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  1. Replies: Coupon: Cheers and I'm glad your enjoying it. ---------------------- Year 1 Third Visit Well its September and that means the carnivals in town so we decided to head over to the fair before it closed for the year. Now despite it being really busy as the photo's show I still managed to meet with Mr Regin and after explaining about the trip reports he allowed me to take my camera onto the ride as a thanks for the unintentional advertising I'd probably been providing him. Seeing as I'm doing this for my own enjoyment and all I didn't think that was a bad trade so got you all some photo's. First however lets look at some of the other photos I took seeing as it was our first night visit. Firstly pretty much the same photo that I ever showed you of the fair but this time at night. In my opinion the place looks much nicer at night with all the vivid colours creating some pretty funky photos. Here's the Helter Skelter side of the fair at night. Just in case you were wondering that path leads to a fenced area holding the fairs porta-loo's. Not very interesting but handy if your visiting and needing to use them. Shooting Star was also more fun at night where getting your bearings was even more difficult. Heading around the fair I noticed that the fenced area from last time had been replaced with this Whip ride. The kids loved it (well my sons anyway). A nice little addition to the fair. Also seen are some new picnic tables the fair has added to have somewhere to sit and eat. This next one shows a little thing I noticed while wandering around, it seems the foliage in this place isn't being held in check to well as weeds are seeming to be springing up around what I take to be some offices for the fair. Not too bad as I didn't seem to spot any springing up around the rides but not a brilliant look to sport. Now for the photo's of Atlantic Adventure. As these shows the walkthrough is really based on the one big room but you'll see that in a sec. First here's the facade at night. The fishman warning you of what lies ahead. Basically you enter through these spinning portals and find yourself under the sea where theres a large room with several animatronics, including a giant turtle and another fishman. On the walls are various projected fish and a fight being depicted between the fishmen and some divers. As you make your way through you approach the fishman that attempts to spear you as you dive into a underwater building filled with laughing and crazy masks telling you your doom is near. As several fire pits spurt flames (fake so don't worry about that) you grab a small badge (for the kids mainly and saying 'I survived Atlantis') and run back into another portal and out into the real world. All in all a fun little walkthrough and a nice attraction to have at the fair. Interestingly as I was leaving we bumped into Mr Regin again who ask to see the photo's. I was obviously happy for this and asked him what had been his inspiration for the ride. He replied that it was mainly a mash up of his ideas and some pulled from a park designed by a used called Crowheart on a RCT3 (which is a theme park simulation game) forum which he couldn't remember the name of. After this he'd given me the go ahead for the photo's and we'd left as the crowds were becoming slightly rowdy teenagers and we have a carnival to watch. Cheers Craig H --------------------- (OOC: Hope the inside isn't too disappointing for you all. The ride really isnt all that big so I didn't have a huge amount of room to work with. Also I wonder if anyone can tell me the park that partly inspired the ride (and maybe even the ride name itself).)
  2. Not that yours looks bad at all but I have seen one or two before but their genrally higher and use many dihy tracks next to eachother to create the halfpipe. Cheers 89James89
  3. Year 1: Second Visit Hey guys, Craig here. Just got back from popping into the fair quickly with my son to try and cheer him up as he's just had the dentist and to also try and get the Atlantic Adventure photos. Now unfortunately I'll let you know now that Mr Regin wasn't there today so the photo's will have to wait but I do still have some stuff to show you. Firstly is the rather obvious change to the skyline as you enter the fair. You see, as well as not being a particularly good circus they were also found to be abusing the animals in their care. This led to several things including a court case which closed the Circus itself down, and then to make matters worse for them Mr Regin sued them for damages to the fairs reputation as well as rent they refused to pay and won a large legal sum. Ah well it was pretty shoddy anyway. As this shows though it seems Mr Regin wasted no time in erecting the ride that was planned to fill the spot when the Circus left, Zipper. A fast and pretty nauseating ride it may be but it still seemed to be a crowd drawer and my son loved it. Highest ride in the park as well, not that that's what's going through your mind when your on it. This one really shows you the couple of rides that I missed in the first visit. These were more for the smaller ones but the trampolines were pretty fun. Now for more exciting stuff. Fences up around this small plot in the centre of the fair and this lorry with several ride cars on it. Looks like it could be a fun new ride coming soon. Well that's all from our quick visit. I'll still try and get them inside photo's for you but for now these will have to suffice. Till next time. Craig H
