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  1. OOC: An introduction and Explanation Welcome all to my new park thread. Now, I feel a bit of an explanation as to why I'm starting a new park (which is going to seem extremely similar to my last park) is needed. Unfortunately I had a Immanent hard drive failure before Christmas. Now at the time RCT3 was one of the last things on my mind so when I sent the laptop into PC World for them to fix it up, I didn't get a back up or copy of any of my old RCT3 work. This of course means that when I received the laptop back (all working again thankfully) I had no way of getting the old parks back. Now, besides that the reason I haven't posted anything for so long is that after getting the laptop back I found that I'd lost the Wild disk and my drive to play the game disappeared. Still I occasionally visited the forums still and basically it made me want to get back into it. So I got the deluxe version for Christmas and have since been tinkering with it. A word about the style of the park Now this park won't appeal to everyone but it's how I enjoy playing the game so it's what I've chosen to do. Basically some of you will have seen the idea before in one of my earlier parks and that is that I'm gong to attempt to actually build a park while playing the game. On top of this I wanted to make it a small time park as this would allow me time to spend on real life (girlfriend, work etc.) and on my other hobby (miniature painting and other computer games). This has led to the scenario that this park will take place in. Firstly it's going to be no CS. Now it's not that I don't like the CS you guys make but I just like playing the game as it is. Secondly I'm going to start out small, real small. I've given myself a fully landscaped farmland map and no money, with a £5,000 loan limit, to start off with. The idea will be to take a small fairground style park all the way through to a small family amusement park. Coupled with this will be a hopefully realistic storyline with views of growth and, although I'm not attaching a timeline to the park, I would imagine it starting out some time around the 70's. Add in the rules below and were all hopefully set. *One year in updates terms is 3 in game years (this is due to how fast the game goes meaning that I would never make enough to change things and keep it fresh each year until the park had grown quite a bit) *Charge per ride but under these guidelines: Gentle Rides/Transport Rides: £0.50 - £1 Small Thrill Rides: £1.00 - £1.50 Large Thrill Rides/Small Rollercoaster's: £1.50 - £2.50 Large Rollercoaster's: £2.50 - £4.00 Food and Drink/Gifts: Varies (these may seem a bit cheap but I want to steadily advance not zoom ahead by charging the maximum price) *No building above 90ft (THIS PARK ONLY NOT GENERAL RULE) *Can't alter local woodland though can remove hedges and trees in fields (THIS PARK ONLY NOT GERNERAL RULE) IC: Update One: Hello all, Simon Drake and welcome to my journal on my new business venture. Now I've been into theme parks and rollercoaster's all my life and have always wanted to try my hand at running one myself. Now obviously I realised that this was probably a rather lofty and unattainable goal due to not really having any money and the amount of work needed but I'd still always thought about it. Now I'd always worked the family farm along with my father but lately things haven't been running as smoothly. Due to more crops being brought into the country it meant that my father was struggling to get good prices for his produce and the business was slowly leaking profits. This is when my father decided to diversify and expand his hobby of cider making into a full grown business and has since slowly been changing his farmland into apple orchards slowly improving the business again. Now I can see you all sat there thinking what has any of this go tot do with an amusement park. Well as my father has been slowly changing his farmland into Orchards certain smaller plots have been left un worked due to money being put elsewhere in the business. It was then on my 30th birthday that my father surprised me with the ownership deed to one of the small plots of land. Now he'd known about my passion and since he'd managed to make his dream a reality had decided to let me have a go at mine. Below you can see a aerial view of the farmland. The field that's mine is the one in the middle along the bottom with the tree in it. Along with the plot of land and my father running as guaranty in case the business venture fell through I was able to secure a small loan from the bank (£5,000) and with some further hunting a small selection of rides to start up a permanent fair. Why a fair? Well the local one that came around here once a year always proved popular so this was a smaller risk that