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  1. This is good considering they took out their Trabant a few seasons ago. Nice to see a park install one of these.
  2. Yep... "America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills 2 "In 3D" "
  3. Since I'm making my first trip to SFA since 2003, what order of things should I do? It will be Labor Day, so it could get busy. I am planning to get a SF pass (higher end) for 2018 and use it this season. Is there any early ride times or early admission?
  4. Yes, you can buy it here for use at any SF park. Gold members get in a little early. No, what I mean is, can I buy my 2018 pass but use it multiple times in "2017" (this remaining season) at various SF parks.
  5. Planning my trip to SFA Labor Day weekend. I know I have asked this but just a double-check... historically, you can in fact buy the next years (2018) pass and use it as much as you want at ANY SF park the previous year (2017), correct? Does this park have an early admission time for passholders? I'm trying to decide if I want the regular pass or the gold. I have not had a SF pass since 2006.
  6. We once went the Saturday after labor day and it was hot, extremely crowded and the water park was closed for the season... miserable time because of that.
  7. Now for my 2¢ a week late, but better late than never... I do think this is a good new addition, especially if the Looping Starship is going away. Plus, this closes up the back of the midway with a "backdrop" much like what the Giant wheel at Cedar point did for that oceana midway. Though, I feel this would have been a better ride for Nick Universe due to the small footprint and something larger (like the often mentioned giant Frisbee) would have been better for an outside park like Valleyfair, but if starship is going, then this is a good replacement. Interesting that they decided to build a whole new pad for the Tilt a Whirl instead of moving it to where the Scrambler used to be. They do have quite a few great places for future rides. If they aren't going to use that helix space on Wild Thing, it would be nice if they put a few trees in there. I still do think that the waterpark will be a 2-year project with an opening in 2019 or 2020 with Excalibur now closing mid-season next year. I wanted the Knotts Boomerang theory to be true because it's still a pretty good ride for a smaller park, but who knows. I am anxious to see where it winds up and if Cedar Fair is or isn't keeping it. Anyway, congrats on your new ride and the great enhancements to that midway and your future expansion.
  8. Still planning my trip to SFGr Adv Labor Day weekend. I know I have asked this but just a double-check... historically, you can in fact buy the next years (2018) pass and use it as much as you want at ANY SF park the previous year (2017), correct? Also, Do you know what time (8pm, 9pm, etc.) they stop processing passes at the park. We may get there a little late one of those nights and to save time in the morning, I wondered if I could process the pass the night before the main trip to save time in the morning, so I didn't want to waste the trip if this was a no-go.
  9. Right, as bad and as tragic as this accident was, it's only going to improve ride inspections, safety, building and material strengthening. Those who don't learn from their mistakes are prone to repeating them. And the industry learns a lot very fast. Think of how far we have come in 500 years of rides... from the early wooden man-powered wheels to the machines of today. Oh, I did attend the fair and have pictures of fireball with a portion covered up (taken from public areas) IF you guys want to see it.
  10. Weird about Windseeker. I haven't been there since 2005, but then I noticed that their coasters (besides afterburn and the new beemers) were really so-so. Vortex was okay but painful as was Cyclone... and I love Arrows, but that bumped and vibrated like crazy... so disappointing. Hurler did nothing for me, which is weird because Thunder Run at KK is so good. I would also love to see a GCI in the back of the park.
  11. A few days late to this discussion but fanny packs are OK on everything except El Toro and Joker. I've been able to wear mine on Ka before with no issues but with the latest no-loose-articles-even-wallets policies in place on Toro and Joker, they will probably make you put it in a lo cker for Ka. Sunglasses with straps are allowed on all rides and I wear mine on everything including Joker (against the advice of the ops.) My straps are pushed far onto the arms of the glasses and I make the back drawstring straps very snug just before getting on the ride. I've ridden everything under the sun at many different parks this way (Tomb Raider at KD, X2 at Magic Mountain, etc.) and never had them move an inch. You should be fine to bring an umbrella in though especially if it's a collapsable one. Have fun and report back! Now what about my small camera case that attaches to my belt on all other rides? Are we allowed to take pictures on the Parachute tower? That's one of the rides I really want to do.
  12. A of A is out of New Jersey, so who knows how much salty air and water their rides have been exposed to. On another note, the Fireball is still standing, though they have put trailers around the ride to fence it off and also, yesterday was the funeral (a Military Funeral, too) for Tyler Jarrell. Here is a link to the other injured riders status'. Many do not sound good, still: http://www.10tv.com/article/update-victims-ohio-state-fair-ride-accident Published: 08/02/17 08:05 pm EDT. Updated: 08/02/17 08:10 pm EDT. We have an update on the four people are still in the hospital following last week's ride accident at the Ohio State Fair. Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Lambert is critical at Grant Medical Center. Her mother tells 10TV she still hasn't woken up. Thirty-six-year-old Tamica Dunlap is at the Wexner Medical Center in serious condition. Her uncle, Russell Franks, is in critical condition. Eighteen-year-old Keziah Lewis is at Wexner Medical in serious condition. Lewis is a student at the University of Cincinnati, studying in English and creative writing. Eighteen-year-old Tyler Jarrell died in the accident. He was laid to rest Tuesday. Two others who were hurt have been released from the hospital.