  4. Looks realy nice Coupon. Will be interesting to see a timeline park in rct2 not many people do that with the game. Cheers 89James89
  5. (OOC: Well guys this is my 'side' project while I work either work on Adventure Island or run out of idea for it. It'll be more within the style of parks that I made before my old laptop died on me so realistic rather than semi realism themed stuff. It is also a pretty small project depicting a fun fair (at the current time anyway) instead of a actual park so to say as I thought this would also be different to what's on the boards at the moment. As always it'll be NCS so if your against them then this park probably won't be for you. Also differently to how I normally do things, I'm commenting from a guests perspective rather than from a worker or park official.) Year 1: First Visit IC: Circuses was the main reason I've decided to post these photo's for you. A small Circus had arrived in town a week or so ago and we were planning on taking my son and few of his friends there for his birthday. However things quickly changed when we got there as unknown to us before we arrived the Circus wasn't the only thing there. In fact as this photo shows taken as we were getting the kids out of the car, The Circus is pretty hard to see through what's also here. Having seen this my son was pretty sure he was going to enjoy at least some of the rides, and we decided to spend the money originally planned for a meal for everyone after the Circus, to allow everyone to enjoy the fair instead. First however we had to see the show we'd come to originally see. Honestly it wasn't all that great, simple animal tricks and couple of clowns and a tightrope act and the kids spent most the time messing around, obviously agitated to get some riding done. Having sat through the show we decided to go back to the entrance and work our way around the fair. First up was this spinning ride named Fireball. Great fun and brought back memories of my childhood and the local fairs then. Next was Spitfire. Haven't ridden one before and didn't really like it. The ride itself also didn't feel to safe but I suppose it is a fair. The slow lines for Spitfire also allowed time for my wife to take our little daughter on the parks Ferris wheel, Skywheel. Something that none of the other kids were interested in at all. Next was shooting star a rides that threw and spun you all over the place. Really fun though and probably my second favourite ride at the fair. This wins though. A quirky little walkthrough dark ride themed to Atlantis. According to the plaque outside it this was designed and contracted by the fair owner himself, a Mr Fred Regin. Apparently he'd spent a while in America touring the states and the various fairs over there, working for a while at a company that designed dark rides. He'd loved the fairs so much that upon returning to the UK he'd sold his small removal firm and bought up some rides to make his own fair. This was his own stamp on the fair and has been touring with it for 15 years. I can tell you now they look after it as it doesn't look that old and was great fun, if a bit small, for the kids and me and my wife alike. Unfortunately I didn't know what the policy was on photo taking inside so I was afraid I'd not be able to show you. This was until I stopped who looked like a mechanic and asked why the fair was in town in June. Normally it comes about September. Turns out that Mr Regin has bought the rights to the land and the fair is going to be permanent for the next few years. This was great as it meant that maybe I'd be able to talk to him and be granted permission to get some inside shots of Atlantic Adventure. I'll have to get back to you with that though as I've got work early and its pretty late now so I'll leave you with this random photo I can't remember why I took. Till then. Craig H (OOC: Now I hope it has the fair look to it that I was going for. The darkride itself was a kind of homage to a couple of my favourite designers (one more obvious than the other). I'll see if anyone can guess them from that photo alone. You'd have to have been around for a few years to have a idea though. Anyway hope your enjoying it so far. Cheers 89James89)