going straight for a permanent amusement park. I mean the rides can be easily sold and land cleared and everything. While were at it, it would probably help to tell you all that were situated along the south coast of England in the county of Devon. Anyway with that out of the way and the small selection of rides all set up here's a picture of my father (the bloke in the brown) and the parks cleaner and mechanic (I wasn't available that day unfortunately so my father stood in for me), for the local newspaper announcing the opening of the park. Here you can see most of our rides. Now here's the photo's that have been taken over the last week since we first opened for you all. This is the ticket booth where you can purchase your tickets for the rides (although you can purchase them on the ride but this is faster) and behind the ball toss stall our Carrousel. This shows that we were really busy at times during the opening week with the queue lines bursting. Hopefully a good sign. Now this isn't so good although we managed to get a dart game up and running the coconut shy we'd planned has yet to up. Hopefully it'll arrive soon time soon. Along with the above problem night time operations are a bit dangerous as we haven't been able to afford the lights. This is top of the priority list. My fathers also wandering around with a clipboard though no idea why Lastly here's a nice shot of Fireball our Lee Eyerly Roll-O-Plane lighting up the nights sky (unlike the rest of the fair). Anyway that's all for now. Hope you like the few shots we have. I'll be back a bit later when I can hopefully show you that we've managed to iron out some of the teething problems. Till then Simon Drake
  2. Love it. Really realistic and I like that your removing stuff to add new stuff rather than expanding all the time. I like the new themed building shows that the park is trying to move in another direction and makes more sense to me than just retheming the whole thing to just theme a bit at once. Looking forward to more. James
  3. That's cool I understand if you don't like the foliage side of the game as your architecture and park skills are very high and above all else you should be building for yourself not others. You also mentioned that you do the shrubbery last which is fine and may mean that a number of my points are irrelevant as you haven't reached that stage yet. That said however I hope that some of my words may help when you do get to that stage. No that's fine I don't think you should cover the whole mountain in trees just make the rock go further down the mountain side. Looking at google pictures shows that tropical mountains are either mostly rock or covered in trees so your rocky sides and trees at the bottom ideas sounds absolutely fine. Yer I think Old Spice has made a tropical tree set that sees a lot of use. Just play around with what you've got and find something that works for you. As for the mountain, no I wouldn't cover it in trees as they seem to steep to support trees all over them. No problem with the detailed response and I' hope you find some bits in my comments useful. As for the very few comments I think the few responses is not just to do with your project but rather this and other RCT forums. Some places are more popular than others and some people just prefer to view parks rather than leave comments. Still its a nice looking project and I enjoy seeing the updates so I hope you continue. As for the terrain painting it can be difficult to get right. I personally just play around until I find something that I think works. Now onto the new pictures. I actually find your terrain style very compelling and intriguing with all the stepped affects. The bodies of water look like they will produce some interesting layouts which I'm looking forward to seeing and the beginnings of the rock work look nice. The Park also seems to be coming together and I look forward to progress on it all. Cheers James
  4. I like the architecture and the look of the park but can't help but feel that the landscaping ruins it a bit. Everything seems to be green with exception to the very tops of the mountains which just doesn't seem to realistic to me. The rock work however around the lake looks nice but I'm not sure about the water edges an the sides of the steep mountains being all green. Maybe try mud or rock to line the bodies of water and give the sides of the mountains a rocky texture rather than grass. Also the foliage looks very random and bare. I mean the stuff at the bottom of the mountains looks alrgiht but then on the areas around the condo and park there's nothing there or just what seems to be random bushes and trees placed around. Try layering the foliage to create a sense of depth to it to go with the magnificent buildings you've created, from small bushes and flowers at the front to larger palms and bushes as you move back. The sunken large ferns make for some really nice foliage and can be placed under the trees to create undergrowth or dl some cs foliage sets for their added variety (and zero collision bonus). Hope that didn't seem to critical and helps you. Cheers 89James89
