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  1. It's illegal here in north carolina too unless you have a permit. which is why we go to south carolina to buy them and set them off at my house which is in a very secluded area!
  2. That's how that style of music is. Anyway, I really like them! they aren't as good as Killswitch Engage, but still pretty good!
  3. I dunno what my EOG's were, but this is what i got on my report cards: number of A's: 1 Number of b's:7 Number of c's:1 d's:0 f's:0 (i only got two report cards because i'm homeschooled) Trev"smarty pants!"32
  4. I finally landed a skateboard trick that i've been trying for a VERY long time today!! And me and my dad might be going to get the wood for the mini halfpipe i'm getting! it's gonna be 4 feet tall, 7.5 feet wide, and 27 feet long. (and almost $500 dollars) Trev"i'm one happy boy right now"32
  5. Has anybody mentioned that the sandy parts were hilarious?? Glad you made it through ok! Trev32
  6. ahh, thunderstorms, how i despise them. Trev"we get too many"32
  7. I finally overcame my fear of doing a backflip on a trampoline yesterday! Trev"Frontflips suck!"32
  8. It's Averaging out at about 6 seconds for me now. Trev32
  9. BOO!!!! why couldn't one have happened!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!! That's good. it would suck if another one happened. Trev32
  10. Same as Eric, it's running slow for me and i have DSL. (But then again, this is this pile of crap they call "alltel DSL"...)
  11. If you want a Coaster simulator, then NoLimits completley ownz every other coaster game ever made. But if you want an actual game, then go with RCT2. (don't buy RCT3, it's a total waste of money)
  12. oh. my. freaking. god. i have two words for the kids that play with those things: HELD BACK, LOW STANDARDIZED TEST SCORES. REPEATING THE THIRD GRADE. SHORT BUS. Trev"describes me!"32
  13. no wonder 3 girls wanna go out with me Trev"sadly, i hate all three of them deeply"32
  14. beware my ugly face and tremble!!! I SAID TREMBLE!!
  15. Coke with bleach. the easiest was to get rid of your enemies. seriously though.... I'm gonna try that whole "fanta orange mixed with coke" thing! Trev"yummm.... orange"32
  16. It was around christmas time last year, i live in North Carolina and i was chilly there. (it can get devilishly cold in NC, the high for one day was 20 degrees, the low was 8) ^that's too bad that you have diabetes, i'm gonna hate it when i have it. (the chances of me getting it are very high, my grandmother had it, and in my mom's side of the family it skips a generation)
  17. Edit:Nevermind, my stupid computer wouldn't let me see all the posts. anyway, my sister went to a good charlotte/Simple Plan/Relient K concert last night. Trev32
  18. Yeah, foo'! mate is a human term too! Trev"rhyme!"32
  19. :o :shock: :? 8) ling: loodshot: :check: :cooldude: :crying: :fangs: :laughing: :love: issed: oint: :crazy: :orangesmile: :annoyed: : Just testing the emoticons. Trev32
  20. Uhh... just because your 12 dosen't mean you can't have siblings.... anyway, ^likes orange coke Vthinks that i belong in the looney bin.
  21. ^i've heard from other people the PS3 is gonna be more like four hundreed or five hundred.... hopefully your right though. Anyway, i went with the Xbox360. I haven't heard much of it, but i saw screenshots and the graphics for the games completley OWN the PS3 and Revolution IMO. Trev"the ps3's look just as "bleh" as the ps2's"32
  22. ^is right that i'm out of school Vhates his/her siblings? Trev32
  23. LOL jon!!!! Anyway, my favorite coatser is Top Gun at carowinds. very few inverts come close to it on terms of intensity.
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