  6. Update 9: Hey guys and girls I finally got the interview with Mr Jones that I said I would (even though he was sure I imagined that he'd promised me one). It doesn't really reveal as much as I hoped but here it is anyway. Me: Hello Mr Jones and how are you today? Mr J: I'm fine thanks but that has very little to do with what the interview is about. I don't exactly have much time so lets cut to the chase. Me: Ok so the park, how do you think it's going? Mr J: Very well actually. Thankfully the small area that we opened with didn't disuade anyone from coming to the actual park infact not having too high a entracne price and still several rides proabably hekped attendance. Me: It would definetly appoear so. General opinions from the public have been pretty positive. What's your personnal opinion on the park and its asthetics. Mr J: I personally like it. It seems crowded but not overcrowded though of course there are things that could have been done better. Me: Like? Mr J: Rumbling Ruins is pretty short for one of our major rides, though with the two trains it has a quick turnover and therefore the queue times are probably comparable to the ride size. I can also see the entrance becoming a problem if we grow a lot as its a bit restricting in places and there are no seperate season pass centres. So these problems may need to be addressed in the future (well the entrance one anyway. Not too much we can do about Rumbling Ruins.). Me: That maes sense growing park growing entrance anyway, I must ask if you feel that the parks recpetion has been strong enough to continue expanding it? Mr J: Why of course I do. Although we haven't made back what it costs yet we have still made a large profit over a short amount of time. As such we will definetly be expanding into other areas of our island. Me: Any particualr details that we can expect to see in the future then, rides or theme wise? Mr J: Well we want to expand on the coaster count obvioulsy and plans for the next area already have one incorporated. As for theme and type though I'm not telling you that. Would ruin the suprise. Me: Ok fair enough. Anthing you can tell us about themes that the design room have been thinking of? Mr J: Well we have many running around in the heads of our designers. Including massive castles and huge alien metropolises but as were building on a island I want soem kind of continuity so I wouldnt expect to see them yet. Me: Well that makes sense. Now I know I've asked you regarding plans for inside the park but what about the outside and plans for the park expanding beyond the island. Any of those? Mr J: Yes of course we do. Eventually I would love to see the park and surronding area become a resot complete with hotels, downtown shopping areas and waterparks but all that requires money. Speaking of which I must go make some more now so I regret I have not time to answer anymore questions but I hope this inteview has been enlightening. Me: Very much so Mr Jones and thanks for your time. Well I hope that interested all of you. Sorry it didn't really show much about the intersting parts such as plan's for the next area but apparently work is set to start soon on it so I should be abel to get in and get some photo's for you soon. Speaking of which here are some night photos of the open park for you.
  7. Update 8 Well I'm back with the rest of the photo's from the opening day of our new park. Last time we left it at Ratun's Eye the parks observation tower so that's where we'll continue from. The next ride you come across from Ratun's Eye is Rumbling Ruins. Built around a small collapsed part of the islands town, this supposedly haunted ruins is now surronded by a small corkscrew coaster designed to make full use of the space to deliver a thrilling though short ride. Ride length though was due to having to stuff a thrilling ride into a tiny space thanks to Mr Jones cahnging his mind on having only the one gentle coaster in this area. Still it works so no ones complaining. This shows one of the corkscrews of Rumbling Ruins from a ride viewing area. Next to hear is a small cafe so you can sit and watch as guests scream by. Next is our harbour themed spinning boat ride voyage. Bought initially as a filler this ride eventually eneded up with more theming than Ratun's Eye so lets hope its worth it. Looks like the first photo (and truthfully pretty much is) but this shows a small shop under the gaze of Ratun's Eye. The park is so far full of these little shops or stalls selling random goods for you all to enjoy. So many in fact I can't actually remember what this one sell's. Finally for this update is the parks main eatery Atlantic Eatery (creative I know). This place features the most tables of all the eateries in the park though there still arn't that many so book early if you plan on eating here to avoid dissapointment. Well that's all for the opening day update and thankfully enough it was pretty dam successful leaving Mr Jones in an unheard of happy mood (or ok maybe not happy but defiently a improvment). He even promised to give me a interview so hopefully along with some night shots that's what I'll have for you all next time.
