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  1. I thought the general level of staff appearance was great. I don think there was a normal uniform out there. Everyone looked the part and it really helps immerse you in the theming and idea of where your supposed to be. There were chinese outfits for the area near the hotel and even a simple white coat for one bloke in the mystery tower went a long way. Hanno - that pic of Talocan with the rainbow is amazing!
  2. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Thats why. Also we were having a great day.
  3. ^ Chameleon? Has anyone got the photo the ride op took at the end of the day?
  4. I feel it should be pointed out in the list of drinks in the Dragon Bar the Zombie was stated to contain a rum which was 73%. Steve thought it would be a good idea to get me one the next night but it was a different hotel and bar. I didnt feel I had to wait on a bench for some underpaid troll to bring my soul back during the next day so I'm guessing that Phantasialand wanted to make a drink that fits the name. As for Schlossbeck Im gutted I missed the dark ride - spent the whole time in just half the park thinking there wasnt much on the other side. And collossus, I didnt like it above the wheels but in the middle of the (6 seater) cars it was a great ride.
  5. This was a surprisingly good day for myself and I think a lot of other people too. I originally saw it as a filler day before we got there so everything that happened that was good wasn't smothered in expectations. Also there were many highlights. A splash boats ride with crazy themeing and decent drops A hung over birthday boy who was able to endure a wild mouse & SLC coaster but pass on the mild rides. (the mindset of a credit whore is a funny thing) Hats off to you Divv. The drop tower that made a lot of people nervous riding it. Genuine fear! The kick ass Vekoma restraints on the inverded family coaster. And then theres the TPR bonus stuff. The meal was fantastic and I think rated as the best park food by many participants; People waiting at the gates for our arrival; ERT on this one, that one, the one over there and more. Good stuff
  6. This is exactly why they should keep coasters that are a bit worse for wear. This photo which deserves a rerun has many priceless faces on it. My eyes started to leak with enjoyment while looking back on that moment Laughter was abundant as a result of this ride. Cool group photo too.
  7. excuse me while I caps, GO TO TOVERLAND - DO IT, DO IT NOW! (and not just because they gave us free booze) Ahh thats better. Great place. Not that big but eager to see what their next major expansions will bring as there selection is fantastic. Looking forward to going back Did anyone get any shots of inside the covered water slide lit up with fibre optics? This really was the best day of the trip, with both this park and Bobbejaanland pulling out all the stops.
  8. They opted for half a mini gerkin instead of identifiable 'meat'. Much easier to remove than other places
  9. I thought it was a good one - maybe I just over braced myself (or because I ate one of the energy tablets that I realised afterwards your meant to mix with water beforehand) but there was far less headbanging than smaller coasters on the trip like Super Wirbel at Holiday Park. Maybe people don't want to slate a park which has one of the best coasters or this bandwagon has softer seats but give this coaster a break! The station looks cool too. And some advice to people viewing this site - go on one of the trips. It makes these trip reports much more sweeter, and so much happens you need these prods to your memory. Cheers for this one Tim!
  10. You don't have to be an alcoholic to appreciate 3 hours of a free bar at the same time as park ERT. As much as Troy overshadows our time there (for a dam good reason) there was a lot to get done. It was an incredible set up they did for us all round. Days like this are the real reason the 'Happy Happy Joy Joy' song was made!
  11. This trip was fantastic. I met some great people and had a good laugh. Every day had something special, both from what the parks provide for anyone and the special extras (ERT/food/drink) we received whilst rejoicing that, at times made me feel like royalty!! Many thanks to everyone that worked with Robb and Elissa who helped pull this off. It made their insane amounts of effort a stellar performance.
  12. I was just asking if anyone had more info about this. Is it worth taking an incredibly long route home to see if i should get excited or anything. The first post has been edited to make more sense and no I'm not expecting a Maurer Söhne, but yes excited about the 'traveling coaster' bit and I haven't seen a booster for ages. *I searched for this before posting but didnt think properly. Should have searched goole a bit more http://www.eurofunpark.co.uk/ It would appear this is far from the new news I thought it was, but if your in the area come and pick up a credit!!
  13. On the way to work I saw a poster advertising something called Euro Fun Park. They are going to turn 1/2 of the Redbridge Park and Ride Car Park at Oxford, into a one admission park for a couple of weeks. I looked it up and hurrah they have a booster but hurrah hurrah they're apparently bringing a Spinning Wild Mouse coaster. Has anyone heard of this 'park' before and is the description in this link mean what it says?? www.wherecanwego.com/Search/ViewEvent.aspx?e=200321
  14. This is a cool view, soon to be my background Where do you see this from? Is it on full display. If so then well done Intamin/Hersey/luck for this being pulled off.
  15. I had no idea that ride was so old, and fairly well known as being terible when i posted that. Yet I await this with as as much excitement, if not more than before. This trip surely will be educational!
  16. All of this has been great stuff for me too, so thanks! However theres one extra hurdle thats worrying me. How to get there without a car on a thursday (this can't change). I've been told there is a bus but does anyone know which and where from. NJtransit.com has an offer but looks to be only on the weekends. #Edit : By trying different search options finally found something on the site - that takes a ridiculous amount of time to get there (over 5 hours to get there for park opening and 2 1/2 for later on), so other options would be appreciated.
  17. With nothing but paint and todays delaine this was thrown together at work. With a commentary no less (this was easy to pass of as work) so im not surprised it looks like more work went into that. If the Monster Raving Looney Party can run for goverment then this is just as valid as the next entry Official Entry - Get Pied
  18. The shaking could be similar to what you get on the 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Ride', it even has similar rails to line people up along. In fact the hype is probably proportional to that ride and its outcome. I do seam to have missed what part of this has never been concived before, and is the ground breaking element just a terrible pun to do with the floor, anyone?
  19. Some nice pictures in that report, but a big shame about the removed foliage around the SLC as I thought that was a great part to it. What did you think of the log flume, apparently its a surprisingly good one.
  20. The media day went ahead, they got to ride, and it looks to be going a a fair pace! (brace yourself for advertising in the news) http://canwest.a.mms.mavenapps.net/mms/rt/1/site/canwest-globalontario-pub01-live/current/launch.html?maven_playerId=globalonstories
  21. Your doing exactly what I hope my health holds up to let me do what i want to when I retire. You even have footage to prove the wonder woman thing wasn't a delusion! I'm also glad you didn't try passing the one with the bigger arm than big mike in your weight loss thread ps. Your really putting my mini jaunt to Adventure Island (uk) to shame - GWARN!!
  22. Oh well. Ill just have to stick to thinking to myself - 'oh theres that one of them' if they get involved in the plot Is it more than just some of the characters dotted about the place along with crumpled romans?
  23. Is the show in multiple languages? Will I have to stare in combined wonder and confusion with this show in French?
  24. Robb / Elissa - are there any thoughts on adding this to the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer trip if it turns interesting?
  25. Well done to Blackpool for bringing the only chance the UK has of getting in there (again) I get the impression most people here (and the Simpson's) rate it as a flop but i didn't realize how bad it was. Look how close they are! It almost beats 2 Disney attractions The one time I don't care they possibly make the numbers up - its the last year they can.
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