  13. ^ I know. That tower fire was heartbreaking. Apparently the material in the building construction was so flammable that building or its residents didn't stand a chance. I heard there are like another 100 buildings like that in England with the same materials.... but back to the subject on hand. I don't know if the fireball is still up at the fair or it has been taken down yet. I'm planning to go Saturday.
  14. ^ Oh my, I guess I am spoiled with the 1 hour early entry at Cedar point and the 30 minutes at Kings island...
  15. Last year it started on Thursday. It's almost guaranteed to happen, and the worst thing that can happen is you wait and it doesn't. There's no benefit to buying a pass in advance. Yes. Look into the memberships too, they're more convenient in my opinion. Boldikus wrote the book on this. I suggest giving this a read. Most coasters have a no loose article policy so don't bring anything with you that can't fit in your pockets. Kingda Ka, Joker and El Toro have a strict no loose article policy so you'll need to buy a l.ocker to ride them. You can't have anything with you (phones / keys / wallets), not even in a zippered pocket. L.ockers are $1 for 2 hours or for $8 you can buy an all day l.ocker pass that lets you transfer things from locker to locker all day. Thank you for answering my questions thus far, I guess i wonder how loose is loose... I have a camera in a camera case that attaches to my belt, it's not going anywhere, my wife thought about a fanny pack for keys and camera, so I don't know if that's fine. I guess a lock er rental will have to happen if these aren't acceptable. I suppose umbrellas are allowed if it's raining, correct? I also wear glasses with a Cedar Point strap, are they okay? There was also the chance I might not get to ride some of these due to my fatness, what is the test seat situation? I saw the list that you gave me for Boldicus... he mentioned riding dark knight later on, but with lower capacity is it still a popular ride? How have the lines been for Justice League? Onto passes... with the labor day pass sale, does anybody have a ball park figure what it cost them last year? (obviously, it would be a cheaper renewal... but I haven't had a six flags pass since 2006. Should I buy the pass online and will that give me the free parking if I have my paperwork with me? or do i get reimbursed when I process the pass if I buy it at the park. Why would a membership be a better option, coasterbill? And last, as I was looking on the SF website and didn't see it... how early do you get into the park? do they have rides open earlier, or do they just let you in early? Due to a budget, we won't be able to swing a flash pass, and there are rides we have done before (Chang, superman), so we can skip some.
  16. Yes if you buy a pass during the Labor Day sale you can use it for the rest of this year and next. You do have to go to the park that you got the pass from first. Then you can use it at any of the SF parks. Okay, we are getting closer to planning some vacation, and since I don't have a SF pass, we were trying to get the 2018 pass early so we can use it this season, too. Is the Labor Day Flash sale almost guaranteed to happen? Because we are planning to be in the area on sunday and monday. When historically does the sale start for the weekend? What can you experts tell me about the passes? From what it looks like the gold gets you early entry and free parking at ALL six flags... is that correct? What other advice can you give me about the park? What is up with this loose article rule on the rides? I'll ask more questions as I plan a little more.
  17. Apparently "It" at Moreys Piers is now back open after being closed as a precaution (very similar model). Also, the entire Midway at the Ohio State Fair (sans the Fireball of course) is reopening today.
  18. A of A actually got the their Fireball in 2000, it was at the Ohio State Fair that year as well as a Chance Slingshot (the only one to ever show up at the OSF)
  19. Slightly off topic from the fireball itself... Some of the "low impact" Ohio State Fair rides (giant slide, skyride, kiddie rides) have started reopening today after everything being closed down since the accident.
  20. Some of my freinds and I are thinking did that portion of the gondola hit something? It sounded like it hit thinner metal—like the the metal floor that raises up (similar to delirium and maxair)—and then break loose. It was a loud, hollow-sounding sheet metal bang, so i don't really know... it moves so fast. So one thought was did the operator accidentally raise the floor while the ride was in motion or did some fencing come loose? Once the arm broke off, it stays in air just long enough for the other side to kick it, so i wonder if that force broke the other restraints loose as you can see others falling from a higher height. I have ridden that ride many times and it is one of my favorites. The ride is at least a 1999 and it has had no problems in the past. Matter of fact, it went through a long refurbishment about 8 years ago. This is not something you see in this country. Here is the video, keep the sound up to hear that lighter metal sound:
  21. Dragon Challenge is not movable. Its needs a total refurbishment. It's cheaper to build something new.
  22. Battech Enterprises makes a brand new portable spider, so they could probably whip together a park model, but that's too low capacity for this park. not my photo
  23. I was just thinking... what if the new coaster is like Fahrenheit at Hershey... vertical or near-vertical lift and a relatively compact layout and 12 riders per train. Plus Intamin which would be the renewed relationship... Thoughts? Sorry if someone mentioned that.
  24. Based on company wide removals, I'd say the Fling is going if anything. And that really is a shame. Great America lost theirs last year. That's weird about the Carousel... those are the heart of any theme park, though Kings Islands could use some love. Anyway, I hope you guys get something nice and new for next year.
  25. I don't know if I think Hurler will get the RMC treatment. It's their only major wood coaster now. Dominion has two others with Hurler being the worst of the three (in my opinion). I COULD see a GCI wood twistie in Crossroads since Thunder Road is gone.
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