  8. Replies: gat1976: Thanks and here you go. Upate 7: Well it's finally here. We've just finished with our pretty damn succesful opening day here at the once again reanamed Island Adventures Theme Park. The crowds were pretty heavy given that we only have a few rides (five in total). Everyone apprently had a good time, with families finding rides to enjoy together and plenty of places to sit and relax with some food or nice cool drinks for the hot day. Even Mr Jones apparently laughed at one point which I've not yet witnessed obbviously pleased that his dream appears to be a success. Below are some of the annotated pcitures that i've taken and been allowed to show you showing you. First off the scene as the gates opened and everyone rushed inside, a few stopping to be entertained by one of our two rival shark entertainers. Moving onto the first ride you encounter as you walk around the small park, Jungle Fever. Desgined as our kiddie coaster this one inculdes several thrilling but not to intense elements to excite the less daring guests. Here's the first few lucky guests heading back over the final bunny hops to the station. Now looking at the staion as you can see busy and this was only five minutes in. The lines got pretty long as the day wen't on. The pretty uniquye element for a kiddie coaster is this vertical lift. Although not very tall and with no truley steep drops in the ride this element adds a bit of excitment for the guest's and seemed to go down well. Also shown is one of the logs that you narrowly fit through while traversing the dangerous jungle. Moving on we come to Ratun's Rage, a thrilling ride thats expresses the Island's god's displeasure at some of the more troublesome guest's. This was also pretty popular throughout the day. Next would be Ratun's Eye, a observation tower which gives you clear views of all the small park and it's ant like guest's. Fianlly for this part of the opening day we have this picture showing some of our many random stalls that line our paths. Your never too far away from one of Mr Jones money ma.... I mean our amazing stall's providing everything you could want at short notice. Well that's all for now I'll have to get back to you all later with some more of the photo's that I took on the day but till then hopefully these will keep you interested.
  9. Update 6 Well We've made more progress on the park and were apprently nearing completion of this first area and therefore are close to our opening. The above mention of a change in plans I'm now allowed to make public to you all so its with great excitiement that I can reveal that this first area will contian two coasters not just the one originally planned and thata long with most of the other rides they've begun testing (you can actually see soem of the rides tesing in the pictures below). The second one will provide the area with another thrill ride to compliment the one shown several updates ago. Although we originally intended the first area to be more of a low thrills area to introduce you to the park but we soon realised that with the park opening with just this area that we'd need more thrills rides to attract different guests. So anyway with a new thrill ride installed and some more shops ready to server eager customers were almost ready to go. We just need to name everything and finish off the scenery. Until then however, here's some pictures for you all showing off some of the new stuff we've done as well as a few random old ones. (OOC: Sorry it's taken so long to update I've beena bit ditracted with other games and real life.)
  10. Replies: -Edge of Beast- : Thanks and I'm glad your thoroughly enjoying the park. Thanks for the comments on the architecture as that is one of my favourite aspects of the game and I hope the updates continue to please. funkeymon: Cheers and I'm glad it has a strong magical sense as it sounds like the theming is working lol. B.A.B: Thanks and I hope to keep it up. Update 5 Back again with another update to our growing park. So far plans appear to keep chaning and in this update nothings new however I'm not going to reveal the change in the plan to see if you can spot it from the two photo's below. Other than the new changes the above photo's also show how much has been done and is a good indication that early next year, soft opening is on target to still take place. This is all I ahve time for at the moment thoguh and together with everyone at DTC I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! (OOC: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! Cheers 89James89)
  11. Cole: Yup it is completely NCS and we don't actually plan on adding any CS. Update 4 Not much to show this time but we wanted to just let you know that the park is developing well and it shouldn't be too long till our soft opening. Were planning on building the other planned two areas while opening this one to help bring in a return while were still building. At opening we should have a total of 4 flats, a coaster and several shops and this small update show's the most intense of our flats planned for opening. As yet unamed, this ride will throw you around like theirs no tommorrow hopefully preparing you for the other areas which Mr Jones plan on making a bit more intense ride wise. Anyway enough from me here is the photo I've mentioned to keep you interested till next time (please excuse the lack of lighting the electricians haven't reached this part of the park yet).
  12. Well it appears that we've been discovered and announced in several locals papers so its time to come clean. Basically we haven't been building on a undiscovered island but rather on a small island off the coast of Florida. Noting the distinct lack of theme parks in the area we've dicided to fill the gap in the market. Anyway enough of Mr Jones obviously slightly dodgy business plan and more about progress in the park. As you can see from the pictures below we've completed more of the entrance area including the ticket booths and the bag storage area (can't say the other word for some reason) as well as the shark themed entrance gate. Inside wise we've completed a gift shop (pictured below) and a resturant as well as installing several new rides one of which the attempted overview was taken from and the other I'll hopefully show you next update which handily wraps this update up. Till that time.
