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  1. So, I was thinking about season passes... is there an option (historically) where you buy a pass for next season and you can use it THIS season at any of the parks? My thought was, since I have limited vacation, to buy a 2018 pass when the promos start in the early fall this year and use it for part of this year, too at different six flags... like maybe I buy it at great adventure and do six flags America on the same trip, but in the spring, make it out to St Louis.
  2. I know the Knotts Boomerang had its train bodies thrown in the trash (there is a photo out there of them in a dumpster) and the rumor I heard was a brand new Vekoma Train was purchased recently... so put two and two together. My thoughts of the Boomerang coming to Valleyfair has been very unpopular with some of the readers here, but I still think there may be a 50/50 chance of it coming, refurbished with a new train. I thought CGA was going to get it, and it still might, but who knows. Cedar Fair mentioned they will be building 4 new coasters for 2018, so I hope the Boomerang isn't considered one of those "new ones" and they in fact install 5 coasters next year. As for the "family park" thoughts... Nick U is considered family and they have some pretty wild and thrilling stuff, so I wouldn't get all stressed that VF won't get anything wild in the future.
  3. Magnum didn't have an official sign until only a few years ago. Sometimes Cedar Fair doesn't budget it into the ride cost.
  4. Once it does happen, I would think there would be two main attractions with the waterpark expansion.. some sort of slide complex and a 0-depth entry family attraction. I think with the new Waterpark entrance, new amenities and food locations, that could make a pretty hefty price tag just with all that... probably close to $15 Million. Not sure what will happen with the Geauga Lake slides, I once thought that they would be moved, but then Knotts destroyed their Tornado slide, so who knows.. all the GL stuff could be ripped down.
  5. I think Excalibur is a big enough ride that would warrant a special closing date and/or event
  6. Well, whenever they announce the announcement, it will get all the excitement going full-force. I can't wait to see what's going on with the markings and flags... not knowing is more exciting for me.
  7. Yes, we are just down to only 2 remaining 2nd generation Top Spins in the Cedar Fair chain. Six Flags still have quite a few left, but I think those are all Gen 1. The Gen 2 models have seats on both sides of the gondola and your feet dangle, the Gen 1 has a floor and "ball-crushing" bars.
  8. I'm reposting Donomike05's pictures. So can somebody circle on the google earth of where this all is? I see you got a shot of the Knotts Riptide gondola. photo by Donomike05 photo by Donomike05 photo by Donomike05
  9. I don't know if it was a combination of things or this reason: when I went to my Olympus on a $7.00 ticket day it was understandably packed... however the day was cooler and very overcast, so that caused the coaster lines to become freaking insane and the waterpark less so. So, prepare for huge crowds, but maybe try and watch the weather to find a hotter day and that may help you with the crowds dispersing.
  10. Unfortunately, a HUSS giant Frisbee hasn't been built in this country since 2005, (I wish I knew why) so we have I think 4 Zamperlas (3 six flags and kennywood) here now and 2 Mondials (KD and Can Wonderland), so both of those models are slightly smaller than the HUSS ones, with the Mondial being the smallest of the 3. With the continuing relationship with Mondial, I would think that would be the best contender for a giant frisbee. I just don't think that will be the next ride, personally.
  11. Actually, according to Wikiapedia (which can always be wrong: On June 20, 2011, Ouimet was named president of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. He assumed the CEO position on January 3, 2012. That sounds pretty correct... http://www.toledoblade.com/local/2012/04/01/New-Cedar-Fair-CEO-has-fresh-outlook-on-fun.html But the point is no, there has been no coaster relocation during Matt's reign as CEO. It also doesn't mean he won't change his mind. CEO's constantly evolve in their positions.
  12. That's still pretty high! I've seen quite a few giraffes! I don't mind disagreeing with you, at least you've made it entertaining. I am also happy I was able to come up in 2015 and enjoy your little corner of the world. Vallyfair was a treat and I hope great things happen for you guys. I still think the road re-routing may take longer than many of us think due to how much wetland there is, but who knows, I'm no engineer. And if you do get Knotts boomerang, I will happily come up and ride it with you in seat 7-1, RCjunkie, even though I got the credit years ago. Oh, you do have a relocated coaster, and that is the cosmic coaster... removed from Dorney in 2010 and sent to you in 2011. And of course Invertigo was removed from CGA in late 2010 and opened at Dorney in early 2012...while Matt O. was working for the company, though he didn't initiate the relocation, so I am incredibly intrigued as to what will happen to Knotts Boomerang as it was taken apart so carefully. I still think it could wind up at CGA.