  5. Fat-G: It looks nice but a bit bland in areas at the moment. I'm assuming however that you haven't actually finished it yet so will reserve proper judgement till you do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ paradisecoaster: Thanks I'm glad you like it as I'm having real fun with this project. Just another WIP screen for you all. Basically I know it may be hard to visualize it complete but was just wondering at this stage if its giving off a nice atmosphere and feel to it. The theme is meant to be Piratical and yes it is from the same park as the screen above in case you were wondering but in a different themed area so don't worry about the themes clashing. Hope you all like it despite the unfinishedness. Cheers James
  6. Had a Hard drive failure on my laptop recently and have just had it back. Unfortunately though I can't for the life of me find my Wild CD for RCT3 and not feeling like making any parks without both expansions, I've instead loaded up RCT2 and given making a small park on their a whirl. Going to have to say that unfortunately I'm rather enjoying it so the hunt for the Wild might be on hold for a while. So anyway here's a incomplete shot of the park in progress. Hope you all enjoy (and please excuse the unfinishedness) Cheers 89James89
  7. Replies: molemaster43: Thanks, I'm really glad you like the Zac Spin and I hope you like Ra's Revenge as much when its done. grrt: Cheers and I'm glad that I'm improving as I build and the detail is there. Lets hope it continues. Night Time Update: Hey guys and welcome to our first night time update. As we were finally putting the finishing touches to the Baylon area I realised that PR has yet to show you any night photos of the park so I took the liberty for you all to get some. So just a small update to say that we've finally finished Babylon (fully this time) meaning were over 85% finsihed. Anyway here's the photos I took. Firstly heres a night time panoramic of the Babylon area. All nice and glowy. Here's Surge after being given the final go ahead to be able to open up with the park curtesy of Mr Harris our Head Inspector (the guy in the brown suit). Mr Harris with Ra's Revenge running further tests in the bacground. Apparently according to Harris here it's safe to test it with major construction still going on around it and without us fully sure about wether the supports are finsihed yet. Hmmmm I'm sure Surge is safe. Finally a up to date overview to show you how the park is growing and to show hom much is left to do. So I hope you enjoy the small update and the night shots. The next update may well not be until the parkis finsihed depeneding on how much time I have available. Till then. (OOC: Yer I realised looking throguh the thread that I'd not posted any night time shots so decided to show you guys some. Hope they arn't too bad. Hopefully it shoudln't take me too long to finish the Egyptian section and realease the park for you all to hopefully enjoy.)
  8. Mythical Isalnd Update Well I'm back straight from Mythical Island where we here at DTC have been strving to get this park up and running for you all. We can also now reveal what the themes for the new areas. These are Ancient Babylon and Egypt. Each area will have a coaster bringing the count for the theme park up to four. Not a huge amount but then again the island isn't massive. These are Ra's Revenge the hybrid out and back/twister and Surge, the Intamin Zac Spin. The areas will also contain a number of other rides most noticeably the Hanging Gardens Rapids, our only water ride and several shops and eateries. All this will hopefully combine to bring a much better experience for our guests than the older much smaller unsuccesful park. Anyway here are some more pcitutes of our progress for you all to enjoy. Firstly a look at Surge our wave shaped Zac Spin. A rather unique but space efficient and exciting ride. The lift of Ra's Revenge. Here you can also see the small market square just inside Ancient Egypt. Ra's Revenge making one of its swooping turns while Tutan's Turmoil starts it's first test run. Looking back down the lift hill of Ra's Revenge you can see its queue and transfer area as well as The Hanging Gardens behind it. A shot from the top of The Hanging Gardens where you can just about see all of the three theme's at once. Well tha's all for now. As you can see Babylon is nealry finished and then we can heavily push on with Eqypt. I hope to have some big progress to show you soon but unitl then enjoy these photo's.
