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  1. Hmm after everyones first inversions being fine ass rollercoasters ill feel ashamed to admit mine was "pepsi loop" one of the scattiest pinifari loppers ever.
  2. How About Brown For the Thing (hes kinda brown) Orange For The Tourch white for the invisible woman and blue for mr fantastic? of cours it is your park so the colours are up to you!
  3. That is seriously that remindsme of the massive atlantis themed giga i built! maybe i should upload it...
  4. Great Park! (its a dream park since there are so many coasters!) Maybe each track should have its own colour on fantasic four??
  5. Wood 1)Grand National! 2)Big Dipper 3)Texas Tornado (now defunct Fronierland!) 4)Cyclone (pleasureland) 5)Gwazi (yes Gwazi!) 6)Rollercoaster (Blackpool) 7)Wild Mouse (blackpool) 8)King solomons Mines 9)Vigingar 10)Zipper Dipper Steel 1) Nemesis! 2)Hulk 3)Kraken 4)Kumba 5)Air 6)Montu 7)Pepsi Max Big One (on a smooth Day) 8)Rock and Rollercoaster 9) space mountain mission 1 (paris) 10)Dueling Dragons pfft you can see where most of my coaster riding comes from!
  6. From The look of all the Carrabba's pictures ive seen (all from this site !) its looks awsome! too bad they dont have them in england!
  7. pfft the only rollercoaster to hurt my *coughs* was oblivion for some reason :? ony way back on topic! its a bit strange i dont really hate any rollercoasters! so i guess i love them all! i even enjoy riding slcs! maybe im just wierd!
  8. Lazy boy Underwear goes inside the pants its a class song!!
  9. 8/10 was good when it went with the avatar!
  10. http://www.towerstimes.co.uk/history/oldrides/oldrides.htm All the retired rides From Alton Towers
  11. I Voted Amerika cos its "diffrent" although most rammestien stuff is!
  12. Slayer : Killing Fields And I Got A New Slayer hoody Today!
  13. Can You Change Mine To "Johnny Quest Thinks Im What?" Pleeease!
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