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  1. The cars do look like Maurer but its an Italian manufacture. They are also link as one long train instead of individual. It seams hard to understand how good those PAX rides are from there small footprint and short layout but they are both better than frostys GREEEEAT.
  2. They link together the imaginary Sea World is after with the fact its a coaster very well. I like this video a lot, even the cheesy grin. Fingers crossed that B&M were asked to make a genuine water splash.
  3. Would people say the same sort of thing If the date was changed to the 1st week in September?
  4. Did you manage to go on this trip? One day (possibly this year) I hope to go and will be in the same situation as you and want to know the same things from people that have actually done it.
  5. Im going to side with the Skyride love. It stood out to me in the park due to most of the alternatives are standard and/or a bit mediocre at times. Or memorable only for the uncomfortableness. If I could go back I would mostly just ride Behemoth all day with a side order of Sledgehammer, the crazy looking flat near by. But no matter how poor others say the rest of the park may be make sure to find out for yourself by sticking to your plan of anything and everything! Behemoth YAY Behemoth I got to talk about you again
  6. For you or anyone else considering coming from the UK, British airways has flights from London to Los Angeles for £170 each way, but these price will go up after 27th January. Tempting isn't it..... Is there a link to Knotts do as well to help justify the lengthy travel? (although looking at last years MM WCB that could be enough)
  7. eBen


    Its true! I did wonder myself before I saw first hand what went on.
  8. Despite all the bad and daft, I was gleefully happy this day. My first proper huge American park (Canada's Wonderland had an even worse selection of common rides. Also its in Canada), full of huge coasters which gave a fantastic skyline. Things like doing my first pretzel loop, watching the floor become less on Medusa, oh dear Lord I rode El Toro, rides above the tree line... that kinda thing made my day. Sorry about your foot Natalie, but I'm sure that gave you the ummppff needed to sort out our ride on Nitro
  9. The base is made out of many smaller pieces that join together (Imagine a Technics Lego straight brick on its side). Does anyone have photos, not graphics of the new set?
  10. After a bit of research it appears this place started a refurbishment at the beginning of this year. However I cant find anything to indicate how long it will/might take, or if it has already been completed and back in operation. I have plenty of time to wait and see (now going at the end of the year to give the new stuff a chance to be there) but does anyone actually know whats going on here. Most sites (holiday advice type of things) that talk about this place have no mention that its not available. http://www.intergameonline.com/interpark/news/807/luneur-park-set-for-relaunch/
  11. No not you as well! Add Hannos lack of photos with me/us looking like an over worked tampon and we are left with very few speckles of hope. It adds one more reason of why not to get dementia when I get old!
  12. I was still talking about Roma, and know its a city, but used a common phrase rather than thinking. I had considered was Parcolido, not much of a park and only one ride (I remembered more) so the city must have much more on offer to make it not worth while. I heard about this new Roma park before on Screamscape saying that its been an idea for ages but locals said no the first time it almost got somewhere. As for the new ride in Mirabilandia, it is my impatience that makes it seam like its taking ages to be officially announced or is it normal to wait ages. If I didn't want to do all the big TPR trips next year then I would go for anything & everything but I'll be selective for now and leave some to come back for one day perhaps
  13. This is excellent stuff, just what I was looking for. Shame about the Lunar park but now I wont head there for no reason! There is one a fair way out of town towards the coast? If you know this would you say its worth going there aside from numbers of coasters I had seen the eurofighter on RCDB and assumed it was open. I guess Ill have to finalize the details closer to the time. There is a couple of other rides promised for 2009 I'm after as well. Whatever they turn out to be! I hope to be able to grasp just a small amount of Italian compared to your English as well. Thank you for coming on here and helping out
  14. Noted! Yet sadly ignored. For I have a dream - to get on an Intamin 1st generation drop tower within a year before this dying breed loses another number. Out of the 5 available Movielands Hollywood Action Tower seams my best bet, which can be found in Italy. While i'm there will be doing a bit of cultural stuff, but it will be mostly a coaster hunt. So I will also visit Gardaland, take a trek to Mirabilandia, and would like to make the totaly not worth it journey to the new park Terra Dei Giganti. All by public transport as I cant drive. I have seen the www.trenitalia.it/en/index.html web site mentioned but I would like to know the best stations to head towards, and what bus routes if any are available. Should I consider taxis? I will also use different airports for entering and leaving the country. Oh and to be more akward I'll be treating my mum to the Citys so will do all that at once so she can avoid being board at the parks. Apart from Rome which apparently has 5 coasters around there somewhere. Any suggestions / thoughts on doing this? I'm terrible at learning new languages so I want to know as much as possible of what i'm doing before hand. One more very important thing - when is the best time of year to visit avoiding this melting I keep hearing about? Thanks
  15. Tease. And its not a strip so its just the unbearable bit
  16. It sounded daft when i first read that bit about the Worm being the best. But now I think about it that must be the reason those dam things are growing on me as something not shameful at all and a bit of a laugh. Hopefully this phase wont last long. I belive I spot a Bill in that last photo - Hi Bill!
  17. I feel your none pain too. I got a bashing from multiple rides on the Silver Comet & Ravine Flyer II on my left ribs after scouting a seat most laps. Its been a great constant reminder of how awesome everything was. But the pain has started to die down and I can no longer go to sleep in pain with a smile
  18. Thanks to 2 TPR events this year, Robb & Elissa are both directly and indirectly responsible for me riding: De Mammut @ Tripsdrill Indianer-Achterbahn @ Heidie Park MotoCoaster @ Darien Lake Behemoth @ Canada's Wonderland Ravine Flyer II @ Waldameer The Dark Knight @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  19. Oh title Fairy. I can assure you I dont care much for donkeys but I did really like a particular seat on Behemoth. So can you bestow upon me a title which I see as nerdy & innocently rude: "2.3.4. = happy meat" Thank you
  20. Maybe it was the ERT on whirlwind that swayed it for me but I preferred that ride by miles. Or maybe it was when I was getting on Waldameers with 1 other person they insisted we sat in opposite corners to balance it out instead of rock the boat But on a major plus for the park Ravine Flyer in the thunder storm was freakin' insane. I loved it and thank the ride operators for risking my life and anyone else foolish to keep going! I knew it was wrong but loved it anyway. Cant wait for many more photos of everyone getting pelted and drenched with rain but this teaser will do for the time being.
  21. THanks to B&Ms high capacity there were more seats available on the ride than people on the trip given there were other rides open at the time. Which meant I could stay on the train non stop!! Shuffling once in a while of course. It made me very very happy, all manner of theoretical fluids were flowing. And heres another nerdy moment for you: Walk back = missionary position; Seat# 2.3.4 = doggie. mmmmmmm.
  22. Did they actually buy a new one or was it from another park?
  23. Bring on the Rapids! Great ammount of detail there, and thats just for a simple ride. Did you get any photos of the monorail like rides you (partly) power yourself?
  24. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only want using an old camera. And they come out just as well (if your not using a cheep disposable one) and there shiny too! Not that I'm a purist or anything but I did feel sad when they announced they were stopping making polaroid films.
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