  13. Replies: paradisecoaster: Thanks lets hope I can continue the standard and nope I've got none at all on the computer and don't really intend on adding any just because of personal preference. mcjaco: Cheers and I'm glad you like the trackitecture. As for the food stall I agree that most look silly, but there are a few that look ok in my opinion. Plus I'm not really going for a really realistic park anyway. PSiRockin: Nope no cs and thanks. Update 2 Well works continued here on our little island. More of the town has been explored moved (sounds much better than demolished and rebuilt) and restored. We've also installed and observation tower taking our ride total too two so far and slowly counting. Apparently Mr Jones has plans showing at least four rides in this entrance area, but as I haven't actually seen the sheets I can't say for certian. What I can show you though are several night photo's I took while the crews were pulling a night shift. Looks quite pretty lit up. Lightings apparently not final but it gives you an idea nd something more for you till we complete more.
  14. Update 1 Been away for a bit and had a graphic failure in my old laptop so lost everything on it. Unfortunately this meant that I lost the Oakridge park from year 5 onwards. Not really wanting to do the work to bring it back up to date again and with a new much faster laptop purchased I've decided to jump back into park making without the mainstream nature and I having a lot more fun with it this way. Anyway, enough of that lets get into my newest work Atlantic Island. A recently discovered Island off the coast of Brazil plays host to Dynamic Theme Companies first venture. Headed by businessman Alfred Jones this small company bought the island and rights to build on the ruins there (I don't know how they got rights to build on ancient ruins but hey). So with the up most care for the ruins we've started digging and ripping holes in them (carefully mind you) to create this jungle adventure for you. Early pictures are slim but here's what we have so far. Notice also the strange foliage that inhabits this island. Its definitely a colourful place. Views of the entrance area are shown below as we venture further into the small island. Also you can see our first ride and Mr Jones overseeing the construction process himself. More on that soon though. Finally a small aerial photo showing the entrance area and more of the ride than planned but I'll just hope that Mr Jones doesn't spot it on the blog.
  15. Replies: grrt: Cheers. I'm glad I've managed to create a nice atmosphere wihout it being to big and flashy. ericm95: Cheers coastercrazy 9: Thanks yrcrazy: Thanks and would be cool to see what your park turns out like. Well we’ve finished our 10th season and it was a pretty big success. We made a large amount of money and were able to repay most the loan throughout the year, with enough left over for improvements to the park. These went into the replacement of the playground with a new thrilling ride and some game stalls. Unfortunately, these improvements while looking really nice and adding new thrills meant that the expansion on the otherside of the park was put on hold. Not that this is that much of a problem, given that it’s taken place on the forest trail which isn’t used at all and hasn’t removed anything so nothing will be missing. Anyway, onto the photo’s for you all. As you can see the view from the entrance has changed again (well ok at certain times it looks different) and you can see a glimpse of the new ride beside Dynamite. Once inside, it’s clear that this small area has changed. Firstly there’s this new games stall which we tried but I was useless at and there’s the main attraction; a new ride named Ra’s Revenge. This ride will through you around as your titled and lifted off the ground, held against the wall by the will of Ra himself. Or, that’s what the advertisement says anyway. Still a fun ride and great new addition to the park’s growing ride list. Other than this the rumour of the retheme for the restaurant was indeed correct as it now sports a light Egyptian theme and S&S were contacted and changed the ride program for Dynamite. All in all some solid additions to build on last season which will hopefully increase the parks popularity.
  16. Not many photo’s of the park today but I’m glad to report that this season was a great success. Apparently the new rides and expansions must have been a crowd pleaser because the income went up by half of last year’s total. With this money it would seem that they apparently want to capitalise on this with another burst of expansion for next year. These photo’s taken below better show what I mean and where I got these impressions from. As to what these are I don’t really have any idea. I would guess the playground was removed to expand the area around there and to create a better pathing flow, but it may just be a new ride. The other area of the forest trail though is a bit of a mystery with the area not being used that much and everything, and the diner being closed up could be due to a load of things. I hear rumours of a re-theme though. The only thing I know that’s concrete is that we’ve been in touch with SS regarding changing Dynamites ride cycle into a launched one as it would fit the name better, but I’ve yet to hear the outcome of this enquiry. Anyway that’s all I have for now and probably this season so will probably see you next year.