  13. If it's in great shape, the Boomerang will probably have a new lease on life. I know we are talking about different companies, but wasn't Flashback like 20-some years old when Six Flags moved it from Texas to St. Louis? Maybe the Vekomas hold up well. The "General Public" will have no idea it's that old... you gotta stop thinking like an enthusiast. It's will be brand-spanking new to them. People around here think Mystic Timbers replaced the Beast. Where would a Boomerang go? I'm sure in a couple of places well away from the waterpark. They don't take up that much room, and the lifts can easily be positioned over buildings. As for the rumor of Dueling Dragons getting replaced by an expansion... which I don't understand personally (isn't two Harry Potter areas enough?). Hulk was like 90% rebuilt, I think due to lifetime wear, so Dragons might be in the same boat. If that's removed, the track and supports may have so many cracks, that it might have to be scrapped all together. I mean, other than an occasional refurbishment, it has been running almost every day since 1999. Though I'm sure a few sections of track have been replaced while down. Our Raptor here at CP has had the cobra roll replaced at least once. Anyway, that's my theory, it doesn't mean I'm correct, but if I'm Valleyfair and I'm inevitably losing a pretty big coaster for a huge waterpark and infrastructure expansion, a used boomerang which doesn't take up much space might work as the HOT NEW RIDE for 2018 while the expansion takes place. I'm no engineer, I just think the parking lot/gate, etc. is going to be a 2-year project and happen in 2019 (or open in phases starting with the employee parking first backstage). Again, just a theory, nothing to worry about.
  14. There is little to no chance Valleyfair is getting two old, used, crappy Verona coasters. Your analysis makes absolutely no sense. Cedar Fair is the chain that DOESN'T relocate roller coasters; view the Matt Oumiet interview from a couple of years ago. Plus, Valleyfair is an expansion park. I would expect the removal of Excalibur, but I wholly believe that Valleyfair will receive a new roller coaster by 2020. *IF Cedar Fair does decide to relocate, which would surprise me a lot, anything would go to Michigan's Adventure. Ugggg... a few of you guys are missing my essential thoughts, and not really trying to understand them, so let's tackle this another way... I DO think Cedar Fair are holding onto the Boomerang... someone at a Knotts fan site mentioned a new single Vekoma train was ordered recently (not that it's for boomerang, but you never know) so, if they do keep it.. there are 4 parks (excluding CP that probably will never get one) it could be transplanted to: CGA, MIA, VF or KD. I'm going to skip out on mentioning the other parks because this is the Valleyfair thread. So, let's say Excalibur is gone either this year or over the winter... They are down a coaster, regardless. The road and parking lot project, I think, is going to be HUGE. I personally don't see a new waterpark gate and parking lot open as well as some new water attractions until 2019... That means 2018 might be a year for another dry ride, and if VF are down a coaster, and there is a Boomerang available, and there is NOTHING like it in a several hours drive, VF sounds like a darn fine place for it to wind up. I think the public will go nuts for it. It's not super-huge and can fit in quite a few places. Onto my hypothetical Wonderlands Flight Deck comment... Matt O. did say he doesn't like taking out and replanting "popular" rides, but with the huge numbers up there, I could see that and the flying coaster be removed for a B&M Invert people-sucker like Banshee in its spot... and with Valleyfair not having a full circuit invert, and fight deck being pretty compact, and about half the cost..., it might just fit the Dinos Alive area quite well... just a thought, and this would be several YEARS down the road, no need to worry about it... And again, nothing quite like it anywhere in that market... the GP will eat it up. Of course, a B&M Invert would always be a better product. Anyway, that's how my mind was working. Thanks for reading.
  15. ^ Maybe, or my idea of Wonderland eventually moving their SLC down to Valleyfair and getting themselves a B&M invert instead. I know I have mentioned that a few times, but I just think it's a better financial option.
  16. I was almost ready to bet it was going to be Knotts Boomerang until I saw the 100 height. Then I thought the S&S 4d's, but those are 120'. Whatever it is, I'm looking forward.
  17. I figure with the cost of labor and equipment, just clear everything at the same time... including Excalibur. That's what they did with Kings Island, they didn't tear down Son of Beast (terrible coaster, by the way) until they were ready to prep the land, so in September and October of 2012 it started coming down, after that the land was cleared and smoothed out for banshee which started in late spring of 2013. Now... if you are going to remove a coaster from a smaller park with not a super-huge line up, what do you do? You replace it with a new coaster of course... CGA will have a 100 ft height coaster as we know, and as much as I thought Knotts' Boomerang (125') was going to wind up there, I'm not so sure now... so new at Valleyfair in 2018... "Boomerang!" And a new waterpark expansion/gate/parking completed for 2019. Not saying that will happen, but it might it's just crazy enough to make some sense.
  18. A downloadable PDF of the wetland proposal: http://www.mvp.usace.army.mil/Portals/57/docs/regulatory/MN-Standard/2014004059P.pdf
  19. It's always possible that Valleyfair gets the Boomerang from Knotts and Great America gets Steel Venom from Valleyfair .
  20. Great photos everyone. Put me in the bummed category about the Enterprise, I would like to see it replaced with a newer model... I mean, they already have the foundation, just replace it with a new one maybe the following year after removing it... so it will at least be something "new" to market.
  21. If Boomerang winds up at MiA (which I doubt, but who knows, I might be eating my words) I would think that it would replace Corksscrew.
  22. The webcams have "disappeared." I would guess that testing has or is close to beginning.
  23. Good Friday was a public opening day in 2014 when Banshee debuted. The lines for it were 7 hours long. Now, this gold pass preview isn't a "public" day, so there is a good chance the lines won't be as long, but I personally would skip going.
  24. That poor person. Uggg... look at the children freaking out, too.... so bad for everyone there.
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