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  1. Old McDonald had a farm, e-i-e-i-oh my god!! Trev32
  2. are we rhyming with that one you said? If so... It has so many twists, it is oh so chilling. Trev"haha,how cheesy"32
  3. ^holy crap your only 10!!! This message board is the best board ever created. (yay no age limits) Here's my list of coaster firsts.... and dates I rode them. First coaster: Kiddie coaster at fair, either 1995 or 1996 First "official" coaster: FOCer (haha) @ Carowinds in 1998 First Looping Coaster: Carolina Cyclone on July 31st, 2001 First Stand-up:Vortex @ Carowinds on July 31st, 2003 First Invert: Top Gun@ Carowinds on July 31st, 2003 First Launched coaster: Hulk on christmas eve 2004. First Flying/lay-down: BORG on April 16th, 2004.
  4. ^you sorta look like one of my friends named Mikey... lol Trev"i haven't seen him in over a year....."32
  5. blisters suck Trev"i've gotten two in the past 5 days!"32
  6. I know, it sucks ass... it's really stupid too.. And then when alot of city's try to make skateparks, it's even worse because they wouldn't know a good skatepark if it molested them... And i've noticed the very best spots are the illegal spots too.... Oh, here are some more things in my life: I'm depressed all the time I was wrecking the most easy thign in skateboarding earlier It's about to rain again... Trev"instead of making stairs and handrails use a damn slope you fricking idiots!"32
  7. Ah, ok. Then go on Sunday, not crowded at all in the mornings.
  8. NOOO!!!! RATUMS IS SICK!!!! Hope he gets better.... Hmm... is there anything good going on in my life?? i wish... But here are some bad things... My church banned skateboarding (good spot to skate)... I've got a zit. Ummm.... Ratums is sick. And that's about it that's going on in the dull life of Trev.....
  9. Because nobody cares if you play with yourself.
  10. Strange Brew This movie is hilarious! i like any movie that has alcoholic canadians. Shrek2 Old, i know, but this movie is hilarious! it's almost as good as Strange Brew. Daredevil I'm still in the middle of this movie, but so far it's cool, it would be so damn cool ot have that radar! I never get to go to the movies, so i'm always stuck with the old sh*t. Trev"i'm forcing my mom to let me see madagascar and Jurrasic Park 4 tough!"32
  11. Edward Scissorhands didn't really have Scissors for Hands Trev"SCISSORS ARE A MYTH I TELL YOU!"32
  12. Being mad at my church Trev"they banned skateboarding!!!!12121211uno!!"32
  13. Don't go to carowinds on a saturday, go to it on a monday,tuesday, or a wednesday. you might be able to ride hurler, cyclone, and vortex on a saturay, maybe drop zone if you're lucky. Trev"Carowinds sucks when it's crowded!"32
  14. Damn, i can't wait until i'm old enough to go on there! Trev"beware of my possesed toilet!" 32
  15. Age: 12 (w00t) Middle Name(s):Ryan,Roland(the "roland" came from my great grandfather who shaes the same b-day as me) Pet Peeve: You Color of your bathroom: White with flower-ish wallpaper Best Movie of ALL time: Either Strange Brew, or Without a Paddle Best Song of ALL time: What's the name of the 12th song on the newest Three Days Grace c-d? Best TV Shows: Charlie Brown, Spongebob, Law And Order SVU. Favorite Band/Artist: Slipknot, or Three Days Grace Favorite Coaster: Top Gun @ Carowinds Favorite Flat: KMG afterburner Yummiest Ice Cream: Ice Cream Sandwhich ice cream If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be:Invader Zim. Morning Person or Night Person: Morning Pets: A evil derranged Parakeet named Eddy(and it's a girl! ) and a Very cute dog named Abby Favorite Color: Black Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Nearest Skatepark Coke or Pepsi: Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly:PB&J is t3h pwnz0rz Best Vacation Spot: Blue Springs State Park in Florida Cook or Go Out: Go out Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Mountains Favorite Sport: Soccer Favorite Action Sport: Skateboard Street. Favorite thing to do: Skate with friends Favorite food: Either Beef Fried rice, or Dirty Rice. Favorite foreign music: either Scottish(i'm one of the few who enjoy the Bagpipe) or Oriental Favorite Animal: Alpaca (Tina from napolean was awsome) Fav snack: Oreos
  16. It's $2.21 out here in Nowhere, N.C. About a week ago it was $2.10 a month ago it was $1.80 or somthing like that and a year ago it was around $1.50! Oh well, at least i don't have to pay for it. :cooldude:
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