  9. Just two random rct2 pictures that I've taken. I'm working on the second but was an idiot and forgot to save the first so have to rebuild it. Neither are (or were) finished but hey that's the point of this thread isn't it? Cheers 89James89
  10. Replies: SoCalCoasters: Thanks I'm glad your finding it refreshing and are liking the set combinations. It's fun finding out ways that diffrent sets combine. Mythical Island Update: Hey guys and girls were back again with another update from our Isalnd project for you all. Here at the Island were all working hard to try and get the project done and opened and work has been coming along nicely. Were still not going to officaily announce the new themes in the two new areas (though from the pictures it shouldn't be too hard to guess). Anyway heres soem of the pictures I've taken of the progress. First heres a look at the point where all three theme's meet. This shows the parks one and only water ride. As you can see its heavily themed much like the rest of the islands attraction. A kind of overview of the area that the waterride is in taken from the top of the new coasters lifthill. And a shot of the said coasters station and a random flat in the other new section. This ones theme shouldn't really be that hard to guess what it is. Finally a rather vague overview of progress at the moment. As you can see we've nealry finished one of the new areas so hopefully progress won't be too slow from now till we finish stage one. Well there you go. Hope you enjoy the progress that were making here at DTC. (OOC: By the way I've only just realised that I haven't actually changed the background to the island theme so please ignore that mistake )
  11. Replies: Weeman: Thanks I'm really glad my work has made you enjoy the game. DTC's Mythical Island Theme Park Well we have some big news for you all today. Following the success of our Resort we've decided to actually go ahead and make ourselves properly known in the Theme Park industry rather than just showing you all concepts (which the other projects apart from the resort have been). This is in the form of purchaing another one of the islands in the same island group as our Resort (just off the coast of California (fictional place). This island was previously owned by another rival amusement company who afer building a small Atlantean themed park left it to suceed or die without any further input on thier behalf. Unfourtunately for that company the latter happened and the park wen't downhill due to no really big attractions and no new rides being introduced. This is where we've decided to step in. With Tropico Island Resort a five minute boat ride away were sure that we can intergrate the two seemlessly and with the income from the resort manage to support a large expansion to the failing park. The photo's below show the old areas of the park as well as the new developments were making so without further ado I bring you DTC Mythical Island Theme Park. Firstly here's some photo's of the rather picturesque original Atlantis themed park. Now for some random photo's of the developments we've made so far. The idea fro stage one of the expansion is to add on two new theme zones with several new coasters. This will give the park a caoster count of a respectable but noit huge four ranging from family up to high thrills. Hopefully this will be enough to mae the park a lot more succesful than it has been. As to the coasters, one is a Intamin ZacSpin and the other is a in house designed and built stand up design incoporating both inversions and out-and-back elements. Now as to the themes lets see if you can guess these yourselves. This shows the lift hill of the stand up. It'll be the largest coaster in the park when done by far. This shows a purposely rather vague look a the ZacSpin and the parks only water rides as well as several other flats as well as the end of the standup. Please note the stand up is in a different theme area to the water ride and ZacSpin. Fianlly here's a overview of the park and work so far. You can see how heavily themed we hope it all to be in the end as we hope to bring it up to the standard of the Atlantis area at least. Right that's all for now. We hope to bring you more as we progress with the park. Till then though have fun and enjoy your stays at the resort. (OOC: Bascailly Ive taken an old park that I got half way through (I was meant to add a large Amazon themed area onto it after finishing the Atlantis bit) and decided to finish it up with diffrent themes to what was originally intended as well as giving it the DTC name to provide some sort of back story to it. Hope you all enjoy it. Comments and Critiscms are all appreciated).