  17. Well just returned from a night time trip to the park with my kids so thought I’d put up some of the photo’s for you to give you an idea of how the park is in its 10th season. Now we had chosen a night time visit to hopefully mean it was less busy but we were wrong. The park was bustling with guests, which, in a way was awesome for the park, but not brilliant for us as the rides were fairly busy. Money wise the park has been making a lot more than usual this season and has apparently paid back a large amount of its loan already which is brilliant news. The new rides are definitely hits with the guests. Dynamite helps to give the park more of a skyline while, Tornado seems to be a big guest pleaser. Anyway, let’s get to the photos. First of was this photo of Sunwheel with Dynamite in the background. Looks pretty nice all lit up if you ask me. Photo from Sunwheel which show’s an area of the park that was the same size as the park when it opened and now, is just the entrance square Now this isn’t very interesting, but shows the new First Aid station we’ve installed this season. This is interesting. It appears that they’ve fenced off the playground and removed he slide. Wonder what’s going to be taking its place. Dynamite got some small items to help with the theme during the season. Not much, but every little helps I suppose. Here’s an attempted overview of the new area of the park from Dynamite. Hey look America is within walking distance of Egypt. Finally a random shot from the top of Wild Mouse (don’t worry I got permission to take my camera on it before hand) showing Dynamite, breaking the parks skyline. Well that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed these night time photos. I’ll hopefully get another trip in before the end of the season, to let you know about any progress especially regarding the playground. Remember to still feel free to post any of your trip reports.
  18. I love your quaint looking buildings but I don't like the pond/fountian thing up there. I'd either remove it or add some fencing around it. Cheers 89James89
  19. Replies: ecrimo95: Thanks and although I really appreciate the comments I won't stop updating becasue I don't get any dont worry. I'm glad you like the atmosphere as that's very important to me and don't worry of course I'll carry it on. I Keep getting new ideas. Well I’m Mr Larway, the new Park Photographer here to keep you all up to date. Unfortunately, while Mr Hawthorne would like to continue with the photo taking and blog updating himself he has more matters to deal with now the park has expanded. This means I’ve managed to land the part time job. While I have all the rights to visit in off season and go behind the scenes, I won’t be privy to any park plans for new additions. As such any new rides will be a surprise to all of us from now on. Anyway I plan on visiting the park in the next couple of weeks but thought I’d upload this seasons park map for you all. (OOC: Thought it’d be a good idea to upload a map in case anyone wanted to do a trip report still. Now they can do it and know what the rides names are rather than being confused as they may have been before hand.)
  20. Right just as a head's up this is my first trip report and I'm not the world's best photographer. As such it may not be brilliant and some of the photos may be lacking but its all I got so is the best I can do. Well having lived in Devon (south coast) UK all the 22 years of my life and being into rollercoaster’s and theme parks for the last 4 years, I recently discovered that I don't actually have to take a three hour train or car journey and book a weekend away (ok so I don't have to do the weekend but it's London so there's always stuff to do to make up a weekend) to get a coaster fix. You see as some of you already probably know, it turns out that there's 4 less than a hour and a half away (ok 5 if you include Maximus at Crealy but I've whored the hell out of that when I was younger so I'm not going to count it) in the sunny place called Brean Leisure Park. This little park which had up until a few weeks ago had escaped my notice has apparently been there for a while. Show's how observant I am. Anyway to cut a longer than need's be story short me and my girlfriend (coaster convert) decided to check this place out yesterday as it looked pretty good value and would be a good way to spend our day off together. So with everything planned we set off (late as usual) to Brean and around 50 minutes later were driving through housing estates sure that the GPS has decided to play funny buggars until we spot and overshot the park. Overshot corrected we buy our unlimited wristbands, priced at £19.99 which turned out to be very good value as opposed to buying tokens and dived into a day of rides. First up was this Terror Castle which, having never been on a haunted house ride before was a rather shocking experience. This ride is seriously messed up and although it didn't scare me as such I'm pretty sure it disturbed me. Not wanting to spoil it, but once ridden you never need to watch another scary film again as I'm sure they've managed to somehow, cram most of the plots horror bits into scenes in the ride and in my opinions scarier than Saw Alive. The fact that it also seemed to traumatize my girlfriend, with the bit's she actually had her eye's open to see, was also pretty funny. [*] After that was the Waltzers which taught me the stupidity of turning your head on a ride that's spinning pretty quickly and also showed why queues (which were non existent, except for the bumper cars, all day) aren't such bad things as my stomach wasn't feeling too good. Now I've kind of forgotten the order in which we rode the other rides but hers photo's from the rest of the day. Now this ride, Wipeout I didn't ride (don't actually know why to be honest I'm just not fond of them) but I thought I’d