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  1. That's a pretty good-sized area. I do hope they keep the wave swinger, those are park staples.
  2. Whatever park you buy from for 2019 is where you have to process it. So, if you buy off of SFGAdv website you have to process it there. Since, all gold passes have the same benefits at all parks, they don't want people just going to the site and buying at the parks that sell them the cheapest that are nowhere near where the person lives and isn't their actual closest (home)SF park. FYI, many benefits from 2018 Gold Passes bought during last years fall sale are now just gold plus membership benefits. SF grandfathered those passes in 2018, but the new list of benefits chart is different for gold passes. If you value those extras yu might end up having to get a membership, which is about $30 to $40 more on annual basis. Okay, so that means EVEN on renewals, too, correct?
  3. Season pass question... I'm from Ohio, but have a 2018 SF Gold season pass that I bought last year during the sale and used it at a few six flags parks already (including SF Gr Adv.). If I renew, do I have to go back to Great Adventure to process it, or is it automatically processed? I'm heading down to Georgia soon so I wanted to decide if I should buy it for that park instead, or just simply renew it.
  4. My guess is a Starflyer or even a Zamperla mini Discovery. Most coasters can take 2 years to order and build if they are relatively large, and I doubt that Six Flags would have ordered a coaster for Darien not only the year following a coaster addition, but until for certain they were sure they would get the management contract.
  5. I think Griffon has the double belt on all three rows as well... Raptor actually put the double seatbelts on for the first time in its history two or three years ago, so that was a nice surprise. The walk of shame is not fun... every eye staring at you... fortunately, I'm working at it. Occasionally I will try the test seat on the Intamins to see how close I'm getting, but those are too small for me.... i am shaped like a bowling pin, so I have very heavy legs and backside... I'm also 6 ft 1". so long legs can be an issue, too.
  6. Valravn have one red belt in each row, Gatekeeper has the red belts in the 4th row. Raptor and Rougoru have the double seatbelt in row 4 and another row. I got on Valravn on Sunday, but had to walk off the Gatekeeper 4th row. I am able to just barely make any seat on Raptor and Rougoru.
  7. I really hope it's a Zamperla Endeavor 48. I really hate losing Witches Wheel, but it's dying.
  8. Exactly. I ONLY blame myself. Not the park, not the manufacturer, not Hostess or KCF, not even the way the sun hits.... only myself.
  9. I would personally love a return of the Coney Mall sign/theme and a classic paint job and trackwork for racer and a few new flat rides in that area. "The Mall" used to be the place to be back in the day.
  10. As I stated on Wonderlands Facebook Page, this coaster has exceeded all of my expectations. What a fine looking layout. I Look forward to riding it. Oh and with many rides, I wanted to give this a nickname... I call it Yukon Cornelius... yes... you heard it here first! (some of you may get the reference)
  11. I like how they are using the vinyl record as the background. Maybe 1950's-era themed? (though records have technically been around for over 130 years—1887)
  12. I for one can take partial blame for taking less visits to the parks as well and I will blame those on two pretty easy culprits: The weather and higher gas prices. I want to say the wife and I skipped about 4 visits (so a total of 8) to which would have been to KI and CP either due to gas being closer to $3.00 or maybe it was too rainy or too damn hot. So if many have my mindset, I can see how some attendance drops can be blamed on these. You are welcome to give me a big "F-You" It's a changing time now, too.... many more sports activities going on with the kids. This may or not be a reason, but in Ohio, the local news has not stopped reminding people of the terrible fatal accident at the Ohio State Fair in 2017. But also remember the country is doing MUCH better with the Republican tax cut plan: business are paying more per hour, unemployment is dropping like a stone, and even before those wage increases take home-paychecks are up an average of 2%.... but unfortunately the gas prices have gone up, and people see that first (myself included), but those prices will be coming down soon as the US prepares to take 3rd place and eventually 2nd place in oil production.
  13. ^ It's a HUSS Enterprise. It's had some downtime this year and I saw red markings in front of it early in the season... and I had a feeling it might not be long for this world. Add to that a long load/unload procedure and the fact that many Enterprises are disappearing. I'm really disappointed as I love that ride. I hope they replace it with a Zamperla Endevour 48, though I would prefer a new Enterprise as HUSS still makes them.
  14. The noise coming off of Go Carts is a lot, too. A good Wild Mouse would even make a fine replacement for Alpine Bobsleds though that area is such a huge space if Bobsled and the Go Carts were to be removed, but I don't think Six Flags are as eager to remove their Carts as Cedar Fair are. (I think CF have 3 left)
  15. Yes, the red ones. At least at the Cedar Fair parks a red seatbelt means extra slack.
  16. Can anyone please tell me whether or not they still have the "Big boy" seat belts on Wild Eagle? Thanks!
  17. The parks website is listing the Alpine Bobsleds as temporarily closed. Any of you locals know any info on what's going on?
  18. Maybe the Z's were turned around to throw off the enthusiasts... It's Obviously going to be called NIN... The Ride ("Nine Inch Nails" for those of you who don't know) Imaging Diving into the tunnel with the song "Head Like a Hole" blasting at you. The Ride™
  19. I do love boomerang coasters, but that space could be so better utilized. It looked like it was just "plopped" in there. WOF deserves something a little nicer. i was very impressed with that park.
  20. Ooooo.. does that mean my 2018 six flags pass will work at Darien again? #questionoftheday
  21. I rode Flight deck in 2014 and SFA's Mind Eraser in 2017, They were pretty close in comparison... I did ride up front on SFA's.
  22. Anyone try the BBQ port in frontier town? It's really good. The bbq coleslaw... a little too spicy for Johnny
  23. International Restaurant was reopened and used for Winterfest as they had a buffet up there.
  24. ^ Yes, Cedar Point was selling them in the fall. They tend to start selling merchandise for upcoming attractions early to get people excited... and make a few bucks. Did they not have Railblazer shirts back in the fall?
  25. Kings Island just announced their new addition for 2018... The Coney Bar B Que. This looks great. www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/executive-chef-coney-bbq
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