  12. Welcome back to our fair. The season has been great so far from the last time I spoke with you all. Thankfully increased inspections have meant that Rotor isn't suffering as much downtime as it was anymore so guests are still loving it as much as they always have done. The other big thing for this season that we had planned was to actually put some signs up for the park. After coming up with a simple logo we rented some trailers and lights and stuck the billboards in some nearby fields to help advertise the park (and the farm shop of course). Seems to be working quite well as more people are noticing the fair now rather than just driving past it which is always good. As you can see we also put one up at the front gates just so were sure you know where you are. Good old cage still running strong in the background. The fair always looks nicer at night. We also had comments on a lack of food in the fair so we added this small sweet stall next to Spiral Slide. Not exactly food as such but with the amount of families in the park a sound choice. Finally we have some fencing and posts going up in between Spin Out! and the Dodgems. Were hoping the finished items will help alleviate some of the problems hinted at last season. That's all for news at the fair at the moment. Hopefully you'll hear from me before this season ends but until then. Have fun! Fred Hanton
  13. Season 3 Second Update Hey guys and girls were back again with another update from our small little plot of fun. Been pretty busy for us here at the fair so far this season. The new Dodgems ride is popular with both the young and the older patrons it seems which is nice and allows families to have some fun on a ride together as this photo shows. Unfortunately Rotor seems to be suffering from some kind of fault this season and has spent some time down which is a shame as it's our most popular ride. We've increased the inspections that the ride gets which will hopefully allow it to continue to run well this season where we can try and sort out the problem properly at the end. While it was down though I took a picture of the fair from the top level of the ride. Not a lot of difference from the last picture like this I showed you but hey its still nice to see it all at once. Minus Spitfire of course which is to our right. Finally we've also managed to get another ticket hut up and running which has helped a big deal with the problems mentioned at the end of the last season. We do plan on adding another one soon though as I'm happy to announce that we have some big plans ready to put into action as our fifth season draws close. Not going to tell you what though but I sure hope it'll be a big hit once when you all see it. Also it seems that this picture shows that the spiral slide is actually a bit busier than our records would suggest. Good old slide. Till next time Fred Hanton
  14. Replies: molemaster43: Thanks and if you were looking forward to the resort here it is. Resort Download Update: Hey guys. Been a long time (for several reasons but mainly I was moving and trying to get the interent sorted out) but I have another update for you all. This ones a bit of a speacial one as it contians my first proper fully finished release. As such I'd like to announce that DTC's Tropcio Island Resort is finished and can be downloaded from here Tropico Island Resort. There was a read me and write up with it that expalins a lot about the park but I coudln't upload the whole folder to the CSDepot so I can e-mail it to anyone who wants it until I can find a place to upload it. In other news I've made some small progress with Nuclear Blast and got another project on the go this one pirate themed so heres a pic of Nuclear Blast and a teaser of the new park. Work continues on Nuclear Blast!. Arrr me earties lets have us some fun! Sorry it's not much but I had a burst playing and wanted to update this here thread. Hope you all enjoy the download (when its avaliable). Cheers 89James89
  15. Replies: molemaster: Thanks and that was the image I was going for I just set myself a very big limit on how to do it lol (you'll find it out when the parks done) Random Update: Well just to show you that i havent abandoned another project and topic here is a small update on things over at our island paradise. Not an amazing amount of progress but I've been busy and at least it's something. Would say the project is about 70% done or so. Firstly a couple of shots of the whole swimming pool/waterpark area. It's probably the main ride area of the park really as we only plan on having Waverider and a few flats elsewhere. Now for a photo of the area being currently worked on. This is the third and final wing of the huge hotel on the island. Finally a night time overview of the project so far. Hope you all enjoy. Cheers 89James89
  16. More random stuff for you all. Firstly some more of Tropico Palms. Construction is going along at a nice pace with the main body ofthe hotel (and coaster station) all finished up just the entertainment wing to go then some other random buidlings and rides and we'll be good to open up. Anyway you came for some photos so here they are. This shows how we are with the rear of the main body and waterpark wings of the hotel. These are the nicer rooms as thier less noisy compared to the ones facing the waterpark. Just a shot of the waterpark with Waverider in the background. Random overview that doesn't show much but gives you a idea of where stuff is. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DTC's Nuclear Blast Also decided to show this. It's the park I was messing around with before I started on the Resort. A small park that will be themed around a random Nuclear Power Plant built into a cliff side (yup, told you it was random). Doesn't make much sense and doesn't look like a powerplant yet but hey it was bascially a pick and mix park to start with so it's all good. Don't worry though I know there's a lot shown in this thread but I will concetrate mainly on one park and at the moment that is the Resort so that will be finished up before any of the others. Cheers 89James89
