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  1. I'm really, really bored. and it rained today. Trev32
  2. Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball. :check:
  3. The worst one i've ridden is by far Hurler, which IMO is still a great coaster.
  4. That's me at a camp thingy almost exactly a year ago form now. Trev"I've only grown an inch and a half since then!"32
  5. A wrightsville beach t-shirt, baggy-jean zip off thingy's, and socks. Trev32
  6. http://www.robbalvey.com/webcam/rattums17.jpg What the hell is that in his mouth!?!?!? That pic is going to give me nightmares.... lol Anyway, RatTums rocks! Trev"i wish my hampster wasn't eaten by my cat when i was little"32.
  7. YAY! I hope they do buy it, my coaster count could use some help. Trev"i hope they get the money"32
  8. And i thought that guy on In One spin was the king of old news..... We've known about this since september...
  9. I'm suprised nobody has mentioned this coaster yet... Two more are White Lightnin, from Carowinds, and Greezed lightnin from SFMW.[/url]
  10. Ummm.... maybe kings dominoin, if i'm lucky I know i'm probably going to a theme park, it just might be carowinds.... again. issed:
  11. I have an X-Box and a Gamecube Here are the games i play... Gamecube: none anymore, but if i had to choose out of the ones i have... probably F-Zero GX. X-box: Greg Hasting's Tournament Paintball.
  12. Jeans, a hoody, and a spongebob squarepants t-shirt.
  13. Hey, i'm Trev. probably the only child on this board. I'm 12 years old, sadly my home park is Carowinds. I have been on 19 coasters (including coasters at fairs, 24), my Favorite is either Dueling dragons:fire or Top Gun:The Jet Coaster (it's hard to choose) The only parks i've been to is Gillian's Wonderland Pier, Playland (the one in New Jersey), Carowinds, and Islands Of Adventure. My Favorite flat rides are probably the KMG afterburner, Larson Fireball, and the Zipper. Extra Fact: I have no life.
  14. My last coaster Was The Incredible Hulk, at night, that thing really is incredible.
  15. ^Nope, I think that too... Danny Phantom=One of the dumbest cartoons ever.... Although the name fits the ride, the theme dosen't.
  16. Well... I haven't been actually "stuck" on a ride, but i've been on them when they messed up. When i was about 6-7 years old i was on one of those bumble-bee rides, everything was going great, then oil just started spraying all over people. The excact same thing happened on the Baloon ride at carowinds in 1996 -1998 (can't remember which year), but lucky for me i was jsut standing in line. Another time i was on this ride called "Hurricane" (I don't know the ride type)and the ride started moving,then my lap bar unlocked and went all the way up, even though it's litteraly impossible to fall out of one of those rides unless your standing up, I was still scared as hell(i think i was about 8 or 9 when that happened. And i was also on an octopus ride about a year or two ago and it messed up and all the ride-op was doing was making the cars go down, then back up, then nothign woudl happen, and it would keep repeating like that. Other than those I've only been in-line when a ride got stuck/ broke down.
  17. Home park:Sadly, Paramount's Carowinds. (oh well, at least we have Top Gun ) Location: Foothills, North Carolina.
  18. Wow, I didn't think they had enough money to buy to more parks... Those funnel-ish slides are getting really popular aren't they??
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