the first RCT3 rides/parks that actually convinced me to buy the game myself. If it's anything at all like that then its pure coincedence as I've never heard of it lol. ---------------------------------- Year 2 First visit Well I've just returned from our first family visit to the fair of this year. Its pretty cold out though still so I don't have any night shots for you I'm afraid but anyway onto the photo's. Well the place was pretty busy today which I'm putting down to the fact that the fair has only just reopened still if it carries on like I can only see it being good news for Mr Regin. The first photo here just shows The Whip from last year but in the day. Its also seems more popular now than when it opened last year which is always good. Now behind The Whip is a new ride for this year. This Bumper Cars seems to have replaced the Zipper which seems weird as the Zipper was only brought in last year. Still as you'll see in a minute the Zipper seems to have not been removed from the park only dismantled. Anyway the Bumper Cars are a much better option in my opinion and all my family seem to enjoy this ride together which is a bonus. Also new for this year is this little food court. Although still relying on the food vans at least this shows the fair is thinking about the guests further than just rides. The burgers weren't half bad either. This is why I don't think there removing the Zipper completely seeing as that yellow container over there is for the ride. Still not sure why they didn't just put Bumper Cars over here though. Also its looks like there doing some work. Will be interesting to see it whether or not its Zippers new place. Another shot showing the Trampolines and also how the weed problems didn't seem to be taken care of at all while the fair was closed. Not sure if I've photographed these before., Their just some hook a duck type stalls of which there are several dotted around the fair. Finally for this TR as it was beginning to get dark and the place closed early anyways here's one of the entertainers, Sharkey or something I think entertaining some guests as they headed to leave. My sons love these two. Well that's our first look. Some nice new additions this year especially the food court and I didn't really like the Zipper so its removal hasn't really bothered me. Did one of my sons though who keep's asking when it'll come back. We'll just have to see if there's anything new next time we visit. Till then Craig H
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