  17. Replies: molemaster43: Thanks and wonder no more all is revealed in this post. Season 3 First Update Well I apologise for not getting your the stats at the end of last season but we were a bit busy with installing the new ride. Instead I have them here for you all. These are the ride stats for our second season. Season 2: Most Popular ride: Rotor (2575) Highest Earner: Rotor (£4070.40 at £1 per ticket) Most Popular: Rotor (favourite of 225 guests) Lowest Earner: Spiral Slide (£148.50 at £0.50 per ticket) Least Popular: Spiral Slide (favourite of 0 guests) So as you can see Rotor has replaced The Cage in several of the positive categories while Spiral Slide is still bringing up the rear. Still its taken double what it took last season this season so it's not a complete failure. Anyway here's a random photo of Rotor to celebrate it taking number one ride spot in the fair. Also sows just how busy it is (taken at the beginning of the third season in case you were wondering). Now thats out the way lets get down to the exciting stuff. Remember the containers that I showed last update. Well these contained this. As you can see our new ride is Dodgems. A classic bumper cars ride (not that this model is a classic. The newest we could afford). Now although gentler rides haven't been hugely popular in the fair were hoping that this will provide entertainment for all ages and ride preferences. Other than that we added another small ticket based games stall for you all. This time a shooting one right next to Dodgems. Just a random photo of Spin Out! showing how popular it still is despite it not being the new ride anymore. Finally a attempt at a panoramic from the parking field to attempt to show you where everything is situated. Didn't work amazingly but I liked it anyway so choose to include it. Anyway that's all for now. Hopefully the Dodgems will bring in some new guests as were going to need to purchase another ticket booth, as the current one is getting a bit overcrowded with it's duel purpose as a tickets counter and prize counter and with continued increase in ticket games it's only going to get worse. Also there's the toilet problems I mentioned last season to take care of. Till next time Fred Hanton
  18. Plus if it is H2H, wouldn't he have had to get his teams permission I would doubt they'd be comfortable showing it. Looks awesome anyways. Cheers 89James89
  19. It does look nice Steffen but I can't help but find it a bit to busy and messy. The bottom is fine but the roof just seems a bit mishmash. Glad your playing again though. Cheers 89James89
  20. Replies: bdawg6: Cheers and hopefully I'll have more of Digsite for you soon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More completely random crap that I've got distracted and built. Let me welcome you all to DTC's (the umbrella company I'm doing all these realistic/semi-realistic/fantasy projects under. Stand for Dynamic Theme Company. Might actually change my name to it though not actually sure wether you can change your name or not. Christ that was a hell of a long bracket. Pretty much a paragraph). ]Tropico Palm's Resorts Built on a pretty random Island in the middle of nowhere (its tropical though) this was a experimental small project that I wanted to try and and see if I could pull off and make look good. Now I'm not going to tell you what the actual concept behind it is but feel free to guess. Anyway basically it's a large Island Resort complete with rides and slides. Originally planned to be three hotels the park is now going to be one big one. It only includes 1 rollercoaster (Waverider) but has a few waterslides and will have a entertainment district (hopefully). Anyway enough talking for the minute here's some random pictures of what I've got so far. Please note its all WIP so colours and bits will change at some point; maybe. Yay for a unnamed slide complex and the 3 star part of the hotel. Can't believe were paying for the lifeguards. The Resort isn't even complete yet. Another shot of the same hotel area. Moody rain shot (or I should have waited till the rain stopped) of Waverider our launched hyper style kinda, more like Maverick really without the second launch kinda Hotel hugging coaster. Finally a overview that's so zoomed out you can hardly see anything but gives you a idea of scale, shape, style and size of the Resort. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway in other news I've worked a bit on Realms of Excitement (now also owned by the DTC company) but not enough to have a update and I'm updating the firs post of this thread with a contents type thing so you can see which parks are bing worked on, which are on gold/abandoned and when I get round to it that are complete along with download links. Yay for organisation. Cheers 89James89