get a photo of it anyway. Hellraiser was pretty tame really for what I thought it'd be like but was still a fun ride. X Factory was another fun ride though I've been on one before that I would say was more intense and a faster ride. Despite being really small, Sky Diver was one of the rides I was least looking forward to as I have a fear of drops and despite loving rollercoaster’s not a great like of height’s The ride itself however was more intense than it looked from off ride but still not that bad. Wild Water, the park's log flume didn't get graced by our presence as my girlfriend doesn't particularly like getting wet and having been on log flumes before I agreed to give it a miss. Now as for the rest of the flat rides I for some reason didn't take anymore pictures of them. We did ride Sizzler which was just like every other ride of it's type, Disco Fever which was some random bounce ride which hurt because of how the seats are angled but was fun all the same and the Dodgems which are always fun. We didn't ride the rest because thought that the rollercoaster’s and other rides were much better use of our time and Extreme scared us both to death watching it. Now onto the rollercoaster's themselves. First one was the new one (relocated from Blackpool I think) which I don't have any photos of because I forgot and it was in the dark. All in all it reminded me of a smaller and better version of X no way out in which you actually go forward and are marginally less smashed about all over the place. We still rode it several times though. Next was Magic Mouse which scared the hell out of both of us. Now it wasn't intense or anything like that but seriously we thought it'd derail every time it went around one of the corners it was so jerky and sudden. Still we rode it 3 times to make sure we weren't just lucky we didn't die. Finally we had Shockwave. Now, I've read about Pinfari loopers like this, and was pretty much dreading this ride but decided to give it the go ahead anyways. Now the drops were pretty sharp and in my opinion more intense than a lot of higher coasters that I've been on. The trains weren’t that uncomfortable either but coming into the final helix and brakes was like a trip to the chiropractor. We rode this twice and the second time I didn't hold on or brace myself at all and the ride seemed smoother but still that last helix and break run hurt. Now as for the park and day as a whole it was pretty good. There were little to no lines for anything and a lot to do there to fill in the five hours we spent at the park. The ride bands are more than worth it if you plan on spending more than a few hours or plan on going on more than about 8 rides and we've already decided we'll have to go again at some point. The staff were also pretty friendly when you were waiting for trains to fill. So to sum it all up it’s a nice way to spend a day if you have the time but don't expect any real atmosphere you'd get at Thorpe Park or other parks around. Hope you enjoyed the brief trip report. Cheers 89James89
  21. Huracana Condor. Seriously I hate drop towers but my ex managed to drag me onto it. Never again am I going on a drop tower that high. Didn't help that I had severe sunburn on my shoulders. Nearly collapsed as I got off because of the agony and the woman beside me was worried she'd hit me on the ride or something like that. Still it was pretty fun though. Oh and the Magic Mouse at Brean Leisure park. Thought it was going to derail on every harpin. Went on it three times though just to make sure you don't die. Cheers 89James89
  22. Well I’m happy to be bringing you the first update of our 10th season. Costly but hopefully worth it, this large expansion to the park will hopefully make our 10th birthday a hit with the guests. Costing us nearly £21,000 (£12,000 of which was a loan which we hopefully won’t struggle to badly to pay back), this season sees a whole new area introduced to Oakridge. The new are named Furious Frontier, contains several thrilling rides and another train station which completes the track around the park, as well as toilets and a small eatery. Although slightly small at the moment, we hope to expand on this in the coming seasons. Here are some photos from the opening day. Approaching the entrance you can see a new ride looming above everything else. As you can see the path leading to the new area was heaving early in the morning. Approaching the new area with several guest’s happy already. Tornado, our new rotovator ride is about to get the ‘all good to go’ from our mechanic for its first ride. Here’s an attempted overview of the area from Tornado. You can see the small eating area and eatery, which serves Burgers and Root beer and Dynamite, our SS Turbo Drop tower. Easily the most thrilling and tallest ride in the park, this will hopefully help satisfy the more daring of the family members. Finally a small glimpse at the path that links the park in a circle, running alongside the train tracks. Well, that’s all photo wise that I have for you this update but I have another surprise. Using this code below you can redeem it online for a free family ticket for you, as an incentive to come and join in our 10th anniversary madness. Other than that this is all I have for now. Oakridge Family Park (year 10 dl) Hope to see you all in the park and don’t forget to post and trip reports you may have. (OOC: Well as you’ve guessed I’ve included a dl for this season. It should easily be available to anyone with the core game and SOAKED and WILD as it contains no CS. I encourage any trip reports you wish to post in this thread but please don’t post any images of a park you’ve modified or repost this work as your own. Hope you enjoy it and would love to see your trip reports. Cheers 89James89 EDIT: Opps sorry for the UI on one of the pictures. Just imagine its a camera menu or something like that.)
