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  1. French toast bum bum bum, french toast, bum bum bum, french toast, bum..... bum..... BUMMMM!!! Trev32
  2. ugh, those controller's look like an adult toy, for twins. (shame my dirty mind!) The original PS was a pile of crap. lol Anyway, this is awsome looking!! i'd definitley get one if this country wasn't on THIS much crack to charge this much moeny for it, for god sakes a freaking Skateboard half pipe that's 4 feet tall, 27 feet long and 7.5 feet wide dosen't cost as much as this thing!! (i'm getting one, i know. ) Trev"people aren't made of money *dodgy*"32
  3. oops! double post, can robb or elissa delete this post?
  4. ^right Vhates that i keep giving one word answers
  5. yummy yummy yumm yumm yummmy yummmy yum!!...... Trev"yummy"32
  6. He has the same b-day as my friend steven!! lol ( they're names are oddly similar) Anyway, congratulations! Trev32
  7. My top 5: 1.)Orange Cream (orange ice cream with vanilla ice cream 2.)Cheerwine ice cream. 3.)Sun Drop ice cream. 4.)All that brownie! from bryers. (big brownie chunks, almonds, and dark choc ice cream) 5.Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  8. you mean people have actually gone to see that?? Umm... i'll use a commercial thingy. "Hold on sec....... FWAP! RRUNN!!!"(i think that's how it went Next movie: Rocky 4
  9. ^ok, i will. anyway, i want them to make this so i can get rid of the little moron next door: leik totally delish!
  10. Yay!! Someone actually agree's with me. Maybe we could make the coke, send it to Coke Company and they will try it and they will realize how nice it is!! ORANGE!!!! YAY!!! Orange is the dominant flavor. it shoudl've come before vanilla, cherry, and this raspberry stuff. Back on topic: Hmmm.... i like the idea of the "gasoline" coke thing that J Man said, i could give it to this annyoing little ass-hole that jus tmoved in next door. or better yet, "Try new coke with bleach!!". Trev"nothing better than the good old fashioned flavor of bleach"32
  11. "watch the birdiee!"(i think that's what it was) Next: American Pie
  12. ^haha no it didn't die, it's just litteraly retarded now. it used to be all nice and playfun but now it tries to bite your arm off, from the shoulder. and if you try to take it out of it's cage it gets all feisty and what not. And he's not chirpy anymore...
  13. um... i'v eonly seen commercials, so... "BUBBLE PARTY!!!!" Next: Bill and ted's Bogus Journey
  14. ^LOL!!!! How do you take screenshots in a web browser?? Trev32
  15. ^DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!!! BIRDS ARE FROM THE DEVIL!!! THEY'RE MROE EVIL THAT VADER!!! Or maybe it's just my dumbass parakeet.... Trev"why did it fly into a moving ceiling fan..."32
  16. Nice photoshop! Anyway, Don't shake that fist at me Vader.... i've almost busted out laughing three times on this go because three of the questions he's asked relate to a.... err.. i don't know if i shoudl say on the internet for minors to view... (wait, i'm a minor) Trev32
  17. Hey guys, check this out. this IMG tells you your IP, your browser, your ISP(internet your using), and your computer system. dont' worry, it's not spyware or anythign like that. and only you can see your info. Oh yeah, i also amde it say toyland!
  18. LOL!!!! <(napolean!) i vote movies.
  19. Jesus:What's wrong my child?? Person:It's leprosy =( Jesus: LOL! (this was in no way making fun of jesus) Jesus: Knock Knock*knocks on door* Person:Is it you, Jesus? Jesus:OMGwallhack. Trev32
  20. HE pointed at me!!! :o After like 35 questions he gave up, i was thinking of a freaking ladder. The it took him 29 questions to get a Computer....
  21. LMAO! haha i don't have any cats anymore, and i'd make sure that there was no way it could get out of it's cage. then again... i am only a 12 yr old kid who has a shorter attention span then a hamster (no offense rattums! or princess hammie!) Trev32
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