  21. Season 2 forth update Well hopefully this one will be more interesting for you all. Got some night shots and also some exciting news. Firstly the night shots showing the new lights on most of the rides. We decided at the end of last season that at night the rides looked a bit dull all being a white colour so had some coloured bulbs installed. Now they all sport colours that go with the rides making them a lot more visually pleasing at night. Anyway here's some photos so you can judge for yourself. The other news is some new trailers have turned up obviously containing something fun and exciting for us all (well hopefully). I took a few pictures for you all. Shows were also getting a bit crowded here. Photo of the two new trailers that arrived last week. Not as fancy as Spin Outs trailers but still it means something new. Photo of the area marked out for the new ride with Hank one of our two engineers overseeing something. This will probably be it for our second successful season. I might come back with some rider stats for you all like last season and may have something new regarding the new ride but if not then we'll hopefully see you all next season. Till then Fred Hanton
  22. Looks really nice AJ. So am I right in thinking that your doing only this part of the park not the whole park? Cheers 89James89
  23. Replies molemaster: Thanks and I'm glad it worked it was the best way I could think of to carry it out. Season 2 Third Update Hey guys and girls. Just got a small update for you all for today. Got a few photo's to show you too. Not amazingly exciting stuff but some essentials. Firstly ride wise it seems to be going well this season with everything pulling it's weight. The Cage however has had a few down days over the last few weeks so might need to keep a eye on it and give it a look over at the end of the season but still, it's running enough to pull in guest's which is what matters. Hopefully it wont be anything major and we can have a look at another new ride for next season. Looking at the land available though, it may not be long before we have to move some stuff around to fit new stuff in but hey, everything's portable so that shouldn't be too hard should it. Now only got three photo's for you and there pretty boring but we don't want you to think we neglect our guests and staffs needs. Firstly this shows that although not seen at all yet these toilets (portable ones though they may be) have been here since the fair opened and thanks to the ride line up have probably seen their fair share of use. Apparently though, we may need to get a few more soon as it gets a bit crowded here at times. Next is this small porta cabin which was bought in this season after staff moaned about having no where to rest on breaks and stuff. As I said not exciting but just in case you saw the building and wondered what it was for. You ca also see The Cage having one of its downtime days I mentioned. Finally a attempt at a overview as requested by a guest. Not the best attempt but this is the highest I can go to take a picture I'm afraid. Anyway I'll definitely get back to you all before the season finishes with any new new's available regarding next season and also another look at the rides and how their faring. Till then Fred Hanton
  24. Just some more news from ROE:UK (Realms of Excitement UK). We've pushed on a hell of a lot since last update with various projects throguhout the park. Still we only have one ride so far that's actually anywhere near completeion and thats Hydra. As for the rest of the park a lot of it is still a mess but I've tried to get seem decent photos for you all. Firstly a slightly messy look at Hydra with Steam Mountian behind it. The foliage shows the sort of gloomy fasntasy monster theme were going for and you can see the station building, exit and photobooth for Hydra as well as Steam Mountians lift behind it. Not sure if this will stay the same view wise when the park nears completion as Id rather Steam Mountain was hidden more to be honest. This shows progress on Digsite looking at the entrance to both rides. Unfinished but still looking quite nice from the path and you can get some good views of both coasters (Ruins on the right. Temple on the left). This is the crossroads in the centre of the park so far. In the picture you can see Steam Mountian, Digsite and Hydra showing just how compact the park is. Finally a skyline photo of work so far. You can make out a few things but we haven't really gone massive with any rides yet so the skyline isn't real broken. Hope you enjoy what I've shown you so far and we can only hope that it gets a lot better as it nears completeion. Cheers 89James89 (NOTE: If you click the pictures and go to my photobucket account you can find some isometric overviews that I didn't want to post but have still uploaded for you if you want to see them)
  25. Replies: molemaster43: Thanks. Yep a basic ride but RCT peeps seem to really like it. Season 2 Second Update This years addition appears to have been a great choice as its only half way through the year and we've already managed to install some additions. Not excitingly big ones but ones that are fun and useful none the less. The first is this skeeball game right next to the entrance and Fireball. Not exactly my cup of tea (I personally don't like games stalls) but the guests seem to enjoy it and also due to it being one of these ones that give you tickets when you win it doesn't need staff to operate it. Simply put money in collect balls, win tickets and exchange at the ticket kiosk for prizes. Next is this Ice-cream hut. Bought second hand from another park it'll need repainting at the end of the season but the colour doesn't thankfully affect or reflect the ice-cream itself. Finally we have these two photo's showing you Spin Out up close (thankfully it was the end of the day so the rain didn't affect su too bad) and just how busy we are. Lets hope these crowds continue so we can continue to add to your experience. Till next time F Hanton
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