  23. Replies: extremecoasters37: Cheers. Calicoasters: Cheers and I'm glad it looks premanent. Lets hope it stays though because it's really popular Well I again have bad and good news. Firstly though I have photo’s which I’ll show now and explain after. As you can see there is something happening around the park for its 10th birthday. As to what this is though it’s not very clear at all. Firstly the main thing is that the train ride is all closed up and boarded off. It has been like this for the last few weeks and though it hasn’t affected income that much it has started some rumours up around the park. These rumours range from the ride expanding to it being removed and while I can’t say (and don’t actually know) for certain I doubt its removal very much. As for the other photo’s they show the parks Ferris Wheel rising above the main square and the area where Tiger sat earlier this year all boarded off. Not much to show but as nothing has started for next year yet that’s not unexpected. Money wise however it’s not looking to good. Although we have had a fairly positive season we still only have around £9,000 saved. Now, going by our previous budget and expansion lessons, this isn’t going to be anywhere near enough to make a big impact for year 10. As such we have made numerous contacts with several banks regarding loans. As to what the outcome is I haven’t been informed but lets all hope it’s a positive one. Finally I’ll leave you with this year’s overview. The park is definitely becoming more defined in its shape.
  24. Replies: Calicoasters: Thanks and nope, no cs whatsoever so I'm glad it's holding it's own without it. Yer that map took me ages to do lol but I think the end product was well worth it. Well I’m back from another days work at the park. This update we have some good news, some bad news. Firstly I’ll show you the pictures then talk you through them. So they were the pictures, now for some explanation. Some pretty random stuff has been happening at the park this year. Especially since were trying to save money for next year to have something big, what with it being our 10th season and all. So, with that in mind, we apparently bought a new ride. It was only a giant slide though so didn’t actually cost us that much, and the guests seem to love it so it might not have been that bad an idea. What was a rather weird idea however was the attempt at Mediterranean theming on the ride and the attached toilets but oh well. I’m sure it’ll make more sense if they expand the area. Now from something new that seems to work to something old that definitely didn’t. After several seasons of low ridership and continued loss, Tiger is extinct. With the ride costing more to run than it was making it was only a matter of time. However, sadly this does reduce the parks coaster count to one so credit hunters may not be happy. Also of note is the fact that it’s the first ride to be completely removed from the park, in it’s 10 season’s of operating. The next picture shows the new shops in the day and this time, you can actually see them. In the background you can also see the newly name Sun Wheel rising above the main square. Much better placement for the ride than before I must say. Coffee shop is also a really big hit as this area is usually heaving, as you can see. Finally, a random photo of the Vintage cars taken while onboard Wild Mouse. That’s all for now and I’ll be back at the end of the season to report whether or not we make enough money to celebrate our 10th anniversary in style or not. (OOC: I'm going away for a week next week so wont be able to update for the next week or so. Fear not though the park isn't dead (again ) and I still might do the last season 9 update tomorrow before I go.)
  25. Looks nice RRP. That's an incredibly long brakerun though. May need to be incredibly long but to me looks a little wierd. Also why are there trees on the path? Other than that really nice. Cheers 89James89
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